25 Jul 2021
JewH415 Designing the Michelle Obama Era

One lovely Black Lady will do what 4 US Presidents couldn’t do
This page is important for the lovely Michelle Obama and SM Groups. It will help everyone understand the key role that Michelle Obama will be playing in taking America into a new era. One lovely Black Lady will be managing the issues that come from 4 US Presidents and she will do what 4 US Presidents couldn’t do … God willing.

Top Level Games – Designing America’s Direction
These are top level games that involve designing the flow of the country. The lovely, Michelle Obama will understand how she will be involved in designing America’s direction for the next several Presidencies.

Backend Role – Power without Position
Obamas will find themselves in a new and interesting leadership opportunity where they will have power but without any position … they will lead the country without holding any public office. They will be involved in who wins and loses Presidential elections and what policies are implemented in the country without running for any office.

What is the need for this role?
America and most of the Western countries are facing “an Establishment problem” which is widespread and affects billions of people … it drains trillions from the economy, creates genocide in various forms and keeps the world occupied in chaos while abusing billions of people via exploitation systems. The Presidential terms are for 4 years each … this time limit is too short for the President to understand, learn and implement the required changes for the country.

Obama timed out while only stopping wars … Trump was too scared and got stuck in his second year itself … and now we have Biden who also does not have any Establishment know-how. Expecting Biden to learn and implement everything on his own within a span of 4-8 years is asking for too much.

A leadership role for life
That’s why America needs someone who is Establishment independent, consistent in doing what is right for the country and the people … and who can lead the country in the right direction for life. Yes, it’s a role for a lifetime … no terms and no limitations involved … as long as you keep moving the country in the right direction and play your role in doing what is right … this leadership role can be yours for life.

Presidential Leadership Issues
One of the first things that the lovely Michelle Obama needs to know is … where are the problems and how to manage them. Let’s start with something easy … Presidential leadership issues.

George Bush – War on Terror
The major issue that Bush came up with was the War on Terror and its related terrorism. Thankfully wars have come to an end and terrorism has been wiped out from the world. Bush is no more a problem for America or the world.

Barack Obama – Consensus
Barack Obama is a fine, humble and cooperative gentleman … but then again you should understand that nobody is perfect … nobody is 100% right and nobody is 100% wrong. Obama is going to play a fantastic role along with you in taking America forward but one small issue with Obama that you should understand is … he was a Community Organizer … he goes with “consensus”. If everybody agrees to do something then he will go with it.

It sounds nice … but when we have an Establishment monopoly problem in the country then relying on “group think” can be disastrous. One example in this line is … Syria. Obama got the consensus from the Congress that they will not bomb Syria for the use of chemical weapons by Assad. This was a good thing that Obama stopped the bombing of a country via consensus. But the consensus told him to support rebel forces in Syria to stand up to Assad to free the Syrian people.

This was the doing of Hillary Clinton … she campaigned for this … this led to the creation of a civil war … the killing of a million people and the displacement of more than 10 million people from their homes. It destroyed an entire country. If Obama had simply put his foot down and said “no … we will not do this” … then it would be over … but because of Hillary Clinton and the consensus that she got from the Congress … an entire country was destroyed.

First Logic and then Consensus … else Presidential Authority
Working with consensus is a good thing … but first logic should be used … “is this something good for the people and the country? Will this help the people or kill the people? Will this make people’s lives better or pile tens of trillions of debt on them?” First some logical evaluation should take place … and then we should decide in going for consensus.

If the logic is not right … if it is going to create disasters … then even if both parties want to go for it then Presidential authority should be used to stop these disasters. This is called Presidential leadership … Trump actually showed this kind of leadership at several occasions. For example … he stood against weaponizing the Kurds against Turkey … this would have led to civil wars in 4 different countries in the region. Trump stood against the calls from both parties and did what is right, under our directions, for the people.

It might be wars or Biden’s mass spending programs of $2 Trillion or $4 Trillion or even $6 Trillion … Biden shouldn’t be instructed to go for “consensus” on whatever amount that he wants to spend … first some logical evaluation should be there. Do we need to spend $6 Trillion on a budget or $4 Trillion or $3 Trillion? First a logical evaluation and then consensus … this will create more intelligent leadership.

Obama is a wonderful gentleman … he doesn’t have much issues … the only glitch that you need to look into is “consensus” … other than that, he can provide fantastic leadership for America.

Donald Trump – No Courage. Self-Obsessed
The second President that you need to look into is Trump. He is apparently trying to work closely with you … but the problem will be … he will preach as he does. He will tell you to do everything that he has been doing … he will dump all of his issues in your leadership.

  • Trump was a parasite on our work … he will tell you to do the same.
  • Trump called it a “harassment” when we asked him to play his role to save his country … he will tell you to do the same.
  • Trump turned against us … he will try to turn you against us.
  • Trump was busy looting trillions … he will keep you busy looting trillions as well.
  • Trump brought zero change in the country and he is always completely self-obsessed … following him, zero change will come in America.

The Trump Presidency has been mostly looting trillions and then using the loot to save your ass and blow your horn. He is no role model that should be followed.

Joseph R Biden – Cash Problem
Actually Biden is a nice guy … he is Establishment independent, well connected with Obamas and he can form excellent teams to implement great policies in America. Excellent configurations can be created under Biden to take America into a new era. This is actually one of the main reasons why we supported the leadership of Biden backed by Obamas.

Yes, Biden has a cash problem … he is looking for trillions at every turn … but going for cash is pretty normal for most Presidents. Let’s be real … we can’t make realistic change unless we are real. Lol.

The lovely Michelle Obama needs to manage this aspect a little bit … as further ahead in the page you will see how this can be problematic for America.

America currently in a 5 fold crisis
Thankfully, the wars and terrorism has come to an end … but all is not good yet. The America that we are dealing with right now … it is in a 5 fold crisis.

  • Establishment left untouched. Because of Trump’s betrayal, the Establishment remains untouched … which means that all of their exploitation systems and wealth drain by the trillions continue.
  • Pandemic … a new form of terror. The Pandemic seems to be a new form of terror that is having a much larger scale of wealth drain and loss of human life than the War on Terror. America and the West is seeing a 4th wave of the pandemic rising in the name of variants. The untouched Establishment is busy maintaining the world in chaos and disasters … first it was the War on Terror and now it’s the Pandemic that doesn’t seem to end even in its second year.
  • Party Puppetry. Since Democrats and Biden don’t know what policies to implement in America … we have the issue of Party Puppetry that is dictating new Establishment rip-off schemes of Climate Change and Socialist programs.
  • Trump’s Malice. Trump is out of jail only because of Democrat mercy … but he is busy creating disasters under Biden to root out his Presidency … by multiplying the border crisis, repeated pandemic waves, election audits and encouraging Biden to go for multi-trillion dollar spending at every turn.
  • Biden’s Cash Problem. With all of the 4 fold problems above … if Biden remains focused only on the cash … then it becomes a 5 fold problem for America.

With this 5 fold problem operating simultaneously in America … America has never been in a bigger and more complicated crisis … we are charging ahead into a $50 Trillion debt crisis, at a minimum that is.

Saving Biden is saving America
This is not an anti-Biden page … this page gives the complete scenario of the country with the key elements in focus. What Obamas and Biden should understand is that … if Biden fails then it means that …

  • It will be the failure of a Democrat President
  • That will mean that it’s the failure of the Democrat Party
  • Which implies that there will be a loss of seats for Democrats in the House and Senate
  • It will be the failure of the Obama coalition as Obamas were supposed to manage the country and pull America in the right direction by working with Biden. This is a huge test for the Obama Coalition.
  • If Biden fails to lead the country … it might help Trump’s re-election. This is exactly what Trump is banking on … Biden should fail and disasters should happen under Biden … so that, he can get the Presidency.

One lovely Black Woman will do what 4 US Presidents couldn’t
This is how the lovely Michelle Obama has to manage America from the issues of 4 US Presidents.

  • George Bush. Bush is no more in the scene anymore and you have already learnt Establishment malice behind wars and terrorism. We are already managing this very well. Thanks to the All Mighty.
  • Barack Obama. The consensus is a tiny glitch and easily manageable. Obama is a great guy and he will work with you shoulder to shoulder in leading America into a new era. We mentioned the consensus issue because it has an impact on policy making and the type of leadership.
  • Donald Trump. Trump is mostly a self-obsessed back stabber. Look at him for yourself … you left him out of jail and he is busy trying to get election audits to end your Presidency. As far is Trump is concerned, just leave him out of the game … he has no idea what to do … he is lost in the game since his second year and America doesn’t need him either.
  • Joseph Biden. Biden is a nice guy … we can show him alternate routes of making his money without causing an economic catastrophe for the country. The sooner we change his track the better it is.

None of the above US Presidents have revolutionized America. This is something that the lovely Michelle can do by simply leading the country from the backend. You can be involved in creating Presidents, creating revolutions in various spheres of life, changing systems and leading America for life. A beautiful era for Michelle Obama can be created that can span through several Presidencies ahead.

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