20 Jun 2021
JewH414 Netanyahu and Trump, the Devil and his friend both booted from power!

A fantastic and fabulous accomplishment – the fall of the Devil
Netanyahu has been officially removed from power … the Devil has been booted from power. This is a fantastic and fabulous accomplishment from Team Israel and they deserve a standing ovation for the same. Congratulations SM Groups! You have done a phenomenal job. You have worked inside the tiger’s den and nullified the tiger’s influence inside his own den. Superb!

While our American politicians are still scared to say anything against Israel or the Jewish Establishment publicly … SM Groups are knocking out the Jewish Prime Minister of Israel out of power … who also happens to be the puppet of $500 Trillion Central Bankers. We have booted the Jewish Banker puppet on Jewish land and the Jewish Bankers couldn’t do shit. Super … super … super! This is the stuff that I love … people power in action.

The money, power and monopoly of $500 Trillion Central Bankers was rendered useless. Working together in coalition under a common purpose by pulling key people from intelligence, politics, media and the justice department helped us fail the Jewish Establishment on their own land.

Congratulations and a standing ovation from me … I love it!

Netanyahu’s favorite song – We wish you a Merry Christmas!
The witch’s government fell on Christmas Eve … not once but twice! Now apparently, Netanyahu’s favorite song is … “we wish you a Merry Christmas … we wish you a Merry Christmas … and a … Happy New Year!” Lol.

The song will be probably humming in his head for the rest of his life. Lol.

The Israeli Government survives based on coalitions
One thing that SM Groups should keep in mind is that … the Israeli Government survives based upon coalitions. The moment one party pulls support then the government fails. So, for how long the new government will last … nobody knows. But this gives us a very good formula to dismantle the Israeli Government. It is an excellent formula to remove shitty leaders from power in Israel … just pull support and dismantle the government the moment any guy starts shitty activities.

A few interesting common things between Netanyahu and Trump

  • Both of them supported the Establishment and ran Establishment schemes.
  • Both of them killed millions of people in malicious Establishment schemes.
  • Netanyahu got a million plus people killed in the War on Terror. Trump got a million plus people killed in the pandemic.
  • Both of them got effectively booted from power.
  • Both of them are trying to play opposition roles.
  • Both of them have the possibility of criminal indictments.
  • Both of them have the possibility of going to jail.
  • Both of them look absolutely dashing in orange jumpsuits.

The key difference between Netanyahu and Trump
Netanyahu is a banker puppet and Trump is not. Trump doesn’t need the help of the Devil to destroy himself … Trump can do that all on his own. Trump is simply great at self-destruction. Whatever responsibility you give to Trump … he will make it all about himself … and fantastically destroy himself in the process.

  • Dismantle the Establishment. Trump was chosen to dismantle the Establishment … but did he take care of the responsibility that he was given? No … he was like … “no, no, no … I have to save my ass … I cannot pick a fight with the Establishment.” Instead of dismantling the Establishment … he chose to protect the Devil and to be his friend.
  • Lead the country. Trump was given the Presidency in a time of crisis so that he could solve the people’s problems. But did Trump rectify any of America’s problems? Did he create any reform for America? No … instead, Trump chose to simply blow his horn and loot trillions via the Presidency. Trump always chose a track for himself than doing anything for the people … he is always focused only on himself.
  • Work with Active Democracy. Trump was supposed to work with Active Democracy to lead the country and dismantle the Establishment. But does he do that? No, he does the opposite for his own comfort. He chose protect the Establishment, not to work with us, paid Democrats not to work with us and then he is also blocking Democrats from working with us. Whatever responsibility you give to Trump … he does the opposite because he is always focused on himself. That’s the main problem with him.
  • Opposition Role. Many Pro-Trump groups are wondering why I am not creating a role for Trump in the opposition. That’s because Trump always follows a track where he can blow his horn, save his ass and loot trillions of taxpayer money … look what he is doing with Biden. He is encouraging Biden to loot by the trillions and promising him GOP support for the same. He is sitting there designing failures under Biden … so that disasters are created in America under Biden … (economy, border crisis and the pandemic) … so that Biden fails and Trump gets to blow his horn and take power for himself. This is the shitty opposition role that Trump is playing right now.

The moment I create a role for someone … SM Groups will immediately start supporting that candidate … giving him victories and full legal protection. If I create a role for Trump … SM groups will again support Trump … but for what should I create this support for? So that one guy can sit there blow his horn, save his ass and loot by the trillions again and again and again? I am sorry but that is not the purpose of our work … that is not our objective.

We want revolutions in America … we want phenomenal change in America and the world … and we will work with leaders who will synchronize with us in bringing out this phenomenal change for billions of people around the world. It makes sense to give such leaders victories, protection and greatness. We need to work with leaders who will fight for the people … not shitty people who only obsess about themselves.

A few things to observe

  • SM influence and power. We are living in a beautiful era of people power … where the unimaginable is being accomplished. During Bush, millions of American citizens poured into the streets trying to stop the War on Terror. Did they succeed then? Nope. If they were told … all of these shitty wars would be stopped, terrorism will vaporize, these shitty leaders will be kicked out of power and Netanyahu himself will be booted … do you think anyone would have believed this during the Bush Era? No … but look around yourself … we have already accomplished that was once unimaginable. We are already in a time with no wars, no terrorism and shitty leaders booted from power.
  • Pure SM activity in Israel. It is pure SM activity in Israel working on the concepts of people power … collective action via media, intelligence, politicians and legal departments. There is no Trump or Obamas or Democrats or the White House working in Israel to boot Netanyahu. Its pure SM … its people power.
  • American leaders still afraid. Yes, sadly … American leaders are still afraid to stand up to Israel. Netanyahu is himself saying “stand up to Biden … say no to America”. This was his recent re-election platform … he was openly bragging about standing up to the US President and saying no to America. Can American politicians do the same? Can they stand up and say … “we need to stand up to Israel and say no to Israel”? Has anyone even questioned these statements from Netanyahu? Israel demands 100% loyalty from America … but then how can the Israeli Prime Minister make such statements? How can this be his re-election platform? To stand up to Biden and America?
  • Only the first step in Israel. However, booting Netanyahu from power is only the first step in Israel. It’s a long road ahead. Change has to come in Israel but for that to happen … first change has to come in America. Once we dismantle Establishment monopoly in America then our leaders will get the support and protection to facilitate change in Israel. Until that happens, Team Israel should continue its fantastic work in Israel. Keep up the good work.
  • Suck up to Israel and get booted from power. Before we had launched our work … the fundamental concept in American politics was … “suck up to Israel to rise in politics”. With the activation of SM groups and people power … we have reversed this equation in America, now it has become … “suck up to Israel and get booted from politics”. Lol. Great job … keep it up!

The progress is quite slow … but given Trump’s non-cooperation and Devil worship … SM groups were all on their own, doing whatever they can on their own. You guys are still accomplishing very good works … kicking out Devil worshippers and Establishment puppets from power is an important part of the work. You guys are doing a great job … keep it up!