21 May 2021
JewH413 Trump’s Re-Election Strategy “more the failures and crises under Biden, the easier I win”.

Trump, the chosen Angel, has fallen to become “full-fledged Lucifer”
An interesting correlation between Trump and Lucifer is that … Lucifer was the chosen Angel who was guided and trained … but he refuses to follow God … he was condemned and kicked out of Heaven … he turns into full-fledged Satan and promises to mislead mankind and create chaos & destruction in the world. Similarly, Trump was also the chosen Angel picked to save America … he was guided and trained … but he refuses to follow and protected the Satanic Establishment … he was condemned and kicked out of the White House … he turns into full-fledged Lucifer, promising to mislead Biden and create chaos & destruction in the world to fail Biden.

The only difference between Trump and Lucifer is that … Lucifer knows that he is going to burn in hell for all eternity and Trump thinks that he will get the White House by creating failures, chaos and crises under Biden. At least, Lucifer knows and understands what lies for him at the end of this road.

Trump’s sponsored and directed crises under the Biden Presidency till date

  • Border Crisis. Trump is encouraging and supporting the dumping and abandonment of tens of thousands of children at the southern border to create a border crisis under Biden.
  • Third Wave of the Pandemic. Only the first wave of the pandemic was pure Establishment planning. The second wave was created at Trump’s direction so that he could postpone the elections and so that he could profiteer via the crisis. The third wave was again created at Trump’s direction to create failures under Biden.
  • Large Scale Infections all across India. Because Trump lost in the elections, he hates India and he is pushing the Establishment to rattle India with the worst pandemic crisis possible.
  • Israel-Gaza War – A new war initiated. Trump established himself as a peace champion as he did not start any new war during his Presidency. Trump was pushing Netanyahu to start a large scale war again to tarnish and create failures under the Biden Presidency.

How do you know that these crises were directed by Trump?
This is a good question. These are the factors that you need to observe to identify “Trump directed crises under Biden”.

  • Presidential Connections. All of these crises that Trump is creating … he is working with people that he had worked with while he was President. These are Trump’s Presidential connections via whom the crises are created.
  • Profiteering from the Crises. The second thing that you need to observe is how Trump will immediately try to profiteer from the crisis that he is creating. This profiteering will be in the form of an anti-Biden propaganda launched by his media team in each crisis. In some cases, it is revenge that Trump is looking for.

Let’s go through the above crises again using the above perspective … you will see Trump’s Presidential connections … how he is trying to profiteer from each crisis … and you will also see how Trump is ruthlessly killing innocent people by the masses in his track of hate and vengeance to create failures under Biden.

  • Border Crisis. Trump had worked with several Latin American countries to curb illegal immigration into the US. Since Biden won the election, Trump is using his contacts in these countries to reverse all of the measures that he had taken and he is encouraging these elements to send a huge influx of illegal immigrants to America. Tens of thousands of innocent children are being abandoned in this scheme that Trump is directing. The children are left alone in the dark in the desert … either they should die of starvation or get attacked by wild animals or get rescued by Biden. Trump abandons tens of thousands of children and Trump’s media team regularly trashes Biden for this border crisis that Trump himself has created.
  • Third wave of the pandemic. If Trump had worked correctly on wiping out the pandemic then the whole pandemic should have been over by now. But he is sitting there playing with his Establishment friends to create a second wave and a third wave to create failures under Biden. Trump’s media team routinely attacks Biden on mask mandates and every single excuse that they can capitalize on. Millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of people are dying in this third wave.
  • Large scale infections all across India. This was not done to target Biden … but this was done because Trump lost in the elections and he hates India. This is Trump’s revenge for losing the election. India has hit 400K cases per day and 4K deaths per day.
  • Israel-Gaza War – A new war initiated. Trump closely worked with Netanyahu … he supported him and allowed him to bomb his neighbors whenever he wanted. This time Trump pushed Netanyahu to go after a large scale war … so that a new war can begin under Biden and Biden can be attacked in the media for the same. Trump’s media team immediately took an anti-Biden stand once this war was started.

In each and every crisis that Trump has created … he is killing hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of innocent people that did him no harm. Trump has fallen to become full-fledged Lucifer. He is blinded by his greed for the White House and he doesn’t care about the millions of innocent lives that he is destroying in the process. He is trying to capitalize on each crisis via an anti-Biden propaganda.

Open and clear evidence of Trump’s involvement
A simple way to see open and clear evidence of Trump’s involvement in all of these crises is that … Trump, Trump’s family members, Trump’s media team and Fox News immediately pounce on Biden and try to capitalize on each of these crises. Trump himself has given interviews saying “look at what’s happening under Biden … look at the border crisis … look at this crisis and that crisis … everything is a disaster”. Trump himself is going on live TV openly promoting and marketing these crises under Biden trying to show America that Biden is a horrible President because he has all of these crises under his Presidency. When in reality, it is Trump who is sponsoring and directing these crises under Biden.

Trump has openly confessed on live TV that his re-election strategy is:

  • Sponsoring and creating crises under Biden
  • Show that Biden is a horrible President to America
  • Promote and market all of these crises to get re-elected

Trump thinks that the Establishment protects him from jail
Trump has become a Trillionaire via his Presidential loot. He thinks that he is among the elite and that he is a part of the Establishment. Since he gave trillions in favors to the Establishment, Trump thinks that the Establishment is protecting him from jail and he can do whatever he wants.

Managing the Israel-Gaza Conflicts
Let’s give some basic information to Biden so that he knows how to manage Israel when it goes cuckoo against its neighbors.

Understanding the basics of Israel-Palestine friction
What everyone thinks is that … this is a conflict between Israel and Palestine. This is the biggest mistake in understanding what is going on in this geographic area. There is actually no two sides … it is only one side that plays both roles. The whole thing is designed by one side for the benefit of their side.

These “rockets” that are fired into Israel, supposedly by Palestinians or by Hamas or whatever … this is managed and directed as and when required by the Israeli Government itself. Just like in the War on Terror, it was Establishment elements that were creating the events as and when needed … similarly, the rocket launches are carried out by Israel “sponsored teams” placed on the other side.

The Israeli Government allows a few of their own Jewish citizens to die so that they can be used as bait for a bigger assault on Gaza or other Palestinian territories … so that, they can occupy more land and get more billions in funding from America.

This is the show that is going on in Israel since that the past 50 years. The Israeli government is the key beneficiary of this “self-designed crisis” … they get to occupy more and more land and continue to get billions more in funding from America. This is not a two sided war … this is a “one sided scheme” … designed by one party for their own benefit.

It’s a very long topic … I am trying to keep it short.

The rocket firing must stop!
This is a bullshit statement from the Israeli Government. They know that it is their own team that is firing missiles on Israeli territory … they know that this firing can be used as an excuse for war … and they know that they can control this rocket firing as and when they want.

It is a bullshit scheme designed to put smoke in your eyes, so that they can fool you and get your support in their aggression and occupation of more land from Palestinians.

The 3 Key Elements Involved in Israel
Moving on to the next level … these are 3 elements that you need to understand to manage any military conflict from Israel.

  • The Jewish Establishment. Israel was setup by Jewish Central Bankers to store their gold. We busted this scheme during Obama and the bankers fled with their gold to South China Sea. Now, since there is no banker gold stored in Israel, the Jewish Bankers don’t see a need for Israel. They have been repeatedly trying to use Israel as bait to start another world war. The Jewish Bankers are ready to wipe out Israel.
  • Netanyahu – Get Re-Elected. The Likud Government led by Netanyahu was the puppet Government run by the bankers. Recently, they have failed 4 times already to run an orderly government. SM Groups are actively working in Israel to root out Establishment malice right from the core. Netanyahu is an indicted Prime Minister and power may very well move into other hands. Netanyahu is losing big time and he is attempting to use this chaos and war to salvage some support for his leadership in the country.
  • Trump – Failures under Biden. Given the above two factors … where the Jewish Bankers want to wipe out Israel and the Jewish Prime Minister wants chaos and war … and Trump walks in saying … “hey, I want you to create a massive war … I will finance it … I want failures under Biden” … then this falls pretty much in the plan of the Bankers and Netanyahu.

This is why you see that this time the war and conflict was pretty vicious. Never before such conflicts between Arabs and Jews was created internally in each Israeli city.

Sadly, in this entire scenario … millions of innocent Jews are sandwiched between Jewish Bankers who want to wipe out their country and a Jewish Prime Minister who wants chaos and war. It’s a sad state for Israel today.

How to manage?

What not to do

  • No Military Intervention. These aggressive and ruthless military attacks are carried out only to invite a military intervention. And the moment you provide military intervention to protect Palestinians or Israel’s other neighbors … they will turn this into a full-fledged world war. These guys are vicious Satanic assholes … they have biological weapons that can destroy the entire world. You should never go with a military intervention in Israel. They can unleash the worst on the entire world.
  • Don’t support the aggression. At the same time while you are not intervening militarily, you should not support their aggression as well. We should use as much international pressure as possible to withhold Israel’s aggressive actions on its neighbors.

What to do - Backend Diplomatic Moves

  • You can support and encourage other countries to initiate sanctions on Israel.
  • You should allow, support and protect the media, celebrities and other groups to condemn Israel and call out their aggression.
  • You should allow and support the BDS movement against Israel.
  • You should use backend political pressure to stop the war and friction.

Fail the Establishment and Trump in their objectives
Netanyahu is quite unlikely to get any political mileage from this war … he is almost on his way out. When we don’t move ahead with a military intervention then we fail the Establishment in their objectives of a world war. When we end the war via Diplomacy and sanctions … then we fail Trump’s objective of having a new war under Biden.

If you follow the strategy right … then you stop the war and come out winning … without firing a single bullet.