18 Apr 2021
JewH411 Trump is a Snake living in Biden’s sleeves

Obama has chosen the most loyal Vice President ever. Trump has activated all Republicans, his entire media team and Fox News against the Biden Presidency. But Biden doesn’t have a single word or line to say anything against Trump. Seems like Biden is extremely loyal and playing Vice President to both the Ex-Presidents … Obama and Trump. The only problem with this situation is that … if our President is going to play Vice President to Trump, then who is going to be the President of the country? Who is going to lead America?

Remember Trump’s “Snake Story”?
He used to go on the campaign trail telling a snake story to everybody … that a woman found a dying snake on the road … she takes pity and takes the snake home and feeds the snake … when the snake becomes strong, it bites the woman and says “why did you give me refuge when you knew that I was a snake?” The dying woman regrets giving refuge to the snake.

Now, Trump is the dying snake on the road … he has committed several crimes including genocide in the Pandemic and the Capitol Riots case. Reportedly, he has paid Biden more than $100 Billion from his $2 Trillion Presidential loot telling Biden “not to throw him in jail and he will help Biden loot as much tax payer money as he wants … by giving him Republican support for the same.” Trump is avoiding prosecution in these murder cases by promising Republican support for looting taxpayer money.

This is how Trump, the snake, is taking refuge in the Biden Presidency. He is not being prosecuted for the Capitol Riots case … he is not being prosecuted for holding off vaccines for 6 months and killing a million people. Now, take a look at his activities.

Trump is backstabbing Biden to create failures under the Biden Presidency
In all of the below scenarios, you will see unusual activities out of the ordinary … mainly because of Trump’s involvement and push in the negative direction.

Foreign Leaders – Defy Biden
At the Domestic level, Trump is quite limited. However, he has worked with foreign leaders for 4 years and reportedly, he is using his contacts to push the foreign leaders to defy and stand up to Biden. For example, Saudi Arabia … there is extremely less cooperation with Saudi Arabia which is leading to the ban of sale of weapons to Saudis, an investigation into the Khashoggi murder case and even zero purchase of oil from the Kingdom. The relations are at the lowest since several decades.

Border Crisis
Immediately after the start of the Biden Presidency, we are getting the highest influx of immigrants through the Southern border. Trump had worked with officials from Mexico and several other Latin countries to hold back migration groups and limit illegal migration into the US. Reportedly, Trump is reversing all of these actions and encouraging the officials from these countries to send the maximum number of migrants possible.

This is being done to create a border crisis and a failure under the Biden Presidency. Trump is pulling all of his Presidential contacts to defy Biden and create as many failures under the Biden Presidency as possible. Today, we have more than 20,000 children hosted in the border facilities. Human traffickers are literally leaving children on the other side of the border in the middle of the night in the desert and walking away. Either the child has to die in the desert or be rescued by Biden. Trump is okay with putting the lives of tens of thousands of children only for his politics to create a failure in the Biden Presidency.

Mass Spending – Presidential profiteering routes
Reportedly, Trump himself is guiding Biden in the best routes to loot taxpayer money by the trillions.

  • Covid. Trump went for trillion dollar relief packages for Covid during his Presidency. He encouraged Biden to go for $2 Trillion even though we had hundreds of billions left from the recently passed previous relief package … because the pandemic would end soon and this opportunity to loot trillions via the pandemic would be lost. That’s why he pushed Biden to hurry and go for the highest amount possible for Covid relief.
  • Infrastructure. Trump himself had planned out an infrastructure bill of $1 Trillion … he hiked up this plan to $3 Trillion and encouraged Biden to go for this. Biden’s $2.25 Trillion is not his infrastructure plan but it is Trump’s looting strategy via infrastructure.
  • Budget. If you look at the entire Trump Presidency, he went for the maximum amount of borrowing and the maximum amount of spending when it came to the budget. Biden has Ivanka in his ears and he is being advised to even further increase this spending on the budget via more borrowing.
  • Military. Trump spent $2.5 trillion on the military during his Presidency and he is guiding Biden to go for high military spending as well.

All of this will lead to a total debt of $40 trillion in Biden’s first term … this is a massive economic crisis being designed by Trump under the Biden Presidency. This is a massive failure.

Anti-Biden Propaganda
Seeing Trump’s support and guidance for the loot of trillions, Biden has stopped anti-Trumpism but our lovely Trump, the snake, has launched a mass anti-Biden propaganda. He has activated all Republicans, his entire media team and every anchor on Fox News against the Biden Presidency. The guy is supposed to be in jail for mass murder … he is taking refuge under the Biden Presidency … and putting the lives of tens of thousands of children at risk to create a border crisis for Biden, creating a massive economic catastrophe and has launched a massive anti-Biden propaganda.

But that’s not all … here’s the worst one.

Establishment – Escalate the Pandemic
Throughout his Presidency, Trump has been the protector of the Establishment and he closely worked with the Establishment to multiply the pandemic as much as possible … so that, he could profiteer from the pandemic and also get an additional year in office by postponing the elections. Take a look at this figure:

We wrote this article on the 28th of Feb 2021. “The end of the Trump Presidency is the end of a curse for the world”. There was a huge rise in the number of cases to 300K during the Trump Presidency … but the moment Biden took office it crashed to 60K cases within one month. This happened mainly because the Establishment lost their friend from the White House. The number of cases further fell to around 40K cases per day.

But once we published the above information, Trump pulls his Establishment friends and tells them to escalate the pandemic in America all over again. The number of cases were supposed to fall to 20K and then to 10K … but instead of that happening … we are getting double the number of cases to 80K cases per day.

Here is the interesting information now … take a look at what is happening in the UK:

There is no hike in the number of cases in UK. We are using the same vaccines of AstraZeneca and Pfizer as the UK is … we have the same number of vaccinations being given as the UK. UK has delivered 62 doses for 100 people … the US has delivered 61 doses for 100 people. The vaccines and the vaccination rate is the same.

We have a population 5 times more than UK. The current number of cases in UK is 2500 per day … thus America should have only 12,500 cases per day. The current number of deaths in the UK is 0-50 per day … thus American should have proportionately 0-250 deaths per day. But is this the case? No … America has 8 times more the number of cases of 80,000 cases per day … and 4 times more deaths of about 1000 per day.

If the vaccines are the same … if the vaccination rates are the same … then why aren’t the number of cases and deaths proportionate between the UK and the US? Because of Donald J Trump … Trump doesn’t exist in the UK … he is in America trying to screw with the Biden Presidency … just like he is encouraging foreign leaders to defy Biden … similarly, he is encouraging the Establishment to spread the pandemic to create another failure for the Biden Presidency. Today, we are being told in America from Pfizer that we need a third vaccine shot. Which means that … even if the entire country is fully vaccinated with two shots … we will still have cases and deaths … we still need a God damn third shot. Well, hello! This is not the case in the UK. There is no third shot requirement in the UK.

Trump, the mass murderer, is continuing his mass murder
We have this crisis in America because of Establishment bullshit being pushed by Trump against the Biden Presidency. Otherwise today, we should have already hit 10K cases per day and getting only about 50-250 deaths per day. The pandemic should have already been contained in America to the maximum extent. Trump is getting 8 times more people infected and 4 times more people killed in America … only for his greed for a win in 2024 and to see failures under the Biden Presidency.

This is Trump, the mass murderer, continuing his mass murder. He was left untouched … he was excused for the genocide of a million people … he apparently thinks that he is totally immune now because he has Biden in his pocket … and he is continuing to kill a thousand Americans even today. The damn pandemic should have been over by now in America.

Mr. Biden, why are you playing Vice President to a mass murderer? Why are we supporting the mass murder of innocent American citizens in plain sight? Biden should seriously drop his support for mass murderers and look for alternate sources of financial benefit.

Defiance from foreign leaders, a massive border crisis, a massive economic crisis, a massive anti-Biden propaganda and the escalation of the pandemic killing a thousand American citizens every day … do you need more from Trump to wake up Mr. Biden?

Who’s the snake, Donald?
Its interesting in life when what you say comes back and bites you. Look at the facts … and realize who is the snake Donald.