09 Apr 2021
JewH410 Biden should lead in providing the Vaccine Formula to the world

Excellent Vaccination Rate
Firstly, we should congratulate the Biden Presidency for the fantastic vaccination rate … for reaching up to 4 million vaccinations per day … and about to reach 200 million vaccinations in the first 100 days of the Presidency. This is an excellent job. It is actually the opposite of what Trump did … he had the vaccines and he held them off for 6 months in order to capitalize on the pandemic. Trump was the one who expedited the development of the vaccines and Biden is the actual one who is delivering the vaccines without holding back in any way.

Vaccinations are working
A third wave of the pandemic is going on around the world but the US and UK are seeing a very good response. Actually, UK was the worst performing country in the pandemic till date in the West. But now, due to a high number of vaccinations … UK is the best performing country in the West with a continuous decrease in the number of cases and deaths … despite a high rise all across Europe.

Two important inferences
This gives us two important inferences … firstly, the vaccines are saving lives. Secondly, most of the spread of the pandemic is Establishment malice. But even the Establishment has to follow science … it cannot go around spreading the pandemic and killing people even when the people are vaccinated. That would be against science and it would bring the attention to the Establishment’s malice.

The vaccines are an excellent route:

  • To save people’s lives and also
  • To stop the Establishment malice in the pandemic.

End the commercialization of the pandemic
Biden has to take a lead to end the commercialization of the pandemic. As of now … the rich and powerful get what they want and the rest have to wait in line. Throughout the pandemic there has been “bidding” for every item … masks, ventilators, equipment, medications and even the vaccines. The highest bidder gets the products. This is an extremely inhumane way of operating in a pandemic.

The Pharma industry is making a killing … each product is being sold for 5-10 times its original price. The pandemic has cost America already $5 trillion in taxpayer money. We have to end the commercialization of the pandemic.

Vaccination duration for the world
At the rate of the current vaccinations … by next year, America will get fully vaccinated. Then European countries will get the vaccine supplies … it will take 2-3 years for Europe to get fully vaccinated. And then the vaccines will be supplied to the rest of the world … it may take another 2-3 years for the entire world to get fully vaccinated. You are looking at a total duration of 5-7 years for the world to get fully vaccinated from Covid-19.

This means 5-7 years of isolation, division, fear, threat, shutdowns, business losses, travel restrictions and economic losses. This will cost the world several trillions of taxpayer money and hundreds of thousands of lives ahead.

The Pandemic is a “humanitarian crisis”
We are getting more than half a million cases per day in the world and more than ten thousand people are dying every single day. This is a massive humanitarian crisis for the entire world.

Biggest drawback in vaccinations – handful of suppliers
The biggest drawback in vaccinating the world is that … a handful of companies produce and distribute the vaccines. The rich and powerful are buying out whatever these companies can produce. The rest of the world is literally “dying at the rate of ten thousand people per day” waiting in line.

Solution: Boost vaccine supply: Provide the formula to the world
The solution to boost the vaccine supply for the world is to “provide the vaccine formula to the world”. We should ask ourselves … we are living in a humanitarian crisis … why is the world dependent only on a handful of companies? Why are our Governments and Politicians dependent on a handful of companies? Whose job is it to save the country and the people? The Government or the companies?

Yes, I totally give credit to the research work being done by the companies … but saving the world cannot be a solely “commercial operation”. Our politicians and our leaders should be able to use the power that we give them to save their people, their countries and the world. More than ten thousand people are dying per day … this requires our leaders to act.

Ten-fold increase in vaccine supply for the world
If you note … there are more than 50 countries out there including Japan, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Argentina … who have the technology and resources to replicate and produce the vaccines on their own. Today, only a handful of countries are producing the vaccines … when in reality, more than 50 countries are fully capable of mass production of the vaccines, all on their own.

The only thing that’s missing is the formula … which is being guarded as a “commercial secret” in an utterly inhumane manner. If the vaccine formula of every successful company is made open to use … then more than 50 countries around the world will immediately start mass production of the vaccines.

No one needs to sit and wait in queue, dying at the rate of 10K people per day. The majority of the world can immediately produce the vaccines as per their need.

  • Vaccines are the most needed items in the world now
  • Every country wants full normalization
  • Every country wants to end the pandemic
  • Every country wants to save its people and open the country safely
  • Every country wants to stop these massive business and economic losses

The only thing that is stopping these countries is the “vaccine formula”. If we make the vaccine formula open for the world to use … then we initiate a massive movement of large scale vaccine production around the world to end the pandemic at the fastest pace possible.

Routes of providing the vaccine formula
The Biden Presidency can use the below routes to provide the vaccine formula to the world.

  • Moral Responsibility. It should actually be the moral responsibility of these companies to release the vaccine formula for the world to use. But seems like many companies prefer money to morals.
  • Legal Pressure. Biden should explore how he can use the Defense Production Act and every legal route possible to pressurize these companies to release the vaccine formula to the world.
  • Patent – Royalty. If these companies are so obsessed with money … then they can patent the formula and charge royalty fees for the use of their formula. They make their money as well as save the world.

A fantastic victory for the Biden Presidency and Democrats
Biden should pull in his Covid team … his legal and political advisers … and find every route to make these companies release the vaccine formula for the world to use. Every pharma company around the world that is into making vaccines … including dozens more from the US … they will start vaccine production on their own.

If Biden takes the lead on this … publicize this crisis … takes the measures to release the formulas to the world … then he will get a phenomenal victory. This will be a massive victory for the Biden Presidency and Democrats … you will be literally saving the world.

(Michelle Obama, please help Biden on this.)

Pointers in working with vaccine manufacturers

Involuntary manslaughter of 10,000 people per day
This scenario is something like … there is a crisis in the city … 1 million people are going to die and the company that has the medicine refuses to give the medicine. Being in the healthcare industry is to serve, protect and save human lives … this is the very essence of the healthcare industry. When the company refuses to give out the medicine … despite the people being ready to pay for the medicine … then this company is committing involuntary manslaughter.

The healthcare company is not withholding the medicine … but in this case, it is withholding the formula of the medicine. The current need is of 14 billion doses … but the company is unable to provide the vaccine for 7 billion people … it will take several years for these companies to manufacture 14 billion doses of the vaccine. There are 50 other companies that are ready to manufacture the vaccine … but the company refuses to release the formula.

This is a direct case of “involuntary manslaughter” … the only difference is that … it is not one man being killed by them … but they are killing 10,000 people per day … this is mass manslaughter.

Our government, politicians and leaders cannot sit idle and watch this mass manslaughter in plain sight that keeps corporate greed as the top priority at the expense of human life.

Good cop, bad cop
This is how Obamas and Biden should deal with the vaccine manufacturers … they should play good cop and bad cop. A group of politicians should play the good cops and encourage the vaccine manufacturers … AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson … to release their formulas voluntarily. If they want they can make their money by creating a patent and charging royalty fees. Every single country is willing to pay these fees … their only need is the formula.

A second group of politicians should play the bad cop, if required. These 10,000 people that are dying every day waiting in line for the vaccine … it is directly because these companies are holding off the formula and delaying life-saving medicine to millions of people. This directly comes under the category of involuntary manslaughter.

These pressure points help us get the vaccine manufacturers on the right track.

US on track to get 3 million doses per day
Well, this is good as far as only one country is concerned. If 3 million doses are manufactured in 365 days … then we get about 1 billion doses. But the requirement of the world is 14 billion doses … are we going to wait for 14 years to get the vaccines at this rate? If we need 14 billion doses in one year then the manufacturing rate should be of about 40 million doses per day.

When the world can manufacture 40-50 million doses per day … then we can see the end of the pandemic from the world. Can the current manufacturers produce at this rate and quantity? No way in hell they can. The requirement for the world is at least 10 times more manufacturing than its current rate … and this can be done when the vaccine formula is released to the world.

No, no, no … only we can produce it
Some companies will try to pull off the gimmick “no, no, no … only we can produce it. Vaccine production is a complicated process … even slight changes in the method, process or materials can change the formula”. This is nothing but bullshit … it’s a stalling tactic.

AstraZeneca itself teamed up with Russia’s Sputnik-V in order to boost the efficacy of its formula. If all vaccine formulas are given out to the world … then it will also lead to the creation of even more efficient and effective formulas via collective knowledge.

Not only we will get a ten-fold increase in vaccine production for the world … but we will also get even more effective and better formulas to save the world.