07 Mar 2021
JewH409 Creating peace in Yemen

Let’s help President Biden create peace in Yemen. Let’s do some good work. Yemen will be one of the first countries where Biden backed with the lovely, Michelle Obama, will create peace. The war situation is so bad in Yemen that it has turned into a humanitarian crisis where millions of people are literally starving. They need help … let’s do something.

Background Information
To handle the Yemen crisis successfully … firstly, you need to know what is actually happening. This know-how will give you the insight to take the right moves for a win.

The purpose of conflict in Yemen
The Establishment has created a dozen war scenarios during the Trump Presidency. Trump has successfully handled all war scenarios and managed not to start any new wars. We gave him the formulas to get this success.

War scenarios were created in several countries and regions around the world including Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. These Houthi rebels and conflict in Yemen is one of the Establishment’s attempt to create a full-fledged war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Several attempts were made to start a conflict between Iran and Saudis … including attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East.

What the Establishment basically wants is … Russia to support Iran and America to support Saudis in this war … and thus get a war between America and Russia. This is exactly what was averted during Trump several times.

US Military Leadership
What you need to understand about US military leadership around the world is that … it is all rigged. They tell you one thing in the situation room and something else happens at the ground level. You are living in a rigged system. Wherever we sent US funds and military, terrorists only multiplied, instead of getting eliminated.

You have to leave a huge margin on the “advice” that you get from military generals and the Pentagon. If you have to lead America successfully when almost every major system under you is rigged … it is a must for you to lead with “facts and logic”. Its working with facts and logic that will give you success. You need to keep an open mind and prepare to do different … to get good, positive and peaceful results. Every time we have allowed the system to run its course … we have got only catastrophes. We need to change that.

Saudi-Iran Relations
One of the things that you need to understand is … why are Saudi Arabia and Iran fierce rivals? Why does Saudi Arabia hate Houthi rebels taking over Yemen?

Saudi Arabia follows the mainstream Islam … the Sunnis are the mainstream Islam. And Iran follows the Shia version of Islam … they are heretics. The Shia version of Islam was actually created by a Satanic Jew … he has embedded all Satanic practices and ideology in Islam … and created the “Shia” version of Islam. You will get all kinds of Satanic practices like blood rituals, one day marriage, mysticism and a full-fledged Communist ideology in the Government in Iran.

Since Saudis are the guardians of the Holy Mosques … the protectors of Islam … all of these Satanic and heretic practices being done in the name of Islam in Iran … it infuriates Saudi Arabia. Its literal denigration of the religion to the extent that many things are blasphemous.

That’s what creates the rivalry between the two nations … just one Satanic Jew … created rivalry and hate among tens of millions of Muslims of two nations for generations. These Houthi rebels … backed by the Iranian Government … that are taking over in Yemen … even they are heretics … they are also Shia. Having Iran carrying out its blasphemous activities … that itself is not tolerable … now, the Saudis are getting Satanism coming right next door in Yemen. This is the main reason why Saudis want to root out the Houthi rebels and maintain Yemen as a clean Sunni nation.  

A Shia government via Houthis in Yemen means hate and war for all time in the region. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want hate and war in the region for all time to come. That’s the main reason they are investing in rooting out the Houthis from Yemen.

Saudi Arabia is not good in wars
While the intention of Saudi Arabia is quite good in rooting out the Houthi rebels to maintain the peace and stability in the region … Saudi Arabia is not good in wars. They never fought any war since hundreds of years. For hundreds of years they were under the Ottoman Rule … Turks did all of the wars and fighting … the current generation of Saudis never fought any war.

That’s why you are seeing the disaster happening in Yemen. They are also blocking humanitarian aid in several regions … thinking that Houthis will take the aid, sell it and buy more weapons. Millions of people are starving in Yemen owing to the block on humanitarian aid.

Russia – Root out Houthis
When we send US soldiers … things will only get worse … and Saudi Arabia is creating a catastrophe. They need a hero that will solve the problem for them. Russia … President Vladimir Putin will save the day for them.

Russia has shown fantastic world leadership in stabilizing countries and maintaining world peace. They have done a phenomenal job in Syria … they have got results within weeks what America couldn’t do in several years. Mainly because Russia doesn’t have the problem of a “rigged system”. Its clear cut, direct and objective based action and results when Russia gets involved.

Russia is following a fantastic diplomatic policy in the Middle East. They support individual countries but they do not support these countries against each other. Yes, Russia is supporting Iran and Syria now … but it will gladly work with Saudis as well … but not in a conflict against each other.

Iran – Destabilizing the region doesn’t help
Saudi Arabia is a key American ally. If Iran wants to do business with Europe … then it cannot go around destabilizing countries that are American allies. It cannot support war on our doorsteps.

Russia will not only root out Houthis … but it will also monitor and stop the flow of weapons and support to Houthis from Iran. This is exactly what will end this conflict successfully. The reimbursement of weapons and funds for Houthis must be cut off … this is something that Russia can do very successfully. They already did this in Syria … ISIS was defeated mainly by cutting off their supply routes.

Line of action – Simple calls to make
President Biden hasn’t much to do … to save one nation and create peace in the region. He has to make only a few phone calls and peace will be created.

  • Saudis need to trust Russia. Firstly, he needs to tell Saudis to trust Russia. Since Russia is currently helping Iran and the Houthis are supported by Iran … Saudis might not trust Russia. Saudis need to “outsource” this job to Russia. They will knock out Houthis for them. Supply routes will be cut off … Houthis will be defeated and Yemen will be stabilized by Russia.
  • Provide the lead to Russia. President Putin will gladly take the lead to help one more country from war. Saudis will pay the bill for the work. Biden should tell Russia to pressurize Iran not to support Houthis anymore.

Just two phone calls and peace in Yemen begins.

Win-win strategy for all parties
This is a win-win strategy for all parties involved.

  • Biden Presidency. Trump had become a Peace Champion working on our formulas in several scenarios. This is your first country … as we move on, we will show you what has to be done in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Kashmir and so on. You have to move beyond Trump … he got stuck in a few places. He stopped the wars but he didn’t eliminate the full problem. Thus the problem in North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba still exist. We will show you how to take it forward.
  • Russia. It will cost zero dollars to Russia. Russia will get another fantastic world leadership role. This builds on the fantastic world leadership and trust that Russia has been creating recently.
  • Saudi Arabia. Houthi rebels will be rooted out … no more issues of heretics and Satanism in Yemen … and the region can be stabilized in the long run for Saudi Arabia.
  • Yemen. No more millions of starving people … the country can be stabilized … it will be the end of war and starvation for Yemen.
  • Iran. Creating war with American allies will not help Iran restore its relations with the West. Stopping their support for Houthi rebels will show that Iran is interested in being a peaceful partner in world peace.
  • America. America leads from behind … connecting the strings and making peace happen. It will cost zero dollars for America and without deploying a single American soldier … peace can be created in Yemen. All that Biden is doing is … pulling simple strings.

Important Note: Biden should tell Saudi Arabia that … doesn’t matter what, humanitarian supplies must not be halted in any region in Yemen. Doesn’t matter who the person is … they are all human beings … no one must be starved to death. Russia will start working on eliminating all routes of weapon supplies. They don’t have to worry about aid being stolen and weapons being bought. There should be a free flow of humanitarian aid to all regions in Yemen wherever there is a need.

Good luck … make peace … save people … my dear lovely Michelle Obama, please help him.