28 Feb 2021
JewH408 The end of the Trump Presidency is the end of a curse for the world

President Donald Dung royally screwed the response to the pandemic … by teaming up with the Satanic Establishment to multiply the pandemic by 10 times … so that he could profit via the crisis and cancel the elections to get an additional year in office. And Senator Lindsey Graham is saying that “Lara Dung is the future of the Republican Party”. Well, the good news for Senator Graham is that … he has a lot of dung to play with … Lara Dung, Ivanka Dung, Dung Jr. and Erik Dung. He can set up an entire “Dung Dynasty” via the Republican Party. The Republican Party, the party of Dung.

The end of the Trump Presidency is the end of a curse for the world
If you look at the daily number of cases in America then you will see a unique phenomenon… with the end of the Trump Presidency, there is a huge fall in the daily number of cases. It fell from 300K cases per day to 60K cases per day within one month. Is this because of vaccines? Only 10% of the people are vaccinated … so, it is not because of the vaccines.

This fall in the number of cases is not happening only in America but it is happening all around the world, even where the vaccinations have not begun. So, what's going on? What is this “magic” that Biden is doing owing to which Covid is vaporizing from the world? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Trump works with the Establishment to multiply the pandemic by 10 times
Firstly, it is not exactly magic. To understand how the cases are falling so rapidly … we need to understand how we got 300K cases per day in the first place. This is exactly what happened during the pandemic.

May. Trump becomes Pandemic Champion. 25K cases per day
Trump’s initial response was actually simply fantastic … he did a great job and created records in hospital setups, masks, ventilators, medical equipment, medications and everything else. He did a phenomenal job and contained the crisis to about 25K cases per day.

Biden was hidden during this phase and nowhere on the world stage. Trump’s approval ratings started rising and his re-election was most likely. The problem that happened was … Democrats came up with trillion-dollar rescue packages. When Trump saw the moolah … everything changed thereon.

June. Vaccines should have been launched in June. 20K cases per day
AstraZeneca was the pioneer in vaccine development during this phase. There were already in the final stage of vaccine trials in May 2020. One month was more than enough for them to verify the efficacy and safety for the vaccine. As long as the vaccine was safe, it could have been launched in June 2020 itself. The number of daily cases had further reduced to 20K cases per day in June.

If Trump had launched the vaccines in June then we would have wiped out the pandemic from the world already by now. But unfortunately, President Donald Dung chose to go for the moolah. He chose crisis profiteering than saving hundreds of thousands of dying Americans. Biden was nowhere on the stage … he thought that he would get re-elected anyhow … so why not profit from this crisis as well?

August. Trump holds off vaccines to increase the number of daily cases to 75K per day
Trump holds off the vaccines and ties up with the Establishment to spread the pandemic as much as possible. Instead of the pandemic getting wiped out … the number of cases triple to 75K cases per day by August itself.

November. The pandemic gets multiplied by 10 times. 200K cases per day
Trump thought that the election will not be held because of the pandemic and he would get an additional year in office in November. Even if elections were held, he would get an assured victory because Biden had only two dozen honking cars in his rallies.

We got a President in the worst pandemic that the world has seen in a century … hundreds of thousands of Americans were dying … instead of helping them, he chose money and re-election for himself by spreading the pandemic.

The Biden Presidency – A force for good
This sharp fall in the number of cases that you are seeing … it is not because Biden is doing something magical … but it is mainly because the Devil’s friend does not exist in the White House anymore. The cooperation with the Satanic Establishment is over … the cooperation for maximum spread of the pandemic is over. The Biden Presidency is a force for good … and the Devil is scaling back its malice.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Scandal is nothing but a cover up
The Establishment is trying to bring the complete focus on Andrew Cuomo during this phase. They are trying to make him “the George Bush of the pandemic”. They are trying to put all blame, focus and attention on him … while the Satanic Establishment silently scales back its malice and withdraws from the scene.

Why is the Establishment ending its malice?
The War on Terror ran for 20 years … why is the Establishment ending its malice in the pandemic so soon?

  • Force for good in the White House. Firstly, no more Donald Dung in the White House … we have President Biden who is a force for good. There is no cooperation between Biden and the Establishment to multiply the pandemic.
  • Cannot go against science. Secondly, the vaccinations are being implemented at a rapid scale. By the end of the year, almost everyone in America can get vaccinated. The meaning of everyone in the country being vaccinated is that … there should be no more new cases and deaths … that’s how science is supposed to function. If cases continue and the deaths continue despite the entire country being vaccinated … then everyone would question what the hell is going on? It would bring complete focus on the Establishment’s malicious spread of the pandemic.
  • Biden will hammer out the malice. Thirdly, Biden is backed by the Obama Coalition … and they will ruthlessly hammer out all malicious routes of virus spread.

Our lovely Satanic Establishment cannot get caught by science nor can they get caught by the government. So, their strategy is … keep the focus on Andrew Cuomo and withdraw from the scene silently. Let everyone think that the drop in cases is because of the vaccinations.

Helping Biden win against the pandemic
Let’s help President Biden get a sweeping victory against the pandemic. If you play the game right and take the right moves … then victories are very easy. There are two major moves that you need to take.

  • Don’t follow Ex-President Donald Dung. Please don’t follow Ex-President Donald Dung … don’t go for crisis profiteering. If you see Trump’s Presidency … he did a great job in keeping America safe by not starting any new wars and not initiating any disastrous policies. He has been removed from the White House mainly because he protected the Establishment and did not want to break their monopoly … and then he chose crisis profiteering while his own people were dying by the hundreds of thousands. Trump was a chosen Angel who became a monster by the end of his Presidency. The worst kind of leaders go for money while allowing their own people to die. Please don’t look for profiting from this pandemic … don’t look forward to extend it like President Donald Dung. There will be many excellent things ahead that will help you a lot.
  • End the Establishment’s malicious spread. Read on … you will know how the Establishment is spreading this pandemic and how you can end it. You can wipe out the pandemic and normalize America to a great extent in this year itself. You don’t need to wait for 100% vaccinations … you don’t need to wait till the end of the year for things to become better. You can begin the change right now.

Armenia conquers Corona without any vaccinations

A good case study to end the pandemic and normalize the country … even without any vaccinations is Armenia. Armenia’s current number of cases are about 100-200 per day … the number of deaths are in single digits … zero vaccinations have been given … and the best part is … the country is fully normalized and running in full-fledged mode.

  • There is no social distancing
  • 80% of the people don’t even wear masks
  • The buses and subways are fully packed with people with no distancing at all. Everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder … most of them without masks
  • All businesses are open … including schools and colleges

The question is … how have they done this? That too, with zero vaccinations. Yes, the key for their success is rooting out the “malicious spread of this virus and pandemic”. They have investigated and rooted out “product to human transmissions”. We had given this information to Trump … but he did not work on it … he took America on a different track.

Truth about Corona
The truth about Corona is that … it is not Cyanide … it doesn’t kill you on touch. Simple Azithromycin is enough for mild cases. In Armenia, if you get tested positive for Covid … then they tell you “on phone” to take Azithromycin 500mg … 3 times a day for 3 days. And if still, you don’t feel good … then come to the hospital. You don’t even need to go to the hospital if you have tested positive and when you don’t have any severe conditions. They are treating Covid on the phone … its that easy.

Malicious Spread – Product to Human Transmission
Masks and social distancing is to prevent human to human transmission … but this route of transmission is actually very less and doesn’t create severe infections in most cases. The more severe form of transmission is via tweaking products. Two forms of tweaks are done.

  • Indirect Infections. The products are tweaked to weaken your lungs and other organs. Weak lungs provide an ideal scenario for Corona to create a severe case or even kill the person.
  • Direct Infections. The products are tweaked directly with the virus.

If a person goes through both forms of these infections then the combination can be deadly for him/her. What happens in product based infections is that … the person uses the product again and again and again … and thus unknowingly infecting himself again and again … leading to a severe case of infection.

Channels of malicious spread
Very basic items used by the people are infected … such as:

  • Sugar. If sugar is tweaked then everything that you make using sugar gets automatically infected. Like coffee, tea, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets, deserts and anything where you will use sugar.
  • Wheat flour. This will infect every product where flour is used … bread, cakes, biscuits and so on.
  • Milk. Infecting milk will infect all dairy products … like cheese, butter, cream and so on.
  • Meat. Helps them to target all items made using meat.
  • Hand sanitizers. Some tweaks will disinfect you and also weaken your lungs. People think that they are keeping themselves clean but they don’t know that they are making themselves weak. There was a report on this on Indian TV.
  • Medications. Even some medications that you use commonly for cough or anti-biotics have been infected.

What you are seeing here is “routine, daily and repeated use items” being tweaked. These are ideal items to target the masses to spread the pandemic.

The success in Armenia against the pandemic is mainly because the government and intelligence has actively tested and rooted out these malicious products. Once the government comes into action then the Devil runs. The Satanic Establishment is nothing but a bunch of criminals … the last thing that they will want is getting caught by the government.

Armenia has done a phenomenal job since the past few months in rooting out all “product to human transmission channels”. With no vaccinations, the country is mostly normalized … to the extent that there is no social distancing, 80% don’t even wear masks and almost every business is fully open. It’s a fantastic victory.

Schools and restaurants
If you want to open schools and restaurants … then the key is product based transmission. At both the places you are offering meals and if your sugar, flour, meat or milk is tweaked … then it’s the “meals” that are causing the infections … its not human to human transmission.

In Armenia, they don’t offer meals in most schools … everyone brings their lunch … thus, making their schools safer than the West in this scenario. If you want children in schools then you need to make sure that their meals are safe.

How to work on it?
The tricky part is … how to work on it? You can’t tell everyone that the “Establishment is spreading the pandemic and killing everyone” … its difficult to explain and work with your Administration from this angle. Instead, you can say that … “some products might have got infected during the manufacturing, handling and the transportation process … and thus working on the product based transmission is critical in opening schools, restaurants and in fact, the entire country.” The security of our country depends on this.

Using the excuse of “accidental infection” of different products … you can work with all Governors and tell them to inspect and verify all base items in their cities … especially, in places where cases are higher and in retail markets that sell these basic items.

The Devil will run
The moment you unleash the power of the government, the Devil will run. These guys are a bunch of criminals … the moment their gimmick is exposed and they see that the government and intelligence is coming for them … they will wind up their malice and run.

This doesn’t have to be a publicly declared activity … you can run this as a backend activity … as an intelligence operation. Setup a separate team to work on this … to coordinate with all States and Governors … and to check and monitor all products.

If you work on this route … then you don’t need to wait for 100% vaccinations … you don’t need to wait for the end of the year … you can normalize America within a few months. Its already done in Armenia successfully.

Note: Fauci doesn’t know anything about the Establishment or its malice. He will work only on the normal routes. You have to take the initiative and design this team and operation. We have already put all Doctors and hospitals to work … now, its time to put the Intel agencies to work.

Alternate “variant theory”
The alternate variant theory of the virus … is nothing but more bullshit. They are sitting there and trying to fool the world as long as they can. 90-95% of this pandemic is all Establishment malice at every step.

Save America and safely re-open America
Working on this track will help you to save America from the continued economic devastation and help you to safely re-open America. You don’t need to sit there and buy bullshit from the Establishment and remain stuck on disastrous tracks. Work on the key roots of their malice to root out the entire scheme itself.

We can end the pandemic now … but working on all routes is a must.