07 Feb 2021
JewH407 Biden needs to Play Big, Play Bold and Play Better

Firstly, thank you for holding off on the $15 minimum wage plan … it would have been catastrophic for several industries. Will give details about this on some other page. But the first mistake that Biden has made in his Presidency is the $2 Trillion of spending while we are hitting a debt of $30 Trillion already. Mass spending is a major Democrat issue that Biden has to watch carefully.

3 General Levels in the Game
I just wanted to give a few days for Biden to settle in the White House … now, let’s play the game.

Level 01 – Beginner Level – Dealing with the Opposition
Always play from a position of strength and power … and not from a position of weakness or fear, when dealing with your political opponents. You have to maintain a command over your opposition … you are the leader … you will design how the country will function … you will assign roles to others … and collectively everyone will take the country into a fantastic new era.

For example … in dealing with Trump … Trump is trying to play banker and he is making you a puppet politician. The basics that you have to keep in mind is that … Trump is not a banker … he is a criminal. Every single cent of Trump’s $2 Trillion loot is stolen loot … every single cent of it is illegal. When Trump is calling the shots and you are being puppeted by him … then a criminal is puppeteering the President of the United States. Why are we being controlled and dictated by a criminal?

You have to play the game in such a way that everybody stands by you … Democrats and Republicans … and the whole country follows you. Dealing with the opposition is the most basic beginner level of the game. You are already being played by Trump at this level.

Trump doesn’t pay you but Trump gives up his loot
Trump is trying to play his “hotel owner politics” … paying some politicians and telling them … “hey look, I have paid you so much … now, let’s strike a deal.” He is trying to buy you out. He is buying out both sides … top Democrats and Republican leaders.

Do you know how much $2 Trillion is? $2 Trillion = $2000 Billion = $2,000,000 Million … yes, that’s two million million dollars. Each Senator or House Representative can be bought out for a million or two in each vote … if Trump keeps on playing banker, he can buy American politics for life. For life Trump can sit there and puppet American leaders.

But if you play the right moves … Trump doesn’t pay you but Trump “gives up” his loot. You are the Commander in Chief … you have the entire Justice Department with you and all Intelligence Agencies … and Trump is a criminal who has looted by the trillions, got more than a million people killed by holding the vaccines for 6 months and created an insurrection to kill US lawmakers. You have the guy under your thumb … he is a criminal that can be tossed in jail at any time. Why on Earth should a criminal call the shots and the American President has to nod along?

Level 02 – Intermediate Level – Rising above Party Politics
There are policy flaws among both parties … Democrat and Republican. The Establishment maliciously pushes these flawed policies more and more under each party … thus running and maintaining America under flawed policies, doesn’t matter which party is ruling America. Some party based issues with Democrats are … mass spending, climate change, $15 minimum wage, legalize marijuana and so on.

In this intermediate level … we are dealing with hundreds of our own party leaders and members. Here is where we have to rise above party politics and unify everyone using “facts and logic” … and do only what is right for the country and the people. In each action and policy … if we use the facts, logic and show how the numbers work out … then it will be easy to unify all Democrats to do what is right for America and the American people.

Biden said that “he was the Democrat Party” … now, its time to call the shots. Do not allow the party to dictate you, especially in the wrong actions and policies.

Level 03 – Advanced Level – Break Establishment Monopoly
Once you are able to take the moves to manage your opposition correctly … rise above party politics and pull your party in the right direction … then comes the advanced level of the game … and that is breaking Establishment monopoly. The Establishment functions in both parties using its monopoly in the media, banks, corporations and political influence.

Pulling your own party members to do what is right is much easier than breaking Establishment monopoly. Currently, Trump has a loot of about $1 to $2 Trillion … the Central Bankers have a loot of about $500 Trillion … which has been moved from Israel to South China Sea. The Establishment is technically 500 times stronger than Trump. But then again … both of them are criminals … both of their loot is illegal and criminal … and both of them are scared of their loot being discovered. So, we still have an upper hand over both of them … doesn’t matter if it is $1 Trillion or $500 Trillion.

Managing Trump is the most basic beginner level of the game … it’s the most basic tic tac toe … then comes pulling the entire party by your side and going after the Establishment.

Trump passed the first two levels
You should know that … Trump passed the first two levels of the game … pretty easily. Trump was good in fighting his political opponents and he didn’t give a shit about his party … he rose above his party every time it was required. That’s why the Republican Party was being called the Party of Trump … the help was given to Trump to rise in this manner.

But then Trump flunked in the third level of the game … the moment he came to know that the Establishment owns more than 10,000 media outlets and it has financial reserves of more than $500 Trillion … Trump pissed in his pants and chose to worship the Devil. Instead of breaking Establishment monopoly that drains trillions of our country’s and people’s wealth every year … Trump chose to worship the Devil.

Trump is not an evil monster
In order to win against Trump … to understand and to contain him … you should understand that Trump is not an evil monster. He was actually the best option that we had in 2016 … when we had Ted Cruz on one side and Hillary on the other side. With Ted Cruz or Hillary in the White House, we would have already got a Nuclear war with Russia. Technically, this makes Trump an American savior.

Its not that he knew everything and saved America from this crisis … he just happened to be better than the shitty leaders that we had in the top cream. And then SM Groups, Putin, Obamas … everyone worked together to make sure that no new war starts. Trump was lucky to run for President at the right time.

Trump being removed from politics
From being an American savior … Trump is being removed from American politics all together … mainly because of Trump’s issues in Level 03. Trump chose to side with a criminal Establishment … allowed them to continue to their loot … $10 Trillion of debt was created under Trump’s single term … and the highest trade deficits and debts. The only thing Trump was busy doing was Devil worship or Self worship.

This is exactly what Trump brings to the table … looting funds while worshipping the Devil or himself. This is what Trump’s leadership was all about.

Don’t make deals with Trump – He backstabs with deals
Politics is business for Trump … everywhere he uses money. He wants a big crowd for his rallies … he pays campaign managers to pull people for his rallies. He wants protesters … he pays groups to protest for him. He wants to save his ass from jail … he pays politicians not to put him in jail. He doesn’t want to get convicted … he is paying Republicans not to convict him. He loots as much as he can … and then uses that loot to save his ass and blow his horn.

This is Donald J Trump.

And then he backstabs others using deals … you think that you are getting a deal with a lot of cash … but he is actually trying to save his ass to buy enough time to stab you in the back. Examples will help:

  • Here’s a few hundred million … don’t work with Active Democracy. He did this a few weeks before elections … you were thinking that you are getting a huge payout for not working with us. But what you should know is that … Trump came to know that … the moment you work with us, then you get the victory in elections. Trump paid you … so that, you lose the elections and he gets the White House.
  • Don’t take action on genocide … let election integrity be discussed. When you came to know that Trump held off vaccines for 6 months and this would kill an additional 300K Americans … then Trump makes another deal saying … “don’t take any action on the genocide that I have created but allow me work on the issues of election integrity”. Here again Trump is saving his ass from jail … while keeping options open to overturn the election results via every route possible.
  • Let’s be friends … peace … don’t convict me. Now, he is saying … “let’s be friends … we are all Americans … there should be unity, peace and friendship. Don’t convict me.” He tried to stab you in the back in every step possible … now that he has lost the White House … he needs your friendship to save his ass. But even now, he is saying “don’t convict me” and keeping options open for his return to the White House in 2024. He is already planning rallies for 2022 midterms.

Trump is a backstabber that should never be trusted. I was myself asking for a Russian Diplomatic Passport if Trump got re-elected … so that I keep myself safe from this backstabber.

Planned Exit Routes for Trump
These are some of the exit options that SM Groups are planning for Trump.

  • Justice based … jail, a million deaths and trillions in fine. If we follow justice and take action as per on the ground facts … then Trump has killed more than a million people including 300K American citizens, created an insurrection and looted by the trillions. The punishment for him should be jail, a million deaths and trillions in fine.
  • Eliminate from politics … Criminal Convictions. Trump should get criminal convictions for all of his crimes and be eliminated from politics for life. All of his loot should be extracted.
  • Eliminate from politics … via Congress. This is the most decent and generous option … without jail, death or criminal convictions. Trump should be banned from public office for life via the Congress. Let him keep $30-40 billion and extract the rest of the loot.

We don’t know yet if one of them will be implemented or all of them.

But the unacceptable options are:

  • President Biden being puppeted by a criminal. No way in hell should President Biden should be controlled or dictated by a criminal … who only worships himself and glorifies himself.
  • Trump buying out both parties. Everyone had enough of Trump’s nonsense and this nonsense will end with Trump’s removal from politics and the extraction of his loot. No SM group likes a Devil worshipper buying out both parties.
  • Trump screwing around in international politics. Forget about International politics … nobody wants Trump’s influence in Domestic politics.

Dealing with Trump is like dealing with a tiny Establishment element. If Biden is able to deal with Trump correctly … then it would be a simple practice drill for Biden for the bigger game ahead. Biden needs to play bold, play big and play better.