31 Jan 2021
JewH406 Backstabbing is Trump’s winning tactic

Trump got double impeached in a single term and there is a dancing queen in America … no, its not Hillary … but its George W Bush. Some words of thanks and appreciation from George W Bush to Donald Trump … “Thank you so much for taking away the burden of this Crown away from me. I was waiting for a bigger moron to come along to do the needful. You are a blessing in disguise … you have not saved America but at least, you have saved me. For once, things are screwed up in America and nobody is blaming me or talking about me. Thank you so much.

Just give it 10-12 years and the public level of spanking will automatically fade away. And yeah, don’t wait for a bigger moron to come along … even I was not ding dong enough to send a violent mob to hang my Vice President.”

No morals, no values and no principles … backstab and win … that’s how Trump functions
Obamas and Biden should know what they are dealing with … it is important for them to understand Trump’s psyche. If you understand his thinking that has been developed from his work background … then it will help you to deal with him better.

Trump is a guy with no morals, no values and no principles … he doesn’t care about any law or morals … the only thing that he cares about is himself. “Backstab others to win” is actually his key winning tactic. This is how Trump functions with everybody … including his own wives and children, let alone his associates, party, people or country. Here are some examples to help you understand.

Wives and Children
The first two wives found it to better to leave this self-obsessed psycho … and the current third wife, Melania Trump, probably cannot leave him because of the contracts and deals that he made her sign. For his own children he says that “he will fire them like a dog” if they bring any loss to his business. The way he keeps his children glued to him is by saying “if they want my money and inheritance … then they will listen to me”.

Trump’s Psyche – thinking and work background
Trump comes from a hotel background where he routinely takes the work and dupes his suppliers. He takes what he wants and then screws others. Trump pays zero taxes … if any income tax official or politician calls him up … then he pays them to avoid prosecution. And then he pulls strings to stab them in the back to eliminate them from their position so that he never has to pay them again.

Backstabbing is something ugly and disgusting that most people don’t resort to. But once you commit a crime and you benefit from it … then you start enjoying it and continue doing it again and again. Trump holds a knife against his own wife and children … “leave me and you won’t get my money”. That’s why his own family members have to continuously praise him, blow his horn and do what he says.

Associates – throw them under the bus
Everyone in Trump’s world should be there to blow his horn and serve him … if you get into any trouble … like many of his colleagues and staff … he distances himself from you and throws you under the bus … unless you can pay him a million or two to get a Presidential pardon.

SM Groups – became a friend of the Devil
The main reason why SM Groups supported him and made him President is that … they thought that he was a patriot and that he would fight against a Satanic Establishment to save America from these crises. He backstabbed the very cause that he was chosen for and chose to become a friend of the Devil.

It is either Devil worship or Self worship for Trump
Trump resorted mainly to two things during his Presidency … it was either Devil worship or Self worship. He would take no action against all of the malice of the Establishment and continue to serve and worship the Devil … other than that … he would be busy in his own self worship … “I am the best … I am the best … I am better than Abraham Lincoln … I am better than George Washington … I am the best … I am the best”.

Most of his actions and polices were based on saving his ass from the Establishment … blowing his horn and pocketing taxpayer money. This is 95% of the stuff that Trump brought to Washington … Devil worship and Self worship.

Jewish Establishment
Now, this is something interesting that many people don’t know. Trump was busy backstabbing the Jewish Establishment itself. He would worship the Devil … because he didn’t want his ass kicked around … and then because the Establishment was kicking his ass around … he would channelize funds to anti-Semitic organizations … like Q-Anon, White Supremacy groups and other Nationalist groups that were openly anti-Semitic. These groups would rally and protest in favor of Trump and against Jews with anti-Semitic slogans.

While Trump was giving away Jerusalem, trillions to the Establishment and doing a long list of favors for them … he maintained another team with Steve Bannon that would sponsor openly anti-Semitic groups. And Trump thinks that nobody knows this … everybody in the Establishment and SM Groups know this.

Trump paid Obamas and Biden not to take any action against him because of the genocide that was created by holding off the vaccines … and then he also plans an insurrection army of protestors to abuse, threaten and hang Democrats to overturn election results.

He claims to be a patriot and the best President ever … but held back the vaccines for about 6 months in order to capitalize on trillions of Covid relief funding and to postpone the elections. He continuously praised himself for months that “he was the first one to block travel from China which saved thousands of lives” … but when he lost the election … a terrible virus variant was reported in the UK … almost all of Europe bans travel from the UK because of this variant and Trump doesn’t care. He in fact, opened travel from Europe and Brazil to flood the country with infections during his last days of Presidency.

Trump is a “self-obsessed psycho” who not only cares about himself but he backstabs everybody.

Complicit in Trump crimes?
Almost nobody out there likes Trump … Pro-Trump Groups were created for American stability. Everybody knows that Trump is a backstabber … especially the Establishment and all SM Groups. To add to that … our Self worshipping President has committed a lot of crimes. The current concern among some SM Groups is that … Obamas and Biden are covering up and helping Trump … but Trump has so many issues and crimes ahead … won’t this make Obamas and Biden complicit in Trump crimes? Especially when they keep on covering up and helping him in each of his criminal activities?

Some of the recent cover-ups mentioned are:

  • No action on genocide. In the Russian collusion, there was a huge noise when no one got hurt. But Trump got 300K more Americans killed by holding off vaccines for about 6 months … and there is no action being taken on him. Why is this not being investigated? American lives don’t matter nowadays? Not one or two … but 300,000 American lives?
  • No criminal charges on insurrection. Again 5 innocent Americans got killed by Trump during the insurrection … still there is no prosecution, investigation or criminal charges against Trump.
  • Emoluments lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court. Trump was minting money via his properties … many a times via hiked up prices but the case gets dismissed by the Supreme Court and no one even talks about it in the media.

Trump playing Banker and Biden playing Puppet Politician
The problem with these cover-ups and support is that … Trump is playing Banker and Biden is playing puppet politician. Trump is paying by the billions and Biden is covering up for him and helping him. Trump is paying and Biden is taking the money … this is not the problem … the cash exchange is not the problem. The problem is that … Biden is taking too less … which is allowing Trump to remain the Banker in the game.

Trump paying Biden $1 Billion or $10 Billion … all of this is teeny tiny peanuts. Trump’s total loot reaches up to $2 Trillion. $10 Billion from $2 Trillion is just 0.5 percent … which means that … even if Biden gets paid $10 Billion even then Trump still retains 99.5% of his loot.

The huge political disadvantage of this is that:

  • Top Democrats. Trump is sitting there playing Banker and buying out support from Obamas and Biden.
  • Republicans. And then he is also buying out 45 Senators from the Republican Party.

Trump is buying out both parties … he is playing better moves than Biden. Trump is already surpassing Biden and playing better moves than him.

SM concerns in this configuration
SM concerns in this configuration are two fold … firstly, Trump is a self-worshipping guy … he will do anything and everything for his own gain and benefit.

  • Trump is already paying both parties to escape criminal charges and convictions.
  • Trump has also setup a post-Presidency office to move back into politics
  • Trump is already planning to start campaign rallies in the Midterms for Republican candidates
  • Trump is aiming for a win in 2024

The second layer of issues with covering up and helping Trump is that:

  • There are many, many issues coming ahead for Trump
  • Trump will use you and pressurize you to save his ass from all criminal cases
  • If you don’t help him then he can even blackmail you … he doesn’t give a shit about anybody. He has openly told on stage that he has paid so and so politicians.
  • The more you help Trump in his crimes, the more complicit you seem … even though you had nothing to do with his crimes.

The Trump Presidency was a New Era Presidency
What Obamas and Biden should understand is that … Trump was a 90-95% failure … he made zero reforms for America. But the Trump Presidency was a New Era Presidency … that made a few bold moves of moving beyond party politics … like ending terrorism, not starting any new wars, not going with Socialism and the Climate Change scam. There is a lot of SM activity at the ground level that gives success to political candidates when actions and policies are right for the country as a whole.

Biden is still following an old, traditional and conventional political system … where one guy pays and the Politician nods along. Biden needs to snap into a New Era where bold and phenomenal actions are possible.

Biden can become the Banker and Trump can be the Puppet
Biden needs to boldly reverse this ongoing configuration. Biden can become the Banker and Trump can be the puppet who will do as told. Biden should keep in mind that …

  • He already has phenomenal SM support … they will give you victory in bold, positive and constructive actions.
  • He is the President and Trump is a criminal, who can go to jail for several crimes committed by him.
  • Biden doesn’t have to take $1 … $10 … $50 … or $100 Billion … he needs to up the game and play the moves right. He can directly put the foot down on $500 Billion for each lawsuit.
  • Biden needs to extract the full $2 Trillion from Trump … and leave $30-40 Billion for his personal use. Use a little bit of intelligence resources to track down all of Trump’s loot. You will get to know the numbers that you have to play with.

Stop playing teeny tiny moves … buckle up and play bold. The great thing that will happen with this is:

  • Trump’s loot gets vaporized and channelized back to the people in a different form.
  • Trump’s Banker status gets busted.
  • Now, Biden can play Banker … Biden can buy 45 Republican votes whenever he needs them.

Why are you allowing Trump to play Banker? Play the game right … play big … play bold … and then win phenomenally.

The guy is at your mercy … he is a criminal … all of it is illegal loot. Its not like we are taking someone’s hard earned savings. He is a backstabber who worships only himself. Why are we in this configuration with him? Change your moves President Biden.