01 Jan 2021
JewH405 Saving Trump from Treason and Prison

In a Democrat controlled Congress, the moment Trump is charged with treason … he will get a confirmed one way ticket to prison. Interestingly, he will be surrounded with a lot of love in prison … by some Black people that he loves so much … by illegal immigrants that he loves so much … and by Mexican rapists and drug dealers that he loves so much. Well, it would be good to have some friends with you in such a situation … but unfortunately, Trump has already pardoned all of his friends from jail. The only way out for Trump from prison will be jumping off the prison wall … let’s just hope that the prison will not have a tall and long “border wall” all around it … because you know, we don’t want people entering our country illegally. Lol.

The good news about being in prison for Trump is that … thanks to Obama … he has made it a law that all US Ex-Presidents get Secret Service protection for life. It doesn’t actually specify if the Ex-President is a criminal or not … if he is in jail or not … which means that … Trump will be the only prisoner in US history to have Secret Service protection while he is in jail. Lol.

Some Treason Basics
Let’s give some basic points on treason for Trump … so that he understands what is going on and what he is doing. You are right now on a track of full-fledged treason and sedition. Take a look at this page … it will show you what treason is.

Chapter 115—Treason, Sedition, And Subversive Activities

Many of your current activities fall under the category of treason, sedition and subversive activities.

  • Seditious Conspiracy
  • Advocating overthrow of Government
  • Activities affecting armed forces
  • Recruiting of service against United States

Your activities against Biden’s election can be deemed as a threat to National Security. In the worst case scenario, by dividing Red and Blue States … you can take the country into a civil war. If you use any kind of Presidential authority or military force to hold on to the Presidency by even one day … then you can immediately be charged for treason.

This is what you should keep in mind … come Jan 20th … Joe Biden is the official President of the United States … and you become a common citizen. The Biden Administration will be the official Government of the United States … anything you do to hold off the Biden Presidency can be seen as “advocating the overthrow of the US Government”. This is very very clearly defined in the laws of treason.

Current Anti-Biden Activities
Right now, you are already running several anti-Biden activities … against the election of Biden to the Presidency.

  • Paid Anti-Biden Advertisements. You are openly running advertisements against Biden’s election.
  • Paid Anti-Biden Protesters. You are literally paying protesters to favor you and to be against Biden.
  • Paid Anti-Biden Campaign Rallies. Yes, everybody knows that you spend a lot of money to pull people to your rallies … this time you are paying to run campaign rallies against Biden’s Presidency.

As of now, no action will be taken against you … because for the next 20 days, you are still the President … it is still a Trump Administration. But the moment the clock ticks 20th Jan … then all of these activities fall under treason and sedition. Because the purpose of all of these activities is the “overthrow of the US Government” … which is nothing but the Biden Presidency and the Biden Administration.

And God forbid … if you hold off Biden’s Presidency by even one day via any Presidential authority or military force … you can instantly be charged and arrested for treason. You should note that … cases of treason don’t go to any court … they go to the Congress. What do you think that a Democrat controlled Congress will do to you? The penalty for treason is death or prison.

Hillary’s whining was legal
What you should understand is that … Hillary’s whining was legal. She conceded … admitted defeat … and cried for a long time over her loss. This is perfectly within the legal scope for a losing candidate. She did not run any advertisement, no rallies, no protesters … she did not form any kind of coalition against the elected President.

Your advertisements, rallies, protesters … all of this is destabilizing the country … if this expands further, it will only lead to National Security issues. All of these are anti-US Government activities to destabilize the country to overthrow the government … which is treason.

A Flashback on Impeachment
For a moment, you should take a look at what happened during impeachment. Why were you impeached? You were impeached because you made a “phone call” against Biden in complete privacy. One simple phone call was enough to impeach you … all of these activities that you are doing publicly against the Biden Presidency and Government … do you think that they will spare you?

Lesser the days in your Presidency, closer to prison you are
Already the majority of SM Groups are pissed off at you … they look at you as a dacoit, a bank robber who created genocide in the country. Holding off Biden’s Presidency by even one day will be a gift for them to immediately charge you with treason and to put you in prison.

How to avoid treason?
If you are too big headed to concede … then don’t concede … but you simply cannot do these activities.

  • Stop your advertisements, protests and rallies against Biden’s election. You can be in the opposition party and talk against Biden’s policies and actions … but you cannot be against his election and the US Government. This is not called being the opposition party … it is called treason. All of these are nothing but confirmed facts and evidence that you want to overthrow the US Government … they can be used in the proceedings against you in the Congress. You are providing them the evidence to be used to charge you with treason.
  • Don’t use any force or military to stay in power. Doesn’t matter what idiot advises you to do this … just kick him in the nuts. Do not remain in the White House even one day more. Your above activities are being ignored as of now … but the moment you use force to remain in power … everything will be used against you. It’s a Democrat controlled Congress … the moment you get charged with treason … the next step will be jail. Republicans have already split against you … no one will come to save you from treason.
  • No Coalitions against the Biden Presidency. Step out of the White House very peacefully … if you don’t want to concede, don’t concede … but do not create divisions in the country. Don’t create any form of coalitions against the Biden Presidency or Administration.

Managing Issues with the Loot and Genocide
Treason is only one track that will lead you to jail … it is actually the fastest track. The other two major tracks are:

  • More than $1 Trillion in Loot
  • More than one million people killed by holding off the vaccines

Yeah … reportedly, your loot via the Presidency is actually more than $1 Trillion. $100 Billion was only the lowest number reported via all SM sources … the upper limit of your loot is actually reported to be more than $1 Trillion. It could be $1.2 … 1.5 … or even more than $2 Trillion. This is an insane level of loot via the Presidency. Not only you loot … but you make an open confession about your loot on Twitter.

In this case, America is in a major crisis and you made a lot of deals … getting you more than $1 Trillion … this makes you a “smart guy” and not a bad guy?

If you dodge treason successfully … even then, these are the major reasons why SM Groups are planning to target jail for you … more than a trillion in loot and a million people dead. These are the possible tracks ahead.

SM Track – Punishment Based
They look at you as a bank robber who looted more than a trillion and killed a million people. They are following a “punishment based” track. The obvious objectives in this approach would be to catch the bank robber … extract the loot and toss him in prison.

This $1 Trillion will go back into the US economy … Democrats will use them for US infrastructure and Climate Change programs. As per SM Groups, Democrats don’t need to make any deal with Trump. They can extract 100% of the loot … spend it on positive programs and make their money off that. Trump is not required to share the loot at all. Trump gets zero and Dems manage everything.

Secondly, they don’t even see a need for Trump being in politics … they can directly work with other clean and positive Republican leaders. They want jail for Trump. This track is punishment based.

Alternate Redemption Based Track
We are strategists … we are just putting some formulas ahead … based upon the parameters involved and the activities of some groups. There can also be a “redemption based” track to dodge SM’s track.

Obamas, Biden and Trump can split the first $100 Billion and channelize the rest back to the people. Assuming that the loot is about $1 Trillion …

  • $450 Billion – Buffer Funds – American People. We need to create a buffer account and have some funds to challenge and stand up to the Establishment in all spheres of media, business and politics. These buffer funds will be channelized back to the American people in the form of creating new structures, supporting their functioning and bypassing the Establishment in all financial spheres.
  • $450 Billion – Africa. There is lots of work to do in Africa … millions of lives can be saved and changed via structural revolutions. These funds will help us to do the same.
  • Vaccinate Africa. Africa has about 1.2 Billion people … the Covid vaccine for all of them will cost only about $5 Billion. We can work with the Clinton Foundation to vaccinate Africa. A good thing that will happen with this is that … we throw a bone to Hillary so that she shuts up. We know that she helped the Biden Campaign a little bit … but we don’t want any new wars from her or from Antony Blinken. Let her make her money by doing good things instead of starting new wars and destroying countries. This also helps Bill Clinton … he is living treasure.

On this track … we can show that, Trump has already given up 90% of the loot … which is helping in the creation of revolutions in America and around the world … he is saving millions of lives in Africa … and vaccinating the entire Continent. This track helps us to create a protective shell for Trump.

Trump still doesn’t get any frontend role in politics … he simply retires from politics. If Trump tries to enter politics again … then SM Groups will assume the repetition of all of this all over again. Aggressive forces will develop again against Trump … and we have better things to do other than just saving one person.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!