18 Dec 2020
JewH404 Trump sues Wisconsin to remove the Blue Finger staring at him in his face

More debt created than Bush and Obama combined … 300K American citizens dead … the highest ever debt and trade deficits … but what bothers Trump is the Blue Finger staring at him in his face on the US Electoral Map. Because you know … “optics” are more important … how can his Royal Highness have a Blue Finger in front of his face? Lol. Unfortunately, the Electoral College has spoken and it has confirmed that … Biden gets the Presidency and Trump gets … the Blue Finger.

The Establishment leaves a “FU*K TRUMP” message on the US Electoral Map … see details here:


Now, that the elections are finalized … so is the US Electoral Map. It means that … eternally the message “FU*K TRUMP” will remain on the US Electoral Map of 2020 … to be remembered for all time to come. So what no Nobel Prizes? Trump has created history in his own unique ways … and carved his image on the map of the country. The only problem is … the Blue Finger.

Trump has so many investigations against him … I wonder if in any interrogation they will water-board him. Like … what happens to his hair when you dip his head in water and take it out? Trump has so many properties with swimming pools … but has anyone seen Trump in a swimming pool? Yeah … next time Trump is spotted near a swimming pool … someone should just push him in the pool for fun’s sake … and take a video of him coming out of the pool. Lol.

By the way … these are some viral video requests from some SM groups … Trump water-boarding, Trump in the rain (without an umbrella) and Trump pushed in a swimming pool. Lol.

Disclaimer First
Well, jokes aside … we are strategists, the Think Tank, of the work. We have absolutely no interest in Trump whatsoever hereon. We have no role for him … nor we need anything from him. The information on this page is being provided only because we got a request from some groups to help Trump from the coming phases ahead. Most of the groups don’t want us to help Trump in any way at all … he should pay for what he has done … but some groups want us to make things a little bit easy for him.

3 Elements in Motion
This is what Trump should keep in mind … there are 3 elements in motion in designing the flow of the country.

  • Active Democracy … we do strategy, formulas and structures.
  • Politicians … they are in the top level implementation mode.
  • SM Groups … they are in the ground level implementation mode that create success or failures for the politicians in the top level mode.

In all fairness … we already showed options for both candidates … Trump and Biden. We created tracks for the success of both candidates. It is the SM Groups that chose Biden and rejected Trump. Why SM Groups rejected Trump … and what they are planning ahead for Trump … you will get to know on this page. But all of this has nothing to do with us … we did not plan this track and we are not implementing this … it is all SM activity.

Examples – Hillary and Netanyahu
Examples will help us understand what is coming next … what happened to Hillary and Netanyahu is also pure SM activity. Hillary got Benghazi … she was investigated and humiliated several times on National Television because half a dozen Americans died under her watch. This was the old game … only grilling and investigation … but if you see what was done to Netanyahu … he literally got criminal indictments while he is still the Prime Minister.

This was done to both of these candidates to remove them from politics … because both of them were the “hands of the Devil” … waging one war after another and creating destruction around the world.

Phases planned ahead for Trump
These are the phases planned ahead for Trump by SM Groups … I repeat by SM Groups and not by us.

  • Removal from the White House. It was already planned to remove Trump from the White House and he would be given failure in every lawsuit to overturn the election. If you observe, this phase has already been accomplished to a 99% extent. In about 4 weeks, Trump will leave the White House.
  • Complete removal from politics. The next phase will be to totally decimate all chances of Trump entering politics again. There is no second term for Trump … there is no political role planned ahead for Trump.
  • Extract the loot and possible jail. Simultaneously, the hundred billion plus that Trump has looted via the Presidency … this loot is planned to be extracted and there is also possible jail time planned ahead for Trump and his associates.

Actually, before SM Groups themselves used to tell me … to be nice to Trump … “he is the right hand of the work … he is the chosen Angel”. But now, they are telling me … no more politics for Trump and its time for jail for Trump. The question is … why these phases for Trump?

Where has Trump broken the Law? What are his criminal activities?
There are two major items that SM Groups are planning to target.

Number One. $100 Billion in Presidential Profiteering via mass spending and bamboozling other countries
As per SM reports, it seems that Trump has accumulated a wealth of more than $100 Billion via mass spending and bamboozling other countries and large corporations. A few numbers that are given are:

  • Active Democracy. It seems that you have raked in about $5-10 Billion by using the concept of our project itself.
  • Border Wall. A few billion via the border wall.
  • $2.5 Trillion in defense spending. Several billions via defense spending.
  • $100 Billion via China trade deal. By bamboozling China with tariffs, you have raked in $100 Billion alone from China itself.
  • Additional billions. You got additional billions via trade deals, Covid relief funds and by threatening other large corporations.

To be honest, you deserve a standing ovation … it’s a job well done. More than $100 Billion in just one term … that’s a billion dollars for every US Senator in the entire Senate. If Trump’s loot is distributed in the Senate … then every US Senator becomes a billionaire. Not bad President Trump … not bad … keep it up. And some people wonder why they don’t get a Nobel Prize.

Number Two. Held off vaccines to postpone the elections and created the genocide of a million people
This activity is a more serious one than the previous one. The projected deaths in America will be about 450K by Feb 2021. The vaccines should have been launched six months ago … all of these additional 300K American deaths come on your account, President Trump. And since you blocked the vaccine … it has created more than a million deaths across the world. It seems this was done because you wanted to:

  • Benefit by the billions from the Covid relief trillions
  • Postpone the elections to get an additional year in office

Cover-up Blunders
To add to this problem … it seems that you have created a series of “cover-up blunders”.

  • Same day application for approval. We wrote about Trump holding off the vaccines on November 20th. (http://active-democracy.com/news/the-lovely-jewish-history/1982-trumps-fall-pandemic-champion-mass-murderer.html). You rushed Pfizer to apply for an emergency approval on the very same day and Moderna also applied in the very same week. It only shows that the vaccines were ready and Trump was holding them off.
  • Postponed AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca was actually the first one to come up with the vaccine. You already had ordered about 2 million doses that were ready 6 months ago. But when you were exposed for holding off the vaccines … you told AstraZeneca to further postpone their vaccine under some pretext that their full dosage is not giving the right percentage of results.
  • Pre-Emptive Pardons. And then you also explored pre-emptive pardons for yourself, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr., Erik, Rudy Giuliani and other close associates … which literally gave the list of the people involved in this genocide.

Interestingly … no pardon for Melania Trump … either she is squeaky clean (which many groups think so) … or Trump wants to bid her farewell and import a fresh Melania 2.0 from Slovenia. My dear Lady … I know, holding hands with weirdos in public can feel creepy … but just in case, you were involved in any scam … then the time to hold hands is now. But if you were not involved in any scam … then chuck it … the world loves your style. Lol.

The Dacoit thinks that he is the greatest President in US History
Many SM Groups look at Trump as a dacoit … a thief and a murderer … and Trump thinks that he is the greatest President in US history. If you look at things from SM perspective then you will understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

  • Trump enters the White House – The Dacoit enters the Bank. Trump was actually chosen to save America from the Devil … but instead he flipped … became the Devil’s friend and started his personal loot. This is the biggest disappointment that all SM Groups got from Trump.
  • Trump holds America hostage – The Dacoit loots billions. There was no way to remove Trump … because Mike Pence would become President. The Establishment malice was so high that a war against Russia was expected. Trump couldn’t be removed from the Presidency … and Trump wouldn’t save America from the crisis either … the whole thing turned into a hostage crisis … and during this crisis Trump was looting billions from every route possible.
  • Bring Biden in the White House – Tactically remove the Dacoit from the Bank. If Trump was forcefully removed then the entire country could get destroyed … so they had to tactically remove Trump and pull Biden in the White House. This is being done as we speak.
  • Legal action against Trump – Legal action against the Dacoit. Trump is probably thinking that “the Presidency was freaking easy and awesome … and I made $100 Billion out of it … now, I might get another term where I will make another $100 Billion” … the Dacoit is planning to enjoy his billions … but he doesn’t realize that the next phase is all about tons of legal hammering.

It is after you remove the Dacoit from the Bank … its then that you hammer the Dacoit … not while he is still holding the Bank. Because nobody wants to put all of the Bank employees at risk by taking action on the Dacoit during the hostage crisis. During the hostage crisis … you just ignore what the Dacoit is doing and keep everyone safe. Which is why, as we speak … Trump is being tactically failed in all of his lawsuits to change the results of the election … and he is being extracted from the White House.

What to do? The options ahead
Now, that you know the track that you are on … let me show some options ahead … to make your life a little bit easier.

Like I said … there are 3 elements in motion in designing what happens in the country … Active Democracy, Politicians and SM Groups. We are not involved … the Democrats or Republicans are not involved … all of this is pure SM planning. They have put criminal indictments on a Jewish Prime Minister on Jewish soil … there is nothing that the Establishment can do in this.

Till date, you got victories in all investigations, lawsuits and even impeachment … because it was a hostage crisis … saving Trump was saving America. But now, this is not the case … America has already moved into safe hands with Biden and Obamas. SM Groups see you as a dacoit … you are being failed in all lawsuits to save America from this hostage situation.

That’s why I told you before … among the Establishment, SM Groups and Democrats … the Democrats will be the nicest ones. I am putting some options ahead for you … try to work on them with Dems.

One. Make the Right Split
We got the info that you split a billion dollars with Obamas and Biden. Well, that’s a shitty amount … the Presidential pardon of a President doesn’t work this way. You walk away with a $100 Billion and the next President gets a mere 0.3B? What the hell is this … slave benefits? For just 0.3 … the American Presidency, Administration, Intelligence and Legal networks are supposed to protect and support you? While you enjoy a $100 Billion? This is a bullshit deal.

Make the right split and work with the right numbers. The entire loot should be split into 3. Biden should get $33 Billion, Obamas should get $33 Billion and you can keep the rest. Then it makes sense to offer you support in this crisis.

Two. Invest $10 Billion in Africa
The second thing that you need to do is … from your $34 Billion … invest $10 Billion in Africa. You took a million lives by holding off the vaccines … now save a million lives in Africa. Obamas and Biden will join you in this effort, probably.

Three. Saves trillions of taxpayer money in America
Biden is planning to spend $2 Trillion on the Climate Change scam. If Biden gets $33 Billion directly from you … then it will be easy to hold off Biden and change his route on Climate Change. You will actually save $2 Trillion of new taxpayer money being blown up in a scam in America.

The biggest complaints about you are that … you have taken a million lives, blown up trillions and looted billions. Now, if you invest billions in Africa … save a million lives … and also save trillions in new wastage on the Climate Change scam … then we get everything that we need to create a protective shield for you.

Right now, the genocide is being used extremely aggressively against you to deliver failure in every lawsuit. If this track continues then it can be trouble ahead. This track has to be reversed … save a million lives in Africa … use the funds from your loot. Don’t know about the second term or politics for you … but at least, a security shell can be created.