27 Nov 2020
JewH403 Why Trump doesn’t concede but has allowed the Official Transition to begin?

As per Pro-Dem SM Groups
One phone call from Nancy Pelosi and Trump becomes the “pissing pussy” that he loves so much. Remember Trump’s pee-pee tape? Its interesting that Trump’s Presidency begins with a pee-pee tape and also ends with a pee-pee tape. The difference between the two pee-pee tapes is that … in the first one … Trump is getting the golden shower from Russian girls. And in the second one … a nasty woman named Nancy … is getting the golden shower from Trump … in his pants! There are millions of people that would pay to see the second pee-pee tape.

Trump deserves a Nobel Prize
The above information is strictly from Pro-Dem groups … not from us. We think that Trump actually deserves a Nobel Prize … for self-promotion. Remember, Obama reaching out to millions of people and promoting peace and stability … ending all of the hate, fear and division? He was successful in his task and got a Nobel Prize. Trump also reached out to millions of people … promoting … himself. Even Trump was successful … why the hell doesn’t Trump get a Nobel Prize? Its so not fair.

I think the problem is with the Nobel Prize Committee … they don’t have the right categories to accommodate Trump’s phenomenal work. They should create a category for “blowing your own horn” … if they had the right category then Trump would have already got 4 Nobel Prizes by now … and who knows … he may continue to get endless Nobels throughout his life.

The stupid Nobel Prize Committee … they keep wasting time in recognizing the work that helps billions of people … but what about the Presidents who do nothing but blow their own horn? They get nothing? This is so not fair. As if blowing your own horn is not a Nobel attribute. Don’t worry President Trump … these guys don’t know shit … its not your fault … it’s the Committee’s fault for not recognizing real talent and contribution to the society.

You should plan some lawsuits against the Nobel Prize Committee to create the right categories for you in order to recognize your hard work.

God at work?
Just kidding … just kidding … take it easy … don’t get all worked up. However, it is quite interesting to see how things change. Just a few days ago … Biden was in his basement and nowhere to be seen … Trump was in the spotlight getting all of the attention. Now, Trump is in his basement and nowhere to be seen … and Biden is in the spotlight getting all of the attention.

A few years ago … Trump created a golden shower on a bed used by Obama … and today, an Obama Team member makes Trump give a golden shower.

Is this all coincidence? Nobody planned this … not the Establishment and not SM groups … it just fell into place. God at work?

The progress is nice
It was useful exposing this issue … as soon as we wrote about it … emergency approval for vaccines has already begun and they are scheduled to hit the market within days. Otherwise, only God knows how many more thousands of people would continue to die without the help of vaccines.

And it is also nice that the transition has begun.

Here are some tips for President Biden on the Pandemic

Things not to do
These are some critical things NOT to do in the pandemic.

  • No Shutdowns. There should be no shutdowns and if there are … then they should be extremely limited. A country shutdown creates 20 million job losses per month … we lost 40 million jobs within two months during shutdown. You lose in trillions in relief funds when the country is shutdown. Never go for shutdowns. Learn from South Korea and Turkey … there were never any shutdowns in these countries throughout the pandemic. They kept the children and elderly at home … the young were running the country and no business was shutdown. Economic losses were minimal in these countries.
  • No Fear Mongering. When you focus, talk and work only on testing, tracing, shutdowns and distancing … then it creates fear mongering in the society. It doesn’t solve anything.

The people are fed up of shutdowns … nobody wants to live at home on food stamps. There are protests all across the world wherever a second round of shutdowns are being implemented. The last thing you want is protests against the Biden Presidency within the first months.

The key to win in the pandemic is “maintain a running country with high protection for the people”. This is the balance you have to maintain in the pandemic … everything should be open and you should also protect your people. Both should go hand in hand. As many businesses as possible should be open.

Managing the vaccines
The vaccines will be a major game changer in this pandemic. Vaccines should have been implemented 6 months ago itself … but here we are … and this is what you have to take forward. This is how you should work on the vaccine by prioritizing it “for the most needed to save maximum lives”. This is the key for the implementation of the vaccines … for the most needed to save maximum lives.

  • Infected People. The number one priority should be for the people who are already infected. This is where the vaccine should show its performance … the guy has the disease, the vaccine should get rid of the disease.
  • Reduce severe cases. As it is, there is a 95% survival rate. Most of the people have mild symptoms. But the excellent use of the vaccine is … preventing mild cases from become severe cases. If we can prevent the patient from moving from mild to severe … then we save the rest of the 5% as well. This is saving maximum lives using the vaccines.
  • Tested positive. The second highest priority would be for the people who have just tested positive. We need to make the vaccines available at all testing sites in the country. The moment the person tests positive … then he should be given the vaccine. The person should not go home dreading that he has a deadly disease … but he should go home vaccinated, knowing that he will survive this. Here is again where you are directly saving lives.
  • First Responders. And then come our first responders … doctors, nurses, administration, security and everyone working in hospitals and testing sites. They are risking their lives for us … and we need to give them the best security that we can for them.
  • Most vulnerable. Then come the most vulnerable who are not yet tested positive … like the elderly, people with weaknesses, prior ailments or diseases, especially the ones with lung problems … all of these comprise of the most vulnerable to Covid. We need to prioritize the vaccinations for all of them.
  • Masses. Then come the masses … the healthy and the young. This is large scale vaccinations for everyone.

If you prioritize on the basis of “most needed to save maximum lives” … this helps you to work with a small number of vaccinations and supply them to where the need is the most. You don’t need to sit and wait for 330 million doses … you can immediately come into action with just a few million doses.

Combating Establishment Malice
Actually, Covid is being treated in India for as low as $1 per day. There is nothing to it … India has 98.4% recovery rate. The number of deaths are 4 times less than USA. Because there is hardly any Establishment malice in the third world. The Pandemic is a little bit complicated … there are many routes of Establishment malice in the spread of cases and even deaths. These are separate routes of work … that even Trump has not worked upon … which is partly why we are in this situation. We will give you these details as we move on.

Vaccines are very easy to work and you can push Trump to work on … work on this immediately … while we prep you for the other routes.

Lead, don’t follow
One starting tip that I will give you … lead, don’t follow. You are the President … not all of these “experienced” people that you are hiring. All of these people who have spent decades of their lives in this system are a part of the problem. The system is a problem and the people running this system are also a problem. This is one of the reasons … we are pulling people from “outside the system” to fix this damn system.

In this particular situation … hiring the most experienced … doesn’t actually mean getting the best advice and best results. If that was the case then we wouldn’t have all of these problems in the country that we have. The most experienced should have given us the best country possible … but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

That’s why I am telling you … don’t follow these experienced people … just because they are experienced … it doesn’t mean that they are right. Always use “logic and facts” … brainstorm … differentiate between right and wrong … predict and analyze the results and outcome of the actions and policies recommended … always avoid misleading, disasters, wars and catastrophes … always choose the best routes and best results for your people and country. This is what leadership is about … this is what “successful leaders” do. This is what your main job is … screening everything … trust no one, evaluate everything. If everything falls in place as per logic and facts … then only allow the recommended action or policy to move forward. This is very very important in this crisis.

Lead … don’t follow.