23 Nov 2020
JewH402 Trump cannot be a part of the work anymore

Trump is probably thinking that “he is being rude to me because I lost the election … he is trying to pressurize me for support” … no my dear … you are getting it all wrong … its over now. Once you create genocide then you cannot be a part of the work. We are not reaching out to you for anything … we don’t want anything from you … nor will we take anything from you. You have entered the wrong category now.

Genocide is the red line
Actually, if we knew about this in advance … then we would have stopped it. We would not allow you to hold off the vaccines for millions of Americans and people around the world. But I think SM Groups wanted to test you for what you are by yourself. Almost every major victory that you got … it was because of our strategies and SM support. I think this time they wanted to see “who is Trump on his own”. Whether you will actually go through this or not?

And yeah … heh … you held off vaccines for six months and allowed a million people to die around the world. Here’s the thing … we manage almost everything. We know … this is politics … angels don’t run for political positions … there is always some baggage to manage. But “genocide” is something that is not acceptable in our work … we don’t work with such candidates.

Managing Baggage
I am not trying to be rude or negative here … this is how the work is. In all fairness, we managed a truck load of baggage from you since 4 years. In every scenario, we tried to create a path forward.

  • Pornstars and Playmates. You got the problem with Pornstars and Playmates … we said … it was consensual sex … its bullshit content that we should not bother about.
  • Didn’t pay taxes. We got the info that you didn’t pay any taxes … we said … he hires thousands of American workers … in a way, he is serving the American society by spending millions on the salaries of these workers every month.
  • Bombed Syria and Afghanistan. You went ahead and bombed Syria and Afghanistan … we helped you backtrack and pulled you towards peace.
  • Took no action on the Establishment … we encouraged you to take action for the good of your people.
  • Used our funds for your own operations and benefit … we said … no problem, you can pull funding again.
  • Tried to create legal problems in half a dozen countries for us … we activated Democrat protection from the bullshit that comes from Trump.
  • Paid Democrats not to work with us … we told you to fix it as it would backfire.
  • Lost the election … we said … you still have 2 more months to make a name for yourself and be remembered for something good.
  • Planted miscreants in my residence … we asked you to remove these miscreants but still kept the door open for coordination.

Right from banging to bombing … looting to bribing … abuse to aggression … we created ways for you in every scenario … but genocide is something that is totally different.

Genocide – the lowest scum of the Society
If you make a general classification of crime in the society … then you get these criminals based upon the scale of their crime.

  • Petty thieves and petty crimes that affect one or more people
  • Serial killers and rapists … the effect is on 2 digit number of people
  • Terrorists and Dictators … the effect is on 3 digit or more
  • Genocidal maniacs … the effect goes in 5 digits or more

The genocidal maniacs are the lowest scum of the society … they will enter the lowest levels of hell to answer for their sins. Bush and Hillary belong to this category. Hillary is a Democrat … she tried several times to get our support. We rejected her every time. Why? She is a genocidal maniac … she got more than a million people killed.

She tried to make up with us … but apologizing to me is not even required … I am not the victim. If Hillary wants to find peace … then she should go to the families of these million people killed and seek forgiveness from them. Whether they will forgive her or rip her heart out of her body … I don’t know. But your job is to seek forgiveness from the person that you have abused.

The same applies to President Donald J Trump … you are in the “genocidal maniac” category now. You got a 100,000 Americans killed and more than a million people killed in the world. If you want peace and want to get over this horrendous thing that you have done … then seek forgiveness from those that you have abused and killed.

I am not in any capacity to forgive you or to wipe out these crimes and sins from you. I do not have this authority or right. The forgiveness of your crimes rests with the people that you have abused and killed.

What’s your excuse for holding off the vaccines?
Dictators create genocide out of hate of a particular race or religion. Did you hate someone? Did you want revenge on someone? Hillary was a part of an Establishment propaganda of war … her excuse was the “Establishment”. Why on Earth would you hold off lifesaving vaccines for 6 months when your people are suffering in a deadly pandemic?

Do you know what happens in Covid? Most of the time, your lungs fail … which means, you can’t breathe … you literally suffocate to death. This is what you facilitated … you “suffocated” a thousand Americans per day to death for 6 long months. Why? As per SM reports …

  • Maximum deaths and maximum debt. As a favor to the Establishment whose aim was to create maximum deaths and maximum debt in America … so that you could get their support for your re-election.
  • Payouts via Covid relief trillions. It seems millions were channelized to Trump connected entities via the trillions spent in Covid relief.
  • Postpone the election. You wanted to postpone the election by creating maximum spread and deaths in the country.

In all of the 3 reasons … what are you seeing? “Self-obsession” … Trump being self-obsessed on how to use this pandemic for his own personal interests. SM groups are calling you a “self-obsessed genocidal maniac”.

Against the concept of the work
What you should understand is that … I am not alone in this work. I am just the strategist … the brain that provides the formulas and structures for success. But there are also tens of millions of SM Groups involved who work with me and also with the politicians who follow our strategies. The entire concept of the work is “Active Democracy … the Era of People Power” … everything about our work is … God … people … people … God … God … people … people … God. Every action and policy of our work is surrounded around two elements … “people and God”.

I don’t care if you go to jail or not for what you have done … but will God or people approve what you have done? Is it right for me to make you the “Founding Father of Modern America” … when you have lined up a million innocent dead bodies … just for your personal greed and obsession … with no remorse and guilt of wrongdoing?

Everybody knows what you have done … whether you face accountability for that or not … that’s not my concern. But how can you be a part of this people-centric work when you have a million dead bodies in your record? We are supposed to start praising you and championing you as a great leader … just because you got a billion dollars for our work? How do you think that everybody will react if we do that?

Right now … we don’t care … whether you get re-elected or not … whether you go to jail or not … whether you can put billions in our work or not … you cannot be a part of our work at all. In the wildest cases, even if you get your re-election … we will work only with Democrats and not at all with Trump. The genocide of a million people is simply unacceptable in our work.

Working with Maniac Dictators
In special circumstances, we actually work with maniac dictators for the good of the people … such as in North Korea and Iran. In such countries, there is no opposition party … there is nothing like Democracy … there no rights for the people at all. And if you have to remove such maniac Dictators from power via war … then millions of innocent people die. The only way of dealing with such government is via “external pressure” and making these governments follow international law and norms.

But I don’t think that America is like North Korea or Iran … America hosts the most vibrant and powerful Democracy in the world … and one person will not hold America hostage. We will work via other routes.

Don’t worry … you are not the only one in this category … Hillary is also there. Make friends with her and figure out how to live a post-genocidal life.