22 Nov 2020
JewH401 Trump should realize that he is not fighting Biden but himself

Bad Trump Vs Good Trump
Trump is thinking that … he is fighting against Biden and Democrats. He is continuously talking about “Biden … Democrats … Biden … Democrats” … but he doesn’t realize that … he is not fighting against Biden at all. Trump is fighting against himself … it is Bad Trump vs Good Trump.

Unfortunately, Bad Trump has won against the Good Trump … and everyone wants the Bad Trump out of the White House … which is why Trump is seeing continuous failures in trying to retain the Presidency. Hopefully, this page will help Trump realize what is going on.

Routine Success Formula
This is the success formula that Trump used throughout his 4 year of Presidency.

  • SM Support. Take information from us and work on our formulas and structures … this would automatically create SM support for Trump in each action and policy.
  • Establishment Support. While Trump would take information from us … he would also do a long list of favors for the Establishment … promise to protect them and allow Israel to bomb its neighbors. Trump would think that … even the Establishment will not be in his way and even the Establishment will help him.
  • End Result. The end result of this track would be … if Trump would work on any of our formulas or structures … then he would get victory. If there was any aggression against Trump via lawsuits, investigations or impeachment … then he would cry “Foul! Foul! Foul!” … then he would be given support against that aggression against him. Either ways, Trump would be given victory or he would be protected.

This is how Trump has lived in the White House since the past 4 years. We told Trump repeatedly that … “the Establishment is against you … they are a bunch of backstabbers … they are not helping you but they want the worst for you … and you are getting victories only because of SM support. You need to start serving the purpose of why you were made President or you will lose SM support. You will be removed from the White House and there will be nothing that we will be able to do for you.”

Trump still continued on the same track throughout his Presidency. If you see all of the major issues that he faced … it might be collusion, Mueller or even impeachment … they were all bogus charges. Russia never did anything against America and impeaching the President over one phone call is ridiculous. All of these cases were Establishment Vs Trump … Evil Vs Good or Innocent … thus, the right thing to do was help Trump and give him victory over malice.

But when you consider the making of the next President … then the evaluation is totally different. All of the facts are considered and these facts give on overview of the next 4 years under the candidate’s Presidency.

Facts Vs Rhetoric
If we look at all of the facts under Trump’s Presidency … then yes, he did a few good things … of not starting any new wars and also provided a good response to the pandemic in the initial months. Unfortunately, the good that Trump did was extremely less … and the end result of the Bad Trump is mind blowing. Because of Trump’s inaction on the Establishment … we got the highest debt and trade deficits in the country. The debt created by Trump is more than Bush and Obama combined. And the worst thing that Trump has done that no other US President has done in its entire history is … hold off on life saving vaccines and allow hundreds of thousands of American citizens to die in pain and suffocation. Just to get a bonus one year in office … he allowed the pandemic to spread by 10 times in the country … thus infecting millions of Americans across the Nation.

Not only we got the highest debt and trade deficits under Trump … but we also got the highest death, disease, riots and chaos in the country because of Trump’s greed and self-obsession. These are the facts that are available across all SM groups in America … and Trump is being judged on his actions. Trump thinks that people don’t know … that’s why there is a stark difference in his rhetoric and actions.

  • Destiny and God are on our side! Trump takes content from our writings and goes around telling the people … “destiny and God are on our side” … when in reality … Trump refused to work with us, favored the Devil and while he was saying that “God is on his side” … he was blocking lifesaving vaccinations from the American people and killing a thousand Americans per day.
  • I am better than Abraham Lincoln and George Washington! He went around saying that … he is the best President that America ever had … even better than Lincoln and Washington … when is reality … he changed nothing and did nothing … and created the highest amount of debt, trade deficits, deaths, riots and chaos in the country.
  • Best President with the best Pandemic response! He went around saying that … he is the best President and that Democrats will destroy the country … when in reality … this “best President” was deliberately and knowingly killing 1,000 American citizens per day. Every 3 days, he was creating a 9/11 in America.
  • The Founding Father of Modern America. We wanted to make him the Founding Father of Modern America … but look at the America that Trump has created and look at the “father” that he is being to his American citizens.
  • I won, Biden cheated. Trump is being removed from the White House because of the horrible Presidency that he ran and the horrible state of America that he has created … but his criminal ways don’t stop here. He is trying to use every hook and crook to retain his Presidency and continue the crappy Presidential leadership that he has provided. Till the last moment, Trump cares only for Trump.

What Trump should realize here is that … in none of the places, you are fighting against Biden. Biden is not your opposition here … you are your opposition … your horrible deceiving actions are your opposition. You are fighting yourself … this time just crying “Foul! Foul! Foul!” is not going to help you. Everyone is hearing your cries of foul but they are also seeing how foul you have become. This is not a case of Evil Vs Trump … or Evil Vs Innocent … where Trump needs to be saved. Saving Trump this time means … continued horror, deaths, debt and trade deficits for America … while the President serves and protects the Devil.

Biden is not your competition … he is just a clean slate … he just doesn’t have all of the trash that you have accumulated in a very short duration of time. You have self-destruct to a horrible level … to the extent of becoming a mass murderer. No American President or Citizen has the blood of more than 100,000 American citizens on his hands.

You have deceived the purpose why you were chosen … you have deceived your people and country … and now, you are only deceiving yourself.

Trouble ahead with Democrats
This is what you need to keep an eye on in the coming days. These are Democrat’s weak points when blaming Trump for the pandemic.

  • Blaming Trump for the deaths. Democrats are vaguely blaming Trump for the deaths in the pandemic. In reality, everyone understands that … the deaths are because of the virus and not because of Trump. So just, vaguely blaming Trump will not help their cause.
  • Being against Trump’s vaccine. Being against vaccines is also ridiculous … because vaccines save lives.

The trouble for Trump will come … when Democrats will start making moves and start becoming specific on your crime of holding off the vaccines. If you note, it was only a handful of Democrats that were against “Trump’s vaccine”. All that Democrats need to do is … use a separate group of Democrats … to go after Trump’s holding off on lifesaving vaccines. If a new group of Democrats start asking these questions:

  • Why weren’t the vaccines expedited?
  • Why wasn’t there emergency authorization for vaccines?
  • Why were lifesaving vaccines withheld since June and July?
  • Why was the pandemic allowed to spread by 10 times?
  • Why were the vaccines withheld until after the elections?
  • What was Trump’s purpose of holding off on the vaccines till elections?
  • Why isn’t Trump being investigated for holding off on vaccines that were ready to use in emergency cases?
  • Why isn’t Trump being investigated for a 100,000 deaths of American citizens because he withheld the vaccines?
  • Why isn’t Trump being investigated for spreading the pandemic by 10 times more to postpone the elections?

When these questions will be asked … then know that trouble is near. Because this is no bogus allegation … this is a criminal activity … the intent is there … the criminal is there … the evidence is there … and a 100,000 deaths are there. This is not the doing of the Establishment … this is all Trump.

Trump is directly connected to holding off the vaccines … and he didn’t hold them off for one day or one week … but for several months … June, July, August, September, October and November. For 6 months … Trump held off lifesaving vaccines from millions of American citizens … thus killing hundreds of thousands of American people.

When the new group of Democrats ask these questions … then the old group will just nod along. Because this is complete termination of the Trump Presidency … his attempts to retain the Presidency … his chances in 2024 or any political life for that matter … everything gets terminated.

Crime of genocidal proportions
What you should realize is that … this is crime of genocidal proportions. Not only you have 100,000 American citizens dead … but your blocking of the vaccine has killed more than a million people around the world. You have delayed lifesaving vaccines not only for America but for the entire world.

The pandemic should have been over by now … if you had released the vaccines in June and July itself … by now, most of it would have been wiped out. But instead of it coming to an end … it spread by 10 times. This is not a case of the Establishment Vs Trump … where you will cry “foul, foul, foul” … and everyone will come to your rescue. This is a case of Innocent People Vs Trump … 100,000 Innocent Americans Vs Trump’s Greed & Self-Obsession.

All SM Groups know this
This information exists among all SM groups all across America. This is who you are … that’s why you are being treated that way. You are crying foul, foul and foul to get a victory … but everyone is terribly pissed at you for the fouls that you have created. Understand what you are facing … you are in hot waters.