20 Nov 2020
JewH400 Trump’s fall from being a Pandemic Champion to a Mass Murderer

Fury against Trump
There is enormous anger and fury against Trump in the SM Network … so much that they wrote “FU*K TRUMP” on the US Electoral Map. The moment I saw that message … I was like … “holy shit … this is too bad. What the hell has Trump done?” And we immediately wrote an article to protect Trump from this fury. We were still praising Trump as an American Hero and a Pandemic Champion. We thought that this anger was about Trump’s favors for the Establishment and inaction on their malice. But recently, we got the report that … Trump fell from being a Pandemic Champion to becoming a Mass Murderer.

Disclaimer First
This is hot news and it doesn’t contain our views. This info is from SM Groups and these activities are among the Establishment elements and the SM Networks.

Trump, the Pandemic Champion
Initially, Trump actually did a great job to address the Pandemic … he broke records with the work on ventilators, masks, medications, setting up of hospitals and activating the Army and Navy. But it seems … it is in the vaccines where he screwed up things … for his own personal benefit.

Greed Stage One. Held off the Vaccines until October
This information is as per the reports of some SM Groups. It seems that the vaccines were ready for emergency usage a long time ago … but Trump started playing politics with the Pandemic. He wanted to be the Pandemic Champion … the Hero that saved America from the Pandemic. So, he delayed the launch of the vaccine until October 2020. The vaccines would be distributed in October and he would get a sweeping victory in the election next month in November 2020. He would be the hero who saved his people … and thus get re-elected as President.

The vaccine development had already entered the third stage during the months of May and June itself. At that time only we had suggested Trump to get an “emergency authorization approval” to use the vaccines on the most vulnerable. If the vaccine was safe … then doesn’t matter its efficacy … it would save millions of lives. If it was 50% efficient … then it would save 50% of the people and if it was 90% effective then it would save 90% of the people. But the vaccine was not implemented in June or July or August or September … but it was scheduled to be used for October 2020 … so that it would help in the elections one month later in November. This is Stage One of Trump’s greed.

Greed Stage Two. Canceled the vaccines to get the elections postponed
As we moved closer to August and September … it seems, Trump got even more greedy … he thought that he would easily win the election, doesn’t matter what … but a better thing to do would be … to cancel the vaccines … allow the spread of the Pandemic … get more cases and get more deaths … so that elections could not be held at all … and he would get an additional bonus year as President in his first term.

Reportedly, AstraZeneca was already manufacturing an additional 1-2 million doses of its vaccine to be used in America as per Trump’s first plan. These doses were ready but they were never used … never brought to the US, never approved and never used.

Widespread cries to help Biden
We had no idea what Trump was doing with the vaccines … but we got widespread cries to help Biden just a few months before elections. And we were like … “why Biden … he is weak … has weak policies … no team … mass spending issues and climate change … why Biden when Trump is doing perfectly fine?” They didn’t give a shit about Trump and they pressed on … “help Biden! Help Biden! What if he becomes President with Socialist policies?”

We were like … okay fine … leadership is possible under Biden as well … and we created structures to show how America can be taken forward under Biden. We had to change the policies and teams … pull Michelle Obama in action … hold off on mass spending and climate change activities … then America would be safe in Biden’s hands … and he would be able to synchronize with the Active Democratic system working in America.

Trump facilitated Mass Murder
They are telling us now that “Trump facilitated mass murder”. I asked them … “why didn’t you tell me this at that time?” They didn’t tell me at that time … because it was only a plan and Trump had not executed it yet. They wanted to see Trump in action … if he would really hold off on the vaccines and allow more than a 100,000 Americans to die … just so that, the elections would be canceled and he would get an additional year in office.

Now, that Trump has actually done it … they are telling me … “you think that he is an American Hero … but he held off vaccines from his own people and got more than 100,000 additional American citizens dead … just for his own personal greed. Trump facilitated mass murder.”

List of evidence of Trump’s mass murder of American Citizens
As per the report … here is the list of some of the evidence being provided to show Trump’s culpability in this mass murder:

  • Russia and China already has their vaccines. If you note, America was the fastest and best innovator in almost every field in this pandemic … from ventilators to testing kits … from mass manufacturing of masks to medications. America literally “innovated” new products in ventilators, testing kits and medications. So, how come Russia and China have their vaccines and America doesn’t have it yet? Why is America lagging behind in vaccines?
  • Vaccines blocked by Trump. It seems that we already had the vaccines manufactured by the millions by companies like AstraZeneca. They could be used months ago on infected patients, first responders and the elderly. But the vaccines were blocked by Trump … not brought, not approved and not used by the Trump Administration.
  • Making Tens of Millions via Covid Relief. Reportedly, businesses connected to Trump and his family members made tens of millions via the trillions spent for the Covid relief.
  • Dates were announced publicly. AstraZeneca had announced that they would start the manufacturing of the vaccine by September 2020 … later on, they said … owing to some “glitch” we are postponing the production. Trump Team had also announced the availability of the vaccine by October 2020 … but even this was not realized.
  • Trump abandons TaskForce. It seems Trump has not spoken to the Coronavirus Task Force since summer … that’s June and July when vaccines were almost ready for emergency usage.
  • Trump tries to stop the election. Instead of using the vaccines to save his people … what Trump does a few months before the elections is … try to postpone the elections. He starts tweeting about “postponing elections … canceling elections … in person voting is not possible … totally against mail-in ballots … and calling mail-in voting as a scam”. Trump abandoned the taskforce and vaccines … spreads the Pandemic as much as possible … and does everything to postpone the elections.
  • Vaccines back in action after election loss. From 20K cases … the Pandemic spreads 10 times to about 200K cases per day during this phase. And within days after the election loss … the vaccines are back on track for “speedy emergency usage”. The Pandemic was allowed to spread 10 times more … just to stop the elections.
  • Blames Democrats for stopping the vaccine. And then says that … “Democrats” stopped the approval of the vaccines. (https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1325962203346972678). But where were the Democrats involved in all of this? Trump was the President … he was in charge of everything … almost every product got a fast-tracked approval in the Pandemic. Why would the vaccine not get approval?
  • Refuses to give access to Biden to the Vaccine Team. Even now, Trump is refusing to give access to Biden to the Vaccine Team … fearing what information will be released to the Democrats.

Criminal Charges of Mass Murder
What has happened is simply horrible and shocking like hell. What President Trump should realize is that … there could be criminal charges of facilitating mass murder on American soil and on American citizens. Yes, it’s the China Virus that came from China … but China did not hold the vaccine from American citizens … its President Trump who did it.

Because you blocked the vaccines … we have a total of about 12 million cases in America and 250K American citizens dead. You could be charged for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens. And since the approval, development and usage of the vaccines was blocked by you … hundreds of thousands of more people died around the world. These vaccines would not only save American lives … but they would save millions of lives around the world … which you did not let happen.

Its something like this … you got Covid, right? If Doctors did not give you the medications for Covid and held them off … and allowed you to suffer and die … how would you feel? Would that be legal … or would that be murder? You didn’t do this to one person … but you did this to millions of American citizens and hundreds of thousands have died because of that.

(Now, you understand why there is so much anger and fury against Trump that they wrote “Fu*k Trump” on the US Electoral Map?)

How this can play out
This is how it can play out.

  • Media. The media can change topics from election fraud to Trump’s mass murder. Media topics and discussions can be like … “Trump blocks vaccines to spread the Pandemic in America by 10 times … in order to postpone the elections and get an additional year in office … Trump facilitates genocide … Trump creates mass murder … investigate Trump.” There will be calls for criminal investigations into this.
  • Democrats. Democrats will change their stand on Trump’s vaccine. Till date, they were thinking that Trump would approve vaccines for emergency usage and get a huge win in the pandemic. That’s why they were against Trump’s vaccine. But they did not know that … Trump was actually blocking the vaccine and allowing the pandemic to spread. Democrats will change their stand and question … why Trump did not allow emergency approval of working vaccines?
  • Investigation Committees. An investigation committee is nothing new for Trump … the only difference is that … until now, all charges were bogus … but this time it is real. There is mass murder of more than 100K American citizens and Trump is directly involved.
  • End Result. If anyone from the Trump Teams or anyone from the medical industry says that … “yes, vaccines were ready for emergency usage … they were safe to be used for the most vulnerable … Trump blocked their usage … Trump did not use them” … then you are looking at hundreds of lifetimes in jail. Not just Trump … but everyone one involved in this decision making is looking for a long long time in jail.

The 3 Entities that will go for this
These are the 3 entities that will be keenly interested in this subject.

  • The Establishment. Trump going to jail for a 100 lifetimes … there is nothing more that the Establishment would love.
  • Pro-Dem Groups. I have no idea what they are going to do. I am not at the implementation level on the ground … but given the graphics on the US Electoral Map … everybody seems pretty darn pissed.
  • Democrats. The political aspect of this “mass murder by Trump” will help Democrats in a few ways. Firstly, it will help them to make you concede and stop the post-election circus. Secondly, they will also get to eliminate you from 2024 as well. The moment you are being investigated or even ridiculed in the media for “mass murder” … your political life is over.

Among all the 3 entities above … Democrats are the nicest ones.

This is all President Donald J Trump
I have no idea what kind of moron advisers you are following … we have been repeatedly telling you that … you are on a track of self-destruction. You don’t realize how horrible this is … this thing can get awfully serious. If you see the previous Presidents and politicians like Bush, Hillary or Obama … it was the Establishment’s war propaganda. The Establishment was running the show and they were a tiny part of it. But in this mass murder … my dear … there is no Establishment involvement. There are no oil companies or weapon manufacturers. This is all you … this is President Donald J Trump. This is the work of one man.

Bush is considered as the worst President in American history … because most believe that 9/11 was an inside job that was used to start wars. 3500 Americans got killed on 9/11 and they hate Bush like hell. President Donald J Trump … you have got more than 100K American citizens dead by holding off the vaccines. Do you realize what you have done? What is wrong with you? What were you thinking?? What were you thinking?? Jesus Christ.

Active Democracy
Honestly speaking … we are running out of protective shields to help you. We were saying that you were an American Hero and a Pandemic Champion to activate support for you. But everyone is saying … “no, no, no … this guy has turned into a mass murderer!”

Suggested Moves
Here are some suggested moves … we have no idea of how this is going to unfold … but these are the best moves that you can make right now.

  • Expedite the vaccines. Immediately fast-track the emergency usage of all approved vaccinations. There should be no delay in this at all. The FBI, the CIA and every investigation agency will be after you now. You are not just the President but they will be tracking you like tracking a mass murderer.
  • Stop the post-election nonsense. The nicest people that you will get are Democrats. Not the Establishment … not the SM Groups … not the criminal investigation agencies … and definitely not the American people either. What you have done is simply horrible and ghastly. Its simply crazy what you have done. Immediately stop the post-election nonsense and befriend Democrats … you will need them ahead.
  • Stop murdering innocent people in Syria. Even in this state … after allowing the pandemic to spread by 10 times in your country … to please Netanyahu and the Establishment … you are allowing Israel to bomb and kill innocent people in Syria. You are just adding on the dead bodies in your account. You will be treated as per your actions … the last thing you need is additional dead bodies of innocent people. Rescind your approval of Israel’s bombing activities on its neighbors.
  • Pray that SM Groups don’t come after you. Nobody knows how this will unfold … this is the first time that the US President is involved in the mass murder of more than 100K American citizens. But I what would suggest is … pray that SM groups don’t come after you. Look what happened to Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

A note to all US Governors and European Leaders
Trump has some moron advisers who have suggested him to hold off on all vaccines in order to get the elections postponed. The truth is that … there are several vaccines available out there which are 90-95% effective … and they can be available for emergency usage within a very short duration of time. These vaccines can be a major game changer in this pandemic … in curing the people, saving millions of lives, ending the pandemic, opening businesses and normalizing the country.

We strongly advise not to waste all resources and time only in “testing and tracing” … but immediately start working on the vaccines. This will involve the following up of the latest vaccines, getting them approved for emergency usage, procuring them and using them for the most vulnerable. The most vulnerable ones will include the infected people, first responders and the elderly. The mass implementation of the vaccine for every single person can wait … but it is a must to fast-track the usage of the vaccines for the most vulnerable.

This can be implemented within a month’s time at most, if worked upon correctly. We don’t have to sit and wait for 6 months or one year for the vaccines to be available for 330 million people. We need to procure vaccines only for the infected and first responders immediately … which is a tiny fraction of the whole population.

Trump has some shithole advisers who are holding off the vaccines since 6 months now. This should have already been done in the months of May and June 2020 itself. We are already 6 months late … owing to which we have lost an additional of 100K American lives and got millions of more infections. We cannot hope and trust Team Trump to make the right choices in this. We have to work independently and collectively on the tracks to approve, procure and implement vaccinations in each State and country. This will not only save our people and countries … but it will also pull Trump on the right track.

We request all US Governors and European leaders to independently work on tracking, approval, procurement and implementation of the best vaccines in the market for Covid 19. All of your independent efforts will create a collective strength in stomping out this pandemic from the world.