08 Nov 2020
JewH399 The Establishment leaves a “FU*K TRUMP” message on the US Electoral Map

Trump defeats Trump
A good news and a bad news for Trump. The good news is that … Joe Biden did not defeat you in the election … you defeated yourself in the election. And the bad news is that … the Establishment carried out a massive campaign among SM Groups to leave a message for you in the US electoral map. The message reads “FU*K TRUMP”. You were expecting a red wave but instead you got … a blue finger. An interesting souvenir from the lovely Establishment.

We are not involved in this
First things first … disclaimer … we are not involved in this in any way. We stepped back from the results of this election weeks ago. The 3 key elements in motion on the ground level are the Establishment, Pro-Dem and Pro-Trump SM groups. We don’t implement anything in any way … we are only strategists and planners. This is something that was done via Establishment marketing among SM groups.

Presidential decisions are based on facts and logic
Who should be the next President in America is actually selected and not elected. The selection is done based on facts and logic … and then the election is put in accordance to the selection. For example … we showed that via facts that Obama was a better candidate than Mitt Romney … Obama was elected. We showed via facts that Trump was a better candidate than Hillary … Trump was elected. When it came to Trump and Biden … we started making the argument in favor of Trump … but SM groups did ground level verifications and said … “excuse me, the facts don’t add up. Trump has flipped … he is not planning on working with you … he is not planning on changing anything.” And later on, we come to know that he has paid Democrats not to work with us. I could not prove via facts that Trump is a better candidate than Biden.

Thus, I stepped back from the decision making in this election and told SM Groups that … “I like both candidates … I can work with either of them. You go ahead and decide which is the best candidate that will coordinate with us to dismantle this Establishment crises in the country and take America into a new era.”

The Presidential decision went to SM court. The Establishment took this opportunity to boost its massive anti-Trump campaign among SM Groups to remove Trump from the White House. The Establishment is pretty much crushed in almost every sphere … they have to get SM approvals for most of the things. They coordinated, supported and encouraged SM groups to leave a message of “FU*K TRUMP” on the US electoral map.

The Devil backstabs Trump to remove him from the White House
We had alerted this to Trump before as well … that the Devil is running a full-fledged campaign to remove you from the White House. Here is how you read the message … take a look at the pic below.

The first figure is the US electoral map … to see the message clearly, you have to turn the map upside down as in the second figure. You will see the sketch created using blue States. On the right hand side … you see a man’s head being created using the western blue States … and in the middle, the States of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois are creating the middle finger. And then, the rest is obvious.

Why was this souvenir designed?
This was the Establishment’s idea … approved by Pro-Dem SM groups. The Establishment has been using facts and logic to support its anti-Trump ideas among SM groups … which is quite a dangerous thing … as it becomes difficult to stop them. The Establishment used the facts that … all SM groups were busy involved in saving Trump from one crisis to another … while he was pocketing taxpayer money while America was burning and the American people were dying. We had to continuously save Trump … because if we didn’t then Mike Pence could be a disaster for America. We were locked in Trump’s cycles of humiliation … while we had to keep on saving Trump while Trump would do absolutely nothing for America.”

So, the Establishment proposed designing a “FU*K TRUMP” souvenir for him on the electoral map of the United States so that we could end these cycles of humiliation for good. The Establishment and many SM Groups across the country came together in putting together this piece of art.

The amusing part in all of this is … while Trump was doing favors for Israel creating peace deals for the country … the same Establishment was creating a “FU*K TRUMP” illustration on the US Map. Trump paid Democrats not to work with us … they took the money and won the election. Lol.

Don’t fight it
Why do you think I am telling Trump not to expect much out of his recounts and lawsuits against this election? Do you see the scale of forces involved to remove Trump from the White House? Do you see the overwhelming disapproval of his Presidency … that millions of SM groups all across America have supported the Establishment’s idea of writing “FU*K TRUMP” on the map of the United States.

Trump’s head was designed using blue States and the middle finger was also designed using blue States … all surrounding States are red. When Trump is going for recounts and lawsuits … he is actually immersing himself in this massive mesh of tens of millions of sharks that hates his Presidency and wants to rip his Presidency into pieces. Hundreds of millions of votes were tactically designed in 50 States across America to create this illustration. Now, you imagine the forces behind this … who can pull off something like this. This is the power of the SM Network in America. The Establishment itself begs and yearns its support to pull off such gimmicks.

Don’t fear either
Its quite unlikely that things will change in Trump’s favor after such a massive and overwhelming movement against his Presidency. But Trump has nothing to fear as well … because groups from the same SM Network are also Pro-Trump. So, if you want to do recounts and lawsuits … give it a shot … who knows … maybe Pro-Trump groups will do something for you. Nothing is written in stone.

But these are the ongoing dynamics that you should be aware of. You should understand what is going on in the shark tank before you go for a swim.

Trump defeated Trump
The good thing about your candidacy that you should know is that … Biden did not defeat you. Biden had nothing to defeat you. The poor guy was chilling in his basement … who had a dozen cars honking at his rallies … while you had 30,000-40,000 people in your rallies cheering for you. Policy wise also you were better … Biden had Climate Change and shutting down of oil industries … creating a $10 trillion loss for America … while you had the America First agenda with American Energy and tariffs. So, candidate wise … you were still a better candidate.

Trump’s Good and Bad Teams
But the problem with your Presidency was that … you maintained two teams … a good team and a bad team. We alerted about this several times. The good team would follow us in averting a dozen war traps, helping you become a peace champion, keeping America first and pursuing American energy and tariffs … and you delivered a fantastic response to the pandemic.

And the bad team would be involved in … Establishment favors, pestering Netanyahu and Israel, allowing Israel to bomb its neighbors, favors for Israel, misusing our funds, injecting them into your own accounts and operations, protecting the Establishment and its monopoly, refusing to take action on the Establishment and when we invited you to work with us on the Establishment crisis, you called it “Presidential harassment”. Lol. You were a fire fighter standing in front of a burning building … when we asked you to put off the fire … you kept on saying “you are harassing me! You are harassing me!” Lol.

Holding America Hostage
When you paid Democrats not to work with us … you were literally holding America hostage. The result of your Presidency was … the highest debt ever created … more than Bush and Obama combined … the highest trade deficits, the highest amount of deaths in the country, rioting and chaos in the country … in this situation … you were calling this a “Great America” and you were apparently the “Greatest President in American History” … only God knows how.

Biden did not defeat you, my dear friend. You kept your feet in two boats. You did some good wherever the Establishment was not involved … and then you supported the same criminal Establishment allowing them to flourish and run dozens of massive scams in the country. This Pandemic and Climate Change are multi-trillion dollar scams being run at a worldwide level by the same Establishment under the Trump Presidency. If you would have made some right decisions … then the world would not be seeing this pandemic or climate change crap at all.

It’s the bad Trump who defeated the good Trump. There is no doubt that you did some good things for America and the world. You saved America from Hillary, dodged several war traps and did a great job in the pandemic … all of these are the works of the Good Trump. But the costs that America and the world was suffering owing to the Bad Trump were … trillions in losses and hundreds of thousands of Americans dead. This is why Pro-Dem groups stand against you.

What do you want to do to this Establishment?
The question is … you have about 2 months left in the Presidency. What do you want to do to this Establishment owing to which:

  • You are a one term President
  • You are an impeached President
  • You are the most ridiculed and humiliated President
  • You had the highest amount of lawsuits, investigations and scandals against you
  • You have the highest amount of debt, trade deficits, deaths, riots and chaos in your Presidency
  • And as a farewell souvenir, they designed a “FU*K TRUMP” illustration in the US electoral map

You have just 2 months to make a difference and then you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.

An American Hero … that could have been GREAT
Honestly speaking, President Donald J Trump … all SM Groups saw you as an American Hero … that could have been simply phenomenally GREAT. You had the potential to be simply awesome. I would have loved to see Trump rise to the great heights that we had planned for him. But you made too many wrong decisions … again and again and again and again … for 4 long years.

Biden is actually a weak candidate … but when we combine Biden with the Obama Coalition … then this configuration becomes highly valuable in the bigger picture of addressing America’s concerns and the Establishment crises. Biden was not chosen for his candidacy nor for his policies … its only because he was a good person and because he could form a good coalition that America needs right now.

You failed in leading America … while Obamas jumped to help Biden and to team up with him to lead America in this crisis. We had activated Michelle Obama for both scenarios … but facts and logic were falling in favor of Democrats. They showed better teamwork and commitment to lead America though they did not have the right policies yet.

I know there is a $50 Trillion debt crisis among Democrats … lol. God help me in managing that … lol. But other than that … things are fine. Lol.

Make use of your time left
I don’t know what will happen with your recounts and lawsuits … but I would strongly suggest to make the best use of your time left in the White House. These could be your last days in the White House. Think about how you want to be remembered … as the Good Trump or the Bad Trump?