30 Oct 2020
JewH398 Michelle Obama double crossing the Devil in the Biden Presidency

The Devil at Biden’s Service
When the Coronavirus cases hit all-time highs and rioting in cities happens due to Police violence right before the election … and when Bloomberg walks in with a bag of $100 million … then it is pretty clear that the Devil is at Biden’s service in order to remove Trump from the White House. Just in case Biden wins, there is nothing more important in America than double crossing the Devil.

Déjà vu of Disasters
Everyone thought that Bush was bad and Obama was good … but the facts are totally different. Obama bombed 3 times more countries, killed & displaced 10 times more people than Bush. Just putting the break on disasters took Obama’s two terms. A lot of SM Groups fear a déjà vu of disasters … of what happened from Bush to Obama … they are fearing that the same thing might happen from Trump to Biden.

Every time Biden says that “I will listen to the specialists” … it is sending shrills through the bodies of SM groups. Because that’s what Obama did … he listened to everybody … he allowed the system to run its course … and the rigged system created several disasters and catastrophes. Obama thought that he was listening to the best advice possible … but he was being misled and disasters were being created.

Trump kept America safe
Trump has not made any changes in America … but he has kept America safe. He did not follow any war or financial disasters. Doesn’t matter how much pressure he got from the media, his advisers, intelligence and military personnel or even his own party … Trump did not go for any disasters. He stood strong and single handedly averted many disasters.

Obama did not show this kind of leadership … he allowed everyone to run their bullshit. Hillary was bombing countries, weapons manufacturers and war contractors were running wars, several countries were sponsoring civil wars and rebel forces … it was a complete mess. Where is the guarantee that the same thing is not going to happen under Biden? This is one of the key reasons why Pro-Trump groups strongly support Trump … because of the wars and disasters that happened under Obama.

Trump’s inaction is his biggest problem
Trump is a “safe person” … he is not creating disasters for America nor is he creating disasters for other countries. This is the status quo that he is maintaining since the past 4 years. But since Trump did not take any action on the Establishment crisis in the country … we are facing the highest debt, highest trade deficits, highest deaths and the highest crime and chaos in the country. All of these debt, deaths and chaos are not Trump’s doing … it’s the Establishment malice … but Trump’s problem is that he doesn’t rectify any problem.

Trump is not hero material
Everyone was expecting our patriot Trump to be a hero … that he will save the country from these malicious criminals. But Trump is not hero material … he is more like cheer leader material. “Yay, yay, yay … look at the jobs, look at the jobs … yay, yay, yay … look at the economy, look at the economy.” And if you ask him … President Trump, what have you actually done to create these jobs and economic growth? He says … “1, 2, 3, 4 … jobs, jobs, jobs … 5, 6, 7, 8 … jobs, jobs, jobs”. Lol.

At least, the cheer leaders cheer for the other person … but Trump takes other’s work and cheers for himself. “I did it … I did it … my jobs … my economy.” Lol.

A Knowledge Coalition is a must
Like it or not … believe it or not … this is as best as it can get under Trump. This is what one person’s leadership can do in America … no wars, peace and dodging of disasters. When one person comes into action … this is the best that can be accomplished. I don’t think that it is fair to keep hammering Trump … and keep on expecting from Trump … or even Biden … because we have already seen what one person can do and can perform in this crisis.

Doesn’t matter who wins … Trump or Biden … America will still need a Knowledge Coalition. The President will need an entire coalition to empower him and support him through all of the crises and victories that are needed for the country.

Double crossing the Devil
Since Trump has already won in dodging all disasters and keeping America safe … the Devil wants to remove Trump from the White House and facilitate disasters via the Biden Presidency.

  • Knowledge Gap. The moment the President changes … we get a knowledge gap. Newcomers in the White House won’t know anything and we have to spend years in getting them on the same page of the Establishment misleading and the crisis in the country.
  • War attempts. Radical Islam is already being brushed up in France … new war attempts can be hatched up all over again.
  • Financial Catastrophes. Apart from wars … there are many financial blunders with Warren and Biden. Warren was a quick catastrophe with $100 trillion in new spending and Biden is a slow catastrophe with $10 trillion in new spending.

Roots of the Problems in Policies
If you note … Trump does not have all of these policy problems of spending trillions on Climate Change … shutting down of oil industries … raising minimum wage to $15 per hour and so on. If you want to eliminate these problems … then you should understand their roots.

  • Socialist Roots. These are the policies that Bernie and AOC have pulled out of their Socialist asses. The entire Climate Change propaganda is a Socialist program hatched out by Bernie and AOC. They also endorse the $15 per hour minimum wage … because they will do everything that is possible to drain the country’s wealth to create the downfall of the country.
  • Warren’s Handouts. The second root of Biden’s problematic policies are Warren’s handouts. She has no idea of how to do anything … for everything, she needs a trillion dollar handout and then she starts planning on money that doesn’t exist. She doesn’t know how to do anything.

Moving from disasters to victories
This is how Biden can successfully move from disasters to victories.

  • Screw Climate Change. Nobody cares about Climate Change in a pandemic. The Establishment itself is screwing its climate change propaganda by expanding the pandemic. There is no urgency to address climate change or to shutdown oil industries while we are in a pandemic.
  • Formulate Right Teams. Never give key positions to Establishment puppets like Bernie Sanders, Bloomberg, Susan Rice and Pete Buttigieg … doesn’t matter how much they suck up to you or what they offer you. They will always be an obstacle in your way … they will mislead you and not allow you to do the right thing. Always surround yourself with good Establishment independent candidates like Warren, Bill de Blasio, Beto O’Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Kristen Gillibrand, Tim Ryan and so on. When good people get together … only good things happen … formulate a good team.
  • End the Pandemic. This team will help you crush Establishment malice in the pandemic. There are several malicious routes that Trump has not worked upon to end the pandemic. An Establishment independent team will work with you in unison to get victories against the pandemic.
  • Revolutionize Healthcare. When you work on the pandemic … you will be revolutionizing the entire healthcare industry of America. We will show you how it is done.
  • Create a roaring Economy. The second biggest crisis along with the pandemic is the economy. You have to create a fantastic roaring economy. Focusing on these two aspects for a great American comeback is more than enough for your first two years.

You don’t have to do anything concerning the stupid climate change or minimum wage or Supreme Court or blowing up trillions anywhere else at all. Within your first two years itself we will show you the complete transition to key revolutions that are actually required in America.

Follow to get victories
We are strategists … we put down formulas and strategies to create winners and to do beautiful things for the people. But SM groups also check if the leader can and if he will carry out the program or not. Warren did not listen to anything … she was not given any victories. The election results are about to be announced very soon within days … all you need to do is … show allegiance and agreement for this transition. If you can commit to the right teams and policies … the White House can be yours.

Obamas are already loved among Pro-Dem groups. Everyone knows that you will not be able to pull this off on your own. Trump himself is stuck since 3 years. Coalitions are a must … Obamas will help you with the same. But what’s important is … what are you going to do with the Presidency? Will you transition away from your current issues … and be ready to do what is right for your people and country? This is what SM Groups need to know.

Never think that you will be given the Presidency because of your current policies. You can get the Presidency if you can make this transition. And this transition is great for the Biden Presidency and for the people and the country.

Tip – Trump already did this
A small tip for you … do you know why Trump has so much support? Because he already followed us in restructuring his teams and advisers … not only that … we gave him formulas to drain the swamp from the Judiciary, the White House and his entire Administration. Team wise, Trump is very strong … but policy wise, he did not move forward.

If you want phenomenal support … all you need to do is … follow facts and logic … to do what is right for the people and the country.

Michelle Obama helping Trump / Biden
Within days we will get to know … if it is going to be Trump or Biden. But what we already know is that … one guy can’t manage it. It’s a must for Michelle Obama to create this coalition to take America forward … for the good and success of the American people. Next term … we are going to come into action via coalitions … and not just through one or two leaders. We will function via coalitions … God willing.