21 Oct 2020
JewH397 Michelle Obama creating America’s success with or without Trump

While Trump and Biden fight it out in the debates and struggle to become President … I think we should move forward in designing the next Presidential term. A more important person than Trump and Biden in creating America’s success is the lovely, Michelle Obama. Yes, she can tactically create America’s success with or without Trump.

This page will give an overview to Michelle Obama of how operations in 3 different zones are being carried out to maintain America’s stability and progress. If you get a slight idea about this … then it will be very easy to create America’s success … doesn’t matter who the President is … you can always create America’s success.

Who stopped the wars?
Give me the name of one politician who stood up against the War on Terror and stopped these wars? Yes, Obama stood up against these wars … but he ended up bombing half a dozen countries in his first term. After Bush, when we lost Obama to wars … there was absolutely no one who was stopping these wars that were creating genocide around the world.

So, we had to use knowledge … facts and logic … get involved in Nation Management … activate SM Groups at the ground level … activate top level politicians like Obama, Putin and Trump … and then when everybody played their roles correctly … we were able to stop the wars together … when we worked together as one.

This is nothing but a combination of Knowledge Power working hand in hand with Political and People Power … it is a collective effort in the right direction on the right track.

Who is going to end the debt crisis?
Ending of the wars was just step one … there are several crises that plague America … who is going to end all of these crises?

  • Who is going to end the debt crises?
  • Who is going to end the $27 trillion debt that we have accumulated on the heads of the American people?
  • Who is going to stop the drain of trillions of wealth from the American economy?
  • Who is going to end the abusive and exploitation systems of the Establishment?

Do you see any candidate out there who stands up and shows that he has a solution to all of these crises? Is there any American politician who can address these crises and solve these crises? No … there is none. We only have to do it … just like we stopped the wars … we have to collectively work in ending all of these crises.

The 3 Zones at work in America
This is a basic intro to the 3 zones at work in America.

Active Democracy
We are like the Knowledge Base … a think tank … that is involved in Nation Management … using facts and logic. Our work is about ending Establishment puppetry and its malicious systems in America and around the world. We identify all of their misleading, traps and obstacles in real time … and we give politicians winning tactics and strategies to dodge and combat all of this malice. We design policies and systems to create a new era for the people.

All of our activities are “know how” related … it’s all knowledge power.

People – A New Era
We are already in a new era of Active Democracy … where an individual functions as an Active Citizen and gets involved in the leadership and decision making for the country. There are tens of millions of SM Groups spread across the country in various fields like media, intelligence, judiciary, corporations, celebrity and politics. All of them function from the know-how that we provide in realizing the success for the country. This zone of “people power” is a fantastic implementation zone where the Establishment can be exposed, hammered and dismantled. SM Groups have been phenomenal in crushing the Establishment in almost every sphere possible.

Knowledge Coalition
Whenever we provide any information regarding Establishment malice … there are two zones that come into action … one is the people’s zone or SM zone and the second is the political zone. The political zone is where there is a severe lag. The people’s zone has done phenomenal works out there … right from the Arab Spring to Tea Party and Occupy Movements … from overthrowing governments to tossing millionaire and billionaire Establishment criminals in jail. Compared to the phenomenal works that SM has done … our politicians lag like hell … a total drag.

This is the exact section where we need your help. We need your help in creating a “Knowledge Coalition”. At the International level, it can be Obamas, Putin, Merkel, Harry & Markel, Erdogan and GCC Kings. And at the Domestic level, it can be Obamas, Harris, Warren, Bill de Blasio, Kirsten, Tulsi, Tim Ryan and others. Its all Establishment independent political leaders working together on the right track via facts and logic against the Establishment’s misleading and abusive systems.

This political leadership can be crucial in reforming America and the world. This is a key implementation zone that has to be organized and put together. It is because of a lack of coordination in this that everything is lagging.

Obama Coalition Issues
The old Obama Era is over. Obama tried to audit the Fed and he failed … but those days are over. We do detailed analysis and planning for every step … provide complete guidelines so that we can get success at every step … and this is carried out via SM support at the ground level. It enables easy and fantastic victories. Obama created a coalition of his own … but that coalition fell for Socialism, party puppetry and Establishment misleading. That’s why Warren failed. We have to make things more based on “facts and logic” to get victories. Biden is someone very new to this … you have to provide him a helping hand … so that, he gets fast tracked on the right way.

Routine Politics and Active Democracy
In routine politics, the politicians will say what the people want to hear … get elected … and work with companies and do what they want them to do. And then again in the next election, they will tell people what they want to hear … get elected … work with companies and do what they want them to do. The cycle goes on and on and on and on. The only thing that people could do is pray and hope. We have killed this cycle via Active Democracy. In this new era, you have to do what is right and good for the people … otherwise, you will be removed from office … and many more things can happen other than that as well.

Making Presidents became a “subset” of the work
Our work was all about the Establishment and stopping its malice. One of the key routes that it was using to channelize and support its malice was via politicians. So, changing politicians … making Presidents … controlling who gets the White House … who wins and loses in the Senate and House … who controls the Senate and the House … all of this became a subset of our work.

Exact work required from Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama may be thinking … “hey, I am not the President. I don’t hold political office … why am I in this?” Yes, its true … you are not the President and you don’t hold political office … which makes you even better for this job. You are a member of the “Knowledge Coalition”. This is exactly how you have to get involved in creating success for America.

  • Step 01. Creating Coalitions. There was a very important reason to pull back Obamas in politics. Right now, Obama is the most powerful ex-President ever. This fantastic status is maintained for you because you have experience and knowledge of the Establishment malice in America. This makes you extremely precious in this widespread crisis in the country. You can create a fantastic coalition of Establishment independent candidates to lead America. Right now, if you can do this … then that’s more than enough. Its simple pulling strings.
  • Step 02. Actions and policies based on facts and logic. In later stages, you have to encourage them to use facts and logic in all decision making. They need to rise above party and Establishment puppetry.
  • Step 03. The moment they follow the second step … they will automatically root out puppets and dismantle Establishment systems.

Its simple networking … creating a Knowledge Coalition … with leaders of the right nature.

Trump victories – A combination of knowledge, political and people powers
Trump was originally a racist guy that wanted to ban Muslims, deport 11 million immigrants and start nuclear wars. This same person has been converted into a Peace Champion. Trump got victories over hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets. How? It is because of the combination of these 3 forces … knowledge, political and people powers.

Take a look at the links at the bottom of the page … it will show you the links where we gave Trump the formulas and structures to win in several fields including Mueller, managing wars in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey-Kurdish zones … and even managing the impeachment.

What you are seeing here is … we gave the know-how … Trump came into action … and he was supported and given victories from the ground level by SM Groups. It is a practical integration of all the 3 zones.

During Obama, the only thing that you knew about us was that … “he is popular because he got some dreams. And when he writes things happen.” No, this is exactly how it works … these are the 3 zones … they have already been put into action dozens of times under Trump.

Trump, an unthankful and ungrateful person?
Yes, this brings us to the question … if we have helped Trump dozens of times … saved him from jail and impeachment … helped him dodge wars a dozen times and maintained America’s stability and progress under him … then why is Trump being an unthankful and ungrateful person … who is trying to stab us in the back … instead of working with us, why he is paying others not to work with us? These are the questions that Pro-Dem groups ask … because they were themselves involved in helping Trump in all of these crises. They want to remove Trump from the White House because of his ungrateful behavior, lack of action on the Establishment, no coordination and favors for the same Establishment that is screwing America.

But what I tell them is … take a look at what happened before. Bush and Hillary were cold hearted monsters who didn’t listen to anyone and ruthlessly killed millions of people. Obama listened but by the time he put the brakes on wars … half a dozen countries were bombed and a million people were killed. At least Trump listened and he acted on it immediately … yes, a little bit of ground level support was required … but because he followed us online … there isn’t a single new war under Trump.

Michelle creating America’s success with or without Trump
Anything can happen on November 3rd. Trump can be removed from the White House or he can win … but irrespective of the result … Michelle Obama can create America’s success.

With Trump
Trump may win because he has about 50% support from Pro-Trump groups who support his Presidency because he has actual facts in his favor. At least, he has coordinated with us in online mode … he has kept America safe … dodged all wars and Socialism traps. They strongly support Trump’s leadership from the top.

But the issue is that … nobody wants another term of Trump humiliation, ridicule, demonization and a second impeachment because of Trump’s inaction and the American crisis. This “Knowledge Coalition” that Michelle will create … it will help us lead America under Trump.

Without Trump
Pro-Dem groups do not want Trump in the White House … they want to design everything via Democrats … because of Trump’s inaction, lack of coordination and favors for the Establishment. Since all key leaders of the movement are Democrats … then why do we need Trump in the White House when he has no role to play?

These are the groups that will pull Biden’s victory. But what you should understand here is that … Biden is not being given the White House because he is a great leader or because of his policies … it is mainly because of Trump’s inaction and lack of coordination that he will get the White House. To save the Biden Presidency … it is very important that Biden works with Knowledge Coalition for America’s success.

Trump will win or lose because of the coordination
An interesting thing to see here is that … Trump will win or lose the Presidency because of the coordination. He will win because of the online coordination and he will lose because he did not coordinate directly. Lol.

Seamless and fantastic synchronization among the 3 zones
Right now, a huge section of the groups want Trump out of the game because of his lack of coordination. He has not achieved the right synchronization that was required to lead the country properly and fix these crises. I guess, he tried a few times but he didn’t make it.

Designing coalitions will fix these coordination issues. We don’t have to rely only on one person to lead and save the country. We can work via multiple points for the country’s stability and progress. This will create a fantastic synchronization between the 3 zones. It will become incredibly easy to move into a new era.

Benefits for KC Members
This is lifelong work. The benefit of being a Knowledge Coalition member is that … you become a powerful central figure in the work. You get immense support, protection and promotion in your works. We will be designing systems to make all KC members to be extremely powerful politically, financially and legally so that they can become the pillars that hold the Nation together. 

Some Live Examples of the Knowledge, Political and People powers working together
Trump functioned through the formulas and structures that we provided. So, Biden has nothing to worry about … he can easily carry forward the success that Trump has got almost in every field. We are the knowledgebase through which Trump has worked. Trump is stuck and lagging because he didn’t follow more.

Ending the Mueller Investigation

Managing North Korea

Managing the Turkey-Kurdish Crisis

Managing the Impeachment