18 Oct 2020
JewH396 Michelle Obama leading America under Trump and Biden

The American Crisis
If someone grows up peacefully without killing anyone … does he deserve a Nobel Prize? Just because he grew up without killing anyone … should he get a Nobel Prize? No, you have to do something phenomenal and useful for billions of people … its then that you get a Nobel Prize. But if you look at America, Obama got a Nobel Prize just because he campaigned against bombing other countries. Trump is a Peace Champion … because he did not bomb other countries. Something that is very normal and routine that billions of people do around the world … you get a Nobel Prize in America if you can manage that. Why? Because that’s the scale of Establishment misleading in every sphere in America.

This page will help the lovely Michelle Obama to understand the crisis in America and where Trump and Biden stand in this crisis by actual facts … and how she can play a crucial role in taking America into a Golden Era under Trump and Biden.

Why Trump was made President
America is plagued by massive and rampant Establishment misleading in almost every sphere of life … to the extent that … just not starting any new war is a great accomplishment. Understanding this Establishment misleading and doing what is right for the people is itself a great task. Trump was specifically made President … because he is an outsider and not an Establishment puppet … so that he understands this crisis and takes America out of this mess. This is the main reason why Hillary was failed and Trump was given the Presidency.

In order to remove Establishment control in America … there is a massive movement going on where people centric leaders are being given top positions … to keep the people first and to dismantle this malicious Establishment. Making the President is a part of this work … its just a team building activity. Conventional thinkers tend to think … “hey, I am the President and I will do whatever I want” … no, it doesn’t work that way. You are made the most responsible person in the country so that you address the crises that your people face … and then, whatever good you want to do apart from that … you are more than welcome to do so. To accomplish this … a lot of support, protection, promotion, guidance, greatness and even trucks load of cash is given to the President. There is a lot of greatness, glory and success planned ahead for such Presidential leaders.

What has Trump done?
That was the plan for Trump … his 4 years are up … what has Trump done? Nothing … he hasn’t changed anything … education, healthcare, infrastructure, industries, business, media, politics, banking … almost every single segment remains unchanged. Yes, he dodged wars and Socialism … other than that, there is nothing much of an accomplishment yet. But yes, he managed to keep America safe.

Trump holding America hostage
The recent hot news among all SM Groups is that … Trump is paying Democrats not to coordinate with us. Many SM groups are complaining that … “America is burning and Trump hasn’t done anything … and he is paying others also not to take any action. Why is Trump holding America hostage and allowing the country to burn in debt and death?” Trump is trying to hold the victory cards with him … but everyone is seeing it as if … Trump is holding America hostage and it is backfiring on him.

Facts on both sides – Helping you understand your role
We will give you some facts on both sides … of Trump and Biden … so that you can think independently … outside the box … and this will help you to some extent in understanding your role to take America forward. Both candidates have pluses and minuses.

Facts in favor of Trump
These are the facts that Pro-Trump groups are using to justify Trump’s re-election.

  • Keeps America Safe – Dodged all wars and Socialism. Trump has not changed America … but he has definitely kept America safe. He has not started a single new war … you know … it’s a great thing nowadays. Lol. And Trump has also dodged Establishment misleading with Socialism and Climate Change.
  • Do or die scenario under Biden. If we remove Trump from the White House … then we lose an Establishment independent candidate from the Republicans and get zero votes from them hereon. If Biden doesn’t coordinate and do what is right for America … then we lose everyone in the game … America could head towards a catastrophe. When we lose everyone then the Establishment wins … anything can happen. It becomes a do or die scenario under Biden.
  • Democrats were weak in stopping wars. Obama was an anti-war candidate but the number of wars increased in his Presidency … and it took 8 years for Obama to stop the wars. Trump changed the track on wars within days … not months or years. This is Trump’s strong suit and a weak point of the Democrats. The Establishment has already started chopping heads in France in the name of Radical Islam expecting Biden’s win. All of the half a dozen countries that were bombed during Obama … Biden was a part of that Administration. We don’t know if that is going to repeat but … there is no fact based evidence of Biden or Democrats managing wars very well.
  • Can create the strongest coalition against the Establishment. One good thing about Trump paying Democrats not to work with us is that … finally, he is coordinating and teaming up with Democrats. Lol. As per Pro-Trump groups … Trump has already shown the skills and talent to rise above party and Establishment puppetry. If Trump gets re-elected and works with Democrats … then he can create the strongest coalition against the Establishment.
  • Can filter out Democrat policies. Since Democrats have about $10 trillion of new spending in their policies … Trump can filter out Democrat policies and get things done what is right and good for America … instead of blindly relying and getting locked with only one party. There will be two parties in action … both of them competing and correcting each other in doing what is right.
  • Democrats can learn and lead from the ground level. Since the Establishment crisis is a massive topic and many parameters are at play … Democrats can learn and lead from the ground level … and the next Democrat President can hit the ground running in 2024.

These are the main reasons why Pro-Trump groups strongly support Trump and want him re-elected.

Facts in favor of Biden
On the other hand, we have Biden … these are the facts that Pro-Dem groups use to justify Biden’s victory in the elections.

  • American Presidency as easy as “Monkey See Monkey Do”. Many people complain that Biden is a weak candidate and he cannot handle the current crisis … but the thing is … in this widespread crisis we have made the American Presidency as easy as “monkey see, monkey do”. As long as you can use commonsense then you can win. All you need to do is … not follow nonsense … doesn’t matter what source it comes from … it might be your advisers, party, media, intelligence or the Establishment. As long as you can keep facts and logic first to do what is right for the people … you will get continuous victories. We don’t need a rocket scientist in the White House … its simple commonsense.
  • Trump’s success guided by Active Democracy. If you see, at every place where Trump is getting victories … we have been guiding him. It might be wars, border wall, judiciary, Socialism, climate change, managing the media, Mueller and even the impeachment. We gave him the formulas and structures that need to be followed at each place. When he follows the right formulas … SM groups help him get victories. This can be done for any candidate in the White House … not just Trump … it can be Biden, Harris, Bill de Blasio or any other candidate. The success that Trump touts about … it can easily be carried forward … as long as you use simple commonsense.
  • Rock solid security – boot Trump to end security issues. Yes, despite helping Trump for everything that he praises himself for … he had created some security issues for us. Pro-Dem groups love the rock solid security provided by Democrats for our work … they just want to boot Trump to end these security issues for good. Although, they should know that Trump has promised not to create any security issues hereon.
  • Trump’s cycles of humiliation and deaths. Trump’s inaction on the Establishment has resulted in cycles of humiliation for him … which have now converted into cycles of deaths for American citizens. If Trump had taken action on Establishment monopoly then there would never be so many war traps, Socialism and pandemics.
  • Fearless against the Establishment. While Trump is hesitant in taking action against the Establishment … Democrats like Warren and Bill de Blasio will openly crush the Establishment. They are fearless and awesome leaders … provided they are put on the right track and policies.
  • Can do wonders with the Obama Coalition. What the Pro-Dem groups say is that … Trump was a racist guy who wanted to ban Muslims, deport 11 million immigrants and start nuclear wars … we took such a candidate and made a peace champion out of him. If we can do that for Trump … then we can do wonders with the Obama Coalition.

These are the reasons that Pro-Dem groups cite to pull Biden in the White House.

Michelle breaking the Glass Ceiling
Why is Michelle Obama required in this? It’s the same reason why Trump was pulled in the game. We need an outsider … who can think out of the box … think apart from party politics … to do what is right for the people and the country. If you see, America is headed towards irreversible damage … there can be massive economic catastrophes ahead, if we leave both candidates on their current tracks.

  • Trump adding $20 Trillion debt. Trump is good in dodging wars … but he hasn’t changed anything … owing to the Establishment’s debt based systems and malice … we already got $8 Trillion of debt in Trump’s first term. There is another stimulus bill coming up of $2 Trillion … this will make the debt to $10 Trillion in Trump’s first term. If Trump gets a second term … and if he still changes nothing and the same things continue … we will get $5-10 trillion more debt in his second term … giving us a total debt of $15-20 Trillion in Trump’s two terms. Bush and Obama created a total debt of $14 Trillion … we are headed towards a minimum of $15 Trillion debt under Trump … which is more than Bush and Obama combined.
    Trump thinks that he is better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln … but he doesn’t realize that he has created the highest debt than any other President of the United States in its entire history. Absolutely no President has created a debt of $8 Trillion in his first term.
  • Biden adding $20 Trillion debt. Interestingly, the same goes with Biden … he isn’t any better. He has about $10 Trillion of new spending … the normal increase will be of $10 Trillion … giving us a total of $20 Trillion debt under Biden.

None of them are solving anything … both of them are just mudslinging and fighting for power. America will head into a $50 trillion debt on this track … that is half of the value of the entire country. We have to sell half of the country to pay off that debt.

There is an acute requirement in America to stop this madness … to stop this malice and misleading … to end and dismantle these debt based systems … and create new people centric systems that don’t screw us in trillions of debt every year. To do this … America needs Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama taking America into a Golden Era
We need you to start preparing for options to take the lead … in networking and team building … to take America into a new golden era. It is possible under both candidates … President Trump and President Biden.

  • Under President Donald J Trump.
    • Option I. Trump leads and Democrats support. Trump takes the lead in creating new policies and dismantling old systems … and Democrats provide on the ground support.
    • Option II. Democrats lead and Trump supports. Democrats lead from the House and Trump supports from the top.
  • Under President Joseph R Biden.
    • Biden leads with the Obama Coalition. Biden creates a fantastic team with the Obama Coalition to crush the Establishment.
    • Wins the House and Senate. Democrats move forward to win the House and the Senate in the Midterms.

As we speak, SM Groups are evaluating options under Trump and Biden … anything can happen and anyone can win. We need you to start prepping to lead under both candidates. The President needs more hands on the ground to help him in this work. The stronger and more Establishment independent the team … the better it is. All of this is nothing but simple networking and team building activities … but eventually, it will result in phenomenal change for America.

When good people come together … then only good things happen.