11 Oct 2020
JewH395 The Devil backstabs and campaigns against his friend, Donald Trump

Trump does so many favors for the Devil … trillions in military spending, highest debt, highest trade deficits, giving away Jerusalem and even peace deals for Israel. Trump takes no action on the Establishment and no action against its monopoly. The Devil takes everything and it is carrying out a full-fledged marketing campaign to remove Trump from office. A small lesson that everyone should learn from this is … don’t trust the Devil.

An overview of what’s going on in America
Let me give a small overview of what is going on in America since the beginning of this year. We can divide the activities in 4 different phases.

Phase 01. Pandemic Objectives
The Establishment designed and unleashed the pandemic from China in such a way that it creates maximum death and maximum debt in America just before elections … so that this death and destruction could be used to remove Trump from the White House. It was a Trump Presidency termination strategy.

Phase 02. Trump wins against the Pandemic
If you look at the end result of the Pandemic in America … the Establishment has achieved two out of its three objectives. It has successfully created maximum death and maximum debt in America, compared to any other country in the world. But this could have been much worse … millions of Americans would have died if Trump had not intervened and not taken the necessary actions to contain the pandemic.

The Establishment failed in killing millions of Americans … thus it failed in terminating the Trump Presidency. In fact, Trump’s approval rating started to rise during the early months of the pandemic because of his excellent response.

Phase 03. Initiate the Police Violence Crisis
The Devil failed in terminating the Trump Presidency which was one of its key objectives. To its surprise, Trump delivers a fantastic response in the pandemic. The Devil had to stop the rise of Trump’s approval ratings … it had to quickly find another route to:

  • Destroy Trump’s credibility
  • Take away the credit and respect that Trump was getting in the pandemic
  • Create a massive loss in votes so that his Presidency could be terminated
  • It had to somehow make sure that its key objective of “terminating the Trump Presidency” is successful

The Devil’s Campaign against Trump
SM decides on the Presidency … if there was a catastrophic failure in the pandemic … then even SM couldn’t save Trump. But now, since SM could actually get Trump re-elected … the Devil goes around campaigning among all SM Groups against Trump.

All SM Groups function via facts and logic … this is something that even the Establishment has understood and learnt. So, these are the points that the Devil starts using among SM Groups to build the support to remove Trump from the White House.

Point 01. Inaction against the Establishment
The Establishment knows very well that all SM Groups are pissed off at Trump for not taking action against the Establishment. So, what they do is … they go around telling among all SM Groups that:

  • Trump is not taking any action against the Establishment!
  • One thousand Americans are dying every day due to Establishment malice!
  • Number of deaths in Canada, Germany, France and Italy is already zero!
  • Trump is allowing the killing of a thousand Americans every day and does not take any action against the Establishment!
  • Let’s remove Trump from office! Remove Trump! Remove Trump!

Point 02. A 3 Line Summary of the Trump Presidency
The second strategy that the Establishment is using to nullify the Trump Presidency is … the Trump Presidency can be summarized in 3 lines:

  • Trump blowing his horn (Jobs, economy, America first and people first)
  • Trump saving his ass (humiliation, lawsuits, investigations and impeachment)
  • Trump pocketing taxpayer money (Border wall, trillions in military spending and Establishment favors)

At every place the Establishment is using “facts” to nullify the Trump Presidency to get the support to remove Trump from the White House.

Point 03. Complains about the mail-in ballots fraud
“Trump is complaining about the fraud with mail-in ballots. Trump himself is a fraud who has done nothing for America. He favors the Devil and takes no action against the Establishment. America is literally burning in debt and chaos … Trump does nothing … do we want 4 more years of this?”

And interesting thing that you must see here is that … the Devil itself is using the fact that “Trump took no action against the Devil” … to remove Trump from the White House. Lovely friend, isn’t it? It takes everything and backstabs you … and then schemes, plans and runs campaigns during your re-election year to remove you from the White House. Jesus Christ.

Launch the Police Violence Crisis
Using the fact based tactics … they built support among SM Groups to remove Trump from the White House. In order to accomplish this successfully … they launched the Police Violence crisis during the Pandemic itself. They spread it across dozens of cities all across America.

The BLM Movement was initially against Police Violence … but eventually it became an anti-Trump movement. Because that was the main purpose of this crisis:

  • Delegitimize Trump and don’t allow him to rise in polls and approvals owing to his work in the pandemic … but instead initiate a strategy to make everything against him
  • The Police Violence crisis was launched to take away the minority support from Trump
  • It was designed to remove 30% of the voting force away from Trump

The Establishment failed in removing Trump via the pandemic … so this was the alternate backup strategy that they used to make sure that Trump fails in the elections.

Phase 04. Double Cross the Devil
All of these States and cities that have a high minority population … all of these are Democrat States and cities. When the Devil went to Pro-Dem groups in order to build the support to remove Trump … Pro-Dem groups were like … “so the Devil wants to remove his friend from the White House??!! We will help!! Seems like a good deed!”

Pro-Dem groups listened to the facts presented by Establishment elements … but they were also seeing who was talking. They knew that they were dealing with the Devil.

The Establishment’s bigger scheme
There is a bigger scheme that the Establishment is playing by removing Trump and pulling in Biden. Trump has actually successfully surpassed all disasters of war, Socialism and financial catastrophes. But Democrats are not that well trained on this … nor do they have a good track record in this. The Devil is campaigning to remove Trump … so that it can run disasters in America via Biden and Democrats.

This is something that all Pro-Dem groups understood very clearly. So, what Pro-Dem groups decided to work on is:

  • Remove the Devil’s Friend. If Trump doesn’t want to take any action against the Establishment and not be a part of the work in any way … then what’s the point of having him in the White House? The Devil is right … let’s remove his friend from the White House.
  • Boot the Devil as well. But then again, we cannot allow Biden to run disastrous policies in America that will take us into a $50 Trillion debt crisis. Let’s activate Michelle Obama to boot the Devil from among the Democrats.

Activating Michelle Obama
The Pro-Dem plan is to double cross the Devil … help the Devil in booting his friend … and then boot the Devil as well from the White House and from among the Democrats. It would be a victory at several levels.

  • A victory in removing Trump from the White House owing to his inaction
  • A victory in booting the Devil itself
  • A victory for the people by taking America Forward into a new era
  • A massive victory for Democrats at all levels

Via this program … Pro-Dem groups are planning to create all leadership and success for the country via Democrats.

Uncle Trump – Don’t trust the Devil
Right now … as we speak … this is what the Devil has been doing throughout the entire year:

  • Planning and scheming ways to remove Trump from the White House
  • Building SM support to remove Trump
  • Unleashing schemes to delegitimize Trump and pull away his voters
  • Using your inaction against the Devil against you
  • Using your favors for the Devil against you
  • Using your complains of mail-in ballot fraud against you

You need to wake up and realize what is going on. Yes, maybe a few thousand people come to your rallies … but these schemes take away your votes by the tens of millions across the nation. Don’t trust the Devil.