27 Sep 2020
JewH394 The Establishment creates Genocide and US Politicians fight for Power

We are just days away from the Presidential debates … where nonsense is going to debate commonsense … while the clash between nonsense and commonsense is going to be entertaining for everybody … we should also realize that the genocide has entered US soil now. 200,000 American citizens are killed in plain sight by the Establishment and our politicians are busy fighting for power. America doesn’t need only commonsense … but it needs intelligent action now … it needs Michelle Obama.

This page will give a small overview to Michelle Obama … of how the Establishment maintains America in stupidity and disasters.

Barack Obama – Created a turning point for America
In the fight against Establishment misleading and malice, Obama took some good moves of … no fear mongering, no politics of hate and division, allowed Russian world leadership, stood up to Netanyahu and Israel, created the Iran Nuclear Deal, saved America from a war against Russia and also created an economic boom and job growth.

The other side of the Obama Era
At the same time, if you look at the other side of the Obama Era then we got … half a dozen countries bombed, a million people killed and more than 10 million people displaced from their homes … due to Establishment malice.

A very interesting “wonder” what happened during Obama was that … while he killed and displaced 10 times more people than Bush … he also created record breaking job growth. Bush bombed two countries and he crashed the economy … on the other hand if you see Trump … he is maintaining peace and it is creating record breaking economic and job growth. Both of them are very normal … wars crash the economy and peace boosts the economy. But during Obama … while he was bombing half a dozen countries … he was creating record breaking job growth.

There is nothing great with Trump’s economic growth … everybody knows that the economy grows with peace … what’s the big deal about that? Obama was the one who created a “unique wonder” … a combo of war and economy … not that this is a role model that should be followed. Lol.

Why this happened during the Obama Era was because … the President turned the tide on wars … Obama created a turning point for America away from wars. He never personally promoted war, fear, hate or division … which led to a booming economy. It was the Establishment misleading and malice that was creating genocide around the world.

Donald J Trump – The Crisis Champion of America
Thankfully Trump continued on Obama’s legacy of maintaining peace. Trump successfully used commonsense to do more than just dodge wars … he also dodged Socialism, financial catastrophes and he used peaceful and diplomatic measures in all scenarios. He provided a great response to the pandemic, continued good relations with Russia and also created records in economy and job growth.

The other side of the Trump Era
But if you look at the other side of the Trump Era … then there has been no action on Establishment monopoly despite knowing that all of this misleading, malice, wars and disasters are from the Establishment. Trump continuously maintained himself in cycles of humiliation with lawsuits, investigations, media ridicule and demonization plaguing his Presidency since he was sworn in.

These continued cycles of humiliation for Trump have now converted into “cycles of death and destruction” for the American people. More than 200,000 American citizens are killed in plain sight … cities are being looted and ravaged in the name of police violence … and millions of acres of American forests are being maliciously burnt down in plain sight, in the name of “climate change”. America is literally being looted and burnt down … while Americans are being killed in plain sight. The Establishment’s genocide has entered US soil.

This is America’s current scenario … and my dear lovely Michelle Obama … please take a look at what our wonderful politicians are doing.

Trump helps Democrats and Democrats help Trump
Trump creates blunders and helps Democrats … and then Democrats create blunders and help Trump … take a look.

  • Trump helps Obama. America was stagnating under Obama … everyone was tired of his Presidency and wanted him gone … everyone wanted a new leader. A new leader named Donald J Trump comes along and says … “I am going to ban Muslims from America! I am going to deport 11 million immigrants from America!” And everyone was like … “where is Obama? Where is our wonderful Obama who was so nice … so well spoken … such a wonderful man. We miss Obama!” Who helped Obama? Trump helped Obama.
  • Democrats help Trump. Trump starts Establishment favors and doesn’t take any action on monopoly … America continues to sink in debt and Trump only dodges Establishment disasters and wars. Everyone starts looking for alternate leadership … Democrats step forward to lead … they come up with Socialist disasters with more than $130 Trillion of new spending, financial catastrophes and climate change madness. Trump had averted all of Establishment misleading, traps and disasters … and since Democrats fell for all Establishment’s misleading … all of a sudden Trump becomes “the crisis champion of America”. Who made Trump the crisis champion of America? Democrats … Democrats made a hero out of Trump via their blunders.
  • Trump helps Democrats. Seeing the lead that he has over Democrats and that he will win the election … Trump says … “to hell with changing America … so what hundreds of thousands of Americans are being killed … so what trillions are being drained from the country by a criminal Establishment? Who cares? I am getting re-elected and that’s what matters.” And bingo … what happens? Doors for victories and leadership open up for Democrats … to lead from the White House or the Congress. Who opened the doors of victories for Democrats? Donald J Trump.

The Establishment maintains America in stupidity and disasters
What you are basically seeing here is that … the Establishment is very cleverly and tactically maintaining America in stupidity and disasters. It promotes and supports the most stupid and disastrous actions and policies via both parties. Either you are continuously dodging disaster after disaster using commonsense like Trump … or you are foolishly falling for disaster after disaster like Democrats. Both parties are maintained in inaction … and their time is consumed in ridiculous activities … either falling for or dodging ridiculous activities.

The Establishment is doing this in a very nice calculated manner … step by step … scheming and unleashing one disaster after another. It might be a war trap, a financial catastrophe in the name of Socialism or Climate change … or the bitching between the two parties.

None of the parties are doing anything actually great for the people … no major reforms are being created … the wealth drain continues by the trillions and today, the genocide has entered US soil. Till date, it was bombing other countries … but now, we are losing hundreds of thousands of lives … while our country is being looted and burnt down.

America needs intelligent action
America doesn’t need nonsense … nor does America need only commonsense … but America needs “intelligent action” … in the right direction, with coalitions to make real and proper change.

Presidential Challenges
Each President has a major challenge that he faces during his era. The Presidential challenge that Obama faced was of wars of hate and division. In his two terms, Obama succeeded in addressing his challenge up to 90%. No new wars were starting … we had a deal with Iran … Russia was doing a great job in wiping out ISIS. Obama successfully addressed 90% of the challenge that he faced.

“Establishment malice and monopoly” is the challenge that Trump faces in his era. Trump has successfully dodged most of Establishment misleading and traps … but that’s just 10% of the problem and his first term is already over. Establishment monopoly has not been broken in any field … no major reforms have been created … the American people see no change other than pandemics and disasters. 90% of Trump’s challenge still exists.

This challenge is creating havoc for America and the world. The debates are going to be a total nonsense and a waste of time. None of the candidates are actually working or addressing the key challenges and crisis that America faces.

This is why we need an outside person to step in to work on this crisis … without party politics and Establishment puppetry. This is where Michelle Obama comes into the picture. America needs someone who can think outside the box and work beyond party and Establishment puppetry … to move America forward in a fantastic era … out of this crisis, out of these pandemics, disasters, socialism and mass spending. America needs Michelle Obama.