20 Sep 2020
JewH393 The Devil is in the De…..? Democrat Policies

An interesting change happened in America in Trump’s First Term. While we were guiding, protecting and helping the Trump Presidency from the Establishment’s misleading … the Devil saw an opening among Democrats and started misleading Democrats in several policies. Working with us, Trump has made the Republican Party, a Party of Commonsense … and working with the Devil, the Democrat Party has become a Party of Bums.

Not against Democrats … only kicking out the Devil from the Democrat Party
We love you … we love Democrats and the Democrat Party. Obama, Pelosi, Warren and Biden are the nicest leaders among the Democrats … we love all of you. This is not an anti-Democrat page at all. In fact, it will help you exactly identify where the problem is and it will help you become far better than you already are. It will help you understand why Biden will most likely fail in 2020 … and it will help you to exactly identify the Devil and kick him out of the Democrat Party.

Completely focused on the Trump Presidency
Actually, we were completely focused on the Trump Presidency since the past 4 years … guiding Trump what to do … how to identify Establishment malice … how to protect the Trump family, President and America from this malice … how to win against this malice and eventually we made Trump a “Crisis Champion”. Today, not only President Trump is a Peace Champion … but he is a champion for almost every crisis that the Establishment could throw at his Presidency and at America.

But unfortunately, what happened was … while we were completely focused on helping, guiding and protecting Trumps … the Devil saw that there was no way that it could create disasters via the Trump Presidency … and it tactically moved into the Democrat Party … embedding, supporting and promoting all of its malicious and disastrous Socialist policies in the Democrat Party. We left the Democrat Party unguarded. The Establishment tries to use every route possible to implement its malice in the country … and Democrats ended up hosting and promoting all of the Devil’s ideas.

The Establishment misleading and using Democrats for America’s failure
This is one of the reasons why Biden will lose in 2020 … as identified by SM Groups … the Establishment was itself so scared of the $19 Trillion debt that was approaching under the Obama Presidency that it wanted to use Russia to wipe out America and Europe. They wanted a war between America and Russia mainly to wipe out this debt and these debt based systems that create this massive debt for the people and the country.

But since we eliminated all routes of war … Trump stopped every route of war possible … by factually and logically evaluating every possible scenario … the Establishment came up with Socialist disasters and Climate Change … in order to create tens of trillions of additional debt and blame the financial breakdown of the country on the Democrats. The Democrats were basically being framed to be the blame donkeys of the debt crisis that has already created a $20 Trillion debt. There is no way in hell that anyone will come up with $20 Trillion to wipe out this debt … its possible but quite unlikely … so, the best way was to mislead Democrats into massive financial catastrophes … and use them as the blame donkeys for America’s financial catastrophes.

In Democrat win is Democrat failure
I know, Democrats are yearning to win … but in their win is their failure … because for life, they will be blamed and ridiculed for America’s failure. It’s a trap and a scheme of the Satanic Establishment to mislead Democrats into financial catastrophes only to pin America’s failure on them.

Look at the numbers yourself … the Establishment was scared like hell seeing a debt of $20 Trillion and our lovely Elizabeth Warren comes up with a spending of more than $130 Trillion on her policies of Climate Change and Medicare for All. Similarly, our lovely and handsome Joe Biden is being used to come up with new spending of $20 Trillion taking the country into a crisis of $46 Trillion. All of this is several times the spending in the 20 year of the War on Terror combined.

It is very easy to see how the Establishment is misleading these lovely Democrats … and converting them into bums … only to use them as blame donkeys.

Warren and Biden are products of Blind Anti-Trumpism
All major issues with the Trump Presidency vaporized in its first year itself. From the second year onwards, it was blind anti-Trumpism that was totally hollow and baseless. President Trump wasn’t doing anything wrong or hurting a single American sole by action or via policies. The Establishment was viciously against Trump only because the President was winning against all of its designed malice, traps and disasters. They were yelling against the President in their owned media owing to their envy, jealousy, agony, hate and fear of the President.

President Trump was using “facts and logic” … to win against every malice, trap and disaster designed by the Establishment … but Democrats were not playing that smart. Many of them simply wanted to capitalize on the anti-Trumpism of the Establishment media and take the White House away from President Trump. Because of their greed for power … they fell for every anti-Trump activity … and got carried away into Socialist disasters, Climate Change madness and several other catastrophic anti-Trump activities.

The Devil is in the details
Democrats lost their touch with reality … what is right and wrong … what is good or bad for the country and their people … and they were blindly following the Establishment’s anti-Trumpism. Yes, the Devil is in the details … and if you look at the details of all Democrat policies then it has “Devil” written all over it. It clearly shows how the Devil has made these beautiful and lovely Democrat leaders into bums.

Bum 01. Ms. BumBum Elizabeth Warren
If you look at her frontend promises then they are … “I will create structural change! We need a country that works for everyone! I will stand up to the 1% and corporations!”

Bum 02. Mr. BumBum Joe Biden
If you look at his frontend promises then they are … “I will be an ally of the light! I will bring America out of darkness! Choose a path of hope and light for a better future!”

Actual policies shows the hypocrisy
And when you look at their actual policies … you can see how they are getting bummed by the Establishment … and how all of these promises are nothing but hypocrisy.

  • Complete Party and Establishment Puppetry. Ms. and Mr. BumBum are not following facts and logic … they are not looking at good or bad … right or wrong for the people … but they are completely contained in Party and Establishment puppetry. They are literally being dictated these actions and policies by their Party that is puppeted by the Establishment.
  • Following Blind Anti-Trumpism in greed for power. They are jumping for anything anti-Trump in their hope and greed for power. They are just being opportunists trying to capitalize on anti-Trumpism. There is zero structural change … this is not called following the light … this is not how America changes … this is not how America comes out of darkness … this not called standing up to the 1% and Corporations … this is called being the puppets of the Corporations. This is not called light … this is the darkness that America has to come out of.
  • Socialist Disasters and Climate Change Madness. To oppose everything that Trump is doing … Ms. and Mr. BumBum have blinded jumped for Socialist disasters and Climate Change madness. America is in a $26 Trillion debt crisis that is scaring the shit out of the Establishment itself … and our BumBum candidates are coming up with new spending of $130 Trillion and $20 Trillion. This is not called “fixing any crisis” … this is called creating a series of crisis for America.
  • Handing out trillions to the Establishment. This is not called standing up to the corporations … this is literally handing out trillions of American taxpayer money to the corporations in the name of Climate Change and Socialism.
  • Shut down Oil, Gas and Coal. Apparently, as per our BumBum candidates … America should not make trillions in revenue via our oil, gas and coal resources … but we should shut it all down and instead spend trillions on Clean Energy that doesn’t even exist yet. How is this good for America when we are in $26 Trillion debt crisis already?

A BumBum Conventional Era of no Facts and Logic
The major issue with our BumBum candidates is that … they are still stuck in a BumBum conventional era of no facts and logic. In this old conventional era:

  • The politicians make promises to the people and tell them whatever they want to hear
  • Take money from corporations to run their campaign
  • And once elected, they do whatever their party and corporations tell them to do and don’t give a shit about the people or the country

This is a typical conventional era where the candidate is held in complete party and Establishment puppetry. It is mainly because of this backward approach of the Democrat candidates that they will most likely lose in 2020. This conventional style of politics and leadership doesn’t work anymore in America.

Cannot change the outcome of 2020
This is the main reason I said … doesn’t matter if you work with me or not … whether I write in your favor or not … the outcome of 2020 cannot be changed. SM decides on the Presidency … yes, it’s a selection and then the election is put in favor of the selected candidate. 2020 has already been decided in favor of President Trump … via facts and logic. However, it is only 80-90% guaranteed.

Michelle Obama needs to lead in changing America and the Democrat Party
We all follow facts and logic. Everybody knows that the Republican Party was a pile of crap before Donald J Trump showed up. He is the one who converted the Republican Party into a party of commonsense. But the most that he will get is 4 more years … then automatically, the responsibility will fall back to the Democrat Party to lead America. That’s unless, Ivanka takes up or another key Republican takes up President Trump’s works.

For Democrats to take the lead … to win and to be followed … it’s a must to identify the Devil and remove all of its misleading, malice and disasters embedded in Democrat policies. If Trump can surpass party and Establishment misleading and puppetry … then so can Democrats. You just haven’t worked at it well. Dems have not used commonsense, facts and logic in their leadership. They haven’t even tried.

A must to surpass party and Establishment puppetry
Losing 2020 will not be the end for Democrats … in fact, it will open a new page for a more logical and practical leadership under Democrats for the good of the American people and America.

Yes, leading the country is a little bit more complicated than being pro or anti-Democrat. Its easy to be pro-Democrat … its easy to ask for the Presidency. But nobody wants a bum in the White House … we already had one bum … George W Bush … and we all know how it went. Nobody wants a Bush 2.0 all over again … who will never use logic and who will be a party and Establishment puppet for 8 long years.

When we invited you to lead the country and help in taking America out of this crisis … and help design the future of America … it actually involves in taking a look at the details and kicking out the Devil in every form and place from the Party and the Country. That’s exactly what President Trump has been doing since the past 4 years.

It’s a must for us to figure out ways … to surpass party and Establishment puppetry among Democrats … so that we can create far better leaders than President Trump himself.