13 Sep 2020
JewH392 Trump is a Democrat 10 times better than Obama

There are very interesting and surprising changes going on in America … in a time of massive Establishment crises and misleading. President Trump is following “facts and logic” … he has made the Republican Party, a Party of Trump, that is extremely people-centric and keeps America First. On the other hand, Democrats are falling for all Establishment misleading and they have become the old Republican Party, a Party of War and Corporations … that is 10 times worse than Bush. Take a look.

George Bush – From 2000 to 2008
The Republican Party under Bush was a party of war and corporations. Bush bombed two countries … killed more than 100,000 people and displaced more than a million people. He created $5 Trillion of additional debt for America. Bush’s speeches were filled with politics of hate and division which crashed the American economy.

Barack Obama – From 2008 to 2016
A handsome young Black man creates history by becoming the first Black President in America. Bush was 100% bad for the country but Obama was not. Obama was gifted with great oratory skills and a good conscience … he eliminated the politics of hate and fear with his speeches of peace, unity and equality. Many people say that Obama got the Nobel Prize for nothing … but that’s not completely true. He got the Nobel Prize for creating “hope” and it was his speeches and rhetoric that maintained the peace within America which led to a booming economy and job creation. The Nobel Prize was worth millions of jobs and trillions in economic growth.

Other than that, Obama understood Establishment malice and stopped America from going for a war against Russia. If Obama was not in the White House, there would already be a Nuclear War against Russia. This is Obama’s biggest accomplishment … not allowing the destruction of America via continuous wars that would take us into a conflict with Russia.

Other than that, if you see … the facts can be a little bit surprising.

  • Wars. Bush bombed 2 countries and Obama bombed half a dozen countries … making Obama 3 times worse than Bush.
  • People Killed. Bush killed more than a 100,000 people and Obama killed more than a million people … making him 10 times worse than Bush.
  • People Displaced. Bush displaced more than a million people from their homes and Obama displaced more than 10 million people from their homes … making him again 10 times worse than Bush.
  • Debt. Bush added $5 Trillion to the National debt and Obama added $9 Trillion to the debt … making him almost 2 times worse than Bush.

While the rhetoric and speeches were great … the speeches also resulted in a boost in customer confidence, jobs and economic growth internally within America … but we got death and destruction outside America 10 times more than Bush … and we also got twice the debt for the country.

10% of the Obama Presidency was good and 90% of it was disastrous. Its not because Obama was a bad person without a conscience like Hillary and Mitt Romney … it was because that was the level and scale of crisis that he had inherited. Making this much change itself was phenomenal at that time … as Obama was alone at the top and did not have SM Groups supporting him from the ground level. Obama was definitely a better person and leader than Bush … and Obama was the best we had at that time. That’s how politics work … the best guy gets the White House. This is the best that America had at that time … and thanks to Obama’s presence … we are all alive and we are not destroyed via a nuclear war against Russia.

And we should also thank God that today … we don’t have to choose between Bush and Obama anymore … we have to choose between Biden and Trump … and there are very interesting differences between the two.

Joe Biden – From Never to Never
One of the major reasons why there were no major changes under Obama and so many times more destruction under him … it was because of “party puppetry”. Obama has “White mommy” problems and he follows White people more. He allowed his Party to lead and make the decisions. He did what everyone wanted. Obama was not leading but following his Party’s leadership.

The fantastic change that Obama made was change America’s direction from politics of fear, hate and division … to peace, unity and progress. He did this because of his own conscience and person … he was successful because he had “led this movement” … he did not take the dictates of his Party on this issue. Thus, he was able to make a good and needed change in America. But most of the time that he followed his Party … it was all disasters … from the bombing of Libya to the civil war in Syria … to the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq all over again … armies of terrorists, non-stop fighting with ISIS … and massive spending at the domestic level. All of this was carried out within the Democrat Party by the Establishment.

Biden - $46 Trillion Mess
We are talking about this because … Joe Biden is exactly on the same track. Biden is no leader … he couldn’t get the damn nomination himself. Everyone dropped out so that he could defeat Bernie to get the nomination. He was given the nomination so that he runs all of his Party’s policies. And guess what the Democrat Party has this time? They have massive spending policies of more than $10 Trillion … the highest amount of spending that any Presidential Nominee has come up in American History.

Democrats have fallen to every Establishment misleading in policies … they have taken all of Establishment misleading and made it their Presidential platform. Right from anti-Trumpism, Climate Change, anti-oil-gas-coal, spending trillions on clean energy, to massive spending on healthcare, infrastructure and other activities … which will take America into a $46 Trillion debt crisis.

Biden – 4 Civil Wars
Democrats were following the anti-Trump agenda of the Establishment so blindly that they were against Trump’s peaceful negotiation in the Turkey-Kurdish crisis. They wanted to supply Kurds with weapons and funds … which would create a civil war in 4 countries in the region. The Kurds are spread all across Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran … in every country, they want a separate State. Democrats were being fooled into this massive catastrophe and Nancy Pelosi was keen in financing it.

If the Establishment creates another Kurdish crisis in the same zone during the Biden Presidency … then what do you think that Nancy Pelosi would do? What do you think that Biden and the Democrat Party would do? They would do exactly what Obama was being pushed to do in Syria … and that is non-stop financing and support for rebel forces. And this would mean:

  • Wars. Biden can start 4 civil wars … which is two times worse than Bush.
  • People Killed. One million people were killed in the civil war in Syria … if civil wars are created in 4 countries … then it would kill 4 million people … which is 40 times worse than Bush.
  • People Displaced. 10 million people were displaced in the civil war in Syria … a civil war in 4 countries means the displacement of 40 million people … which is again 40 times worse than Bush.
  • Debt. The total debt that will be added during the Biden Presidency will be about $20 Trillion … which is 4 times worse than Bush.

Democrats have become the old Republican Party of War and Corporations
This is what Democrats don’t realize. In their craze of following anti-Trumpism … they have continuously followed Establishment misleading in several fields. They are following moves that would create 4 civil wars in the region. They don’t want to change anything but spend $10 Trillion in additional spending … most of which will go to corporations. An open example … they want to spend $2 Trillion on Climate Change … who will that money go to? The threat is being shown to the people but all of that $2 Trillion of taxpayer money will go to Corporations. Democrats have become a party of war and corporations in their blind anti-Trumpism.

Biden is a Republican 10 times worse than Bush
When Democrats will take America into a $46 Trillion debt crisis … when Democrats will create 4 civil wars that will kill 4 million people and displace 40 million people … and when all of this will be done via Biden … then Biden is actually a Republican who is 10 times worse than Bush. Bush was a complete Party puppet and so will be Biden ... we will get a Bush in the White House if Biden wins … and this Bush will be 10 times worse than the previous Bush.

Thank God that this is not the best that America has to offer today … thank God that we have another option with us.

President Trump has made the Republican Party “People Centric” and 10 times better than the Democrat Party
The major disadvantage that Democrats have … that Obama, Warren, Pelosi and Biden have … is of party puppetry. The Party is superior to the Candidate and the Candidate follows the Party. The Party dictates the Candidate’s platform and policies. Luckily, Trump never ran on the Republican platform … he ran on an “America First” platform but as a Republican. SM Groups provided sweeping support to Trump’s nomination that Republicans couldn’t refuse and then SM Groups decimated any opposition that Trump faced within his Party … making the Republican Party, a Party of Trump.

The biggest issue that Obama faced and that Democrats still face … of rising above party politics to keep the country and people first … it was eliminated for Trump in his first year itself. This has made President Trump the strongest Republican … with the highest Republican support in history and the most dominating Republican in the Party. Look at the benefits that America and the American people are getting because of this.

Donald Trump – From 2016 to 2024 … God willing

  • Wars. Trump did not start a single new war … in fact, he created and worked upon several peace deals and negotiations … owing to which, today he is a double Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Obama joined and started a half a dozen wars … Trump didn’t join or start any war … but he ended the War on Terror and vaporized terrorism from the world … making him 6 times better than Obama.
  • People Killed. Obama killed a million people in his half a dozen wars … Trump saved millions of lives by stopping half a dozen new wars from starting … making him a million times better than Obama. All of the millions of lives that Trump saved by not starting new wars … the credit definitely goes to him. Thank you Mr. President.
  • People Displaced. Obama displaced 10 million people in his wars … Trump didn’t displace anyone but he protected half a dozen countries from death and destruction … making him 10 million times better than Obama.
  • Debt. Yes there is more spending under Trump than Obama … but it is mostly because of Nancy Pelosi’s mass spending policies that she pushes through the House.

President Trump is a Democrat 10 times better than Obama
Obama created records in jobs and economy … but so did Trump. Trump actually broke Obama’s records in jobs and economy. Not only America has peace and stability under President Trump … but even the world has peace and stability under him … unlike Obama. No wars … no mass spending … no trillions for corporations … people first … country first … this is actually a Democrat Platform … these policies are actually Democrat policies. And who is standing on this Platform … who is running these policies? President Donald J Trump. President Trump has become the true champion of the American people … interestingly … Trump is a Democrat 10 times better than Obama.

President Trump’s Accomplishments in his First Term
I am not blowing Trump’s horn … these are the true facts that we have. These are some of President Trump’s accomplishments within his First Term.

  • Vaporized all Wars and Terrorism
  • Successfully ended the War on Terror
  • Made America the Largest Oil Producer in the World
  • Put Tariffs and stood up to China and Europe to keep America First
  • Building the Border Wall to secure America
  • Huge Cuts in Regulations to boost Jobs and Economy
  • Record Breaking Jobs and Economy in American History
  • Peaceful Negotiations in the Koreas - Created History
  • Peaceful and Diplomatic Approach to the rebellion in Venezuela
  • Peaceful and Diplomatic Approach to Turkey-Kurdish Crisis
  • Peaceful and Diplomatic Approach to Iran
  • Negotiations of Peace with Taliban in Afghanistan
  • Peace Deal between Serbia and Kosovo
  • Dodged Establishment Scam of leeching Trillions on Climate Change
  • Dodged Establishment Scam of bringing Socialist Policies in America
  • Made the Republican Party, a Party of Trump, that keeps America and People First

More than a dozen accomplishments within one term … that too … he did all of this while he was facing:

  • A dozen lawsuits against him
  • Several investigations against him
  • Impeachment attempts being made against him
  • And the non-stop Establishment media ridicule and abuse

The Trump Presidency is an ongoing miracle.

Democrats should vote for Trump … if they truly want to vote for a Democrat
The Democrat Party has lost its way in its blind anti-Trumpism. Obama is a great guy but there are many Establishment elements in both parties. The Democrat Leadership has fallen for too much Establishment misleading in too many fields … which has made them a Party of War and Corporations.

If being a Democrat means fighting for your people and country … then President Trump is the true Democrat … and he has proven it by facts in every crisis.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for War and Corporations.
A vote for Trump is a vote for People and Country.

Vote Trump. Vote Democrat.