11 Sep 2020
JewH391 The Democrat Platform: Conventional Party, Greedy Candidate and Ignorant Policies

America is in a transition phase … from conventional politics to people centrism. Democrats are following the transition but in Turtle speed … comparatively, Trump is following the transition in Superman speed. Dems are so far behind in the transition that their platform still consists of a conventional party, a greedy candidate and ignorant policies that are disastrous for America.

Party, Candidate and Policies
On this page we will discuss about the party, the candidate and the policies. Democrats are still waking up to the reality of “people power” in America and the importance of logical leadership. They are so slow in change … and so slow in following logic … that they are still stuck in conventional politics with a greedy candidate and ignorant policies. This is why Democrats are failing and Trump keeps on winning. And that’s why Biden will most probably lose in 2020.

Don’t worry Biden … all of this is not your fault. Your Party itself is stuck in an old era … that’s why, all of the candidates that it puts forward suck.

The Party – A Conventional Party’s Greed for Power
Democrats are not actually being Democrats anymore … there are no Democrat tracks or principles existing since 2016. Failure to Trump, Establishment misleading and the media noise has put Democrats on a surprising and illogical path of “anti-Trumpism”. Democrats are not following Democrat principles … but they are blindly following anti-Trumpism.

Since there is so much noise in the media against Trump … Democrats think that they can capitalize on that noise … and take away the Presidency from Trump. The track of “anti-Trumpism” that Democrats are following … it is not logical or good for the country … but its simply plain greed for power. They want Trump to fall so that they get the Presidency. That’s the only objective that Democrats are chasing. There is no good for the people … there is no logic in the policies … there is no management of disasters … there is no Math adding up in their mass spending … there is no good for the country … but its plain selfish greed for power. Take a look.

Opposing Trump and falling for Establishment misleading
Democrats don’t realize the plain hypocrisy in their campaign and policies … they don’t realize that in their blind anti-Trumpism that they have actually become the “hands of the Satanic Establishment”. They are falling for every anti-Trump activity of the Establishment … hoping that Trump will fail and that they will get the Presidency. Unfortunately, Dems also don’t realize that Satan delivers only failures … that’s why Dems fail and Trump wins.

  • Anti-Trump-Russia. The Establishment ran a massive anti-Trump-Russia propaganda and the Democrat were wooing for it to succeed. The whole investigation and propaganda failed … but Dems are still against Russia because they want to be anti-Trump … ridiculously that is.
  • Support Investigations. That’s why they supported investigations against Trump on bogus and hollow allegations. Follow the Satan and fail … that’s what happened again for Dems.
  • Support Kurds – Create Civil Wars. The anti-Trumpism reached such a blind level that Democrats were against Trump and ready to supply Kurds with weapons and funds against our ally Turkey. They were ready to create civil wars in 4 different countries with this move … just to be anti-Trump. Initially, a little bit of anti-Trumpism was good when Trump was doing something wrong … like going for wars in Syria and North Korea. That’s where the Dem opposition worked and it was helpful for the people. The Establishment saw that Dems were eager and excited to oppose Trump … and it started using Dems to oppose Trump even though he was making the right decisions and doing what is right for the people. Dems started following Satan … because of their greed for power.
  • Climate Change – Clean Energy – Shutdown Oil, Gas and Coal. As per Democrat policies … America should not make trillions in revenue via oil, gas and coal … but instead, we should shut it all down … and start spending trillions on clean energy that doesn’t exist. What kind of bonkers decision is this … where is the logic? Just tell any other oil rich country in the world to do this and see how he will be laughing his ass off at this suggestion. How can you be the leaders of the free world and take such nonsense decisions? Its complete ignorance … only to be anti-Trump. To be anti-Trump, Democrats are being disastrous for the country.
  • Pandemic - Shutdown the Country – Handout Trillions. Trump wants to open the country … in order to do the opposite of Trump … Dems want to shut down the country. Trump wants the people to go to work and make a good living … but in order to oppose Trump … Dems want to people to stay at home and live off food stamps and unemployment benefits. Where is the sense in this? The entire world is opening up … all of Europe has opened up … but Democrats don’t seem to get over their anti-Trumpism. They simply don’t seem to use any logic at all … and they are being catastrophic to the country.
  • Pandemic Deaths – Trump’s fault. It seems that the deaths that happened in the Pandemic … its Trump’s fault. Hell no, it is not. Democrats are running ads advertising how many Americans died … so that they can use the dead to get more votes for themselves. Seriously? Are you seeing to what level Democrats have fallen to? Using the dead to get votes … and this is the Party that says “Trump is immoral”? How can there be anything more immoral than this? To use the dead to get votes … its just shocking.
  • Don’t trust Trump’s vaccine? The next thing is that … the American people are not supposed to take the vaccine? In a pandemic?? What is wrong with you people? And how is it “Trump’s vaccine”? Did Trump make it in Trump Tower? The vaccine is being made, tested and verified by the world’s best scientists out there. It is not a Trump product … it’s the best vaccine that the world can offer … it will save and secure millions of lives. Why do you want more people to die? And you are the ones saying that “people are dying because of Trump”? No my friends, if you encourage people not to take the vaccine … then you will be responsible for their infections and deaths … not Trump. Your support for anti-Trumpism in your craze for power has crossed all levels imaginable … this is nothing but unimaginable levels of disregard for humanity … just because you want the damn White House.
  • Support Endless Rioting and Looting. Adding to the disastrous moves in the Pandemic … Democrats are literally allowing America to burn and be looted. Just because Trump is against these violent protests, rioting and looting … Democrats are totally in favor of it. This is not leadership … this is just being ridiculous.

Democrats don’t realize that in their craze for power … they are opposing everything good that the President is doing … and that they have become the hands of Satan … who is literally destroying and burning America.

The Candidate – Joe Biden’s vision of the Presidency – A Multi-Trillion Dollar Lottery
The Democrat Candidate is Joe Biden … whose vision of the Presidency is … a multi-trillion dollar lottery. Lol. Yes … “Give me the Power and show me the Moolah!” … this is Biden’s dream … which he is expecting to come true.

Biden - A greedy candidate fixated on cash
Remember when Democrats used to call Trump “the most corrupt politician in America”. But if you see the facts … then the only thing that Trump came up with was $20 Billion for the Border Wall … a wall that is needed for National Security. And if you look at Biden’s policies … then he has $10 Trillion of additional spending … in mostly nonsensical activities. That is, spending of 500 times more than Trump … this is the highest amount of additional spending that any Presidential nominee ever came up in American history. No Presidential nominee in the entire history of America came up with $10 Trillion of additional spending … except Warren, she came up with $150 plus trillion of spending which is why she is not the nominee.

The candidate who comes up with $10 Trillion of ridiculous spending … calls the candidate who is using $20 Billion to build a wall to secure National Security … that he is corrupt. My dear friend Biden … if Trump is corrupt then you are 500 times more greedy and corrupt than him.

All policies reek with corruption
All of Biden’s policies reek with corruption. They are handouts of trillions of taxpayer money to corporations … while the politicians get to pocket a share in the spending. The entire platform is a total rip off and a scam. Democrats think that they will be allowed to do this … just because of the anti-Trump noise in the media. God save America from Democrats! And from their anti-Trumpism and ignorance.

The Policies – Mass Spending of $10 Trillion
Apparently, the Democrat solution to any problem is … “Got a problem? Spend a few trillion on that and hope that it gets solved.” Lol.

Bush fights against terrorist groups and creates an additional debt of $5 Trillion … and hands over the country to Democrats. Democrats create an additional debt of $9 Trillion … bomb half a dozen countries and create armies of terrorists … and then walk away. How does the issue actually get solved? A guy with commonsense comes along and stops this ridiculous mass spending of trillions in war zones. President Trump already saved America once from Democrat ignorance and disasters. Did the Democrat ignorance go away? Take a look.

These are Biden’s mass spending programs while the country is already in $26 trillion in debt.

  • Climate Change - $2 Trillion. If America doesn’t spend $2 Trillion on climate change then the sky will fall and the Earth will open up.
  • Infrastructure - $1.3 Trillion. It is interesting that Democrats are finally showing interest in building cities … are they tired of destroying cities in half a dozen countries? Why wasn’t this done during the previous Dem Administration? Why did we spend trillions in destroying other countries instead?
  • Child care and elder care - $775 Billion. There is a problem of child care in America … the solution is spend a trillion on it and expect it to get solved. What happens when this trillion gets over?
  • Higher Education - $750 Billion. See … there is an education problem in America … the solution is spend a trillion on it and hope that it gets solved. I wonder how they came up with the number $750 billion when the student loan is itself more than $1 trillion.
  • Healthcare - $750 Billion. See … spending a trillion dollars on ObamaCare was not enough … we need to spend one more trillion on it to make it better. Lol. Seems like a pre-existing condition that ObamaCare came with … it keeps needing trillions to be better.
  • “Buy American” plan - $700 Billion. There is a manufacturing problem in America … the solution is spend a trillion on it and hope that it gets solved. But no idea what we are going to do with products worth $700 Billion that we purchase? And no idea why a trillion of American taxpayer money should be forcibly used for it.
  • Housing - $640 Billion. And here’s half a trillion for housing … where is this money coming from? No idea.
  • Opiod Plan - $125 Billion. See … every Democrat plan has a trillion or billions attached to it. We have an opiod problem in America because we did not spend $125 billion on it yet. If we spend $125 billion on it then we can hope that the problem will get solved.
  • Racial Equality - $30 Billion. Bingo! Dems have a plan to eliminate racial inequality … all they need is $30 billion and the 200 years of racism in America will go away and all of us will be friendly and loving people … all it takes is $30 billion to change American hearts and remove racism.
  • Civil Wars - $3 Trillion. Of course, this is not made public yet … we don’t talk about the spending that we will do in wars … it just happens when we sponsor non-stop civil wars in other countries.

If you see … the tiniest program that Biden has is of Racial Equality that will cost us $30 Billion … this is $10 Billion more than Trump’s wall. Democrats have not released the funds for the Border Wall … making a huge issue out of it … when in reality it serves National Security. And they come up with 500 times more spending than Trump … and they expect the American people to foolishly authorize this and give them the White House.

Democrat diagnosis of America’s problems: We are not spending enough money to solve problems
We need to spend tens of trillions to solve problems. Warren came up with $150 trillion in spending … Biden comes up with $10 Trillion in spending … while are already in $26 Trillion in debt. The total debt by the end of Biden’s Presidency will be $46 Trillion … including the existing $26 Trillion … plus $10 Trillion of new spending … plus $10 Trillion of increasing debt.

Democrats are taking America into a $46 Trillion mess … while solving absolutely no problem whatsoever. Democrats have learnt a little bit … a teeny tiny bit at Turtle speed … of not bombing other countries. But they haven’t learnt how to dodge disasters, how to avert civil wars … how to dodge massive media misleading … how to do things logically for the country and the people … how to surpass Establishment misleading from several angles … and how to win for the people. They are only obsessed with anti-Trumpism with a greedy candidate and ignorant policies … where they are falling for every type of Establishment misleading possible.

Compared to Turtle Democrats, Trump is Superman … within hours and days, President Trump has dodged every of Establishment malice possible … right from wars to Socialist disasters to natural calamities and Pandemics. President Trump is a “Crisis Champion” … whereas Democrats are a crisis in themselves. Saving America from Democrats is … saving America from a $46 Trillion mess.