08 Sep 2020
JewH390 Mr. Disaster competes with Mr. Stuck in a time of Establishment crises

Time to get to work, ladies … we have a President to make. I know that there is some anger and frustration against Trump because of his lack of action on the Establishment monopoly and no new policies being launched. But goodness and greatness is relative … its comparative … we need to see who is better prepared to lead America in a time of Establishment crises.

Our overall project is very huge … it changes the world order … it changes how life functions for billions of people in several spheres of life … it has large scale applicability in every sphere. For the Presidency … we don’t have to see how much Trump has accomplished in the project … but we need to evaluate which candidate is more suitable and capable of taking things forward from where we are. This will give us the right decision about 2020.

So, for a moment … leave aside your frustration and anger against Trump … and think neutrally. Keep your country in front … look at all of the crises that the Establishment has been creating since the past 4 years and see how each candidate is responding to each of these crises. This will give you an overview of the talent and capability of each candidate to lead America.

A Time of Establishment Crises
Here are some of the major crises that the Establishment has been creating since the past 4 years … now see how both of these candidates have responded to these crises.

Crisis 01. Wars
During the Trump Presidency, the Establishment attempted to create wars in the Koreas, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Turkey-Kurdish zones and Iran. The Establishment attempted to create wars in half a dozen countries … one by one … again and again. And what did President Trump do? How many wars did President Trump start? Nil … zero … none whatsoever.

How many trillions did President Trump spend in wars? How many years did President Trump spend in wars? Nil … zero … none whatsoever.

Democrat response to wars. Biden is a hardcore puppet of the Democrat Establishment. He will do whatever the Democrat Party will tell him to do. And if you look at what happened under Democrats then you will see that … Bush was bombing only two countries … Iraq and Afghanistan … but Democrats were bombing half a dozen countries. The entire two terms of Obama were spent in wars and trillions of American taxpayer money was spent in wars.

You might say … “okay, that stuff happened under Obama … now things are different.” No, my dear friend … the Establishment functions in both parties, irrespective of who the President is … the same shit show is pushed via both parties. If you see what happened very recently under the Trump Presidency during the “Turkey-Kurdish” conflict … then the entire Establishment media, Democrats and Republicans were being used to rally for support of Kurds. The entire country was being pushed to supply Kurds with funds and weapons. Nancy Pelosi herself supported this move and in fact she created a Congressional Committee to oversee and investigate President Trump’s actions in this issue.

Democrats wanted full support of the Kurds via funds and weapons. It would have led to a civil war in 4 different countries … because Kurds are spread across Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran … and in each country, they have separatist movements and they want a separate State of their own. Nancy Pelosi’s blunder would have created civil wars in 4 different countries out there … this would be 4 times worse than the civil war in Syria. One million people were killed and ten million people were displaced in Syria … but with the Kurdish issue … we could get 4 million people killed and 40 million people displaced from their homes. This was the disaster that Democrats were foolishly trying to create by surpassing President Trump and by following the media’s misleading.

But did President Trump allow this to happen? Thank Heavens … we have a guy with some commonsense in the White House … who has the balls to do what is right for the people and America. President Trump withstood everybody’s opposition … even the opposition of his own party … and he used commonsense and logic to do what is right. He ended up solving the crisis diplomatically within weeks … without firing a single bullet and without taking a single life. Millions of people saved their lives and tens of millions of homes were saved … thanks to God and the logical & people centric leadership of President Trump.

Biden’s Courage. Do you think that Biden has the courage to handle this crisis? Do you think that he has the courage and talent to rise above his party and the misleading of thousands of media outlets … and do what is right for the people? Biden is a scared chicken … who can’t even get out of his house and conduct some rallies … and talk to his people during this crisis. How on Earth will he stand up to the Establishment in these rattling and crazy times?

Crisis 02. Anti-Trump-Russia.
When the Establishment failed repeatedly in creating wars … they turned against Trump and Russia … because Trump and Russia were maintaining world peace and stability. The Establishment became totally helpless when Trump and Putin joined hands in stopping wars. This is one of the key reasons why the Establishment created a massive worldwide anti-Trump and anti-Russia propaganda. It was a bogus and full of shit propaganda that had no truth to it at all. In reality, Trump and Putin were the heroes that were saving the world … they were the ones that were saving millions of lives.

And if you see … how President Trump responded to this massive Russian collusion bullshit … not once did he turn against Russia and not once did he start any war. He stood rock solid on what was right … despite having a massive investigation against him … despite the FBI raiding the houses of his own family members … not once did he flip against Russia.

Democrat response to anti-Trump-Russia propaganda. Everybody knew that this investigation and propaganda was full of shit … but since it had a little bit of benefit for party politics … Democrats ridiculously supported the anti-Russia propaganda. Even today Biden is making anti-Russian statements … only God knows why. Russia did absolutely nothing to America or American citizens. This only shows that Biden and Democrats fall for Establishment media misleading … and they allow the media to dictate their moves.

Mr. Biden … you are running for President … not the media. You are the one who is supposed to lead and make the decisions … not the media. The media is not an elected entity … it’s a bunch of for-profit corporate entities owned by the Establishment. Try to listen to the people and not a bunch of corporations, Mr. Biden.

Crisis 03. Climate Change and Clean Energy
Once SM Groups got involved and successfully failed the Russian Collusion bullshit … the Establishment understood that there are going to be no new wars under Trump … Trump cannot be taken down, he is fiercely protected by several SM Groups and Putin is becoming a President for life. So, the anti-Trump-Russia propaganda also failed miserably … since both candidates targeted in this propaganda … Trump and Putin … both of their political stand only got enhanced and consolidated.

So, they created and promoted a new crisis of Climate Change and Clean Energy. A simple formula to identify “an Establishment created crisis” is:

  • A threat will be shown to the people
  • And the solution to save the people from that threat is … spend trillions of taxpayer money

This is how you identify an Establishment scam. The entire War on Terror was run using the same principle … a threat was shown to the people and trillions were spent trying to save the people from the threat. Lol. The Climate Change propaganda is designed exactly on the same lines … a threat is shown to the people … which is climate change, apparently … and in order to save the people from this threat … we need to start spending trillions of our taxpayer money. The whole thing is nothing but a scam.

Now, if you see President Trump’s response to this crisis … how many trillions did he spend? Nil … zero … none whatsoever. It seems like a very simple decision … but this simple logical decision is saving trillions of American taxpayer money. This is the right thing to do for America and the American people.

Democrat response to Climate Change. On the other hand, if you see the Democrat response to this crisis then … Warren wanted to spend $100 Trillion … Biden still wants to spend $2 Trillion. President Trump has made America the world’s largest oil producer … America can create wealth to the tune of trillions via oil, gas and coal. But Democrats want to shut down all resources that create trillions in new wealth … and instead, they want to blow up trillions on clean energy resources that don’t exist.

Again over here you see the Democrats and Biden, who is very strongly controlled by the Democrat Party, they are again falling for Establishment misleading that will drain trillions of American wealth and put it into the hands of the same Establishment. This is not leadership … this is a complete disaster.

Crisis 04. Pandemics
When the Establishment saw that Warren had been taken down … they understood that their climate change propaganda has been busted. Warren was the only one that they were banking on misleading America and foolishly trapping America into a massive wealth drain scam. When they lost on Climate Change … they unleashed Pandemics in the world.

What you are seeing here is basically two things … a malicious Establishment unleashing one disastrous scheme after another and on the other hand, you are also seeing … the fantastic leadership of President Trump in a time of repeated crisis. You are seeing President Trump’s fantastic patience, management skills, superb team building skills, tactically dismantling the malicious scheme and doing what is right for America and the people.

President Trump created world records in his response to the pandemic. He worked on a dozen different tracks … pulling the best corporations, innovators and scientists … to give the best service that every State and City could receive. Had President Trump not come into action and not worked on so many tracks of ventilators, medicines, hospitals, hospital beds, hospital supplies, testing, innovation in every sphere and fast tracking government approval for every item … then we could have lost the lives of millions of Americans. This time President Trump didn’t only dodge a war … but he was on a war footing saving the lives of millions of American citizens. He literally showed himself as a “war hero”.

Democrat response to the pandemic. The problem with Democrats is that … they don’t know shit what is going on … thus they fall for every type of misleading created by the Establishment. The biggest blunders that Democrats created during the pandemic is “mass spending and keeping cities shut down” … both of them have cost trillions for the country.

President Trump asked for only $2 Billion to work on the pandemic … Democrats said … “no, no, no … take $8 Billion.” Trump said … fine, I will take it. Then they said … take $800 billion … then they said … take $1 Trillion … then they said … take $2 Trillion … and they still want to keep spending trillions more and more. Lol. Ow, Jesus Christ!

They want to keep everything shut down and keep spending trillions till the country crashes, I guess. And then they have the audacity to blame Trump for the pandemic. “Hello … excuse me, my friends … President Trump did not create the virus … he did not bring the virus … the virus is killing the people and not the President.” They can’t show one single step that they would have done better than President Trump in this crisis … not one single step. The only thing that they will say foolishly is … “testing, testing, testing … tracking, tracking, tracking”. President Trump has done a dozen more things than that … that too, at a record breaking level.

Crisis 05. Police Violence – Rioting
Yes, yes … you are seeing very correctly … one crisis doesn’t even finish and the Establishment unleashes the next crisis. We are not yet done with the Pandemic and we have rioting in the cities on the basis of Police violence. Since months rioting is going on in several cities in America.

Again if you see … who is bringing peace in these riot ravaged cities? President Trump. It is the Democrat Mayors and Governors who are refusing the help of the President to end this rioting. Democrat Mayors are literally allowing the ravaging of their cities via rioting and looting. How is this commonsense and how is this the right thing to do … that you allow your people to be abused and allow your cities to be looted? Its ridiculous.

Crisis 06. Back to anti-Islamic Activities
I was actually waiting to see … which is the next Establishment scheme that will be launched after Police violence? And bingo! We are back to anti-Islamic activities in the West … the Quran is being burnt and cartoons of the Prophet are being drawn. There are basically two objectives of these activities.

  • Massacre Jews in the Middle East. There are peace treaties being created with Israel and countries in the Middle East. But when Israeli Jews will travel to GCC countries and when there are events like the burning of the Quran by Jewish Establishment elements in the West … then it is easy to facilitate the massacre of Israeli Jews in the Middle East. This massacre can be used to create wars or it can be used to humiliate President Trump when these peace treaties fail.
  • Back to Radical Islam and Wars. The Establishment is preparing for Biden’s win … who is mostly a puppet of the Democrat Party. Biden has no say in the leadership of the country … he is a rubber-stamp candidate … starting wars will be as easy as tic tac toe under Biden. These events are just warm-up activities for a war with Iran under Biden. Iran is the next target of the Establishment.

These are just some of the malicious schemes of the Establishment … there are many more schemes that have been launched, busted and stopped under the Trump Presidency. I understand the frustration and anger against President Trump for not breaking monopoly and not launching new policies … but see what is going on. See what President Trump has been doing and see what Democrats and Biden have been doing.

On one hand you have a great President … who is using logic, commonsense and doing what is right for America and the American people. And on the other hand, we have a scared chicken who is a rubber stamp of the Democrat Party … who will do everything that the Establishment wants it to do.

Breakup of the monopoly will come … but this is the basics. Dodging Establishment malice is the basics … dodging wars and financial catastrophes are the basics. Trump has very successfully passed the basic level … which is why, America is still intact. Democrats and Biden are flunking in the basics again and again and again … in every malice and scheme.

President Trump is the True Champion for Change
If you haven’t noticed … not only President Trump has successfully dismantled and surpassed Establishment malice … but he has kept every promise that he has made. He said he will build a wall … he is building a wall … he said he will take care of veterans … he is taking care of veterans … he said he will stand up to China and Europe … he is standing up to China and Europe … he said, he will keep America First and People First … he is keeping America First and People First.

Many people might not agree to President Trump’s style … but he is a good person with a caring heart … and in none of his speeches you will see that he is lying or misleading the people. He means what he says … and he does what he says … he walks the talk. President Trump is the true champion for change.

He is not like routine politicians like Biden and Hillary … who tell the people what they want to hear because they want our votes … and then do what their corporate buddies want them to do. If you see in every malicious scheme … Democrats and Biden are supporting the malice of the Establishment. Not only Biden is not the right leader for America right now … but many SM Groups see him as a clear imposter.

Who would you choose to lead America? A true champion for change … or a clear imposter?