11 Aug 2020
JewH389 Seeing through Chaos

Establishment hypocrisy in anti-Trumpism
Let me show you something interesting. This page should be useful for Trump and Democrats. All of us are seeing that there is a lot of anti-Trump propaganda from the media. There are hundreds of media outlets making noise against Trump … creating a chaos of their own. But interestingly, even this chaos is very calculated, managed and directed with very specific objectives. You will see wonderful hypocrisy even in the anti-Trump chaos that the Establishment media creates.

No Media Intervention
Take a look at the below moves … Trump boldly brags about these moves again and again … but there is nearly zero media intervention in these moves.

  • Tax Cuts - $2 Trillion Debt. Trump repeatedly brags that he gave the highest tax cuts ever and that the Democrats will raise your taxes. When in reality if you see … 80% of the benefit of these tax cuts are going to the top 1% and these tax cuts have created a debt of $2 Trillion already. But there is no noise from the media about it.
  • $2 Trillion in Military Spending. Trump also brags about the massive spending that he does on the military … about $2 Trillion already spent … but again the media is weirdly silent about it. No intervention whatsoever.
  • Gun Violence – Second Amendment. Trump also brags about securing the Second Amendment and allowing people to own guns when about 30,000 Americans die every year due to gun violence. Even then, there is no noise or chaos created about this move also from the media.

Why? Why is the media turning a blind eye to the above moves? Why is there no intervention and chaos … and yelling and screaming from the Establishment media about these activities? Because it is the Establishment that is actually benefiting from these moves … every single move gets the Establishment elements trillions of dollars. That’s why there is no chaos … no intervention … no noise making against Trump on these moves.

Full-scale Media Intervention
And interestingly, if you see … the same Establishment media that remains silent on guns, military and tax cuts … see their response on the below activities.

  • Pro-Russia and Pro-Putin. The entire Establishment media freaked out over Trump’s positive and constructive relations with Russia. To the extent that the whole Mueller Investigation was carried out on the Russian collusion bullshit. Why? Because, not only there is no benefit for the Establishment in this … but it also stops a war with Russia that the Establishment wanted. Its about peace for the people … who gives a shit about peace? They want war.
  • Tariffs against China. Trump put tariffs against China and the media went ballistic over this move as well. Why? Again it is the Establishment manufacturing located in China that gets affected. The Establishment has nothing to gain when industries move back to America … they have to pay 10 times in labor cost in America. Good for the American people but bad for the Establishment … thus, the screaming and yelling. “The economy will go down! The stock market will be affected because of tariffs!” All of that was bullshit … nothing happened … we got a roaring economy and a stock market. It was all nonsense noise making.
  • Largest oil producer in the world. Trump makes America the largest oil producer in the world … instead of recognizing his fantastic achievement … the Establishment created a propaganda against fossil fuels … against the use of coal, oil and gas … and started promoting clean energy.
  • Climate Change! Trump pulled America from the Paris Accord and the Establishment went ballistic against Trump. Why? Because oil makes trillions for America and climate change propaganda drains trillions from America and puts these trillions in the hands of the same Establishment owned companies. Since Trump is not going with the Establishment’s climate change bullshit … the Establishment is not getting the trillions associated with it. Therefore, Trump is the bad guy. The right thing to do is … spend trillions on climate change … and allow the Establishment to rip us off of trillions more.
  • Open the Economy. Even in the pandemic … when we are losing 20 million jobs a month … the Establishment media was against Trump opening the country. Why? Because there is no benefit for the Establishment when everything normalizes. If the fear propaganda continues and the shutdowns continue … we take trillions of loans from the bankers and go trillions in debt … giving them hundreds of billions in more income via interest.

Calculated Chaos – Establishment created, managed and directed for self-benefit
These are just some examples … where you are seeing complete hypocrisy of the same Establishment media in their anti-Trumpism. Anti-Trumpism is calculated chaos … whenever Trump is doing anything good for the country and the people … that results in peace and economic progress … the Establishment is staunchly against it and openly condemns it. The Establishment media is openly condemning things that are good for the people.

But at the same time … when trillions are being drained from the country via tax cuts, military spending and the Second Amendment because of which tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year … the Establishment is rejoicing it … celebrating it … supporting it … and not making any noise about it. This is not just open and clear hypocrisy … but this is calculated chaos … which is far more dangerous.

The Establishment uses its hundreds of media outlets to make noise … to mislead the country … to mold the psychology of the people … and push them into making wrong and hurtful decisions for the country. This is the biggest danger of “calculated chaos” where hundreds of media outlets are misused to mislead the country on a disastrous path.

Well, is it working? Hell yes, it is working … take a look.

Democrat Re-Election Platform
Because of this mass misleading … because of this calculated chaos … this is what we are getting from the Democrat side.

  • Relying on anti-Trumpism for wins. More than a dozen Democrats wanted to defeat Trump and become President … and they thought that they would win because of the anti-Trumpism in the media. Dems are relying on anti-Trumpism for wins and they are getting failure after failure after failure … because they don’t realize that they are relying on the activities of a Satanic Establishment that are simply hollow and baseless.
  • Anti-Russia and Anti-Putin. Democrats are making anti-Russia and anti-Putin statements … only because of the anti-Trumpism in the media for good relations with Russia … which is kind of childish and ridiculous. It doesn’t show that you are a leader … it just shows that a bunch of media outlets can change your decisions.
  • Climate Change. Since Trump is not spending trillions on climate change … Democrats want to spend trillions on climate change. Warren wanted to spend $100 trillion … Biden wants to spend $2 Trillion. Why? Where is the logic in spending trillions on climate change … when the whole thing can be solved at the cost of peanuts?
  • Stop oil and make clean energy. Dems are following the media and Establishment’s puppets to such an extent that … they are coming up with programs to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels and use only clean energy in America. Technically, that means … kill the trillions in revenue that you can get from oil and spend trillions of money that you don’t have to create clean energy. Total genius. The Establishment doesn’t want America to make trillions from oil, coal and gas … but America should spend trillions in making clean energy … and Democrats are making that their election platform.
  • Manifesto with the Devil. Trump is draining out Establishment puppets by the hundreds from various government positions but Democrats are creating manifestoes with the Devil. Warren was a hardcore Bernie Sanders follower … she copy pasted all of Bernie’s policies … and Biden has also signed a manifesto with Bernie … he is collaborating with Bernie in all of his disastrous anti-American Socialist policies. Anti-Trumpism has reached an extreme in the Democrat party … because of which Dems are failing. Dems are not able to see between right and wrong … good or bad … whatever is anti-Trump, they want to go for it.
  • Against opening of the country. Many Democrats are against the opening of the country. We are losing 20 million jobs per month owing to shut downs … and Dems are blaming Trump for the cases and deaths … and want more and more shut downs … and trillions in more handouts. When in reality, there is no shutdown required in Covid … the trick to manage Covid is early detection and cure … this is being done in India for $1 per day … while America is spending trillions to combat Covid.

Establishment’s calculated chaos is creating the Democrat Platform
This is what the Democrat Party doesn’t realize … they are falling for the traps of the Devil. All of these are activities of calculated chaos to mislead the country … create disasters for the people … and drain trillions of the country’s wealth into the hands of the Establishment. The more you fall for the media content … the more disasters you are stacking in your policies. You are buying all of the anti-Trumpism in the media and allowing the Devil to dictate your platform. This is one of the key reasons why Democrats will fail in 2020.

Okay, I agree … Trump has the tax cuts, military spending and the Second Amendment issues. But these were the mistakes that Trump made in his first year. We did not work on it … and we did not give him the solutions for it. There are easy ways he can manage all of these issues. But there is a long list where Trump has already won … he has already dodged these disasters … he didn’t give a shit what the media said … and he did what is right for America and the American people despite all of the media pressure. This is exactly what you are not realizing and falling for disasters.

Trump is winning when he is not spending trillions of American taxpayer money on stupid climate change propaganda … Trump is winning when he is making America the world’s largest producer of oil … Trump is winning when he is opening the country and creating millions of jobs per month. When Trump is winning … America is winning.

One guy standing out there is managing the silly pressure from thousands of media outlets … then how can Democrats not manage this when they are supposed to be the senior and more experienced ones in the game? You guys were supposed to be better than Trump … you got several more years of experience on this. Well, I guess Trump’s use of facts and logic … and the continuous training that we gave him on a daily basis … has pulled him so far ahead in the game that you guys are still stuck with the Devil. Even today, you have no idea of Trump’s lead in the game … of how he is already winning in so many spheres … and how far behind you guys are. Quit your manifestoes with the Devil … and learn the game.