30 Jul 2020
JewH388 Covid cure costs one dollar a day in India complete cure costs 15 dollars for 2 weeks

Prices of medications for Covid being used in India

Dexamethasone is taken once daily … and the rest can be taken twice daily. The total cost of Covid cure in India is less than $1 per day. The complete cure costs $15 for 2 weeks. This is exactly how Covid is being treated in India in its early stages and India already has more than one million recoveries using these medications.

Coronavirus – the whole damn thing is a massive scam – the biggest scam after War on Terror
The cure for Covid costs just 15 bucks … okay, even if the drug prices in the US and Europe are 100-300% higher … even then the entire cost of curing Covid should be just 50 bucks. But instead of that happening … look how the Establishment has been scamming, misleading and exploiting the world with trillions of dollars.

  • Creation and spread. Firstly, it was created and spread via China. China misled the world with wrong information that animal to human transmission was not possible … they allowed Chinese people to travel all over the world while locking down Wuhan. It was maliciously created and spread across the world.
  • Product based malice. The spread in China and in the West was largely “product based spread”. South Korea got the virus and they vaporized it within months … because it was only normal spread. But since America and Europe were the key targets … a massive spread was created via product based transmission … via tweaked products.
  • Fear marketing. Once this intense level of infection created via product based malice started killing people … massive fear marketing was created to show Corona as an incurable and deadly disease … owing to which the entire country should shut down. When in reality, South Korea vaporized the virus without any shut down at all … there was no shut down in South Korea.
  • Trillions in economic losses. The damn thing can be cured with just $1 per day … but owing to the Establishment’s intense infections via products … the creation of deaths and massive fear marketing … we got trillions in economic losses.
  • Medical products selling at several times the price. A ventilator that is supposed to cost $25,000 was being sold for $50,000 … to help in an infection that can be cured with $1 per day. Masks, medical supplies and medical supplies were being “auctioned” to the highest bidder. Everything was being sold several times its normal price … it is complete total loot.
  • Vaccine. Even for the production of the vaccine … it is privatized and commercialized. Even the vaccine information is not being collectively shared among different countries. About 700,000 people have died owing to this stupid virus … can’t the damn WHO step up and create guidelines to share information so that the vaccine can be made faster. To add to that … they are trying to blame Russia for “stealing information” related to the vaccine. They don’t realize that it is simply embarrassing that Russia has to “steal” this information. This research should have been collectively worked upon.
  • Not promoting effective medications. Dexamethasone costs just 10 cents per tablet … WHO already knows that it is a highly effective medication that is curing one third of critically ill patients … but they don’t even care to guide and promote these medications in other countries. Forget about promoting the right medications … they are trying to suppress and provide misleading information about HydroxyChloroquine which is also saving a lot of lives.
  • Keen on shutting down the country again. Every single step of this pandemic has been malicious and misleading … causing us the highest damage in cost and lives. Pandemic specialists like Fauci and WHO want the shutdown of countries again … owing to the second wave. If 98% of the people can easily survive this virus … then why are we asking for 100% of the people to stay at home? Why are we asking for trillions in more economic losses and tens of millions of more jobless people in America?
  • Focused only in fear mongering. The Establishment is only focused on fear mongering and negative information about the pandemic. “Ow my God, so many cases are rising! So many people are dying! We have to shut down countries!! We have to do more and more testing!” Its been almost 9 months in this pandemic … for how long is the fear mongering going to continue? Especially when other countries are easily curing their people for just $1 a day?

The truth about Covid

  • Its Corona not Cyanide. You don’t die the moment it touches you. Don’t fear Corona. It is easily curable in the early stages.
  • 95-98% survive. Even if you have a severe infection … even then 95-98% of the people survive this virus. Most of the cases are mild infection … but even if the infection is severe … even then 95-98% of the people are surviving this virus.
  • Late cure, age or complications. The 2-5% of the people who are dying … it is only because of very late cure where their age is very high or they have other complications. But if you cure this in its early stages … the moment you notice any symptoms … then you have a near 100% survival rate.
  • Cure it, the moment you notice it. Covid cure costs just $1 per day … cure it, the moment you notice it. Don’t wait on it … don’t allow symptoms to become severe … cure it, the moment you notice it … and it will feel nothing more than ordinary flu or fever … for some, there are hardly any symptoms at all. Covid is easily curable for $1 a day.

A vaccine that creates immunity can take time
The vaccine will be a major game changer … but this is what President Trump needs to know. These are the issues that the vaccine can have.

  • 50-60% cure. Firstly, it may cure only 50-60% of the people. It may not have 100% efficacy. Which means that … despite the vaccine 40-50% of the people will still have Covid.
  • Immunity not guaranteed. It’s a good thing that we have fast tracked the vaccine production and approvals … but immunity from Corona may not be guaranteed. Which means that … the 50-60% of the people that the vaccine will cure … they may get Covid again.

The vaccine will help in curing by the masses … but it will not cure all of the people and it may not provide immunity from the virus as such. The development of a vaccine that cures 100% of the people and also provides immunity from the disease … it may take 2-3 years for that to happen. Which means that … we are looking at the existence of Coronavirus in the world for 2-3 years more.

To add to the bad news … we are hitting about 75K cases per day and 1200 deaths per day … the Establishment is already working at another series of shut downs. We have to kill this fear propaganda and fast track the cure.

Major issues creating the fatalities
If you see there are two major issues that are creating fatalities in this crisis.

  • Late cure. People are waiting for things to get worse … or they are locked in a lengthy process before they get the right medications … in both situations, we are getting people with intense infections. The key to win against Corona is early detection and elimination. The earlier you detect it, the easier to eliminate it. We already have very cost effective medications that are successfully saving people from Corona.
  • Product based malice. Another reason why people are getting intense level of infections is … tweaked products being supplied by the Establishment that contain the virus. The people don’t know that the product contains Corona and they use it again and again and again … thus giving them an intense infection. But even in this scenario … if the person can detect his symptoms … even then he can be saved easily.

We have to work on strategies for “instant detection and instant cure” … the faster you detect and the faster you cure … the more and easier you save lives.

Kill the fear propaganda – Fast track the cure
The bottom line of Corona is that … it is not Cyanide … you don’t die the moment it touches you … and you can easily cure it with just $1 a day in the early stages. You have to design strategies … so that people can get the earliest treatment possible … he knows that he has Corona and he should be able to begin the cure within 5 minutes.

  • There should be no requirement for health insurance
  • No testing required
  • No appointment with the Doctor required and no prescription required
  • He or she should be able to walk to the pharmacy and pick the required medication and cure himself / herself instantly
  • The treatment process should be as easy as treating ordinary cough or cold

This is exactly what will kill the fear associated with Corona. Some techniques for this are:

  • Self-Medication. The drugs being used are proven, safe and generic. Provide guidelines to the general people of correctly detecting Corona in the early stages itself. Such as, loss of sense in taste, smell or hearing are unique to Corona. Guidelines should be provided to people based upon their age … so that they can self-medicate. Just like treating ordinary cough or cold … the person picks the medications for Corona and treats himself. If things go well in 3-4 days … then its fine … or he can see a doctor.
  • Medical Helpline. If people want to talk to a Doctor … Doctors should be available over a helpline … so that they can consult the patient as per his or her needs. If it’s a young and healthy adult … the Doctor recommends the medications on the phone itself. If the Doctor sees some complications with the patient’s health background or if the symptoms are severe … then the Doctor can give him or her an appointment.
  • Online Support. We are in the world of internet … a global village. If online medical help is provided via chat consultation … then one Doctor can talk to simultaneously 5 patients at a time. Here also … as the majority of the cases of Covid are mild infections … the treatment can be provided by the professionals via online consultations.

Some people may object to Self-Medication options … but definitely, professional medical advice can be provided over the phone and online chat as well.

Benefits of these 3 Options

  • Instant cure at earliest detection. All 3 options provide you with instant cure at the earliest detection possible. In all 3 cases … the patient doesn’t need health insurance, testing to be done or requiring a personal visit to the Doctor. In the conventional process … the person is waiting in long queues to get tested … and then takes appointment … and then buys medicines as per prescription. But these 3 options eliminate these time consuming and virus spreading obstacles.
  • Greatly reduces hospital workload. When people are using self-medication and support is provided to them via phone and online helplines … then hundreds of thousands of people get support via online mode. This brings a huge reduction in the flow of patients to testing sites and hospitals.
  • Optimizes Medical Staff. With the huge flow of inpatients, the requirement of medical staff became a huge challenge. But with these online procedures, Doctors can sit at any corner of the country and provide consultation services. It will greatly reduce the work load on the Doctors in the hospitals.
  • Great reduction in critical cases. The best part would be … since you have eliminated the disease, the moment you have detected it … then it brings a great reduction in the critical cases that require hospitalizations and ventilators. Thus it will save lives enormously.

Measures to take
These are the measures that President Trump needs to take.

  • No prescription. The first thing that you need to do is … make sure that these drugs are available on the counter … with no prescription required. Dexamethasone, Azithromycin, Zinc Acetate and Vitamin C.
  • Medication Availability. Make sure that these medications are available. Generally they are available … but the moment, masses start buying them … you might need stocks. An easy way to control stocks is … don’t sell one person more than 15 days of medications each. Each person should get only 15 days of medication … because that’s what one person would need.
  • Setup helplines. And then provide self-medication guidance and setup helplines to offer telephone and online support to possible Covid patients. Doctors are allowed to provide online support. This can be done at the State level or National level or both.
  • No testing or health insurance. In the above process, testing should not be obligatory. If he can get tested easily without much hassle then well and fine … but it should not be obligatory. The same applies to health insurance. There should be no requirement for any health insurance for online consulting. Anyone and everyone living in America should be able to use the help line without any insurance or personal information required.
  • Promote in the media. Make a nice televised show out of this … use your press conferences for it. Crush the fear propaganda surrounding this stupid virus. Show the world that this virus can be stopped with just $1 per day. And then bring some people who won against this virus in the media … people who won against the virus in the early stages. They should show everyone how easy it was … how they didn’t feel anything and how they killed the virus, the moment they noticed it.
  • Huge boost in public confidence. This fast tracked process … where the patient gets his treatment within 5 minutes and gets cured for $1 a day … this will create a huge boost in public confidence against the virus. This will help in the reopening of the country, investing, working and normalization of America.

Possible 20 million cases out there
There are not 2 million active cases in America … it is possibly ten times higher … it could be 20 million cases out there right now. People might not even know that they have it. Based upon the track that the Establishment is taking … they are aiming at another spike in cases, deaths and want another shut down of the country … which is utterly ridiculous. We are blowing up trillions on something that should cost the person just $1 a day. And even if we bring the vaccine in the market … it will not cure 100% nor will it provide immunity … which means that everyone will still remain susceptible to the virus. We are looking at the continuation of this problem possibly for the next 2-3 years till we have a 100% working vaccine that creates immunity.

That’s why we need an extremely fast tracked process of identifying symptoms and providing instant cure to the people online itself. The victory against the virus is … instant detection and instant cure … it should be done at the earliest stage possible. We need to work on these strategies to pull America out of this crisis.