29 Jul 2020
JewH387 President Trump needs to create Self-Medication options for Coronavirus

Time to save some lives, President Trump! The number of cases are hitting 75K per day and the number of deaths are touching 1,200 per day. The country cannot afford to go back into Corona mode again. We have to eliminate this bullshit crisis and get our country out of this mess. Here is something that the West can learn from India.

Medications being given to Covid patients in India
India is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pharmaceutical products and it is also the largest manufacturer of vaccines and also of the Covid vaccine. India literally supplies the world for its medical needs. These are the current medications being given to Covid patients in India.

  • HCQS 200 (HydroxyChloroquine) ... anti-inflammatory
  • Dexona (Dexamethasone) - a steroid, anti-inflammatory ... works like HCQ
  • Azithromycin 500mg - Antibiotic
  • Zocef CV - 500mg (Cefuroxime Axetil and Potassium Clavulanate) - Anibiotic ... works like Azithromycin
  • Zinc Acetate
  • Vitamin C - 500mg

Owing to the above medications … almost one million people have been saved from Coronavirus in India. India has a recovery rate of about 64% as of now and fatalities of only 2% … which means that 98% of the people are surviving Covid in India.

The bullshit around HydroxyChloroquine
The negative reports and studies about HydroxyChloroquine is pure malice and politics. Such negative reports are created only to delay the cure of this deadly disease and to show Trump in negative light. HCQ has been highly effective in South Korea before and it is still being used in several countries in Asia, South America and around the world.

However, it is advisable for President Trump not to stick only to HCQ. There are more effective medications being used other than HCQ. For example … Dexamethasone. Here is the WHO report on the same:


Let alone curing people with mild infections … Dexamethasone has proven to cure one third of all critically ill patients as well.

WHO not promoting and suggesting effective medications
If Dexamethasone is so effective that it cures one third of critically ill patients … why the hell is WHO not promoting and suggesting the same to treat Covid in the West? Why is WHO only talking about the spread, social distancing and testing? Why aren’t they actively working on the cure and not promoting effective medications?

Well, its good that Trump pulled funding from WHO … they don’t give a shit about American lives … why should we keep giving them billions of our money?

Benefits of Dexamethasone
Here are some quick facts of Dexamethasone and Covid.

  • Costs Cents. 10 tablets of Dexamethasone costs less than $1 … each tablet costs less than 10 cents.
  • Highly Effective and Safe. It’s an anti-inflammatory steroid that is highly effective and safe. The main damage that Coronavirus does is via “inflammations” in the internal organs. If you can’t kill the virus … but if you stop the inflammations caused by this virus … then you render the virus totally useless. This is exactly what Dexamethasone does.
  • FDA approved and available worldwide. It is already FDA approved and available almost all across the world.
  • Off the counter medication. It is so safe that in most countries you can buy it off the shelf without any prescription.
  • Saves even critically ill patients. Dexamethasone is so effective that it is proven to save 33% of even critically ill patients … let alone curing patients with mild infections.

This is one place President Trump can take credit. This is a good medication but it is being buried by WHO … they are not talking about it and not promoting it. They are not promoting it … because it will kill the fear that Corona has created. “Corona can be cured with a tablet that costs just 10 cents”. If this is spread in the news and everyone knows about it … then it will kill the entire fear propaganda of the Establishment around Coronavirus. President Trump should step in … promote Dexamethasone … and take credit for it … just like he did for HCQ. He will have both medications under his belt.

Why developing countries are doing better than the West?
Another thing that you might have observed is that … developing countries from Asia and South America are doing much better than the Western countries in their response to the pandemic. The recovery rates are high and the number of deaths are less.

Immediate medication results in immediate cure
The main reason for this better performance is … “immediate medications result in immediate cure”. Almost all medications in the East are available off the counter … no prescriptions are required. So, if you feel sick … you get cured within 5 minutes … all you need to do is take a walk to the pharmacy and pick the right medication. If you know what you have to take for your sickness … then …

  • There is no health insurance required
  • There is no test to be taken
  • There is no visit to the Doctor required
  • There is no prescription required
  • There is no prescription required for refills
  • You get instant cure within 5 minutes
  • You cure yourself at the cost of peanuts

All you need to know is … what’s going on and what medication you have to use. But in the West …

  • You need a health insurance
  • You have to get tested … stand in the damn queue to get tested
  • You have to take an appointment to visit the Doctor
  • You have to take the damn prescription that the Doctor will give … you don’t have the liberty to pick your own medication
  • Without a prescription the pharmacy will not give you the medicines
  • You will not even get a refill without a new prescription … which means taking another appointment and going to the same Doctor all over again
  • You are locked in a system that costs thousands of dollars for each person
  • And it takes weeks and weeks to start the cure that should have started the moment you noticed the symptoms
  • Something that should have been cured in 5 minutes and should have cost peanuts … you spend weeks to get the cure … where the infection spreads more and more … and you spend thousands of dollars to cure yourself through a system that you are locked in.

This is the key difference between the treatment in the West and the East … and seems like that the East is more effective in terms of healthcare.

Promote Self-Medications for Covid
This is another place where President Trump needs to show leadership and also take credit for it. One is promote Dexamethasone … and the second place is … promote self-medication for Covid. Discuss with your team of medical specialists … and come up with detailed instructions for the use of medications for Covid by people themselves … who notice mild symptoms.

You can easily do this via Dexamethasone … because it costs a mere 10 cents for each tablet. Covid can be killed with 10 cents per tablet. This is the truth. Dexamethasone is so safe that it is sold off the counter. HydroxyChloroquine required supervised treatment … so, for self-medication leave out HCQ … focus on Dexamethasone. This are your meds for Covid:

  • Dexamethasone
  • Azithromycin or Cefuroxime Axetil
  • Zinc Acetate
  • Vitamin C

This combination is showing fantastic results for mild symptoms and its curing even one third of critically ill patients.

  • You have to sit with your medical experts and create a “self-medication prescription for Covid” … where people can cure themselves at the slightest show of symptoms.
  • We have already enlisted all of the symptoms associated with Covid
  • You can suggest the doses as per the age of the person … provide recommendations for special cases of pregnant women and people with prior conditions.

Two Scenarios Ahead
This will create two scenarios ahead.

  • Successful Cure. The majority of the cases will see a successful cure. If people are getting symptoms of cough, cold, fever, dampness in sense of taste & hearing … let them try self-medication for 3-4 days … if they are feeling better and get cured then well and good.
  • Go to the Doctor. Just in case, their condition is not improving and its becoming worse … then go to the Doctor. They should not medicate themselves to death … if things are not improving … then they should go to the Doctor … its commonsense.

Please keep in mind … nobody is forcing the people to opt for self-medication … it will be an option that will be available for everyone. Those who are sensitive and have special conditions … they should obviously see the Doctor first. You can also specify the age-groups that can self-medicate.

  • Specify the exact symptoms to observe
  • Specify which age groups can self-medicate
  • Specify doses for each age group
  • Specify health conditions for self-medication

If the person is young and healthy … and he is observing symptoms of Covid … then he can treat himself as easy as treating cough and flu.

Benefits of Self-Medication for Covid

  • Actual number of cases could be 10 times high. This means that we could have about 20 million active cases out there and people might not even know that they have Covid. And when we put them through the entire process … where they get tested successfully … and go to the Doctor … and start the treatment … we are actually creating more spread of the virus in their bodies during this time. We are not curing them … but we are making it real worse for them before we start the cure.
  • Worse the infection, more the hospitalizations. More slow is the cure … worse the infection becomes … which creates more and more hospitalizations. If people don’t have to get tested or visit the doctor … and they can instantly cure themselves for 10 cents … then it will vaporize the creation of these critically ill patients and greatly reduce the load of patients on the hospitals.
  • People with no health insurance dying silently. There is a huge section of people in America … especially the undocumented immigrants who don’t have a health insurance. Since they don’t have health insurance … they can’t get the treatment for Covid since they can’t go through the current process. This creates a huge segment of people who can’t get the treatment … owing to which they spread Covid in the cities … and die silently. But if we make everything off the counter … then every single person can get treatment for Covid that costs mere cents.
  • Will bring instant cure to the millions. The actual number of cases might be about 20 million … but people don’t go for the cure because they have to go through the entire process. But if you change this to … something as simple as self-medication … then it brings instant cure to millions of people.
  • Very cheap and rapid cure. Dexamethasone, Arithromycin, Zinc and Vitamin C … these are the cheapest medications available out there. Not only it is going to be extremely cost effective for the people … but it will save the government trillions in losses that we are going through because of this shit.
  • Kills the fear propaganda. At the country level if you see … the moment you come up with simple self-medication options for Covid … that cost a few cents … then it immediately kills the fear propaganda of this virus. The moment people will know that “Corona can be cured with a tablet of 10 cents” then it changes the entire perception of Corona. People will go to work … investors will invest … the country will normalize again.
  • Its Corona not Cyanide. As of now, we are fearing Corona as it is Cyanide … wearing masks, don’t touch this and don’t touch that … staying away from each other … because we are fearing the worst case scenario of critically ill patients dying with Corona. Well, you don’t have to get critically ill because you can cure the damn thing with just 10 cents.
  • No more shutdown. The Establishment is aiming for another wave of the virus and deaths … so that the country can be shut down all over again. You can stop the country from shutting down … when you cure the people the moment they notice any symptoms. Self-medication options will help you root out the problem before it becomes worse. It will save the country by the trillions. We are spending trillions so that people can buy food and pay rent … which is plain crazy. We should kill the fear with effective tactics that cost the people pennies … and not go for blind shutdowns that cost us trillions.
  • Elections. Yes, and when it comes to elections … if you implement Nationwide self-medication tactics … then you will see a huge drop in the number of cases … people will not be lining up to get tested … they will just take the medications and cure themselves. This will result in a huge drop in hospitalizations and deaths … which will result in the opening of the country more and more with huge confidence. Thus the Presidential candidates will be able to conduct campaign rallies and people will be able to go out and vote in person.

A new victory for Trump
This is a new victory that President Trump has to take under his hood. All credit will be yours … not only you will provide the cure for pennies … but you will also successfully kill the fear associated with it … which will result in the entire comeback of America.