26 Jul 2020
JewH386 America needs leadership against the Establishment’s Bioterrorism to end the Pandemic

America is facing Bioterrorism
Yes, America is facing bioterrorism. Nothing is normal about this pandemic … everything is pure Establishment malice … right from the creation of the pandemic to its spread, misinformation, response, shutting down of countries, the purchase of medications and supplies by bidding and the creation of the vaccines. There is misleading in everything at every stage … which is putting us on the most destructive and the most expensive path possible … which is creating maximum death and economic destruction for America.

The Establishment’s Statement: Europe won and Trump failed
What the Establishment is trying to say now is that … Europe won and Trump failed. Right now, the number of cases in many European countries is simply in double digits … 20-30 cases per day … but in America we are hitting 75,000 cases per day. In several European countries … the number of deaths per day is zero … but in America we are hitting about 1000 deaths per day.

This spread of the virus in America “during the peak of summer” … when the problem is already over in many countries around the world … is nothing but pure Establishment malice. We have about 100 days to election … if America remains on this track … then the total number of cases before elections will be about 9-10 million cases and the total number of deaths will be about 250,000 deaths. These are very bad numbers.

Normal and Malicious Routes
This is not a normal pandemic … we are dealing with “bioterrorism”. It is a must to work on both type of routes to end the pandemic … normal and malicious routes … it is then that you can get an easy victory against the pandemic.

Based upon SM requests … we will be helping both candidates to rise and lead in this pandemic … Trump and Biden. This pandemic works as a critical test to show the right type of Presidential leadership … where you rise to protect and save your people and show your leadership qualities, talent and skills.

President Trump – Scores 50 out of 100 till date
President Trump has done a great job in working on all of the “normal routes” to combat this pandemic. He created world records in his response to the pandemic. But he has not yet successfully worked on all of the “malicious routes” to end the spread of the virus and to limit the number of deaths in the country. Thus he doesn’t get 100 out of 100 … but he gets 50 out of 100.

Trump still needs to create systems to combat the product based malicious spread in the country … creation of systems for quality control and checks are required … the use of intelligence and security agencies is required … and there is a need to put a check on the supply of medications and use of medical procedures in the treatment. Some information has already been given on our website regarding these issues. Trump is still lagging in controlling Establishment malice in this crisis.

Ex-Vice President Biden – Scores 25 out of 100 till date
Democrats got a good score in their response to the Police violence crisis … but they are doing terrible in the pandemic. Yes, Trump is failing in the pandemic … so, it might be a good opportunity to show your leadership and get approval from the people in this crisis. These are a few things that you should know before you can actually lead in this crisis.

Blind anti-Trumpism will lead to failure
Firstly, don’t sit there simply blaming Trump for the number of cases and deaths in the country. You need to use facts and logic to do what is right for the country. Blindly being against Trump will lead to your failure. Yes, these numbers are right … but its not Trump’s fault. What people will see is … what you are trying to do as President … what do you have to offer? When you offer nothing … do nothing … have no solutions … and just blame Trump … then it doesn’t work in your favor. It can backfire. As a leader of the nation … you have to show solutions … you have to solve the problem. Losers blame each other … leaders solve the problem. Do you want to be a loser or a leader? That’s why … quit blaming Trump and start leading the country … that’s, if you want to be President.

Screw Fauci
Secondly, screw Fauci … just because he is against Trump … it doesn’t make him right. The guy is supposed to be the best pandemic expert in the country … but the only thing that he is doing is … running the Establishment’s propaganda of fear mongering and creating maximum economic damage by asking for the continuous shut down of the country.

Fauci only wants more and more and more testing … which creates millions of cases … which creates fear among the people. Fauci wants more shut down of cities and States. We lost 40 million jobs within 2 months of shutdown … each month of shutdown cost us 20 million jobs. This pandemic genius is supposed to work on the most effective medications and expedite the vaccines to end this pandemic … that is his job. His job is not to create fear mongering, create trillions in economic losses for the country, create tens of millions of job losses for the people and he is trying to do this by blindly going against the President. I would have kicked his ass.

Do not follow Fauci … medical experts need to use the science to end the disease and the pandemic … and not use the pandemic to screw the country. Use logic and practically do things that are good for the country.

Democrats score 25 out of 100 in the pandemic
That’s mainly because … you have done nothing in this pandemic. You get 25 for the relief efforts … but even the trillions of economic packages … that was simply over spending and not properly organized. You spent about $3 Trillion in economic relief … if your spending was right then why did we get 40 million unemployed people? If this economic relief was to help the businesses and protect the jobs … then why did we get 40 million people unemployed?

These are some of your bad moves in the pandemic:

  • Overspending in trillions in a very unorganized manner … despite the trillions in spending we still got 40 million people unemployed.
  • You were sitting there and blaming Trump since months … but not offering any solutions to end the pandemic. If Trump is not able to successfully end it … then what are you doing? Aren’t you the elected leaders of America as well? Where is your leadership? Step forward and solve the problem.
  • Following Fauci and shutting down the country is a disastrous move that you want to take. It will cost us 20 million jobs per month. Trump is right in keeping the country open.

Winning by surpassing Trump
By going against Trump … you will lose. Like we said before … you can win … but only by surpassing Trump. You cannot go against the right moves that Trump has already taken … because it will put you on the wrong side. You have to realize and accept the right moves that have been taken … and take the country forward to fix the crisis.

When the normal routes are concerned … Trump has created world records in each route. But he lags in taking action in the “malicious routes” of the Establishment to end this pandemic. This is what you need to understand … how the Establishment is maliciously spreading this virus and how you can end this malicious spread? If you come up with laws and systems to end their malice … it will greatly help to end the pandemic. Till date, Democrats have shown no understanding or knowledge of the Establishment malice in this crisis … nor have they put forward any system or regulation to combat this malice.

This is what a great leader would do … he would protect his people from every type of malice possible. Yes, Trump is failing in this crisis and it is a great opportunity for Biden and Democrats to show fantastic leadership. But you can show this fantastic leadership … only when you understand the routes of malice and create the right systems to end their malice … and not by doing the opposite of Trump and creating trillions and trillions of more losses for the country.

I have already put a lot of information on the pandemic and all routes that have to be worked upon on this site. It contains information on both routes … normal and malicious. America is the biggest target of Establishment malice in the pandemic. And this pandemic is a test for Presidential Leadership for both … Trump and Biden. It’s a very good opportunity to take the country on your side.