24 Jul 2020
JewH385 The Dawn of a New Era has Begun

Here is some interesting information. I generally don’t put this kind of information on this site but it is quite relevant to the book “The Lovely Jewish History”. This page should be useful for all SM Groups, Obamas and Trump.

With Dreams comes Responsibility
Generally … with power comes responsibility … but for me it was … with dreams comes responsibility. I was shown the Establishment crisis in America and the West via dreams … the Establishment’s monopoly, its exploitation, abuse and leeching of wealth from the country and the people … and I was also shown the formulas for success in these crises. But I had no power to deal with this crisis on my own … the world’s largest bankers, corporations and powerful countries were involved … and I was a total nobody to stop these wars.

Mass genocide was being carried out under these false and bogus wars … and nobody was stepping forward to stop these wars. So I said … screw it … quit waiting for others to come into action … let’s step forward to stop this shit. I had the dreams … so, I felt responsible in stopping this genocide and fixing these problems. I studied the whole damn thing … interestingly, I also got sweeping support from SM Groups … and reached all the way to the White House and Kremlin to stop these wars.

Uneasiness over no new dreams
I am sitting in Indonesia … with no new dreams since a few months. It was making me uneasy as to why I am not getting any more new dreams. Am I doing something wrong? Have I already been given all of the information that I needed? Am I on the right track? Is this going to work out or not? I need a sign … I need a sign that I am on the right track.

My heart keeps asking for a sign … and nothing shows up for months … no dreams and no signs. However, I still continue doing the work … researching and guiding the White House and SM Groups what to do in each scenario.

Malaysia – The Lovely Jewish History
I had collected a lot of information on Establishment malice, their history, ideology and how they work. It required a separate book on its own … I started writing the book “The Lovely Jewish History” in Malaysia on 17th August 2015. I started writing everything about this Satanic Establishment … to guide SM Groups and the White House on the current issues.

Russia – Noah Mode
I am travelling to Russia after a few months … and I get the feeling that I am in “Noah Mode”. I am like … Noah? No thanks … I am not a big fan of Noah. I like him and respect him as a Prophet … but he could have been better. He got the entire mankind killed except for a few who followed him. I would not have built the boat … I would have asked for more time from God … I would have passed the work to my next generations … I would have asked for miracles to convince that I am a true Prophet. I would stand in front of God’s wrath … protect my people and ask for more time, miracles and guidance to help my people. I would not allow my people to be killed. I would use God's mercy to stop God's wrath.

Yes, may be … I want to create a new era of people power and a new era for the world also began during Noah … may be, that’s a similarity. But I do not want the flood and the deaths of the masses … I want to protect the masses and only eliminate the most Satanic who are running mass exploitation systems.

A combo of Jesus and Noah
I thought … owing to this type of work … I had more similarities with Jesus. Because in one of my early dreams … I was shown on a small boat … tied to a Cross … the radiations on me were so strong that they were affecting all of my internal organs as well. This dream had actually come true … it was referring to the Matrix based malice of abuse via tweaked products and EMF fields.

I was shown on a Cross … because Jesus was crucified by the Satanic witchcraft lovers. I understood that the Matrix system was designed and run by a Satanic Establishment. I am a man of facts … and I don’t believe in whatever I see … I need the associated relevant facts. My work is against a Satanic Establishment … the techniques that they used against Jesus was … power, politics, demonization and false information … they called him a mad man and a magician … showed him as a threat and as a negative person. I see the same gimmicks used against me sometimes … of false information, demonization and of politics and power.

My work was more in sync with Jesus … but Noah … I don’t know. I thought … let facts prove themselves. I don’t mind if its going to be multi-Prophet profile … a combo of Jesus and Noah is fine. I am fighting against a Satanic Establishment like Jesus and creating a new era like Noah … again, I don’t like to do it like Noah … but he also created a new era and so am I … so, I am fine with that similarity. Let’s see what happens next.  

Coalition to end the War on Terror
I am travelling around the world … from Russia to Serbia to Turkey to Iran and to Russia again to Turkey. I am feeling like Noah’s Ark … travelling in a storm that I am creating. I look around … I don’t see any storm and I don’t see mankind dying in front of me … so, I am fine with the work. I continue to write page after page in the Lovely Jewish History. I create coalitions to stop the Establishment’s malice and this ridiculous War on Terror. I connect SM Groups, the White House, the Kremlin, Iran, Turkey and the European Union … to understand what is going on … and to stop these ridiculous wars.

Obama does a huge amount of work … only the supply of funds and weapons had to be cut off from these war zones. Trump gets elected and the first thing that he does is … cut off the supply of funds and weapons in these war zones. This literally vaporizes terrorism and the War on Terror.

The Ship docks at Ararat
I wrote this article on 9th March 2018.

During this time … I had to move out of Turkey. I am looking for the next best suitable country … I check out Armenia … I do a little bit of background study on Armenia and I see the information on Ararat … the mount where Noah’s ark landed. Lol … I am like … you got to be kidding me … seriously? This country is right next to Turkey and my ship is supposed to dock at Ararat?

I don’t know … I was not sure … because I also found the information on Armenian Genocide in my research. I am a Muslim and I was not sure if they will give me a visa and allow me to stay in their country. I thought … whatever … let’s give it a shot … let’s see if I am actually in Noah Mode … and if I will be able to dock at Ararat or not.

I get my visa but I miss the flight … I am like … shit, this is bad … may be, I am not supposed to go to this country … I never missed a flight before. So, I apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan … interestingly, my visa gets rejected for Kyrgyzstan … and the only option I have is to go to Armenia. So, I give it a second shot … I get the flight and I am given entry without any problems.

Asked for a sign? Here it is!
Interestingly, the first residence where I was staying in Armenia … it was on a hilly location with a little high altitude … from the portico of the building … I could see Mount Ararat right in front of me. I was literally laughing my ass off … Holy shit! I asked for a sign and here it was right in front of me … the beautiful Mount Ararat right in front of me.

“Noah ended all Satanism and malice … and started a new era for the world. You have vaporized terrorism … and vaporized the War on Terror … now a new era for the entire world will begin.” And I land near Ararat … like Noah.

From dreams to reality
Till date everything was in dreams … something that I only saw. There was no authentic legitimacy for these dreams … are these dreams from God or the Devil or just some imagination? But now dreams were turning into reality.  I realized that … I was not getting any more new dreams … because I was asking for a “sign” and not for more dreams. I asked for a sign … and God sails me around the world … makes me start writing a book … which turns into a storm … a storm that would not create floods and drown people … but a storm that would enlighten people and help them do what is right. He ends the War on Terror … and places me right in front of Ararat.

I am like … am I loving this or what?! Now, how do I share this information with SM Groups … I have shared all dreams with them. What if the new era doesn’t begin? That would be embarrassing. What if new wars start again? So, I thought … let’s wait … this is too big of a deal. Let’s see the facts first.

Go back to Ararat
I am waiting for things to begin … I am promising Dems and Trump the launch of a new era. They are trying to get in touch with me … but owing to some bullshit false information and gimmicks … it was being stalled. Several months pass by … I am like … okay, nothing is starting … thank God, I did not share this information publicly … it would have been embarrassing.

So, let’s move on to the next country as I needed a Residence Permit and the procedures to get a Residence Permit in Georgia were easy. I get my visa for Georgia and I am going to Georgia. I travel all the way to the border of Georgia by train and they say … your entry is rejected … go back to Ararat.

I was upset that my entry in Georgia was rejected … but I was glad to come back to Ararat … as it gave me hope for the start of a new era from this historic place.

Hammer out Socialism, Warren and Bernie
And guess what I would do sitting near Ararat? I hammer out Democrat’s Socialist policies … I eliminate Warren and Bernie from the Presidential race. Till date, we were just stopping wars … but now the use of facts and logic was being implemented in a fantastic manner at the domestic level … that we were able to identify and eliminate policies and candidates with disastrous policies.

First Rays of a New Dawn
Here is where I saw the first rays of a new dawn … of a people centric era … of an era of people power … where facts and logic came first … and not authority and power. We were able to change politicians and policies … and do what is better for the country and the people … using facts and logic.

Yes, the dawn of a beautiful new era has begun … and these were the first rays of this dawn. Now, I have the facts with me … I can share this information among SM Groups.

Ararat … a new era for everyone
Here is how the similarities function in the Noah Mode.

  • Noah … I am technically Noah … who is creating this new era. A combo of Jesus and Noah, actually.
  • Noah’s Ark … it is the protection that is given to me by SM Groups and Obamas … that secures me in this storm … that helps me work and travel.
  • Noah’s Storm … thankfully, I did not end mankind … in fact, I stopped the genocide of the masses. The storm was this book “The Lovely Jewish History” itself. We did not flood the world and drowned the people … but we enlightened the people and helped them do what is right.
  • A New Era … a new era for the world … God willingly … is beginning from Ararat again.

Why Ararat?
Because it is for all mankind … for Jews, Christians and Muslims … and everyone … Noah started a new world for all mankind. We will also launch policies that will be applicable for and function for all mankind. Secondly because … it’s a beautiful sign … that is accepted by the people of all divine religions that came after Noah … almost all Prophets and divine religions recognize and accept the authenticity of Noah and Ararat. Thirdly, it also shows that the dreams were not from the freaking devil … they were from a good source and we are not the right track.

Dream Challengers
In the early years of the work … I used to have dream challengers … who used to say … “why do you follow this guy’s dreams … they might be Satanic illusions … or he must be day dreaming” and they used to use every gimmick possible to demonize and delegitimize me.

Arguing with them was a waste of time … as I didn’t have anything in real time to prove myself. So, I used to tell SM Groups … “don’t follow the dreams … the dreams are just for me … all of you should follow facts and logic”. But now … its not just dreams, my dear friends.

Coalitions win against the Establishment
I am writing about this today because … not only I am at Ararat … where a new era of logic and facts has begun … but as per another dream … coalitions is the way to win against the Establishment … this was a winning formula that was given to us.

That’s why we helped Obama create coalitions with Russia, Europe, Iran and Turkey to fight off ISIS and terrorism in the Middle East … that’s how we won against the Establishment. We killed their multi-trillion dollar 20 year old war propaganda of genocide. I was a nobody … but thanks to God, SM Groups, Obamas, Putin, Trump, Ivanka and everyone who helped us … we did it.

Similarly, now we are working on creating coalitions to kill Establishment malice within America. Today, one thousand Americans are dying almost every day due to domestic level of malice by the same Establishment. A new era will begin in America via a coalition … the interesting thing to observe will be … whose coalition it is going to be …

  • Trump and Democrats. Is it going to be a coalition of Trump and Democrats?
  • Biden and Democrats. Or is it going to be a coalition of Biden with his top Democrats?

Yes, this darkness will go away … light is going to come soon in America. The only thing that I am waiting to see is … who is going to hold the torch … Biden or Trump? God and victory is with us.

I love you Big Guy! I believe in you!