04 Jul 2020
JewH384 The Satanic Establishment turns Genocide towards America

Genocide – From Middle East to America
During this pandemic, we can see a few cases of clear “Establishment malice via monopoly”. One of them is genocide itself. For 20 years America was kept occupied in the War on Terror … which was like a curse for the Middle East countries that created non-stop genocide in their cities. When this bogus and ridiculous and disastrous War on Terror ended … the Satanic Establishment turned the genocide towards America itself.

The key purpose of the War on Terror was to keep America occupied and to deviate America from its debt crisis. The concept of terror was used to keep on piling up more and more debt on America so that the country collapses under debt like Greece or via war against Russia. When wars were failed … the Establishment started using “pandemics”. Till date, we have lost more than 130,000 American citizens to this pandemic. The War on Terror was genocide in plain sight in the Middle East … this pandemic is genocide in plain sight for America.

Product base malicious spread – 3 million cases
The main target country for this pandemic was America. The Establishment used product based malicious spread to create as many infections as possible in America … we are headed to 3 million cases now. Anything that you eat, drink or apply on your skin can be tweaked to carry the virus. The government has no idea of how this product based malicious spread is happening or how to monitor and control it.

Second wave of the virus during Summer
In all European countries, the number of cases and deaths are going down … they are winning even without the vaccine. But unusually in America … the number of cases has been at an incredibly high of 20K cases per day … and it is rising to 50K cases per day, that too, during Summer. Almost every European country has reopened and they are back in business … and they are telling America that … “no, you should shut down your country … because these high number of cases is because of lifting the lockdowns.” If the number of cases triple when you lift the lockdowns then why didn’t the cases triple in Europe? Why is there no peak of hospitalizations in Europe? Why is everything going towards normal in Europe and why the opposite is happening in America?

This is pure Establishment malice … this spread of the virus is product based in America. This is how the virus is being mainly spread across the country.

Tweaking Medications – HydroxyChloroquine and Remdesivir
Now, when President Trump is coming into action to provide all available medications to the infected American people … then even the medications are being tweaked. HydroxyChloroquine is a successful medication used in other countries to cure Covid-19. But in America we are getting alternating reports for this medication. Some are saying that it is effective and some are saying … no, it is weakening the body and making the person more prone to maximum damage by the virus. How can something like this happen … that the same medication cures someone and the same medication weakens and kills someone?

This is the problem with Establishment monopoly … the guys who created the virus … they are the ones who are supplying the medicines as well. We are relying on the same Satanic Establishment to cure us from this disease. They are tweaking the formula of HydroxyChloroquine to weaken the person instead of curing him … thus killing the person when he is given the medication.

But in some studies where the right formula is used … it is showing good results. This is the curse of Establishment monopoly that America lives with. We have no control and checks over our own medications.

Interestingly, with the backlash that HydroxyChloroquine faced … its competitor Remdesivir got a boost. Firstly, Trump was not buying Remdesivir … so, they donated a few million tablets. When HydroxyChloroquine was failed by tweaking its formula and Remdesivir showed good results … automatically Remdesivir got the monopoly in the treatment. Now, we are paying and buying huge quantities of Remdesivir.

The government is helpless in this tweaking game … because the Establishment network manufactures both medications. They will fail one formula and give one correct formula … and you have to buy what they tell you to buy.

Germany and Turkey doing phenomenally well
On the other hand, if you observe Germany and Turkey … both of these countries did phenomenally well in the pandemic. Germany has a recovery rate of 92% and Turkey has a recovery rate of 87% … the key reason for success in both of these countries is that … they do not have the Satanic Establishment manufacturing their products and medications. They have good technological knowhow and good control over what is supplied in their countries … thereby they are able to better protect their people. Thus both of these countries did absolutely great in the pandemic.

USA – the largest Christian country in the world controlled by a Satanic Establishment
This is the bare truth that America faces today … it is the largest Christian country in the world … but it is indirectly controlled by a Satanic Establishment.

  • 20 years of War on Terror. This Satanic Establishment made us spend 20 years killing innocent people who had done no harm to America. When did Iraq ever attack us? Or Libya or Syria? These countries never harmed America … but we destroyed these countries … because of the malicious misleading of the Establishment.
  • Turns Genocide towards America. This same malicious Satanic Establishment has turned its genocidal activities towards America now. More than 130,000 American citizens have died in plain sight. We should realize that our enemy is not on the other side of the Ocean … our enemy lives among us.
  • Medications. Medicines are being supplied in our country … medicines should cure and not kill the person.
  • Products. Products being supplied in the country should give good health to the people … not be used as a transmission channel for the virus.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturing is being done by a Satanic Establishment … that doesn’t see us as human beings … but sees us as sheep and cattle … that must be maintained in fear and control.
  • Media. The media doesn’t serve the people … but it runs bogus propaganda that only mislead the country.
  • A Helpless Government. Today, hundreds of thousands are dying in plain sight … we are just struggling to stay alive. Millions of us are getting infected and our government has no idea what the hell is going on.

We celebrate the 4th of July today
Yes, we celebrate the 4th of July today … the largest Christian country in the world … celebrates Independence Day today. But little we realize that 330 million American citizens in the largest Christian country in the world … are indirectly enslaved by a Satanic Establishment. Today, Black people are angry at racism and have painful memories of slavery. But White people … Black, Latin and Asian … all of them don’t realize that they are indirectly enslaved by a Satanic Establishment … that is choosing to kill or leave them alive.

Should I say … Happy 4th of July … or should I say … wake the hell up and take your country back!