03 Jul 2020
JewH383 The Second Wave of Coronavirus shows the Curse of Establishment Monopoly in America

Second Wave of Coronavirus during Summer
There is a second wave of Coronavirus in America and the number of hospitalizations are increasing rapidly. This is something that everyone knows … but the unusual thing about this is that … the virus is spreading during “summer”. As per science and the facts all around the world … the number of cases go down during summer … because the heat kills the virus. This is very obvious commonsense.

But very unusually and out of the norm … there is a second wave of the virus during summer in America. Everyone was expecting the second wave to hit during winter and we would be prepared to handle the virus next year. Here’s what’s exactly going on.

Alerts of the Second Wave
The Establishment media outlets started alerts of a “Second Wave” about two months ago. If you observe … what else happened two months ago?

  • Trump started opening America.
  • Opening of businesses means immediate hiring … all of the businesses who laid off their workers, they start hiring again … which means a huge boom in jobs and economy.
  • The Establishment already knew that the moment you open the country … all of the jobs lost will be recovered again and Trump would get a booming economy again.
  • The very purpose of unleashing the Coronavirus was to destroy America’s economy before the elections so that it helps in taking down the Trump Presidency.
  • But to the Establishment’s surprise, nothing bad happened for Trump … in fact, he got a huge rise in polls and approval ratings during the pandemic. Trump created world records in his response to the pandemic. And with the opening of the country, Trump would be back on track for re-election with a massive recovering economy.

Thus, the moment Trump started opening the country … our lovely Establishment started sending alerts of a “second wave” of the Coronavirus. This is a typical Establishment behavior of “testing the event in the media” before actually making it happen. This is what they did during the 20 years of War on Terror. First, they would put in the media that “more attacks are planned! More attacks are planned!” Then after a few days some attack would happen. Now, how the hell did this media outlet know that an attack would happen? The Intelligence Agencies don’t know … the FBI doesn’t know … the CIA doesn’t know … but this media outlet knows … how? What is the connection between the media outlet and a terrorist attack? Exactly, it’s the same Establishment network.

Second Wave – America Vs Europe
This is what you need to see about the “Second Wave” of the Coronavirus. These are the number of cases and deaths in Europe and America since the past two weeks.

  • Italy. Since the past two weeks … they brought the number of cases down from 300 to 200 per day and they brought the number of deaths from 40 to 30 per day. There is no Second Wave in Italy.
  • UK. They brought down the number of cases from 1300 to 600 per day and the number of deaths came down from 60 to 30 per day … in the past two weeks. There is no Second Wave in the UK.
  • France. The number of cases from France rose slightly from 600 to 700 but France is able to get zero deaths per day as well. There doesn’t seem to be a Second Wave in France as well.
  • Spain. The number of cases has been consistent at almost 400 and the number of deaths was zero for many days. No Second Wave in Spain either.
  • Germany. The number of cases went down from 600 to 500 per day and the number of deaths went down from 25 to 10 per day. No Second Wave in Germany either.
  • America. But now if you look at America, then the number of cases went up from 20K to 57K per day … that is almost 3 times high. However the number of deaths dropped from 800 to 700 per day. But the number of hospitalizations is peaking at several places across the country … which means that even the fatalities can increase in the coming months.

What you are seeing here is a huge difference of what is happening in Europe and what is happening America. Firstly, when compared to South Korea … Europe was very badly hit … and compared to Europe, America was even more badly hit. But now, everything is normalizing in Europe and America is getting hit 3 times worse than before.

False Information: The virus is spreading because we are lifting lockdowns too early
Yeah, this is bullshit information. Take a look at one chart shown on CNN to show that lifting of the lockdowns was deadly for the country.


They are trying to justify the rise in number of cases in America by comparing it with Brazil, India and Russia … when in reality, all of these 4 countries are totally different in nature.

  • Brazil. Brazil always had rising number of cases because their President did not take all measures to combat the pandemic and secondly, because of the slums. Social distancing is not possible in slums … so doesn’t matter if you keep the country open or shut down, the virus still spreads in the slums. The rise in cases in Brazil is not because they lifted the lockdowns.
  • India. The Indian Government shut down the country for 2 months but still the cases were continuously rising … because of the same reason as Brazil … slums … Social distancing is a luxury that people in slums cannot afford. One family lives in one room … how do you expect Social distancing in one room?
  • Russia. Russia did not even bother to let the number of cases to go down because it did not want to suffer the massive and continuous economic damage. They followed Turkey’s model of keeping the country running while managing the pandemic.

All of these 3 countries are incorrect examples of trying to justify the rise in the number of cases in America by 3 times.

Product based malicious spread in America
America followed everything that was done in Europe … in fact, Trump did much better than European countries to combat the malice. If America did everything that Europe did … then like Europe, the virus should have vanished already. In many European countries the number of deaths is zero per day and the number of cases are in two digits. Why is there sky rocketing increase in the number of cases and why is there sky rocketing increase in the hospitalizations as well in America?

This brings us to “product based” malicious spread of the virus in America. We wrote about this how it is done in the previous pages. Anything that you eat or drink or apply on your skin … can be tweaked to contain the virus. This is something that the Establishment can easily do owing to its monopoly in the products that are supplied in America.

No Second Wave – the Trump Presidency is the target here
There is no “second wave” of the Coronavirus … and it is not because of opening the country. America is the target of product based malicious spread of the virus by the Establishment. This brings us to the question … why target America? Why not Germany or France or Italy? Because the key target here is the Trump Presidency. More the chaos, more the deaths, more the number of cases … easier to remove Trump from the White House.

One of the main reasons why Coronavirus was unleashed so that it reaches America just before elections and shuts down the entire country … it was to adversely affect the Trump Presidency in the elections. It was to shatter the economy and make Trump’s re-election difficult. But when President Trump got a fantastic victory over this pandemic … this heartless, cold, ruthless, self-serving and Satanic Establishment they are tripling the spread of the virus to worsen everything in the country before elections.

A high number of hospitalizations also means the possibility of increasing number of fatalities in the coming months. The number of cases has already tripled per day … if number of deaths also triple … then it will reflect badly on the Trump Presidency. But in reality, it is not Trump’s fault … this is Establishment malice via its monopoly.

Establishment Monopoly is a Curse for the People and the Country
Till date, we saw genocidal activities of the Establishment in the Middle East via the American Government. The Middle East was under 20 years of curse via the War on Terror. But now, this curse has turned on America … 130K American citizens dead, 40 million jobless and $3 Trillion in losses … after all of this, the number of cases is tripling. Heh … Jesus Christ.

What to do?
This is what President Trump needs to do to manage this … you are already quite good at it. You can manage it.

  • Medications. We already have the necessary number of beds, ventilators and equipment needed. Make sure that all alternate medications are available to save as many American lives as possible.
  • Get the damn Vaccine. Start implementing the vaccine … sooner, the better. Even if it can be done today then do it. Don’t wait till one month before elections to use the vaccine. Start using it right now … it will help you to fantastically reduce the number of cases … which will help you to reduce the fatalities. Get the vaccine.
  • Don’t shut down the country. “Trump opened the country too early … lifting lockdowns is deadly” … all of this is bullshit information. This spread is not because of lifting lockdowns … it is product based malicious spread. Follow Turkey’s and Russia’s example … keep everything running … while keeping the children and the old safe. Do not start shutting down the country again … this is what the Establishment would want you to do … to suffer even more devastating economic losses.

Don't let them destroy America.