02 Jul 2020
JewH382 Many don’t realize that Trump is a fantastic “World Peace Champion”

Trump avoided war in half a dozen different countries
President Trump faces a lot of hollow and baseless aggression from the media. But if we look beyond this anti-Trump noise and look at the actual facts … then the President stopped wars in half a dozen different countries. The Establishment was maliciously creating events and scenarios for war at various places around the world … and the President, in every instance, kept America safe and the world safe from any war.

  • Syria. Chemical attacks were designed in Syria to take America into a war with Iran which would automatically turn into a war against Russia. Trump stopped any further escalation of the conflict and successfully stopped a major war from being created.
  • North Korea. Trump successfully stopped a nuclear war from being created in the Koreas and instead created history of peace in the Koreas.
  • Venezuela. If America had supported the opposition in Venezuela with arms and ammunition then there would be another Syria created in South America. Trump successfully managed this situation and did not allow the creation of another civil war in the world. Not only Trump did not supply weapons in Venezuela but he was strongly against any other country in the region from supplying weapons in this conflict.
  • Iran. Several attempts for war were created against Iran … via the downing of the US Drone, attacks on oil tankers and even the targeted killing of General Soleimani. But in every scenario, President Trump did not allow a war to begin with Iran.
  • Turkey-Kurds. There was a major outcry in the Turkey-Kurdish issue … if weapons were supplied to Kurds then it would lead to civil wars in 4 surrounding countries. Trump successfully solves this crisis by pulling Russia in the scene and peacefully solving the crisis.
  • Russia. There has been non-stop demonization of the Trump Presidency regarding Russia and even a massive investigation was launched. Not once did President Trump buckle and turn against Russia.

The Truth
The real truth about leadership is that … Democrats bombed half a dozen different countries and did not successfully stop the wars in 8 years. But President Trump … did not only wipe out terrorism and stopped all existing wars … but he also stopped new wars from being created in half a dozen countries around the world. He did this within a few years and his first term is not even over yet.

This is the real truth that one needs to see … beyond the chaos and the anti-Trump noise making from the media.

Elected officials run the country and not the media
This is what the Democrats need to learn from President Trump … Trump is not jumping for everything that is put in the media. The media does not run the country … the people have not elected the media to run the country. The people have elected the President, the Congress, the Governors and Mayors to run the country. It is the job of the elected officials to run the country.

This is how a Democracy is supposed to function … the elected officials run the country. Then why are we jumping for any nonsense news put in the media? Since when does the media dictate what the President and the Congress should do? The media is nothing but a “for profit corporate entity” that makes money off the news that it provides. That too … 90% of this entity is owned by an Establishment that is Satanic in nature. Why on Earth should we be the puppets of a Satanic entity?

The media puts some bullshit news of Russian bounties for US troops and we are demanding action against Russia … and a Congressional hearing on this issue. The information is itself not verified … there is no authenticity to it … and we are jumping for whatever is put in the media. This type of leadership is simply ridiculous.

Being anti-Russia won’t work
Another thing that Democrats should understand is that … being against Trump and Russia during election year will not help. It will backfire. Good relations with Russia is good for America and the world. This is basic commonsense. Being against this will backfire on your leadership and chances of getting elected.

The anti-Trump-Russia propaganda has been fully investigated and busted by many SM Groups. It is a failed propaganda. No good is going to come off it and it will not help you in elections.

President Trump – Leading with Logic and Facts
Democrats got a good victory with the Police violence issue. There are a thousand Americans being killed every year by the Police and yes, aggressive force by the Police must be controlled. But when it comes to World Peace … it is President Trump that has a massive lead in the field. He is 100% right in not worsening relations with Russia over some silly Fake News. It is this continuous world peace that Trump is maintaining … this is what’s leading to fantastic economic records.

Democrats jumping for the Russian bounties story reminds me of Hillary’s nonsensical leadership. Remember in 2016 elections … I said that “Trump has commonsense … and this is why he should be made President.” This is what a guy with commonsense does … he logically evaluates what happened and takes the right logical action to address the issue. This is what was missing in Bush’s and Hillary’s leadership … no commonsense was being used to do what is right for the country.

Trump changed America’s direction from nonsense to commonsense. He is practically making the right decisions that are good for America and the American citizens … and this is giving him an upper hand over all leaders in Washington. This is why he has zero disasters under his leadership and he has only good moves that take the country forward. Some leaders follow Establishment orders … some follow Party orders … some follow media misleading … and Trump follows facts and logic … this is why Trump is winning against others.