23 Jun 2020
JewH381 The Establishment is using “Radical Islam Tactics” in the Police Violence Crisis in America

Here is some interesting information that will help America to deal with its current Police Violence crisis. This is a crisis created, promoted, managed and directed by the Establishment … just like Radical Islam was. Radical Islam was also a crisis created, promoted, managed and directed by the same Establishment. And here is your evidence for that … you can clearly see Radical Islam tactics being used in the Police Violence crisis in America.

Peaceful People – tainted by Violent Groups
If you see the War on Terror and Radical Islam propaganda that was run around the world for 20 years … but the billions of Muslims living in the world were actually peaceful people. The terrorism was carried out via a few sponsored groups. The activities of these groups were used to tarnish the image of Islam and the billions of Muslim people around the world.

Similarly, if you see … tens of thousands of Black people are protesting against Police violence … the majority of them are totally peaceful … but their protests are being tainted by a few violent groups that are going around rioting, looting and vandalizing property.

If you see the media’s portrayal of this crisis … who were terrorists? Muslim people were terrorists. Who is looting and rioting? Black people are looting and rioting. But is this actually true? In reality, there are sponsored and managed groups who go around creating violence as and when needed. This violence has nothing to do with the peaceful masses.

Historic and ideological connections
When they start these violent activities with mass media propaganda … then they start making historic and ideological connections to flare up the conflict even more. To promote Radical Islam … they started telling lies that … the Quran teaches hate and violence. And now to promote the conflict between the Police and Black people … they are taking this all the way to slavery and confederate statues.

Activating the Masses via Racial Bias
They activate the masses by targeting a particular race or religion. These historic and ideological connections are exploited only to activate and infuriate the masses. With Radical Islam … Muslims were the target. With Police violence … Black people are the target.

When in reality … Muslims always stepped up and said that “Islam is a religion of peace” and in fact, many a times they also raised funds for any victims of the associated violence. And today, even the Black people are telling everyone “not to get violent … and to stay away from looting and violence”. In fact, there are groups of Black people going around protecting and providing First Aid to White people being targeted in the violence.

Government Vs People Conflict
If you saw in reality … the War on Terror was nothing but a … Government Vs People conflict. They were using the American Government against Muslim countries. And if you see the Police Violence crisis … it is again the American Government against Black people. They have designed it as a Government Vs People conflict.

In reality … only 1000 people die due to Police Violence in America. 60,000 people die due to drug overdose and 30,000 people die due to gun violence. Why doesn’t the Establishment media talk about these dying Americans? Because the Establishment makes billions via the sale of these drugs and guns. But when it comes to Police Vs Blacks … then it is a Government Vs People conflict … where the Establishment doesn’t lose any money … and gets to maintain the country in chaos.

Violence and Destruction
The end result of the Radical Islam propaganda was nothing but the death of more than a million innocent people, half a dozen countries destroyed and tens of millions of people displaced from their homes. Via the Police violence crisis also … one of the first things that is being promoted is rioting, looting and vandalism bringing as much damage to the country as possible.

Occupation and territory control
If you remember … Al Qaeda and Radical Islam quickly turned into ISIS … the Islamic Caliphate … they started occupying large territories of Iraq and Syria. They ran their own law and controlled these territories with heavily armed people. You are seeing the same activity of “territory control” and the creation of autonomous zones in the heart of America in Washington via the Police Violence crisis as well. Radical elements are creating their own autonomous territories on American soil.

Event Mass Marketing
If any terror event was created or even if any Muslim guy was found with a knife … then the event would be overblown in the media. There would be mass marketing of the event. In the same manner, look at the Police violence crisis … if any Black man is killed by the Police there is large scale marketing of the event all across the US media. In reality if you see … every year about 1000 people are killed by the Police … out of which only 200 are Black … why don’t we hear of the remaining 800 people being killed by the police … 50% of whom happen to be White?

Why isn’t there marketing of a White guy being killed by a White Police officer? When in reality about 400 White people are being killed by the Police every year? This is selective marketing of particular events to create the required racial instability in the country.

Fear, Hate and Division
The purpose of the concept of Radical Islam was … creating fear, hate and division in the country. This is the main reason … why only Black people killed by the Police are promoted in the media. It is designed to create fear, hate and division in the country.

Misleading Response
When these select events are given massive promotion in the media … then the response to these events will also be misleading. The response to terror events was the bombing and destruction of half a dozen countries that had nothing to do with the event. Millions of innocent people were killed. Now, with the Police violence crisis also … the misleading response is … defund and abolish the Police … which would only create more instability and chaos in the country.

Deviation Tactic to Stagnate America
After 20 years of bullshit wars and a bullshit propaganda of Radical Islam … billions of Muslims still exist … Islam still exists … the Quran is still loved and followed around the world. But why aren’t buildings going down anymore? Why aren’t planes flying into buildings anymore? If terrorism was because of Muslims, Islam and Quran … then why has terrorism vaporized and … Muslims, Islam and the Quran still exist? Because the whole propaganda of Radical Islam was utter total bullshit that was manufactured by the Jewish Establishment … to deviate America and stagnate America in its debt crisis.

After 20 years of deviation and stagnation … today, the very successful Establishment has delivered a National debt of $26 Trillion to the American economy. And no Politician in America knows how to get rid of this God damn debt.

The Police Violence crisis is just another deviation tactic that is designed to deviate and stagnate America further into debt … and to keep the country occupied in chaos and violence.

Identify a thief by his tracks and techniques
You know … in criminal science … if a necklace is stolen and even if the thief is not present … even then, you can identify the thief by his tracks and the techniques used. I have identified 10 different similarities between the tactics used in Radical Islam and the Police violence crisis.

For 20 years, America was made to think that its enemy was on the other side of the Ocean … but my dear lovely America … your enemy is not on the other side of the Ocean. Your enemy lives among you.