22 Jun 2020
JewH380 Time for Michelle to Create Peace, Progress and Stability in America

America is at a historic moment where the Presidential candidates from both parties are Establishment independent. But many SM Groups are torn between Trump and Biden. On one side, we have a candidate who is showing excellent use of logic, management and implementation skills … but he is stuck and not able to take America forward. On the other side, we have a candidate who is keen on reforms and ready to crush the Establishment … but he has Socialist disasters under his hood. Here is where America needs Michelle Obama to step in and take America forward.

Trump Presidency
America is in a unique crisis where both parties have issues.

  • Advantages. Trump is showing fantastic use of logic & facts and he is able to accomplish tasks with great management and implementation skills. Trump has destroyed the Republican Establishment … he is totally party independent. And he has no war or financial catastrophes under his hood.
  • Disadvantages. Despite having good implementation skills … Trump is stuck and he is not able to move forward. He has no major reforms for America and does not have any plan to break Establishment monopoly. This is resulting in cycles of humiliation for him repeatedly where the Trump Presidency is ridiculed and abused by the Establishment. Now, with Corona even the massacre for the American people has begun. Not only the Trump Presidency is being abused … but the American People and America is facing massive losses. Trump has no plan to get out of this cycle of abuse from the Establishment … for himself or for America.

The Biden Presidency
On the other hand we have the Biden Presidency …

  • Advantages. Biden’s key advantages are that … he is Establishment independent … Democrats are keen on crushing the Establishment and creating major reforms for the country. And he is backed by Obamas who have a lot of Establishment experience … which means no news wars under Biden as well.
  • Disadvantages. However, despite all of the energy and courage … Democrats have Socialist disasters in their policies which are massive financial catastrophes. They have designed and follow policies only to be anti-Trump. They have not yet overcome the Democrat Establishment and follow party policies … unlike Trump. Biden happens to be a little bit brittle.

America stuck with two candidates with issues
America is at a historic moment of having both candidates Establishment independent. But it is stuck with two candidates with major issues. If we go with Trump with his current style and policies … then we get continued abuse of the Trump Presidency and America remains under Establishment exploitation for the next 4 years. If we go with Biden with his current style and policies … then we get Socialist disasters in America. America is having to choose between abuse and disasters.

Michelle Obama to America’s Rescue
Yes, my dear lovely lady … America needs Michelle Obama. One beautiful, bold, courageous and talented Black woman will save America.

We are in a lot of pressure to create the best options of taking America forward from the SM Network. Because that’s what we do … we do strategies of creating the best options for the country to move forward … and SM becomes the hands that implements the strategies … and power is given to those who work on strategies that are good for America.

Plan B – Best of Both Parties
One plan that we had suggested to take America forward was by … using the best skills from both parties.

  • Trump Leads and Implements. Since Trump has shown very good management and implementation skills … we had chosen Trump to lead and implement good policies for America. We would not support Biden but we would support Trump to move ahead America.
  • Democrats campaign and provide support for policies. Since Democrats are keen on change and reform … they want to crush the Establishment … we would channelize the policies via Democrats. This would help in the training for the Dem candidate for 2024.

This would be a win-win solution for America … where Trump would not be stuck anymore and Democrats wouldn’t market Socialism in America. Trump would move forward with the right policies supported by the Democrats. It’s a good solution.

Problems with this Plan B
But apparently there are a few problems with this Plan … and that’s the reason it has become Plan B.

  • Less support. This is election year and within 5 months voting will be there. There is hardly any interest to lose and help Trump win from Democrats or Pro-Democrat SM Groups or even from Obamas … and obviously Biden will totally oppose it … since he will lose the election in this route.
  • What if Biden wins? The second issue that was presented by SM Groups was … what if Biden wins? We are going in full support for Trump in Plan B … but what if Biden wins? Biden will think that he won because of his Socialist policies … and he will move forward with implementing Socialism in America. We will be busy stopping a Socialist crisis in America for the next 8 years.
  • Establishment wins if Biden wins. Right now, the Establishment is strongly supporting Biden only to start Socialist disasters in America. This is the main purpose of the anti-Trump propaganda, economic destruction via Corona, losing of minority votes for Trump via Police Violence and DACA. If votes are swayed towards Biden via malicious routes … then the Establishment wins in creating financial catastrophes in America.

Don’t decimate but mold Biden
We were about to decimate Biden … because he is too brittle and he cannot handle Establishment malice … and that too he has Socialist policies. Trump was obviously the right choice. But we got a major alert “not to decimate Biden” … but instead we are being asked to “mold Biden”. Which brings us to Plan A.

Plan A – Keep options open for both Parties
We are being asked to go with Plan B … only if everyone is okay with it. Otherwise, we are being asked to keep options open for both parties. This is how Plan A works out to take America Forward.

Open options for the Biden Presidency
SM Groups say that it is a great opportunity to have a key Presidential candidate that is ready to crush the Establishment and take the country forward. This is how options open for Biden’s Presidency.

  • Transition away from Socialism. Firstly, going with Socialism is not good for anyone … not for the country and not for your Presidency. You need to transition away from the Green New Deal, Blue New Deal, Medicare for All and all Socialist policies that creates trillions in expenses for the country. This is the main reason why Warren lost … you have to transition away. We will show you how to do it without the cost … you will get to do it … without the hundreds of trillions in cost.
  • Strong Vice President. Another major issue in getting Biden the Presidency is that … he is brittle. Going with a woman VP or a woman of color for VP … all of that is bullshit. You need a strong VP … that is Establishment independent … that will help you crush the Establishment and maintain your Presidency strong. You don’t need a woman for VP. Discuss with Bill de Blasio for VP. A strong VP is the key that will give you the Presidency in 2020.
  • Surpass Trump. Lastly, don’t create policies just to be anti-Trump. Trump is stuck in almost every policy … it might be tariffs or American energy or manufacturing or industries or media … he has no idea what to do next. We show you what to do next … surpass Trump and try to win.

The important thing that we get for America in this option is that … both candidates will become great for America. Doesn’t matter who wins … great things will happen for America. Socialism will be removed from Democrat policies and Trump will know what to do next in key fields.

40% chance for Biden’s win
As of now, there is 40% chance for Biden’s win … but if he moves away from Socialism … and he can take America forward with the right VP … then his chances of success increase dramatically. If Biden wins … then good luck … Biden gets to take America forward.

Options open for the Trump Presidency
In Plan A … we are not shutting out Trump … options are still open for Trump. He can directly work with us to lead America. But just in case, if Democrats are keen on working with us … then the next steps of what has to be done in America will be channelized to you via Biden and Bill de Blasio. When Biden will show that Trump is stuck … he will also show the next steps that he will take … which will give you the information how to take America forward.

The information will be out there in the open for both candidates … you can compete with Biden … show that you will better implement it … and get a win for your Presidency. If Trump wins … then good luck … Trump gets to take America forward.

Plan A addresses the major issue with Plan B
The major complaint with Plan B was that … “hey, we haven’t even lost yet … the election is still months away … and you are telling us to function like the losing party. Give us the options to win and if we lose … then we will go with this Plan”. This is the main reason we created Plan A and B. Plan A keeps options open for both parties to win … both of them can compete fully to get the Presidency. And just in case, Democrats lose … we continue with Plan B. Hopefully, this is justified.

The VP Program for Bill de Blasio
Here is some basic information on the VP program for Bill de Blasio. Bill de Blasio should not think that he is being Biden’s VP … it is just training to be the next President.

Why Bill de Blasio? The guy is great … he is Establishment independent … loves to crush the Establishment … he is bold and courageous. He has strong practical implementation and planning skills. He is people centric … wants to be President. He is supported by people of all colors and races.

Some of the points that you might want to discuss with him are:

  • Doesn’t have to quit being Mayor. He can continue being Mayor. Owing to Corona … everything is being done online and via television. All he needs to do is … press conferences, media appearances, online campaigns and some rallies together in the last couple of months. Tell him not to quit being Mayor and balance the two simultaneously if possible.
  • Biden’s VP will be President. No idea if Biden will continue in 2024 … Bill de Blasio can simply overtake and be President from 2024 onwards. He gets one term as VP and two terms as President … or two terms as VP and two terms as President. In both cases … he will be leading the country from the top.
  • President 2024. Even in the scenario if Trump wins … even then Bill de Blasio will lead America from the ground level. Plan B will be in motion if Trump wins. Key policies will be channelized via Bill de Blasio … Democrats will create policies … Trump will implement as per Plan B. This will be 4 years of marketing and campaign for Bill de Blasio to be President in 2024.
  • Don’t worry about failure. Failing as VP will not backfire … Trump got impeached a few months ago and today is the strongest Presidential candidate among the Republicans. Failing as VP will not hold you back in any way. Just don’t quit your Mayor job … if you win … then you get VP … otherwise, you continue to be Mayor and lead America from the ground level … till you become President in 2024.

Michelle Obama needs to configure a few things
These are some of the options that Michelle Obama needs to pull a few strings and configure them. These options are great for America.

  • Both candidates become good for the country … both of them get to take America forward.
  • Socialism gets removed from Democrats … and Trump doesn’t remain stuck.
  • Improves chances for Biden’s victory … and Trump gets to know what has to be done next.
  • Either Biden wins and Bill de Blasio gets Presidential training as VP … or Trump wins and Bill de Blasio leads and campaigns from the ground level … either ways good things happen for America.
  • Doesn’t matter if Trump or Biden wins … the Establishment and Socialism get successfully defeated.

The Establishment is maliciously promoting Biden via various gimmicks … only because they want a Socialist crisis in America. Let’s double cross the Establishment and make the candidate People Centric instead of a Socialist. Let’s take all of the benefit that the Establishment is giving to Biden … and instead of running Socialism in America … let’s crush the Establishment. Lol.

In this current chaos … America needs Michelle Obama.