11 Jun 2020
JewH379 The US Police has shot and killed White People two times more than Black

White Police killing White People
The Establishment media is running a propaganda at a National and International level of Police Vs Blacks … of White Vs Blacks … of Republicans Vs Democrats … of Trump Vs Blacks. It’s a shitty racist and divisive propaganda. The truth is that … the US Police has killed White people two times more than Black people. Take a look at the stats below.

This is the number of people killed by race each year by the US Police. (Courtesy: https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/) Well, being shot dead by the Police is not a nice thing … doesn’t matter which race or color you are from. But these are the actual numbers … two times more White people have been killed by the US Police than Black people. There are about 400 “White George Floyds” in America every year. Why don’t we hear their story in the Establishment media?

Killing the racist angle
If we have 400 White George Floyds in America … then where are their stories? Why aren’t we talking about the Police brutality against these 400 White George Floyds in America every year? Where is the outrage? Where is the coverage? Where are the protests? Where are the demands for change? Why aren’t any reforms being demanded to protect these 400 White George Floyds?

The answer is very simple … this whole crisis is not about justice or reform at all. The main Establishment objective in this is to create chaos, racism and violence in America to further destroy and divide the country … and use this as an opportunity to push away Black voters away from Trump. This is the racist angle that the Establishment is targeting.

The moment the media or the Politicians start talking about the White people who have lost their lives at the hands of the Police … then this whole racist propaganda vaporizes. This whole divisive tactic gets dismantled.

Trump should save White people from White Police
President Trump is possibly thinking … “hey, whose side should I take? Black people or the White Police?” But he should know that White people are dying 2 times more at the hands of the Police than Black people. So, when he is working on Police brutality and trying to contain the use of excessive force … then he is also saving the lives of 400 White people every year. He is not only saving Black people … but he is also saving twice the number of White people every year.

US Police kills several times more than European Police
Take a look at the below illustration.

(Courtesy: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/08/us/us-police-floyd-protests-country-comparisons-intl/index.html)

On an average, about 1000 people are being shot by the US Police in one year … while the numbers in Germany are 11 … Australia 8 … Sweden 6 … UK 3 and in New Zealand only one person was shot by the Police. When you are comparing the work being done with other developed Nations around the world … the violence from the Police is pretty darn high in the US.

The issue is not just about racism … which the Establishment media is trying to portray … but it has more to do with how the Police force operates … the use, authorization, monitoring, management and accountability of lethal force by the Police. This is exactly what needs to be changed in America … “the use of lethal force by the Police”.

Three major angles to work on
President Trump has three major angles to work on … to kill this racist and divisive propaganda in America.

  • Talk about White people killed by the Police. Encourage the media outlets and your Political circle … to talk about the White people killed by the Police as well. The Establishment is trying to divide the country by making it a Police Vs Blacks propaganda. This racist angle can be effectively killed by talking about the White stories who have faced aggression by the Police. Don’t talk about Blacks looting and the Policemen getting hurt or killed in the riots. That doesn’t help. There are about 400 White George Floyds in America every year. Talk about them.
  • Justice in Policing Act. We need to put in measures to limit, authorize, monitor, manage and create accountability for the use of lethal force by the Police. It will not only help you save Blacks lives to end this divisive propaganda … but it will also help you save 2 times more White lives than Black.
  • The third angle is mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Take action on the looting and riots
Using of the National Guard and Police Force against looting and riots is fine. But a more effective way to kill the very root of this violence is to kill this racist propaganda itself. The way to do it is … talk about the 400 White lives lost by the Police. Right now, the Establishment is promoting the idea that the “Police is killing us because we are Black … the Police is killing us because we are Black” … which is not the case in the majority of the cases at all.

Establishment hypocrisy
Here is how you see the Establishment hypocrisy in this … in the Police violence crisis only 200 Black people were killed … and about 400 White people are killed … but …

  • 60,000 Americans die every year due to drug overdose
  • 30,000 Americans die every year due to gun violence

Where is the coverage of these tens of thousands of Americans dying every year … who are White, Black, Latin and Asian? Where is the coverage of these tens of thousands of Americans dying every year? Where is the outrage? Where is the call for reform?

Here is the where the Establishment hypocrisy is … they don’t cover the tens of thousands of deaths due to drugs and guns … because it is their companies that make these drugs and guns … they benefit from these elements despite these elements bringing death in our country.

But when it comes to Police and Blacks … “yes, flare it up! No money to make and no money to lose … the Police is a Government organization and Blacks are the people … let the government and people fight against each other.” The Establishment has nothing to lose and chaos to create using this crisis. That’s why they focus and promote Police violence against Blacks … but they don’t care about the tens of thousands of Americans dying every year owing to the drugs and guns that they sell in the country for hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This is the lovely Establishment that we are dealing with.

The Third Angle
The third angle that we need to work on is … talking about the lives that we are losing due to drugs and guns in our country. While we are talking about the lives we are losing owing to Police violence … lets also talk about a bigger topic … where tens of thousands of American lives are being lost every year. This will put a hammer on the head of the Establishment that is trying to tear our country apart.