10 Jun 2020
JewH378 The Black Lives Matter Movement shouldn’t remain fixated on Police Violence

Kneeling to get votes
It is very interesting to see that … Biden is kneeling … Pelosi is kneeling … and Schumer is kneeling … just a few months before elections. It would have been more genuine if they had knelt like this in front of the White House when … half a dozen countries were being bombed, millions were being killed, tens of millions of people were displaced from their homes and a worldwide refugee crisis was created … under their leadership. Yes, they should kneel and repent for the atrocities that have happened on their watch and having done nothing for America all their lives.

They pretend to kneel for George Floyd … but Floyd died because these politicians didn’t do shit and allowed America to exist as it is today. They have spent all their lives in Washington … living off tax payer money … living in 5 Star lifestyle … while not giving a shit about the people or the country whatsoever.

Police brutality must be addressed
This is what the BLM movement should understand. Police brutality must be addressed. Yes, excessive force by the Police should be stopped. Proper reforms and regulations must be put into place … so that the Police is not being the judge, juror and executioner at the same time. Everyone has the right to due process irrespective of his color and religion.

The outrage against Police brutality is understandable. But BLM activists should also understand that remaining focused only on Police violence greatly limits their movement and it creates several disadvantages for the Black people and the country. Let me break it down for you.

Disadvantages of remaining fixated on Police violence
Go ahead and create the reforms required to address and fix the excessive use of force by the Police … but this is also what you should note.

Disadvantage 01. 99.9% of Blacks and Latinos ignored
If you practically evaluate … who does this bill of … Justice in Policing Act … who does it help? Who are the exact people whom it is going to help? It will help Black suspects or criminals who are facing a White racist policeman. For “race based” Police violence to happen against Black people … this is the scenario that has to fall into place:

  • A Black suspect or criminal is directly facing a Police officer for arrest or confrontation
  • The Police officer happens to be racist and White
  • And the confrontation evolves in such a way that excessive force is used by the racist Police officer against the Black suspect or criminal

This is where you get a real time case of Police violence against Blacks. There is a lot of misleading via Establishment media marketing of this crisis. They are trying to show this issue as a Police Vs Blacks crisis … which is not true at all. The Police is not going around killing all Black people … nor are all Black people suspects or criminals.

Right now, the entire propaganda in the media is designed to create a conflict between Police and Blacks. When in reality, if you see … how many Black people are actually suspects and criminals? 10%? nope … 1%? … nope … 0.1% … nope. Maybe even less that 1 in a 1000.

How many Policemen are White racists? 10%? Nope … 1% … nope … 0.1% … nope. May be even less than 1 in a 1000. It is these two guys where the issue is coming from … the Black suspect or criminal … and the White racist Policeman.

Yes, the Justice in Policing Act will help … but how many Black people will it actually help? Even if you consider it to be 0.1% … the problem will be fixed for the 0.1% of the Black people who are suspects or criminals. But what about the 99.9% of the Black people …

  • Who are not suspects
  • Who are not criminals
  • Who are not facing arrest
  • Who are not facing a racist White Policeman

How is life getting better for 99.9% of the Black population in America? 99.9% of Black people who are good, who are decent and who are still finding it difficult within the system … how are things being made better for them?

Disadvantage 02. Destruction for the country via looting, rioting and vandalism
What BLM activists and Black people should understand is that … this Police Vs Blacks violence … is an Establishment gimmick. They create one crisis and flare it up to consume the country on a destructive path. Even if we pass the Justice in Policing Act … it will help only a teeny tiny portion of Black people who are either suspects or criminals. The benefit is there for a few … but look at the massive destruction that they are trying to create via this route of … Police violence against Blacks … look at the destruction that it is creating in the country via looting, rioting and vandalism. The beneficiaries are a few … but the people who are losing are far greater than that.

Disadvantage 03. Illogical Reforms … defund the Police and abolish the Police
Now, when the rioting, looting and violence has stopped … they are promoting illogical reforms for the country like defund the Police or even abolish the Police … which will only create more violence in the country.

I will give you a living example of this … check out Detroit. The highest crime rate in America is in Detroit. There is so much crime and so many cases to attend to … that if you call 911 … then it takes one week for the Police to show up at your home … it might be a murder case, home burglary, theft or whatever. It takes one week for the Police to show up. Some stats: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/mi/detroit/crime

Not only the marketing of this crisis was extremely “race based” to create divisions in the country … but the solutions are also extremely destructive for the country. I love Black people … I agree that Black Lives Matter … but you should also see how you are being misused in a malicious and divisive agenda … that is destructive for the country.

Disadvantage 04. Doesn’t reform Black communities, Churches, housing, schools and colleges
I 100% agree that Black people should stand up and fight for their rights … but remaining fixated on Police violence only puts you on a destructive path … where we are only being used by a malicious and Satanic Establishment. Why on Earth should we be the hands or puppets of a Satanic Establishment?

We should expand our horizons a little bit … widen our viewpoint … and think bigger. When we remain fixated only on Police violence … then we are only fighting for a teeny tiny number of people who are either suspects or criminals in our Community. We are ignoring 99.9% of the Black people. We don’t have to just work on Police reform … but we must move for the upliftment of our communities as a whole … including Churches, housing, infrastructure, schools, colleges and every aspect of life. Every aspect of Black life in America has to be improvised and made better in America.

Disadvantage 05. Vote dividing tactic … making Blacks anti-Trump
Police violence is mostly an Establishment gimmick which is launched just before elections, only to make Black people anti-Trump. This was done in 2016 and it is being repeated again now, just a few months before elections.

Today Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are kneeling … and making promises of change and progress … well I call all of that plain bullshit. All of these politicians have literally lived in Washington all of their lives … and haven’t done shit for America or the Black people at all. Literally genocide was being carried around the world for decades and they didn’t have the balls to stop the atrocity and save the dying people. All of this kneeling and speeches are vote pulling gimmicks months before the elections.

Difference between speeches and facts
This is the truth that you need to see … between speeches and facts. Democrats are great in their speeches and promises … but in reality, we had genocide and nothing done for America. Trump is not great in speeches, when it comes to pulling minorities on his side … but look at the facts under his Presidency.

  • Trump has put 94.5% of Black Americans to work
  • Trump has put 96.1% of Latin Americans to work
  • Trump has put 97.5% of Asian Americans to work
  • The Trump Presidency has benefited tens of millions of Blacks, Latinos and Asians.

Yes, the Justice in Policing Act will help some Black people … Trump will support it and get it passed. But the people who will benefit from it … they are not even 0.1% of the Black population. On the other hand, Trump has already brought about whooping employment to 94-97% of the minorities.

On one side we have politicians who talk, talk and talk … and then don’t do shit. And on the other side, we have a President who creates world records … and doesn’t even know how to talk about it. These fantastic positive accomplishments are being achieved under the Trump Presidency because:

  • Trump has brought an end to the bullshit Washington politics
  • He is not a President of empty promises … he literally does what he says … he goes for the kill
  • He said America First … not to just get your votes … he is literally keeping America First
  • He is not kneeling to get your votes … but he is standing up to fight for you
  • He is standing up to China … he is standing up to Europe and NATO … he is standing up to keep America First

Police Vs Blacks … is a total bullshit Establishment gimmick … to divide America, to create more destruction, to create more racism and conflict in the society and to push Black people away from Trump. And trust me … when you broaden your horizons … when you want to develop your communities, your infrastructure, your Churches, schools and colleges … who do you think will help you? These Washington politicians who haven’t done shit for you all of their lives … who are kneeling to get your votes? Or the President who has created record breaking jobs in every community within 2 years … who is standing up and fighting against the world to keep America First?

Step out of the box … look at the gimmick that has been designed … see how it affects your community and the country … broaden your horizons and think bigger … and you will be able to see the right way forward.