09 Jun 2020
JewH377 Trump needs to Break the Shell to win the Minorities

New Era President
Firstly, President Trump is doing phenomenally well. He has become a New Era President … all wars have ended, terrorism has vaporized, America is being kept first, record breaking jobs have been created, America has become the largest oil producer in the world and Trump has created world records in his response to the pandemic. Trump is working on everything via facts and logic … SM Groups are gladly working with him on the ground level … giving him success in everything that is positive for the country.

Understanding the logic in Police Violence
Police violence against Blacks is a tricky gimmick. You can’t start using logic in the equation … Police Vs Blacks. No, that is not how you use logic in this gimmick. You should understand that this entire setup is a “vote pulling tactic”. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Don’t fall into the trap … avoid the trap and play around it.

How it affects voter base?
Now, here is the tricky part of how you can lose votes from minorities as well as White voters because of the Police violence issue.

  • Don’t support minorities, lose minority votes. If you don’t support minorities then you automatically lose their votes. The logic part is a secondary priority for the minorities … the first thing that they see is … who will support them and who will fight for them? That’s the candidate that gets votes. The second priority goes for logic in this voter base. Don’t think that supporting the Police is the right thing to do logically and thus the minorities will vote for me. No, it does not work like that … the first thing that minorities need to see is that … you support them or not? You need to be ready to listen to them, understand the problems of their communities and be ready to help them.
  • Turn against minorities, lose White votes. If you don’t support minorities … then you are automatically using minority votes. But the issue in America is that … if you turn against minorities … then you lose White votes as well. You can’t be against Blacks and Latinos and expect all White votes in your favor.

I gave you the boat example before. It is something like … you are the Captain of a boat … and start tossing Blacks and Latinos in the sea. You are thinking that Whites will support you because they are the majority. But this is against American Principles. If you want to be an American President then you have to follow American Principles that give equal rights and respect to all Americans irrespective of their color and religion. If you turn against Blacks or Latinos … then you automatically also lose White voters. It’s a tricky “vote pulling gimmick” … it’s a trap.

On a winning streak
You were basically on a winning streak …

  • Coronavirus … you created world records in your response to the pandemic … while Biden was hidden and nowhere to be found.
  • Tara Reade … then Tara Reade happened … which further took down Biden.
  • Russian Collusion … and then the Russian Collusion investigation got busted.

You were smooth sailing to victory and the Establishment created the Police Violence issue. They did this just before elections even in 2016. It’s a trap that helps them to pull away your votes.

An opportunity for the takers
This is an open opportunity for the takers … all you need to do is step forward and take the votes. Minorities are a Democrat stronghold … 30% of votes can easily sway the election toward any candidate. Its enormous voting power. Look at how Democrats are pulling every string possible to capitalize on this crisis.

  • Speeches showing sympathy. Democrats are going full swing in support of the Black Community … talking about Black Lives Matter and I can’t breathe.
  • Taking a knee. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and other Democrats are taking a knee to show solidarity and support for Blacks.
  • Community Leaders. Top Democrats are meeting Black Community Leaders and assuring them of reforms and changes under their leadership.
  • Reform Bill. To the extent that … they have already introduced one reform bill to reduce Police brutality … Justice in Policing Act of 2020.

Breaking the shell
The good thing that Trump has done till date is that … he has not went anti-Black nor did he go full swing pro-Police. You are still on the safe side. The logic out here is not about taking sides with Police or Blacks … you have to leave this equation … and think from American principles perspective. It’s a vote pulling gimmick. You don’t support minorities … you lose their votes … if you turn against minorities … you lose White votes as well. That’s the trick here.

You have to step forward … break the shell … to win minority support.

Uplift Minorities
There is a lot of ridiculous expenditure going on in the country via the Democrats on the pretext of the Coronavirus. You should take the lead here to call for the funding to uplift minority communities in America. $2 Trillion has already been spent … a ridiculous amount of $3 Trillion is on the way. Channelize a few hundred billion to uplift minority communities.

Interconnection with violence
Here is how uplifting minorities is interconnected with the violence in these communities.

  • Church. You need to meet Church leaders in minority Communities and invest in expanding Church activities, the teaching of the Bible and the use of the Bible in daily life. When people have God and religion in their lives … the resultant creation of morals, values and principles … it automatically leads in the reduction of violence in the community.
  • Education. When you meet minority leaders in Education and invest more in schools and colleges for minorities … then it creates a more qualified and educated minority community. More education means … higher paying jobs … more money at hand, means lesser violence.
  • Community Welfare. Investing in housing projects, playgrounds and recreation … creates better minority communities.

If you channelize a few hundred billion to develop and support minority communities across America … it will create American citizens with more God in their lives … with more values and principles … with more education and talent … with higher paying jobs … the eventual result of this will be less violence … lesser conflict with Police … lesser deaths at the hands of Police … which is exactly what we are facing now.

The Democrats are working on one reform bill right now … which is just addressing the problem at its skin. If you truly want to address this problem at its core … then you have to look through a little bit deeper and work with Communities at the ground level and … support, change and uplift the people to a better level. All of this is simple basic tic tac toe … that you should have already worked on.

Benefits of this track
If you work on this track … then these are the benefits that you get from it …

  • Break the shell. Getting votes from minorities has been a challenge for Trump. This time you get to break the shell. You get minorities to support you.
  • Consolidate White Support. When you support minorities in America … not only you are winning support from minorities … but you show great American Principles … owing to which, you will consolidate White support as well.
  • Community Upliftment. These are long lasting issues among the minorities that many Presidents have come and gone … and no one has worked on them. When President Trump starts channelizing hundreds of billions among minorities in their Churches, schools, colleges and community development … you become the champion for them. All previous Presidents were only speeches and promises … but you become the actual guy who delivered on his promises.
  • Surpass Democrats. If you look at the Justice in Policing Act and the activities of the Democrats of kneeling and I can’t breathe speeches … then at the end of the day … they are addressing the issue that a tiny fraction of individuals face, who are either suspects or criminals from the minorities. Controlling Police brutality helps only a tiny fraction of suspects who are unluckily facing a racist policeman. When you work on uplifting the entire Community … then you are helping tens of millions of American citizens in the fields of education, religion and welfare … which results in the creation of a better Community. You can easily surpass Democrats if you broaden your viewpoint a little bit.
  • Better America. When you work on effective strategies of bringing God in the lives of 73 million American citizens, give them better education, better jobs and better lives … you create a better America as a whole.

Don’t go against Democrats in this issue … don’t go against Blacks or minorities … and don’t go against the Justice in Policing Act. Improvise and enhance the reform bill. Meet leaders from all minority Communities and discuss their needs and how they can be supported. These are very very basic moves. You are doing great … don’t fall into this trap that will take your votes away. It’s a tricky trap … play it right and we will help you win.