08 Jun 2020
JewH376 BLM Protests, a Fantastic Opportunity for an Economic Boom and Reforms

End of violence
Firstly, a very big thank you to the protesters for ending their violence, looting and vandalism to a great extent. The Establishment was misusing Black protesters to continue America’s destruction along with Covid. It was great to see that some groups of Black men and women were actually stopping the violence and providing first aid to the White people who were hurt by these protesters. It was a beautiful example of the rejection of violence from the Black Community. Good job!

And thanks to President Trump as well … for providing fantastic and quick change in his leadership style in this crisis. Thank you for not going pro-Police this time. You need to work on a different strategy to pull the minority votes in your favor this time.

Creating an Economic Boom
The Establishment is trying to create chaos in the country using these protests … but the destructive activities from these protests have already ended … to a great extent that is. If you play the right moves then you can use these protests to create an economic boom and major reforms in America. This is what you need to see.

Point 01. Ending the Establishment’s Fear Propaganda using the Virus
An interesting thing that you should see is … these massive Black protests all across the nation … where tens of thousands of people are pouring into the streets … these protests are successfully ending the Establishment’s fear propaganda via the virus. The Establishment used the virus to put people in their homes and shut down cities … thereby creating trillions in economic losses for the country. The protests are doing totally the opposite … no social distancing, no staying at home and pouring into the streets by the tens of thousands.

If people can protest … they can go to work as well. If people can come out of their homes by the thousands to protest … they can come out of their homes by the thousands to go to work as well. This is exactly how Turkey is managing this crisis … the children and the old stay at home … while the young go to work … creating zero economic loss for Turkey.

These protests clearly show that “America is ready to open for business”. You should openly use these protests to open every city in America and restart all business activities. Open up the cities … end the lockdowns … start America’s economic recovery.

Point 02. Piling up of frustrations
Another useful point from the protests that you can use is … the piling up of frustrations.

  • The American people are frustrated at the high cost of living and the long list of problems that they face in their lives. If protests are there then people are pouring into the streets by the tens of thousands … doesn’t matter, what the protest is really about or what its aims are.
  • To add to that … we had months of lockdown … where tens of millions of people lost their jobs … tens of thousands of small businesses shut down and there were massive economic losses.
  • And to add to that … we have cases of police violence against Black people.

All of this piles up frustrations … owing to which there are massive protests. This is not just about police violence … it’s the cumulative piling up of all frustrations together. One of the best things to do right now is … push to open the economy … get everyone good jobs … end the damn lockdowns. Enough of sitting at home and getting more and more frustrated. People need to get back to work. Promote getting back to work.

Point 03. Pick the vaccine
To support the above … pick the vaccine. Don’t wait till all the way to September or October. Phase 3 trials have begun as of this month for the Oxford Vaccine in India. Phase 3 trials means that the vaccine is safe to use … it is not killing people and they are only testing it to measure the efficacy. They are only determining the success rate of the vaccine. In October they will deliver by the hundreds of millions in doses … but we don’t have to wait till October and we don’t need 100 million doses right now.

You need to break down the vaccine implementation in 3 steps.

  • Step 01. 1.2 million doses for infected people. You just need 1.2 million doses for all of the infected people in America. If the vaccine’s success rate is 50% then it will immediately cure 50% of American citizens infected by the virus … if its success rate is 80% then it will immediately cure 80% of American citizens. This should be done in June or July itself.
  • Step 02. Tested positive? Get vaccinated. Your next step should be to pick about 2 million doses. In this step, the priority should be to vaccinate all people on the frontline of this pandemic … this is Doctors, nurses, medical staff and everyone working in hospitals and testing sites. And vaccines should be supplied to all testing centers … if anyone gets tested positive … he or she should be immediately given the vaccine on the site itself. People go back home vaccinated … they don’t go back home fearing for their lives because they got Corona. No fear of Corona … if they tested positive … they get vaccinated immediately. This should be accomplished by July itself.
  • Step 03. Vaccines for Everyone. The above two steps will boost recoveries enormously and get rid of the fear from the society totally. It will also help in the creation of the best vaccine possible for the masses … owing to its widespread implementation. Then once the vaccine is available by the hundreds of millions then it should be given to every American citizen.

These steps for vaccinations will get rid of all fear from the country against the virus and it will boost economic recovery to a great extent.

Opportunity for Reforms
Yes, the Black protests are doing a great job in the country by getting rid of the fear against the virus … not only it is an opportunity for an economic boom … these mass protests are a fantastic opportunity for fantastic reforms in the country.

Biden stuck in conventional politics
Poor Biden is stuck in conventional politics … what to do … he is doing what he knows best. SM Groups are actively working on all the routes to take down Biden. Its not that Biden is a bad guy … he is a nice guy. He is not the same as Hillary … he is not a warmonger. He will not be taken down with a hammer … he will be taken down with logic.

Democrats have a lot of Establishment malice attached to their campaigns and policies. Taking down of Biden is being designed to specifically target Establishment malice among the Democrats … such as:

  • Socialism. If Biden wins with Socialist policies … it means that he will implement Socialism in America … which would be utterly crazy. Defeat of Biden will defeat Socialism in America.
  • Green New Deal. Green New Deal and the Blue New Deal … all of it is anti-Trumpism crap … just because Trump made America the world’s largest oil producer within 2 years. These ridiculous deals that cost America by the hundreds of trillions, based on hollow anti-Trumpism, have to be failed as well.
  • Anti-Trumpism. Democrats follow blind anti-Trumpism which is mostly hollow and baseless. Failing Biden will be the failure of anti-Trumpism as well.
  • Medicare for All. Another Socialist policy costing America $30 Trillion. Such disastrous policies need to be failed as well.

Technically, Biden is not the main target … the Establishment’s malice is the main target … owing to which Biden and the Establishment’s malice will be failed.

Don’t promote Biden
Its not a good idea Tweeting that Biden wants to “defund the police”. You don’t realize it but … you are promoting Biden using your massive platform. You are literally telling everyone that “Biden has a plan to address police violence”. Whether it is right or wrong is a different question. You can talk about it … only when you have better plans than Biden to address the issue.

It is advisable to talk about the other guy’s actions … only after you have better actions and plans than him.

Two Types of Reforms
America needs reforms … America needs fantastic changes. We have been telling you this since day one. When you have masses pouring into the streets … it is a fantastic opportunity to promote your reforms and to win their support.

Here are the two types of reforms that you can promote.

  • General Reforms. These reforms will change America for the good for everyone. These reforms apply to all minorities as well. You can easily market these reforms among the Black, Latino and Asian communities … break Biden’s support base … and get massive support for your leadership from these communities.
  • Specific Reforms. And there are also specific reforms that address the specific issues of these communities. When you champion these reforms … you get added support to a great extent.

Trump’s fantastic advantage over Biden
Always keep in mind … you have one fantastic advantage over Biden … you are the President, not Biden. You have the power for “immediate implementation”. You don’t have to wait to get elected to do anything. You can start these reforms right now … and pull public support.

Biden is stuck in conventional politics … where he is making promises and dancing to some slogans. But you are already a fantastic people centric champion … you can instantly start leading and start pulling support from all communities right now. You can get a hands down victory with a massive lead against Biden.