07 Jun 2020
JewH375 Securing Presidents in a Changing Era

We like Obamas
Am I trying to turn SM Groups against Obama? Nah … we like Obamas. Obama has nothing to worry about if we show some of the issues of his Presidency. He is already a two time President … he holds no political office. SM is not going to take anything away from him … he has nothing to lose. In fact, we protected and supported Obama many times.

Protected and supported Obama

  • Against Mitt Romney. We had a corporate leech on the other side. We had to take him down to help Obama get re-elected. We activated SM Groups for the same. Obama was surprised seeing the rising support for his Presidency. He had no idea about the Matrix or SM Groups at that time. He was just told that … “things start happening once he starts writing … he is quite popular.” Lol. Democrats liked our support at that time … but I guess they don’t like me supporting Trump this time.
  • Lacking Support for his Foundation. SM Groups were frustrated at the stagnation under Obama’s leadership … to such an extent that they had abandoned him. Obama was getting a hard time finding support for his Foundation. We like Obama and didn’t like to see him like that. So, in order to activate support for Obama again … we pulled him back into politics … created a role for him in leading the country from the backend as an Ex-President. Since Obama became valuable for the project and for America because of his Establishment know-how … SM Groups started supporting Obama again.

That’s how enormous love and respect for Obamas was created after their Presidency as well. SM Groups loved the protection that Obamas provided for our work … to such an extent that Miss Universe and Miss World titles were given to Black ladies in their honor.

We love Michelle
We love Obama … but we love Michelle Obama much more. Because she didn’t help us just because of party politics … she helped us because of our love for people and people centric work. Obama flips sometimes … if the White lady starts talking … Obama starts nodding. Lol. Its not because Obama is racist or anything … Obama has White mommy problems.

The Establishment had upped their game a little bit. During the Obama Era, we had clearly identified Establishment puppets by their connection to the Establishment. But they embedded Socialist policies under Warren’s campaign and they were using Pelosi for mass spending programs. If Warren starts talking … Obama starts nodding … if Pelosi starts talking … Obama starts nodding. It was happening to such an extent that Obama was ignoring our calls for help in security issues. We were risking our security to help Trump. We had to scream for help and pull Michelle Obama in the equation … to stop Obama’s nodding.

Michelle Obama doesn’t have White mommy problems and she is far more people centric and logical than Obama. We love you!

In Obama’s Defense
In Obama’s defense … there was enormous stagnation and genocide under Obama because … he inherited a mountain full of shit from George Bush. Obama was all alone … SM Groups were not activated. He had no idea what was going on or what to do. It was during the Obama Era that we trained SM Groups to get involved in all spheres of life to manage, save and take the county forward. SM became the Nation’s protectors. Obama became a pivot that changed America’s direction.

Transitioning into a New Era
We initiated a new movement of People Power during the Obama years … which saw several movements at the ground level that were led by SM Groups.

  • Tea Party Movement
  • The Occupy Movement
  • Arab Spring
  • #metoo movement … under Trump
  • Movement against gun violence

All of these movements are not designed by any political party … there are no politicians leading these movements. These are SM movements with no specific leaders on the frontend.

Why are we talking about Obamas?
All of a sudden why are we talking about Obamas? Because of two main reasons:

  • Democrats have all blunders in their policies that are filled with Establishment misleading, Socialism, anti-Trumpism and party politics.
  • To add to the above chaos … I came to know that I am a Dem property. I am not allowed to work with Trump and I am supposed to work with Democrats it seems.

I said, okay fine … I like Obamas … I can work with them. Warren failed and Biden will fail … it is not because these candidates are total failures … the issue is in their boss. Their boss is still in a conventional political mindset … which is leading to Warren’s and Biden’s failures. We can’t fix Warren’s and Biden’s failures … but we can prevent the failure of the next Dem candidate in 2024. This is why it is required to get Obamas up to date in the game.

Obamas have nothing to worry … you have nothing to lose. Both of you have already been identified as the key pillars that will take America forward. You have everything to gain ahead. Just keep an open mind and understand the logical analysis. We told Warren one simple thing when she launched her Presidential campaign … “rise above yourself and above party politics and I will help you win”. This statement was easy to read … but she didn’t understand even one letter of that statement. Not at a single place Warren changed and rose above herself or party politics. Now, take a look at Trump.

Trump is an Independent within the Republican Party
Warren showed zero change in her approach … but if you look at how Trump functions … “he is always going for the win … trying to do what is right for America and American citizens”. Trump is not running any Republican agenda. Trump is not a Republican … he has made the Republican Party, a Party of Trump. Do you see the phenomenal difference between Warren’s and Trump’s leadership?

I said during Obama years itself … “I will destroy both parties and make America people centric”. Now, do you see it already happening under Trump?

I am not a Democrat and I don’t follow Democrat policies. I am a People First guy … all of our actions, strategies and policies are People First. There is a lot of Establishment trash embedded in the Democrat and Republican parties. We have no interest in following trash. That’s why we told Trump … “evaluate every action and policy … doesn’t matter where it comes from. If it is good for America and the people … then do it … otherwise leave it.” This is how Trump is able to move forward successfully.

Protecting and supporting Trump
First we were protecting Obama and now we are protecting Trump. We are not switching parties … we are following the same People First approach. Trump is good for America … that’s why SM Groups were activated:

  • To protect Trump in the Mueller Investigation
  • To take down Warren
  • To protect Trump in the impeachment
  • Which is why, now Biden will be failed … most probably
  • Trump will be given the support to win his re-election
  • And plans are already being explored to save Trump from his possible second impeachment

Establishment Hypocrisy between Obama and Trump
Let me show some real facts … of Establishment hypocrisy under the Obama and the Trump Presidencies. You will understand why SM is needed and why SM has to continuously support and protect the Presidents.

Activities under Obama and the media’s response
See what type of activities happened under Obama and its corresponding media response.

  • Tens of thousands of troops were sent to Afghanistan … and the media said … Taliban is attacking! We need to send troops to Afghanistan!
  • Libya was bombed … and the media said … Gaddafi is bad! Islam is bad! Gaddafi has to go!
  • A chemical attack was placed in Syria … and the media said … bomb Syria! America should show leadership! Save the people of Syria! Support rebel groups!
  • ISIS was discovered in Iraq … and media said … let’s bomb Iraq all over again!
  • Worldwide refugee crisis was created … and the media said … these are Muslim terrorists! Don’t give them refuge!

The Establishment media was perfectly in sync with all of the genocide activities happening under the Obama Administration. Obama was not leading these activities … it was Hillary. We had to activate SM Groups to contain the media, help the President change and thereby change the country’s direction.

Activities under Trump and the media’s response
Now, see the activities happening under Trump and see the corresponding media’s response.

  • Trump maintains good relations with Russia to avoid a conflict … and the media says … Collusion! Collusion! Russia is helping Trump! Investigate Trump and Russia!
  • Trump makes peace with Kim Jong Un and creates history in the Koreas … and the media says … Trump is befriending dictators! Trump should not meet Kim Jong Un!
  • Trump keeps America First … and the media says … Trump is making America alone!
  • Trump makes America the largest oil producer in the world … and the media says … Trump is polluting the environment! Climate Change! Green New Deal! Blue New Deal!
  • Trump stands up to NATO and Europe to make them pay up … and the media says … Trump is throwing our allies under the bus!
  • Trump creates world records in his response to the pandemic … and the media says … Trump is showing off! Why is Trump praising himself when people are dying!

Do you see the key difference of the media under both Presidencies? The Establishment media supported and encouraged genocide around the world under Obama. The Establishment supported and encouraged destructive activities under Obama. But when Trump stops all destructive activities and when he is doing good things for the country … they are demonizing Trump as if he is the worst President that America has seen.

Under both Presidents … we had to help the Presidents to oppose the media … see things logically and continue to do what is right for the people. That’s how Obama stopped new wars and Trump is creating record breaking jobs and economy. This is why SM Groups are needed to surpass and overcome Establishment misleading to create ground level support to give success for the President’s moves.

They portray Trump as the worst President ever … but look at the actual activities under his Presidency. They are in a stark contrast to the previous Administration. Not a single American is getting hurt because of Trump or his policies … in fact, Trump is creating world records in his leadership. Trump is not a good President … Trump is a great President.

This is what Obamas have to realize to work together and take things forward. That's why we said ... don't follow anti-Trumpism ... it is hollow and baseless. Both Presidents won by opposing the media and doing what is right for the people. Why are Democrats following anti-Trumpism and expecting a win from hollow and baseless propaganda? Why are Democrats expecting a win by following the Establishment's disastrous Socialist policies? Obama himself got victories when he opposed the Establishment. Why has Obama left his main track?