06 Jun 2020
JewH374 Trump Surpassed Obama on Day One of his Presidency

This page will be useful for Obamas and Trump … and it will help us understand why Biden will lose in 2020 … most probably, that is.

Obama’s Plus and Minus
Before discussing Obama’s minus points … it is important to realize his plus points. Obama was the perfect candidate to lead America after George Bush’s massive failures. Obama was the pivot that changed America’s direction. It was his rhetoric of peace, equality and a united society that helped change America’s direction. Having said that … now, understand Obama’s minus points.

We are not pointing out Obama’s minus points just for fun. Our job is to take the country forward and if something is an obstacle to America’s progress … then we point it out very specifically and create configurations to take things forward. This is a part of our job … this is how America is continuously moving forward.

Obama did a great job in bringing America out of the politics of fear and hate … but he spent his first term starting new wars and he spent his second term stopping those wars. This is the Obama Presidency in a nutshell. That’s why there are zero accomplishments under Obama. It is mainly because:

  • Obama never rose above Party politics
  • He always followed White advice

This is what stagnated America under Obama.

Trump surpassed Obama on day one
Everyone thinks that Trump is a crazy politician … and Obama was a good leader under whom everything was right. This is actually totally wrong.

Trump never followed party politics. If you see Trump’s entry into politics … he never went to Republican leaders pledging allegiance to them and taking a long list of party politics from them. Trump never did that.

  • Trump designed his own policies of America First
  • He ran as an independent candidate that was Republican
  • He decimated more than a dozen Republican politicians to clinch the nomination
  • By the time, Trump got the nomination, he had already decimated the Republican Establishment
  • Trump is no Party puppet … he dominates his Party

Trump stopped wars on day one. The first thing that Trump does as President is … go to Saudi Arabia … and tells everyone to stop their funding and support in the war zones. Trump cancels all funding and weapons supply in the war zones. Trump took just one hour to do something that Obama didn’t do in 8 years.

Trump surpassed Obama on day one
We told Obama again and again and again … through 8 years to stop the damn funding in these war zones. He didn’t listen because his Party leaders were telling him to “stand up to Russia” in Syria. White is right … is what Obama followed. We got destruction of countries and a migration crisis in the world … because Obama wouldn’t make the right decisions.

SM Groups asked me … “what should we do?” I told them … “Obama is too nice … he doesn’t have the killer instinct. Give me someone … who loves his country and who will fight for his country with a killer instinct." And guess what … Trump comes along after a few years with a slogan “Make America Great Again” … lol … going around kissing and hugging the American Flag. Lol.

If you see in real time … he did it. What Obama didn’t do in 8 years … Trump did that on day one. Obama couldn’t rise above party politics … Trump totally decimated the Republican Party and dominated his Party. Obama would never stop the funding and weapons supply in war zones … and Trump did that in one hour. Trump surpassed Obama on day one … and that’s a fact.

Biden thinks that he can defeat Trump … but he doesn’t know that Trump defeated his boss on day one itself.

Best Route for America’s Future
We design the best route for America’s future ahead. Yes, it is great and historic to have Establishment independent candidates from both parties. It’s a new accomplishment. It helps us to safeguard America from the Establishment’s malicious destructive plans. Doesn’t matter who becomes President … we can continue to keep America safe.

But just keeping America safe is not the objective here. We have to design the best route for America’s future ahead. There was a time when it could be done via both parties. But when we have the top candidates decided and the time is limited … then the options also get limited. As of now, we have to choose between Biden and Trump.

Why Biden will fail?
Here are some of the key reasons why Biden will fail.

  • Everyone drops out for Biden’s nomination. For Biden to get nominated … everyone has to drop out. If everyone continued to remain in the race … Biden didn’t even have a voice on the debate stage. He could make no arguments … he couldn’t defeat his own Democrat competitors. A young gay guy with no experience was beating the shit out of Biden.
  • The Establishment will not drop out for Biden’s win. Democrats can drop out to give the nomination to Biden … but do you really think that the Establishment will drop out of America to give victories to Biden? The Presidency is a freaking Shark Tank. There are dozens of attacks from several directions against the President almost every day and week. No one is going to drop out to give Biden the victory. Biden will get decimated.
  • All Party Politics again. Biden is being given the nomination so that he will run all party politics again … Climate Change, Green New Deal, Blue New Deal, anti-Trumpism and undoing everything that has been accomplished under Trump … and take America into a shitty Socialist path. America is consumed in a pandemic and Biden is busy practicing his Climate Change punch lines in his basement.
  • Conventional Bullshit all over again. Following party politics means … conventional bullshit politics all over again … where nobody cares if countries get destroyed or not … whether it is a genocide or not … whether millions are dying or not. It is the same bullshit speeches and ain’t doing shit for the people. Its back to the old crap where nothing changes and we have to put up with bullshit for another 4 long years. Under Biden, they will not bomb other countries … they will bomb America with Socialism.
  • Nobody wants an Obama 2.0. This is what Obamas should realize … nobody across all SM Groups in the country want an Obama 2.0. Nobody wants a repetition of Obama’s Presidency all over again. Nobody wants stagnation all over again … and most importantly nobody wants the reversal of all of the progress made under Trump.

Michelle Obama should lead
This is one of the main reasons we said … Barack Obama should not lead. In fact, the first thing that we told Trump in his initial months was ... “don’t follow Obama”. Because everyone was fed up with the stagnation under Obama … nice lengthy moral lectures but not doing shit for the people. This is the main reason … we want Michelle Obama in the lead … not Barack Obama.

Obama did great when compared to Bush … but he is not the one to take America to the next level. He is doing good as an Ex-President playing his role from the backend … but leadership … no way in hell.

These are the key reasons why Biden is going to fail. Conventional politics, party puppetry, Socialist disasters and too weak to handle the Establishment.

How Presidents are selected and given victory?
Let me give a brief intro on how Presidents are selected and given victory. It is mainly done by Silent Majority Groups. These are the main 3 activities of SM Groups when the Presidency is concerned.

  • Power. They control who gets elected … who gets the power. Warren was under a Conventional political mindset … she provides good learning points. When we pointed out her blunders and how these blunders will adversely affect the country … then she turned against us. She started saying … “I will shut you down” … she went to Obamas requesting to stop us. She was pissed at Obamas for not stopping us. She thought that I was a student in her class that was misbehaving. She didn’t know that … she was applying for a job in a school that we are creating … owing to her non-compliance to the new system … her job application was rejected. She will not be President. SM Groups say … “what’s the point of giving her power … when she won’t listen to shit? She will just end up being a mess.” Yes, you can use your power against us … technically that is … but you should also realize that … it is SM that decides who gets the power.
  • Protection. America is a complicated mess. The Presidency is literally a Shark Tank. There are constant attacks against the President via demonization, lawsuits, investigation and even impeachment. Again it is SM Groups that come to your rescue and create the means to save you from these issues that the Establishment creates. Yes, even after you become President … you can get cranky and try to crack the whip on us … but what SM Groups say is … why should we protect you when you don’t give a shit about us? This is one of the reasons … the first thing that I told Trump during his impeachment was … “the first thing you need to do is … if you are taking any action against us … stop it. Stop being against us and stop taking any kind of action against us whatsoever”. I had to tell him that … in order to pull all SM Groups in Trump’s favor and isolate the Establishment to give them a crushing defeat. That’s how we facilitated Trump’s victory against impeachment. Its something like … you can’t apply for a job in a school and also try to burn down the school at the same time. If you are against us then you won’t get the Presidency.
  • Support. Obama used to think that … “I write and things happen magically”. It is not magic … it is the Matrix. It’s a massive network of tens of millions of entities spread across the country in every sphere. This Network is being used to stop Establishment malice in the country. It is also used to select the President … to protect the President and also to provide support for the President to do things that are good for the people. All of these activities involve disabling and defeating Establishment malice.

These are the primary elements at work in designing America’s future ahead.

  • SM Network. They select who wins elections and provide them with protection and support. They form a massive network against Establishment malice in all spheres. We are successfully defeating the Establishment in every sphere possible.
  • Active Democracy. We design the strategies and systems to take the country forward. Doesn’t matter if the President works on it or not … the moment we write about anything … SM comes into action on their own. If the President also comes into action … it provides record breaking performance like you saw in the pandemic. We also activate SM Groups to protect and support the President whenever needed.
  • The Presidency. We sync with the Presidency … as he is literally being given the power to provide the right leadership for the country and design the legal framework to implement the strategies and systems.

The big mistake that Democrats made this term was that …

  • They thought that I was just an “endorsement” that gives the Presidency.
  • They thought that it was magic that when I write and things happen.
  • They thought that they could do whatever they wanted while taking an endorsement from me for the Presidency. Lol.
  • I have no idea … why on Earth they are a big fan of Socialism this time.
  • They thought that Trump is stuck … its an opportunity to take away the Presidency from him and run their own party politics … which happens to be Socialism.
  • They thought that every candidate on their debate stage is better than Trump … they had no idea that Trump had surpassed their boss on day one itself.

Defending Trump against Warren
This is the main reason … when Warren launched her Presidential campaign … the first thing that we did was … support Trump and show how far Trump is in the game. Warren was surprised … “hey, I am running for President to work with you and to fight against the Establishment … and you are supporting Trump?!! Why are you doing this?” We did that … because we know how valuable Trump is for America. What Obama didn’t do in 8 years … Trump did that in one hour on day one.

Why would we give up Trump for someone who we had no idea … what they would do in real action? And when we saw Warren’s real actions … it was all Socialist disasters. What we did was right … Trump had followed us … way ahead in the game. He has literally become a President of a New Era where he works on everything via logic and facts. It was right to protect Trump.

Taking things forward
Let’s not bitch about the past too much. I am giving a few pointers about the past … so that you understand what happened, what is happening and how we have to take things forward. Trump is the best guy to lead America right now. Doesn’t matter who works with us … we have to first get Trump re-elected so that:

  • America can rapidly rise from this terrible economic crisis
  • 40 million people are unemployed … we need fantastic strategies to create massive employment across the country
  • America has many infrastructure issues that Trump can fix very well
  • There are many fantastic reforms that Trump can take forward … coz he has already crushed the Republican Establishment … giving him fantastic control over the entire party. Beautiful changes are possible under Trump.

This is what’s better for America. We can’t afford to waste time in party politics … mainly because Democrats are still stuck in conventional politics … and Trump is already in a New Era leadership. If Democrats want to lead … then they need to learn and not repeat their massive blunders … and take the leadership forward from 2024.