05 Jun 2020
JewH373 Trump should realize that being Pro-Police is being Anti-Black

Firstly, let me clear that … we are still with President Trump. We know your potential and we know that you can do phenomenal things for America. You yourself don’t know all of the good things that can happen under your leadership … but we know. You have shown fantastic levels of patience, skills, talent, connectivity and leadership under massive levels of pressure and crisis. You are literally made to lead America in this period of crisis.

Yes, Biden is rising because of the gimmicks that the Establishment is playing. But we know the next steps that have to be taken in America and we know that you are the best candidate to lead America into a new Era. Having said that … now see, why support for Biden is rising.

Being Pro-Police is being Anti-Black
I don’t think that you are realizing this but … being Pro-Police is being Anti-Black. Let me explain this to you with an example. Two guys fight with each other and one guy gets beat up real bad. You tell the guy that got beat up … “don’t worry, we will fight for you … you will get justice.” And then you start telling everyone … “I support the guy that beat him up! I support the guy that beat him up!”

Now, how is the guy who got beat supposed to feel? Is he going to trust your words of sympathy and support? One moment you are telling him that … he will get justice and the next moment you are telling everyone that … you support the guy that beat him up.

It is like going to Iraq … when it was getting bombed by Bush … and trying to run a Pro-American campaign in Iraq. How do you think that Iraqis are going to feel? Will they buy your Pro-American campaign? Will accept the fact that … Bush was bad and most Americans are good?

Wrong words, wrong time and wrong place
Technically, you are right. Most policemen are not racist … 99% of them are good. But when you start a Pro-Police campaign … when a Black guy gets killed by the police … then it is wrong words, wrong time and wrong place. It completely backfires on your leadership and Presidency. How can you publicly campaign for someone who just killed an unarmed Black man? Technically, you are right … but it doesn’t help you and it backfires.

What’s the point in being Pro-Police?
This is what you need to think for a second.

  • What’s the point of being Pro-Police?
  • How does this help your Presidency?
  • How does this help you lead the country?
  • How does it help you get more votes?

If it is not helping your Presidency … if it is not helping you lead the country … if it is not getting you more votes … in fact, if all of it is backfiring on you … then what’s the point of being Pro-Police?

Just because some Black people are making anti-Trump statements … you are jumping on the other side to support the police. But this is only making matters worse for you … you are losing more and more minority support because of this.

George Floyd died and during his burial … anti-Trump statements are being made. What on Earth does Trump have to do with Floyd’s death? Trump didn’t kill him. Trump has nothing to do with him. Trump is totally clean in Floyd’s death.

But this whole gimmick is framed in such a way … to pull Trump into this trap and make this whole thing an anti-Trump propaganda. This is an Establishment gimmick to take away votes from Trump … for no reason whatsoever.

Minorities vote Democrat
This is what you need to keep in mind … minorities mostly vote Democrat.

  • Sanctuary cities are mostly Democrat cities
  • Most States with a high minority population are Democrat States
  • 73 million votes are on the line and they form 30% of voting power in America
  • If Biden gets a huge section of minority votes then all he needs is 21% of White votes to win the election
  • The more you push away minority voters, the higher the chances of Biden’s win

Being Pro-Police is not going to get you more votes
For some reason, you are choosing to support Police over Blacks … which is a very big mistake. You should understand that … being Pro-Police is not going to get you more votes.

  • Firstly, the police force stands in no comparison to the 73 million minority voters
  • Secondly, the police force is divided into Democrat and Republican and their votes are split into two. Just being Pro-Police doesn’t mean that the Police force is going to vote Republican.
  • Thirdly, it is the minorities that are strongly Democrat … not the Police force. It is this huge section of 73 million voters that you are pushing away by being Pro-Police.

You are getting more losses than benefits by being Pro-Police.

Never take sides in Police Vs Blacks
The best option when there is a conflict between the Police and Blacks … never take anyone’s side. On one hand, you have the Police force that risk their lives on a daily basis to protect other people. And on the other hand, you have the weakest community in the country that needs our help the most. This is a not a place where you take anyone’s side at all. In fact, you support both of them and help both of them.

You restructure the police force … give them the support that they need to do their work and also address the issues that minorities face. You should strongly support both of them. However, public support for the police should not be done … as they are the ones with more authority, more power and more resources in this equation. The public support should be for the Black people and the minorities.

Stop promoting Pro-Police content - Presidency and Senate
This is a very important pointer for you that should be followed by Trump family members, Republicans, Fox News and in all of your Tweets as well. Stop promoting Pro-Police content. The more you will promote Pro-Police content … the more votes you will lose. Your approach on this issue should be changed … and you should also tell all Republicans to change their approach … as it is very important to keep the Senate in your hold. Stop the Pro-Police content, campaigns and tweets. It is backfiring and thinning your support base.

Trump Vs Biden … a historic moment in America
Coming to the good side of things … Trump Vs Biden … is a historic moment in America. Till date, we always had both Presidential candidates who were Establishment puppets or either one of them was an Establishment puppet.

  • Obama Vs Hillary … Hillary was the puppet
  • Obama Vs John McCain … McCain was the puppet
  • Obama Vs Mitt Romney … Mitt Romney was the puppet
  • Trump Vs Hillary … Hillary was the puppet

But now … in the 2020 elections … owing to the fantastic work done by the SM Groups at the ground level … we have smashed out all Establishment puppets from the race … several Jewish millionaires, billionaires and several puppets have been hammered out of the race … leaving us with only Trump and Biden in the race. This is a fantastic accomplishment where we don’t have an Establishment puppet from either party. There are no warmongers from both parties. Kudos to SM Groups … fantastic job … very well done!

Yes, Trump is more capable and talented than Biden … I agree.

Biden’s Strengths
Winning against Biden was actually a total cakewalk. The guy was literally leading the Democrat party only to fail against Trump. But it is never advisable to underestimate your opponent … that is never a good strategy. We are in continuously evolving times … SM Groups are always trying to make things better for the country. These are Biden’s strengths when compared to Hillary.

  • Not hated. Biden is not Hillary. Biden is not hated by anyone. He is not a warmonger.
  • Not an Establishment puppet. Biden is not an Establishment puppet … which means that change is possible under Biden as well. Biden won’t take us into wars and with the right VP … he could also lead America. Its possible.
  • Massive minority support. Now with this police violence crisis … he is pulling massive minority support. He is automatically dominating 30% of the voting force in America.

This is what makes Biden challenging for Trump. Hillary would never be considered above Trump … but Biden could be.

SM decides on who will bring change
We don’t decide who becomes President … SM does that. The key factor that they consider is … who will bring positive change in America … better and faster change? This is the key consideration when both candidates are not Establishment puppets.

We know that Trump is a better candidate … which is why keep on telling Trump … “lead and bring change in your country … lead and bring change in your country”. This helps us to keep Trump on the mantle ahead of everyone else.

Good news for both candidates
And the good news for both candidates is that … SM Groups have decimated the Establishment in almost every sphere possible …

  • From investigations to impeachment
  • From criminal billionaires to Netanyahu
  • From nuclear wars to pandemics
  • From rooting out Establishment puppets and billionaires in Presidential races

In almost every sphere … the Establishment has been crushed and defeated … which means, enormous SM support from the ground level and a very very prosperous future ahead.