03 Jun 2020
JewH372 Dismantling the Establishment’s Race Based Riots in America

Establishment Hypocrisy
It is very easy to see Establishment hypocrisy in America. The Establishment is anti-American and they adhere to and promote only that path that is most destructive for the country.

  • Coronavirus Crisis. Continuously since the past couple of months … America was maintained under a fear propaganda of the virus. They delayed the opening of the country to the maximum extent … which led to trillions in economic losses. Even if Trump recommended the opening of Churches … they were totally against him and telling him to be accountable for the cases and deaths that would result because of that.
  • Police Violence. After creating trillions in economic losses for the country … almost every Establishment media outlet is “pro-protester” and asking for more and more protests. A Church has been burned down and there is no condemnation for that. Trump was opening Churches … everyone pounced on him and condemned him for opening Churches. Now, people are going out in thousands … with no social distancing, no masks and they are burning Churches and buildings … there is absolutely no condemnation for this.

Do you see the ridiculous levels of hypocrisy of the same Establishment? They adhere to and promote only those routes that are most destructive for the country. The Establishment is not only anti-Trump … but they are anti-American that create maximum destruction for the people and the country.

Normal Route via Protests
Let me break this down for you … so that it is very easy to understand. This is the normal and constructive route via protests.

  • Step 01 – Protest. People protest against something that is wrong and they want change. They put forward their demands, problems and the changes that they need. A protest is a form of communication to reach the top political levels.
  • Step 02 – Change. Once they reach the top political levels … step two involves in bringing out the necessary changes to make a better country. Dialogue begins and politicians formulate new laws and regulations to address the concerns of the people.

This is the normal route via protests. The main purpose of protests is “change” … a better country with better laws and regulations.

Malicious Route via Protests
Now, take a look what the Establishment is doing via the current protests against police violence.

  • Step 01 – Protest. Masses are being encouraged to protest as it is their first amendment right and take to the streets. Thousands of people are pouring into the streets.
  • Step 02 – Destruction. In the next step … there is no dialogue or request for change or request for new laws … but we have rioting, looting, vandalism and spreading of hate, division and destruction in America. This is exactly what’s going on.

In the first step … we have genuine, honest and peaceful Black people protesting against this repeated atrocity from the police department. But in step two … we have malicious Establishment elements that are sponsoring and encouraging violent and destructive activities all across the country. This is the Establishment putting America on an extended path of destruction along with Covid.  Protests are being used:

  • To further America’s destruction
  • To further the shutdown of cities via curfews
  • To further economic losses in America
  • To further hate and division in America

What is the purpose of the protests?
One should stop for a second and think … what is the purpose of the protest? Its been more than one week of rioting and violence … that is affecting more than 40 cities across America … what is the purpose of the protests? What is the goal? What is your objective? What do you want to accomplish?

  • Do you want to fill America with destruction, violence, racism, looting, vandalism and create hate and destruction everywhere?
  • Or do you want dialogue, change, better laws, better regulations, a better system and a better country to live in?

Only one of these tracks are right … look around yourselves and see where we are headed.

Fantastic guy in the White House
The Establishment’s demonization of Trump is totally bullshit. In reality, Trump is a good person with a soft and caring heart. We have a fantastic person in the White House that will listen to you. If you want change … if you want better systems … if you want a better country … then there is no better guy in America today than Trump that will help you get it done.

Trump is a guy that will move mountains to make a better America. The entire world has seen the fantastic response that Trump has given to the pandemic. He has saved America from destruction … not once but two times already … and his first term is not even over yet.

  • Stopped Hillary. Trump defeated more than a dozen Republicans and Hillary GodDamn Clinton to become President. Had Hillary become President we would have a nuclear war with Russia by now … America would have already become radioactive wastelands. Not only he defeated Hillary … he withstood 2 years of Russian Collusion bullshit along with the Mueller Investigation. Anyone would have buckled and waged the damn war against Russia. Trump withstood 2 years of non-stop aggression and humiliation … but he didn’t take one step towards a war against Russia.
  • Protected America from Covid. Millions of Americans would have died if Trump had not intervened … the death and destruction would have been enormous across America. America was the Establishment’s biggest target. Trump saved America for a second time … tirelessly working day and night for two full months. He created world records in his response to the pandemic.

The only thing that the Establishment media could say is that … “Trump is showboating … he is showing off … he is doing this too quickly and that too quickly.” Trump was saving millions of American lives and the only thing that the Establishment could do is make bullshit statements against Trump.

President Trump is a good person with a good heart. Trump has been America’s savior not once but twice. He will listen to you. There is no reason for non-stop protests and endless violence.

Dismantling Race Based Riots
This is a new crisis and many people don’t know how to approach this crisis and solve it. Its very easy … let me break it down for you.

The Establishment is working on this crisis via a “divisive tactic”. They have made it into:

  • White Vs Black
  • President Vs Protesters
  • To protest or not to protest
  • Authority Vs People
  • Republicans Vs Democrats

This particular approach will only lead to more chaos, more violence and more destruction. This is the gimmick that the Establishment is using. We need to change the topic to:

  • Do you want violence or change?
  • Do you want riots or dialogue?
  • Do you want destruction or reform?

Remove the color from the topic … remove party politics from the topic and unite authority with the people.

Move the topic to the next level
The Establishment’s gimmick is … more and more protests and endless violence in the country. As long as we remain simply pro-protests … nothing will change. The protest is just the first step to get the top politicians involved. There is no sense or logic in simply remaining stuck in step one … we have to move on to the next step. The next step involves dialogue, change and reforms. The authorities should say … “yes we are with you … let’s start the dialogue … let’s discuss the changes needed … and let’s get it done”. It might be Mayors, Governors or the President … everyone should work on moving the people to the next level. This is called leadership … which is needed right now.

Biden and Democrats
Now, take a look at what Biden and Democrats are doing. They are just lecturing people on their rights and encouraging more protests. Why on Earth do we need more protests? What is the purpose of these protests? Schumer is creating a House Resolution against President Trump because he is trying to contain the violent protests. Democrats are simply encouraging more and more protests … they don’t realize that they are being the hands of a Satanic Establishment again … where they are facilitating more destruction in the country.

The only thing that Democrats are focused on is … getting the Black votes … push them for more protests since Trump is not allowing protests. Is this called change? Is this called fixing anything? This is not leadership … this is plain greed for power. Democrats should realize that they are destroying the country in their greed for power.

Bill de Blasio
You are a nice guy … we know you are. You are trying to be extremely people centric … and allowing everyone to protest with minimal use of police force. You are trying to be a public champion but you should understand that … only people are not involved in this. The Establishment is encouraging people to protest and then they are sending violent groups to create looting and vandalism along with the protests. Endless protests is not a solution. The protests should end and the next step for reforms should begin. Try to pull your city to the next level.

No Systemic Racism … but there is Racism in the System
Yes, when people are asking for change in the system … some people are saying that … there is no “systemic racism” in America. Yes, they are right … there is no systemic racism in America. There is no law or regulation or system where people are systematically discriminated against. There is no systemic racism … but there is racism in the system.

There are few bad apples in the system because of which simple Black people are killed over a $20 bill. And this is what puts people on the streets. There are ways to address this issue in the system … there are ways to fix the system so that such bad apples are not killing innocent people because of their color. This is exactly the change that people want … but they are not able to say it or ask for the exact change that they need.

Changes needed to address police brutality
We have already put a few changes that can easily be implemented to address police brutality in America. We know that 99% of the police force is good and nice … but we need ways to contain the bad apples as well.

  • City Surveillance Systems
  • Restructuring Police Force
  • Sensitivity Training

Details have already been mentioned in previous pages on these changes. President Trump needs to change the topic … these are the things that we should not be discussing.

  • Black Vs White
  • To protest or not to protest?
  • Are you pro-protester or against protesters?
  • Democrats Vs Republicans on this issue

Just move the topic to the next level. Do not remain locked into a trap. The above debates will lock you into a trap. This is exactly what the Establishment media is talking about. No one should want or support endless protests. Create coalitions and use multiple voices to take America to the next level. You can easily surpass the Establishment this way.