02 Jun 2020
JewH371 The Establishment is using violence, riots and looting to continue America’s destruction

This is what you should note about the Coronavirus and Police violence … both of them are Establishment designed crisis to destroy America. America and the Trump Presidency are the key targets in both of these schemes. Compared to all European countries … America has faced maximum damage owing to the Coronavirus.

  • 1.8 million Americans infected till date
  • 100,000 American citizens killed by the virus
  • 40 million Americans are unemployed
  • About $5 Trillion are being given in handouts
  • We are facing trillions in economic losses

No other country has faced so many losses as America has faced. But our lovely Establishment doesn’t stop here … because this much destruction is highly “contained destruction”. The deaths should have been by the millions if President Trump would not come into action. Not only Trump saved millions of American lives … he has created world records in his response to the pandemic. The Establishment failed in America’s destruction and in the destruction of the Trump Presidency. In fact, Trump saved America and his approval ratings increased by several points. So now, this is the next scheme of our lovely Establishment.

Extended Destruction of America
Very soon the vaccine is going to be implemented in America … Trump is literally going to be the champion in this crisis. So they have launched another anti-American and anti-Trump scheme where:

  • Churches and buildings are being burnt down
  • There is full-scale rioting in about 40 cities in America
  • There is looting of stores at several places
  • Property is being vandalized and cars are being burnt
  • Literally people are being targeted based on color

4 grown-up Black men are beating up a simple unarmed White woman in broad daylight on the streets. This is plain hooliganism. For no reason in the world should a Church be burnt down … and for no reason in the world, should 4 grown-up men beat a simple woman on the streets who has done them no wrong.

This is not about protesting any more … this is not about rights, change, Democracy or George Floyd. This has turned into something very ugly and very destructive for the Nation. There are literally Establishment elements in these protest groups that are sponsoring and directing this destruction across America. This is continued destruction of America at another level.

This is a failed, vicious, jealous and Satanic Establishment that is facilitating this destruction. This is not what groups like Black Lives Matter did before … this is not how Black people protested before.

Time for leadership President Trump

  • Black leaders should step forward. Trump needs to connect with Black community leaders from all arenas … Church, politics, Obamas, Senators, House Reps, Celebrities and Media professionals. Unite everyone and get everyone on the same page.
  • Condemn the violence and initiate dialogue. Everyone should collectively condemn the violence. There should be no looting, no rioting, no vandalizing property and no hurting each other. Dialogue must be initiated … the issues and respective changes required must be discussed and brought to the table. This is not who we are … this is not how America or Americans function … it is a must to initiate dialogue.
  • Protests need to end, dialogue needs to begin. America cannot burn further. We have lost 100k citizens and we have 40 million people unemployed. America cannot handle more destruction. At the end of the day, we have to live together and work together … this cannot be our way of life. The more the violence goes on, the more difficult it will be to get to a normal. We have to open America and not create a horrible America where no one can live peacefully.
  • Work through Mayors and Governors. Trump should simultaneously equip all Governors and Mayors with all tools necessary to end this violence immediately. This lawlessness and violence should not be tolerated or accepted any further.
  • Justice and dialogue. But at the same time … be sure to show justice to George Floyd and initiate dialogue to provide the changes that people need.

We are in a state where the Establishment in inducing extremely hateful and destructive schemes in America. All of these schemes are destructive for the country and the people. We have to contain the violence and create a better country for all of us. We cannot get carried away by a bunch of Satanists and get involved in mutual destruction.