01 Jun 2020
JewH370 Establishment shifts from Corona to Police Violence

Congrats to President Trump
Firstly, congrats to President Trump on his fantastic victory on the Coronavirus crisis. The number of cases and deaths are going down all across the country. Hopefully, Trump will pick the vaccine this month and decimate this crisis for good.  It will be total and absolute victory against Corona in America and around the world.

But interestingly, the Establishment doesn’t really care about Trump’s fantastic victory in this pandemic. They are so jealous and envious that they have launched another crisis even before virus crisis came to an end. This is a time where we should be congratulating the President and the tens of thousands of healthcare workers across the country who worked tirelessly against this massive crisis.

Thousands of protestors are pouring into the streets and nobody really cares about “social distancing, masks and staying at home” any more. The topic has been completely switched to another crisis of racism in America. This shows us two things:

  • Trump has a sure shot victory on Corona with the vaccine very soon.
  • The jealous and envious Establishment is switching topics even before this victory is realized and promoting a new crisis … which only shows that the Coronavirus crisis was nothing but mere malice in its entire design, spread and marketing.

Nothing is easy – Several factors into play
In Establishment designed crisis … nothing is easy. There are always several factors into play. If you understand all of the associated factors … it is then that you can make the winning moves. Otherwise, they will mislead you into long term disasters. These are the factors that you need to see and manage.

Factor 01. Indirect Anti-Trump Strategies
The Coronavirus and Police Violence … both of them are indirect anti-Trump strategies. You are not doing anything wrong here. They are “surrounding” you with a crisis … to make you bear the brunt of the crisis.

  • Leadership Failure. If you had not taken the right steps to address the Coronavirus crisis … then they would say that … Trump is not fit to lead, look at the massive number of cases and deaths.
  • Economic Failure. Even when you took all measures to address the crisis … the economy got destroyed and we have 40 million unemployed people. You have lost the strongest tool against anti-Trumpism which was “economy and jobs”.

Coronavirus was not something that Trump created … but it was manufactured in China and spread into America … to challenge and rattle Trump’s leadership. They destroyed the entire economy months before the election.

Factor 02. Police Violence – not Trump’s fault
Police violence against Blacks is not Trump’s fault. Trump is not the one going around killing Black people. Trump has no direct connection to Black people being killed by the police. But they are “surrounding” the Trump Presidency with this crisis … only to push Trump on the wrong side and take away his votes. This is the gimmick.

Factor 03. Minorities voted for Hillary
Another factor that you need to see is … Hillary was the most hated politician in America. But minorities voted for Hillary … why? Because of Trump’s rhetoric against Blacks, Latinos and immigrants. During your first election itself we told you … these are Establishment gimmicks designed to fail you. Hillary ended up getting more votes because they are not just minorities … but they form 30% of the voting force in America … they are about 73 million voters.

We don’t have Hillary right now. We have Joe Biden … his two strong suits are:

  • No hate. People don’t hate him. Even we don’t hate him … it is just that, everyone understands that Biden is not a strong candidate for President.
  • Obama’s VP. Everybody loves Obama … so do we. Biden’s second strong suit is that … he is Obama’s VP … owing to which he already has a massive Black support base. Just by virtue of being Obama’s VP … he already has a huge section of 30 million Black voters on his side.

Factor 04. People Frustrated – Why are protests spreading so easily?
One guy dies and protests are spreading all across the US … to the extent that we also have protestors in Canada, UK and Germany. What the hell is going on? This is not just about George Floyd. People are frustrated … with the high cost of living, debt and the problems that they have. If any protest is there … the masses are joining the protests … doesn’t matter what is the protest about or what is the purpose of the protest. This is because of the bigger problems that people are facing in everyday life. People are frustrated and they want change. To add to that … the Coronavirus has created massive losses for the people as well … massive business and job losses. Obviously, there is a lot of frustration.

Factor 05. 95% of the protestors are peaceful
Yes, violence against anyone is wrong and must be stopped. But how many violent protestors are there? 1%? 5%? 10%? Even if 5-10% of the protestors are violent … it means that 90-95% of the protestors are peaceful. Isn’t it our job … as the leaders of the Nation … to listen to our citizens who are protesting peacefully?

Protests are a means for change … it is a form of communication. Things should not reach to an extent where people have to protest … but this where the state of the crisis is … riots and violent protests. As leaders … we are supposed to listen to them, understand the problem, understand the change that they want and design solutions to eliminate the problem for good from our society.

For example … take a look at how Michelle and Barack Obama are addressing this issue. None of them are talking about the violence from the protestors. They are trying to understand and address the underlying issue that is creating these protests. Almost all Democrats are calling for restraint in violence and trying to address the racism issue … which is putting them ahead of you in this crisis.

Factor 06. Trump has a double challenge
This is the key thing that you need to understand … you are facing a double challenge in addressing the police violence crisis.

  • Address and support minorities. In your first election, you had thrown the minorities under the bus … which resulted in Hillary getting more votes than you. You have to make a major reversal here and you have to be the champion for the minorities now.
  • Biden already has strong support. To add to the above … nobody hates Biden … and he already has strong support because he was Obama’s VP. Black votes will be Biden’s strongest point in the election.

The Establishment has created a major “race based crisis” right before elections … just to pull your votes and put you in a more challenging situation.

Breaking down the Establishment is as easy as disobeying Satan
The good news is that … this lovely Establishment are none other than the Devil Worshipers of the Middle Ages. Breaking down Establishment malice and schemes is as easy as disobeying Satan. Satan can create a dozen schemes to mislead you … but it is easy as hell not to follow Satan. All you need is a clear understanding of what to do and what not to do … and make the initiatives in the right direction and God will give you victory. God willing.

What to do and what not to do?
Always keep in mind … these crises are not because of you. You have not done anything wrong because of which Corona happened or because of which police violence happens. You have zero culpability here.

  • Chill and lead. All you need to do is chill and lead. Don’t take any tension … its not your fault … you did nothing wrong. If a problem exists … you pull the right strings and solve it. That’s the job of the President … chill and lead.
  • 3 simple steps to solve all problems. The Establishment can hatch any crisis around you … however big or small … there are 3 simple steps to solve all problems.
    • Step One. Understand the problem and crisis. Don’t try to discipline others … especially when they are not doing anything against you. There are no anti-Trump protests in Corona or police violence. Understand each crisis and problem … coz every problem will be different with different factors involved.
    • Step Two. Set up required teams. Set up the right required teams to work on the solutions for the problem.
    • Step Three. Strategize and get it done. Give your team the right strategies and get things done. Its simple as that. You already must be tired with the Corona crisis and now you have a new crisis brewing up. I know … it might be exhausting. For everything … just set up a team and let them work on it. As President, just tell them what to do and your team will work at it. All victories will be yours.
  • Work through Mayors and Governors. Violence must not be allowed under any pretext or against anyone. Just like you worked via Governors in the Coronavirus crisis … similarly, let the Governors take responsibility and manage these protests. Let them handle it … give them whatever they need to manage the protestors. You didn’t do anything wrong … why should you take the blame for being against protestors? Let the Governors handle it. Most of them are Democrat Governors … make them do their job.
  • Don’t follow Stephen Miller. This guy is a racist asshole. You have no idea how much damage he had created for your Presidency with his ridiculous and racist approach to justify the Border wall. He had literally stamped the word “racist” on the Trump Presidency. I had to step in … endorse, support and advocate for your Border wall. Otherwise, it was being seen as a wall of hate and division. Candidates like Stephen Miller are manufactured in very limited numbers as a Limited Edition. And one of him exists in the White House … unlucky for you and lucky for him.
  • Interact with protestors. Till now there is a leadership vacuum on the police violence crisis. No one has stepped forward … no one is talking to them and no one is providing any solutions. One thing that you might want to Tweet is … “Black Lives Matter” … yes tweet it. Engage with the protestors … identify their leaders … invite them to the White House … listen to them, understand the change that they want … present your solutions to them … be their President. Don’t follow shitty Stephen Miller … you are their President … be their President. Solve their problems.

Establishment shows their weakness with every scheme
These guys are malicious assholes. They show their weakness every time they design any scheme … they show systemic flaws … they show exactly where we need to hammer. It is very easy to dismantle them and the moment you are about to dismantle them successfully … they switch the topic to something else. They can switch topics because of their monopoly … a problem that you never addressed … now, you are seeing how they are using their monopoly to play around. Don’t worry … as of now, you have the power to render them silent in defeat. Breaking monopoly will be taken care of in other ways.