30 May 2020
JewH369 Solving the Police Violence Crisis

Understand what it is

  • Establishment Malice. This is Establishment malice … it’s a vote pulling tactic … 73 million votes are on the line. It is being carried out before elections … it was done during your first election and it is being done during your second election as well. Massive publicity is being given to make this issue a major factor on who gets the votes.
  • Weeks before Vaccine. The Establishment knows very well that the vaccine is just weeks away from hitting the market. President Trump has already created world records in his response to the pandemic … with the vaccine, it will be absolute victory for Trump. Creating of a new crisis is out of plain envy and jealousy to overshadow Trump’s fantastic victory in the pandemic.
  • Democrats jumping at the opportunity. Interestingly, almost all Democrats are jumping at the opportunity to pull 73 million votes on their side.
  • Racism is real. Despite all of the above, Trump should understand that racism is real. There is genuine racism against the minorities in America. Not all White people are racist … but some bad apples do exist.

Its very easy to manage this … it’s a simple crisis. You have to manage 3 elements in this crisis … Establishment malice, Democrats and the actual crisis itself. Here’s how you do it.

Decimate Democrats
This is how you decimate Democrats on this crisis.

  • Biden not the solution. Democrats are all riled up and Biden is trying to show himself as the champion in this crisis. But in reality, Biden is not the solution … Biden is the reason why this crisis still exists. Biden has been a politician for decades and decades … out of which he was VP for 8 years … he was the second most powerful man in the country … why didn’t Biden do anything about this problem in the country? He spent his entire life in Washington … is this a new problem? Why didn’t Biden solve this problem already?
  • Washington Politicians – All talk, no action. Biden falls in the category of another Washington politician who is all talk and no action. The only action Biden has shown is putting his fingers up a woman’s vagina without consent. This is just another opportunity for Biden and Democrats to start lecturing and making speeches … when they show no real action to help the people at all.
  • Blunders in action – Body Cams. And if Democrats did something in action during the last Administration … then it was blunders in action. They came up with a scheme to put body cameras on all police officers. It was a ridiculous scheme where they were putting cameras on the criminal itself. It was a total waste of tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

George Floyd is an example of Democrat inaction and the failure of their ridiculous policies. If Democrats solved this problem … if they had implemented the right policies … then George Floyd would still be alive.

Three Tracks to Solve the Police Violence Crisis
Don’t listen to Democrat lectures of high morals and principles … they are all talk and don’t do shit. This is the key difference of the Trump Presidency and a regular “All Talk Washington Presidency”. These are the 3 tracks that you have to activate to solve the police violence crisis for good. Work on these 3 tracks and you will be the champion in this crisis as well.

Track One. City Surveillance Systems
We don’t need just body cams … we need full-fledged City Surveillance Systems in every city and town in America. The number of crimes are in millions in America every year … every 5 seconds a major crime happens in America … either someone is raped, killed, robbed, mugged, car is stolen or house is robbed. Every 5 seconds … this is the frequency of crime.

When you setup full-fledged City Surveillance Systems … you get to track every type of crime on the streets in America. Police officers will not go around killing innocent people when they know that cameras are rolling. These systems do not help only in containing police violence … but they help us contain robberies, home theft, rape, assaults, mugging, bullying, drugs, gun violence, gang violence … and even the malicious spread of Coronavirus … every single type of crime that can be committed on the streets can be monitored and stopped.

Just putting a body cam on the police officer is not the solution. You are still giving power to the criminal to control what is recorded. The recording of the event is still under his control. Its not a solution … it’s a blunder and a waste of money. The event must be recorded by a third party … that is neutral in the scene. Here is where City Surveillance Systems do justice. Blacks, Latinos or Asians do not have to fear for their security when the cameras are rolling. Any act of aggression can be monitored and stopped instantly while the act is taking place.

The questions that will come are:

  • What about police barging inside the homes and shooting people?
  • How can we trust this system when it is managed by the same racist cops?

These are good questions … the second track solves these problems.

Track Two – Restructure the Police Force - Can’t change the person but we can replace the person
Not all White cops are racist … but some bad apples do exist. Racism is a complicated issue … it is generally difficult to change the person. But as leaders of the country … we don’t have to change the person … we can simply replace the person.

If racism is an issue … if there is aggressive force being used … if this force is so much that Black people are dying … then why are we sending White cops to Black communities? This whole issue is surrounded around “White cops killing Black people”. Why are we even sending White cops in these sensitive areas?

  • We have 30 million Black voters in the country
  • We have 32 million Latino voters in the country
  • We have 4.7 million Asian voters in the country

We can easily recruit the right number of Black, Latino and Asian cops that we need for each of their Communities. The most basic and simple solution to this is …

  • Send Black cops to Black communities
  • Send Latino cops to Latino communities and
  • Send Asian cops to Asian communities

The issue of a “White cop” attacking a Black man automatically vaporizes. This doesn’t only solve the problem for Black communities … it solves the problem for Latino and Asian communities as well.

This is what President Trump needs to do in this track.

  • Analyze all sensitive areas where these racial issues are occurring across the country
  • Find out the need for Black, Latino and Asian cops to manage and monitor their communities
  • Carry out a mass recruitment drive if required … which will lead to job opportunities for tens of thousands of minorities in public services. (Great style for pulling votes).
  • And then … restructure how law enforcement agencies function in minority communities

These should be the preferences …

  • The top priority should be to send … an all Black team in a Black community
  • If that is not possible … then a mixed team should be sent
  • If even that is not possible then immediate recruitment and training must be given to enable the above two options

Track Three. Sensitivity Training
After you activate the above two tracks … you should also design and implement “sensitivity training” for all cops in racially sensitive areas. The trainings should include …

  • How to deal with people from different backgrounds?
  • The process of engaging with suspects
  • Warnings to be given before using force
  • Using of limited force so as not to kill the other person

How to pull this off?
Don’t just instantly give the solution. This is not just a crisis … it is also a “political issue” right now. Democrats are already trying to pull votes using this crisis.

  • First hammer the Democrats real nice. Show how incompetent and inactive they have been for decades on this crisis. Show how Biden didn’t do shit his whole life on this crisis.
  • And then start promoting the solution simultaneously. Do it in a repeated campaign style. You are addressing 73 million voters here. We need a majority of these votes. And these solutions will actually work … it is easy to be the champion in this crisis as well.

Democrats and the Establishment can’t oppose
The best part in all of these 3 tracks is … Democrats cannot oppose them.

  • George Floyd just died … they cannot oppose City Surveillance Systems that secure every single American. These systems will help and save many more George Floyds ahead. They secure all communities … White, Black, Latino and Asian.
  • They can’t insist on sending White cops in Black communities. We have 30 million Black American citizens. They have every right to work in Law enforcement agencies and they have every right to serve their people.
  • Nor can they oppose Sensitivity Training

You will get a hands-down victory in this crisis. Keep in mind … hammer and promote … hammer the opposition, promote the solution … hammer and promote. This crisis is yours to win.