29 May 2020
JewH368 Police violence against Blacks is an Establishment anti-Trump strategy

This is what President Trump needs to know … police violence against Blacks is an anti-Trump strategy designed by the Establishment. It’s a trap.

When did the last acts of police violence happen against Blacks?
Yes, they happened before Trump’s first election. Repeated events of police violence against Blacks were created across many parts of the country. And the stand that Trump took was … “we love our police” … and what happened as a result of that? Hillary got more votes.

  • Because of Trump’s support of the police against Blacks … Trump lost votes from Blacks
  • Because of Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric to promote the Border wall … he lost votes from Latinos

When is police violence happening again?
All of a sudden police violence disappears from the news for a long time … and now it re-appears. It re-appears before Trump’s second election … just days after Biden says “you ain’t Black” if you don’t vote for me. The event is being given a huge boost in the media … lot of violence is being created … to the extent of involving the President in this crisis.

This is a “trap” my dear President … it is an anti-Trump strategy. You are the target in this. It’s a vote pulling tactic.

What will be the impact?
One thinks that Blacks, Latinos and Asian are minorities … but technically they are not minorities.


  • Hispanics will form about 13.3% of votes in 2020 … 32 million votes
  • Blacks will form about 12.5% … 30 million votes
  • Asians will form about 4.7% … 11 million votes

Together these communities form 30% of the total votes in America … about 73 million votes. This is how it impacts the elections.

  • Whites form 66.7% of the total vote
  • Assuming Biden gets the total votes from the minorities … then he automatically gets 30% of the total votes.
  • Biden will need only 21% of the votes from Whites in order to win the election
  • It means that … even if Trump gets 70% of the votes from Whites … but if he loses the votes from the minorities … even then he will lose.

Yes, Biden will not get 100% of the votes from the minorities … but this is how the numbers work. Even 70% of votes from Whites are not enough to get you elected … votes from minorities are a must. With 30% of voting power … they are not minorities anymore … they are collectively the second largest majority. It is a must to keep them on your side.

Winning tactic in race based conflicts
The best configuration in race based conflicts is …

  • Keep the White votes and also not lose the minority votes
  • Do what is right without taking sides and without losing votes

If others are fighting with each other … then why should you be the one to lose votes? Why should it impact your Presidency adversely? Why should you be the one to lose votes? Doesn’t matter who fights with whom … you should not be the one to lose votes. Its simple logic.

How to manage it?
Keep in mind that this is a trap. You have to use a two-fold approach to handle such race based conflicts.

  • Frontend. On the frontend, stick to American principles … condemn the wrong act that has happened … investigate it and punish the wrongdoers as per the crime. Repeatedly and publicly advocate for equality, respect and love among all Americans irrespective of color and religion. When you do this … you automatically retain the support from White voters and also gain the votes from the minorities. Minorities will feel safe, protected and secure under your Presidency.
  • Backend. In the backend, you are the Commander in Chief … you have to end the crisis as well. Just because a White guy killed a Black guy … Black guys don’t get to kill White guys. Violence must be stopped both ways. Use your Administration to activate law enforcement agencies to contain violent protests and to maintain the peace in the city. Violence against anyone must be stopped. These activities should not be tweeted about or talked about … do it from the backend.

This is a two-fold approach that you should use to manage such race based crisis. Use the frontend to call for unity, peace, equality and respect for all. Give rights for “peaceful demonstrations” and request the people to refrain from violence. In the backend, activate law enforcement agencies to secure everyone and to maintain peace in the city.

What not to do?

  • Don’t take sides in race based conflicts. 73 million votes are involved here … out of which 30 million are black. Biden doesn’t know anything … he doesn’t have a strategy or policies to lead the country. All of these are malicious gimmicks of the Establishment to pull votes towards Biden.
  • Don’t advocate for police. Don’t take sides with police officers when they are involved in crime and murder. Condemn racism in the country and advocate for justice and equality for everyone at every level in the country.
  • Don’t be silent. Accept that there is a racism problem in the country and advocate measures to identify and remove racism from our society.
  • Don’t condemn protestors. Don’t condemn the protestors and don’t use negative language against them. But “request” all protestors to be peaceful … accept their right to protest but request that all protests should be peaceful.

Yes, this is a trap … it is an open anti-Trump strategy. It is designed to pull away tens of millions of votes away from you. But the moment you change your strategy and start being a champion who will condemn racism in the country … who is ready to identify and remove racism from our society … then all of these events will start working in your favor. Instead of losing votes … you start winning votes. Understand the gimmick that they are using … play the right moves … you can reverse the whole thing in your favor.