27 May 2020
JewH367 Working with Obamas boosts Trump’s Security

Firstly, Twitter is all wrong in fact-checking Trump’s tweets.

  • Getting involved in politics. It has no business getting involved in politics and taking political sides. Twitter is the platform for communication. A Social Media platform should have no business in getting involved in politics or rating or checking political posts.
  • Should follow the law. The Social Media platform should follow the law and if any user is breaking the law then the post can be removed or the account can be suspended. But the platform has no business in taking sides, rating or fact-checking posts of any person … let alone the President. I don’t think that the President has broken any law that requires his account to be suspended or posts to be removed.
  • Only shows guilt. The fact that Twitter in getting involved in the “mail-in” voting issue … only shows that the Establishment genuinely has plans of rigging the election via the mail-in voting process. Mass amounts of ballots can be printed, forged and posted … this can lead to massive rigging of the election throughout the country.
  • Tweets with unsubstantiated evidence. Apparently, Twitter is saying that these tweets of the President don’t have evidence to support them. But Twitter is not an intelligence agency nor is it a legal agency. The President is not in a court to provide you with any evidence. This is a Social media platform meant for the people to communicate with each other … which includes the President.

Twitter’s actions were against the very nature of its platform. All Republicans must condemn Twitter’s involvement in rating, fact-checking or in any kind of public involvement of the President’s tweets. Twitter should show no political bias. Twitter, Facebook and Google … none of them have the right to show political bias.

Coming to the main topic of the page … Corona and Twitter are not the major problems ahead. The Corona crisis will be solved with the vaccine very soon, God willing. These are the forthcoming worst-case scenarios … that Trump needs to manage.

3 Worst Case Scenarios Ahead
It is not really wise to fully turn against Obamas. American politics are complicated. Not everything that happened under Obama can be blamed on Obama. But the good thing is that … working with Obamas can boost Trump’s security. These are the worst-case scenarios ahead … and this is how Obamas can help.

Scenario 01. Loss of the Presidency
You are going full scale against Obama … what if you lose in November? What if Biden wins? Do you think that Biden is going to listen to you or he is going to listen to Obama? We are pushing for your win in 2020 … many SM Groups are lining up to help you … assuming that you will implement great policies and take the country forward. There is 80% support for you right now … which means that there are 20% chances of Biden’s win. What if this 20% chance comes true? How will you walk back all of your anti-Obama activities?

Scenario 02. Loss of the Senate
Let’s assume you win the Presidency … but what if you lose the Senate? It is because of anti-Trumpism that Democrats won the House. The key issues that you are looking at a National level that work against you are:

  • Anti-Trumpism
  • 40 million people unemployed
  • Terrible economy
  • 100,000 American citizens dead

Even if you manage to pull off your win … with the SM support that we are generating for you … the above factors can be used at a National Level to win more Senate seats. Always keep in mind … when things are bad … the leading party loses seats. That’s what happened with Obama in his second term … he was not doing anything … no major reforms were implemented … he won the Presidency because we activated the support for him against Mitt Romney … but he lost the House and the Senate.

Losing the Senate is losing the Presidency
Obama’s case of losing the House and Senate was different … nobody was trying to impeach him. But your case is totally different … the moment you lose the Senate, it means full impeachment. It means that, even if you win the Presidency … you can be removed from the White House any time. What’s the point of winning the Presidency and then losing it via impeachment?

This is actually worse than losing the election. If you lost the election … then you lost a free and fair game. But getting removed from the White House via an impeachment … can be pretty humiliating. You are doing a great job on Corona … but you are not seeing the bigger problems ahead.

Scenario 03. Lawsuits, Investigations and Impeachment
Even if you win the Presidency and keep the Senate … you are still looking at the repetition of your first term … that was filled with lawsuits, investigations and impeachment. If Democrats keep the House … they can still impeach you and create a second impeachment.

All of these worst case scenarios that may happen … all of these are Establishment led and Establishment designed. You need to go easy on Obama. It is the Establishment and its misleading that is the key culprit here.

Cannot work with an empty Congress
I was myself asked … what to do with Obama, Pelosi and Warren? “Obama doesn’t rise above party politics … Pelosi is blowing up trillions in stimulus packages … and Warren has become a Socialist fanatic. What to do with them?” SM Groups are asking … what to do with them? Lol.

I was shocked and surprise … what do you mean what to do with them? We are going to kick out everyone with any mistake or blunder that they make? Who is going to be left in the Congress if we do that? Yes, the Congress is rigged and it is a shitty place … but at the same time, we cannot work with an empty Congress. We gave them the same formula … as we gave for Trump.

  • Move ahead what is good
  • Hold back what is wrong
  • And only good things will happen for the country

This is the main reason we have only good things happening for the country under Trump … the same will apply to Obama, Pelosi and Warren. You should understand that … all of these are good people … Obama, Pelosi, Warren and Trump. Everyone makes mistakes … everyone has some drawbacks … we can’t knock out everyone from the game. Everyone is not full of shit like Hillary and Mitt Romney.

The formula to work with good people should be … bring out the good and hold back the wrong. And the best thing about Barack Obama is … Michelle Obama. Obama needs to be the House-Husband for a while … and let the lady take charge.

Michelle Obama can be a fantastic turning point in American leadership. She doesn’t have to take any political office … its simple backend planning … and Barack Obama can give her some backing. What will happen by this is … all of the issues that you have seen … coming from the Democrat party … all of that can change.

  • The Establishment misusing Democrat leadership
  • The Establishment misusing the Democrats to spy on the Trump Campaign
  • The Establishment misusing the Democrats for investigations and impeachment
  • The Establishment misusing Democrats for anti-Trumpism and opposing good policies for the country.

You should understand that only a few Democrats are actually good … even Democrats have a lot of shitty politicians. So don’t blame everything that Democrats do on Obama. All you need is a small coalition from Obama to surpass and handle the Establishment influence among the Democrats. That’s all you need.

Need for Strategies and Coalitions
Here is where strategies and coalitions come into place. Why should Democrats help you? Why should politicians from the opposite party help you? There has to be an incredibly strong reason for them to stand up for you. Given the anti-Trumpism at a National level … no Democrat would want to share that level of ridicule and demonization. This is why Democrats see it easy to be against Trump … so that they don’t share the media bashing. Nobody wants to share the media bashing with you. It will rattle their seats in the House and Senate.

Here is where you need very strong strategies that the media cannot oppose … so that even your opposition leaders can team up with you. These strategies will give you the coalitions … with strategies and coalitions you will win … and you can win at every step and every phase … which includes …

  • Winning the Presidency
  • Keep the Senate
  • Decimating all lawsuits, investigations and impeachment efforts
  • You will not only surpass anti-Trumpism but you can decimate anti-Trumpism

You get to do great things for the country while hammering out the Establishment. Don’t be totally anti-Obama … pull out the good things in him. He is a good person. America was lucky to have him as President … otherwise, as per the Establishment plans … America would have been a nuclear wasteland with a war against Russia by now. There wouldn’t even be a Trump Presidency. We would be living in radioactive wastelands by now.

This Corona crisis is a living example of how the Establishment wanted to destroy the West. The Establishment gave us 100,000 dead American citizens … in plain sight … who were totally innocent.

  • Obama spent the first term starting wars and the second term in stopping those wars
  • Your first year was wasted on the Russian Collusion Delusion
  • Your second year was wasted on the Mueller Investigation
  • Your third year was wasted on Impeachment and
  • Your fourth year is being wasted on the Corona virus crisis

A complete waste of time and leadership of a fantastic President. This is the Establishment that we are dealing with … one scandal after another … one crisis after another … that is wasting one Presidency after another. The last thing we need is hate and division among ourselves. It is a must to unite to win.