24 May 2020
JewH366 Strategy and Implementation

This page is important for Trumps and Obamas. It will show the key formulas of …

  • How to become President in America?
  • How to win as President in America?

This will help President Trump do great things in both of his terms … and it will help Obamas understand how to create the next Democrat President.

Step One. Snap out of the Conventional Mindset
The first thing that you should do is … snap out of the conventional mindset. No more politics that are hierarchy based, power based and party based … you should be ready to say …

  • To hell with party politics
  • To hell with the RNC and DNC
  • To hell with the Establishment
  • I will fight for my people and I will always keep my country and people first.

Saying this is easy … but actually doing it can be a different ball game. This is the first thing that we told Warren … “rise above yourself and rise above party politics, if you want to win”. Nodding along and reading these lines is very easy. Warren nodded along … made promises for the same … but in actual action, she didn’t realize that she was being a slave of the Democrat Establishment.

Who the hell are you?
After these leaders get a few instructions from us … then automatically come the questions … “who the hell are you? Why should I listen to you? I am going to be President … I will do whatever I want.” Well, I am okay with such questions … it is very normal to have these questions in your mind. All of the key candidates that we helped or tried to help had these questions … including Obama, Trump and Warren. Even the next new comers will have these questions.

Active Democracy – A New Form of Democracy in America
To cut the long story short … we got involved in American politics to save America and the world from endless wars and to end the Establishment’s exploitation systems. The whole thing led to the creation of a new incredibly powerful Democratic system … where people are immensely powerful and take the lead in controlling the direction of the country … people are actively involved in leading the country … this is Active Democracy.

Generally, when someone runs for President … they think that … they will do this and that … and that they will lead the country. What they don’t know is that … there is a massive network of tens of millions of Silent Majority Groups active all across the country … that are actively involved in the leadership of the country.

  • If you are doing something that is hurtful for the country and people … expect intervention … they will stop you.
  • If you are doing something that is good for the country and people … expect full support and victories … they will do everything to help you.

In this Era of People Power, if you come up with ridiculous Socialist disasters … then obviously you will be failed. There are tens of millions of entities actively screening every move you make and every policy that you run. This is the SM Network.

Why the SM Network got involved?
Because I got them to … because this is the need of our time.

  • Bush Era. Both of Bush’s terms were total disasters … because there was no Establishment know how and SM didn’t know how to get involved and change the direction.
  • Obama Era. Obama’s first term was a total disaster and owing to the SM support … he changed America’s direction, vaporized terrorism and did not start new wars.
  • Trump Era. Among all 3 Presidents, Trump was the fastest to follow and change. There are no disasters under Trump and he has actually become the President of a New Era … where he works on everything using logic.

The Era of People Power and SM involvement only resulted in what is good for the country and the people. SM is a complementary force that helps, guides and protects the President … it is not a competition to the President. At the same time, they don’t allow nonsense candidates to enter the White House.

Step Two. Understand the Establishment Crisis and How to Move Forward
Once you snap out of the conventional mindset of politics and understand the new system into place … then you need to understand the Establishment crisis and how to move forward in this crisis. Now, you need to understand why we are giving power to people centric leaders?

Active Democracy – Strategy Guys
As an organization, Active Democracy are the strategy guys. We do strategies … actions, policies, laws, systems and structures. The core part of the work is of a Think Tank. This is our primary work. All of our work is based on dodging Establishment malice, ending Establishment malice and taking the country forward with great things for the people.

Here again … you must note … we are not President and we are not competing with the President. We are mainly strategy guys.

The President – Implementation Guys
The President along with other key political leaders … are the implementation guys. The President is literally the Head of the entire Executive Branch. He literally executes what happens in the country … he is the most powerful implementation force in the country.

The formula that is being put into place is …

  • Strategy + Implementation = Great Results
  • Active Democracy + President = Great Results for the people

Let me explain this with some examples. All of these are new moves carried out under our strategies and tactics … and all of these moves have created history.

  • Obama – Russian Leadership. We advised Obama to invite and allow Russia to fight terrorism in Syria. It saved the country … the worldwide migration crisis has ended … there is peace in Syria and refugees have returned back to Syria by the millions.
  • Obama – Powerful Ex-President. We again advised Obama to create a coalition to lead the country from behind. Never did a US President have an active coalition after his Presidency. Obama was able to stop new wars during Trump’s early years and give Trump a fantastic and prosperous America with record breaking jobs.
  • Trump – North Korea. We advised Trump on North Korea and reversed his tracks … it led to historic moves of peace and cooperation in the Koreas.
  • Trump – Kurdish Crisis. We advised Trump on the Turkey-Kurdish crisis and showed him how to manage this crisis peacefully … otherwise, it would have created civil wars in 4 different countries in the region.

The list can go on … but what you need to see here is the combination of “strategy and implementation”. Did it create great and historic things for the people or not? It saved millions of lives. We love and thank God for using us in these works.

Like we said before … we are not competing with the President.

  • We empower the President to do great things with excellent strategies.
  • And then SM Networks come into action to give him success and victories in each move.

We are empowering the President with greatness and success. And not only that … when the President works on the fantastic strategies that we give … SM Networks also get involved in protecting the President from all lawsuits, investigations, impeachment and many other forms of Establishment malice … since the President is “implementing” great things for the people. On the forefront, the President is the hero … not us. We are just the strategy behind the work.

Step Three – Move ahead with new systems and change for America
Active Democracy gives strategies … the President implements … SM Networks protect and help. If you understand this … then you should be able to move ahead with new systems and positive change for America. Then you become the key candidate that will be brought in the White House.

Entities working at the Presidential Level
These are the key entities that function in America at the Presidential level.

  • The President … he is the most powerful implementation force in America.
  • The Establishment … they lie, mislead and create chaos and crisis in the country against the President and the people. This is a negative force.
  • SM Network … they kick the Establishment’s ass and control it wherever they can with the current tools available. And they also help and protect the President.
  • Active Democracy. We work with the President and the SM Network in kicking the Establishment’s ass and doing great things for the people.

All of these 4 entities are interconnected. The next Democrat candidate needs to be trained on this to get him in the White House.

Key Formula for Victory in America – Establishment Independence
What we are trying to do here is … create rock solid “Establishment independent entities” that will do great things for the people while surpassing the Establishment.

  • Active Democracy. We function from outside the country … from a safe and secure location … to give the strategies, actions, laws and policies to create a great country.
  • The President. We design coalitions within Democrats and Republicans … and empower the President with SM support … to make him a totally independent entity within the country that can implement all of the strategies.

This is how victories are designed in America. Establishment independence … with strong strategies and strong implementation … creating a great nation.

Eid Mubarak!