17 May 2020
JewH365 America needs more of Michelle and less of Barack

Trumps worried about my criticism of Obama
Trumps are worrying about my criticism of Obama … they are fearing something bad will happen. I am like … “bah, what are you talking about? Obamas are my old friends … we know each other for a decade now. They are like family. You don’t have to worry about me criticizing Obama … they are grownups … they can handle a little bit of constructive criticism.” Now, that Trumps are worrying … let me put some pointers ahead.

  • Obamas have nothing to lose. Okay so … even if I criticize you guys … what have you got to lose? You are already a two time President … no one is going to take away your Presidency … you don’t hold any political office. If Warren and Biden worry … I understand … they lose the Presidency when I don’t support them. But you have nothing to lose now … in fact, you have everything to gain.
  • Warren’s losing is not Obama losing. If Warren or Biden are losing … then it does not mean that Obama is losing. Their failure is not your failure. You were a successful President and you are an even more successful ex-President. If these candidates lose … it is because of the wrong policies that they come up with. Don’t let their failure reflect on you. They fail because they suck.
  • Gave nothing but phenomenal victories. Working with us and understanding the logic that we present … it gave Obamas nothing but phenomenal victories … it might be against Mitt Romney or ending the War on Terror … vaporizing terrorism and Radical Islam and even becoming a phenomenal ex-President. We designed this role for you … to lead the country while not holding any office … otherwise, you were busy partying with your billionaire friends. Whatever we are doing for you is new and phenomenal … which only increases you in power and gives you more victories.

Obamas are the last people who should worry about our criticism … because they were the first ones to receive great benefits from our work. Now, let me show you how to expand on your powers and victories.

Obama’s win was a moral win
Obama’s win against the War on Terror … against the politics of fear, hate and division … this victory was a moral win. It was about stopping death, destructions and chaos … and bringing peace in the world. It was a moral victory.

Trump’s win is a logical win
This is what Obamas should realize … because they are used to functioning with high morals. The Trump Presidency is a step forward … Trump’s win is a logical win. Its not just about stopping wars … but it is about logically evaluating what is good for America and the people … and doing what is right for the American people. This is why Trump’s agenda of America First, People First, American Energy, Tariffs, against Global Trade, holding China, NATO and Europe accountable … all of this logically fits into what is good for the country.

There is no marketing of high morals … its all about fighting for what is right for the people using logic. Warren failed because she came up with Socialist disasters. She is a good lady with good morals … but putting the country through $100 trillion plus financial catastrophes … how is this a logical thing to do? And how is this a moral thing to do?

Trump is not hurting a single American … none of his policies hurt a single American life. He is not doing anything immoral against the American people nor he is doing anything disastrous for the people. This is why he is protected, supported and given victories in everything good that he does for the country. For the same reason Warren and Biden are failing … because they are trying to create disasters for the people … while using the moral high ground.

The Trump Presidency is a New Era Presidency
You should remove party politics from your mind and think neutrally. Try not to bias your thinking. Think neutrally. Obama was a good and a great President in 2008. He brought the message of peace and stability in a time of massive war crisis. Only the moral ground was enough to change America’s direction. Now, to take America forward … we need logical wins … that are beyond party politics.

Warren and Biden are still functioning in the same old hierarchical, power based and party based systems … where they run party politics and try to defeat the candidate from the other party. Trump is not a Republican President … he is New Era President that is people centric. The party is just the skin that you wear … keeping people first should always be the objective.

  • Trump has himself decimated the entire Republican Establishment. There is no one more powerful than Trump in the Republican Party. Trump bows to no one and fights for what is good for the country.
  • Trump has hammered the largest and most powerful corporations in America during this pandemic and made them follow his orders.

If Trump can rise above party politics and make the entire Republican Party follow his lead … then why can’t the Democrat leaders do the same? Why are Warren and Biden being the slaves of the Democrat Establishment? These candidates claim the moral high ground … and claim to be better than Trump … but they don’t realize that they are being the slaves of the Establishment.

The Trump Presidency is a New Era Presidency that has already risen from all of the bullshit party based policies. Trump continuously fights to do what is right for the country and when he follow us … he ends up creating history in the Koreas and world records in his response to the pandemic. You are standing against a candidate that has decimated half of the political Establishment in America … hammered the largest corporations and made them follow his orders … makes the entire party follows his lead … he is creating history and world records in his works … and you guys are standing against this guy with Socialist disasters in your hands and expecting a win. Warren and Biden must be nuts to expect a win against Trump with Socialism in their hands.

Fixing Democrat Failures
Let me show you how to fix Democrat failures in 3 phases. It is something like your car broke down in the middle of the road. So, the specialist will tell you:

  • Where the problem is
  • How to fix it
  • And how to take things forward successfully

Its obvious that you should not get pissed off at the specialist because he showed you where the problem is in your car. Its all about helping you take things forward.

  1. Where the problem is
    The main problem is that … the morals and people are good … Obamas, Pelosi and Warren … all of these are good people … but they are functioning in the same old hierarchical, power based and party based ideology and systems. They are running party politics irrespective of the fact whether they are good or bad for the people. Here are some examples of Obama running party politics:
  • During Presidency. During his first term … he went on a bombing spree. With great difficulty we managed not to start new wars in his second term … but he still continued to sponsor rebel forces in Syria.
  • After Presidency. In the initial months of the Trump Presidency … we told Trump to team up with Obama to fight off Establishment malice against him. Seeing this opportunity Obama started dumping all Democrat policies in the Trump Presidency … he was encouraging Trump to continue sponsoring the rebels “to stand up to Russia” apparently. We had to specifically tell Trump not to follow Obama and make his own decisions.
  • Presidential Candidates 2020. Again with Presidential candidates for 2020 … we see party politics dumped in their campaigns as well. And this time, Socialist disasters happen to be Democrat policies … only God knows why.

Why doesn’t Obama rise above party politics?
We got this information about Obama … about why he doesn’t rise above party politics.

  • White is Right. Apparently, Obama prioritizes “White advice”. Its not because Obama is a racist or anything … it seems this is because Obama is “mommy’s good boy”. Obama’s mom was White … she was a great lady. She is the one who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for raising a son with such great values, principles and courage. But apparently … she overdid her job to an extent that … Obama thinks that White is right and prioritizes White advice at almost all places … subconsciously that is.
  • Community Organizer. The second major reason why Obama does not rise above party politics is that … Obama was a Community Organizer. His job was to work with Community Leaders and manage the Community to keep everyone happy. By keeping everyone happy, Obama becomes everyone’s darling and the Community runs peacefully.
  • Party Puppet. But when you combine the two attributes where Obama prioritizes White advice and being a Community Organizer, he goes to Party leaders … who happen to be White … for their advice. You get a guy who is following White party leaders trying to keep his party happy. Obama is not a party puppet … definitely not an Establishment puppet … but owing to these two attributes of … following White advice and keeping his party leaders happy … he ends up being a party puppet.

I don’t think that he realizes it … but this is the key problem with Obama’s leadership.

Key reason why Trump was brought in the White House
Pro-Trump SM Groups say that … this is the key reason why Trump was brought in the White House.

  • To rise above party politics and
  • To fight with facts and logic … and not by prioritizing White advice

If you look at the facts … that’s exactly what Trump is doing … he has decimated the Republican Establishment and he fights with logic. Democrats are thinking from “morals” but they are not looking at the facts and logic on the ground.

  1. How to fix it?
    The solution to this problem is actually quite easy. We don’t have to change many things … nor do we have to look too far off for the solution. The solution is within Obama’s better half … we don’t have to look anywhere else for the solution … the solution is right in front of Obama. The solution is “Michelle Obama” … she doesn’t have “White mommy” problems. She is a beautiful, strong and bold Black woman … who loves fighting for what is right. She is not a politician … therefore, she doesn’t have party politics as an issue either.

With no prioritizing White advice and no bowing to party politics … Michelle literally becomes Barack’s better half. America needs more of Michelle and less of Barack.

Michelle should lead and Barack should chill … and provide support from the backend. If we leave things to Barack … again he will go to his Party leaders and bring all of the junk that they give. We have to move aside Barack a little bit and pull Michelle in the lead. (We love you Michelle!)

  1. How to take things forward successfully?
    With Michelle Obama taking the lead in the planning … this is how it will work out for a success. Biden will most likely lose … we already mentioned the reasons why so. But we can definitely plan for 2024. This training on Establishment issues … it takes a few years for the candidates to catch up.
  • Obama took an entire term just to stop the wars
  • Trump took an entire year to come out from their malicious traps
  • Warren failed by the time she realized how this works
  • And Biden doesn’t even have the time to learn, plan and win

Basics first – Active Democracy in America
If you want a victory … then these are the basics first. You are living in a new form of Democracy … which is Active Democracy. It is active leadership from the people … to do what is right for the people and the country. The simple formula here is … get rid of Establishment malice in all forms and places … and make things people centric. You should be prepared to say …

  • To hell with Party politics
  • To hell with DNC and RNC
  • To hell with the Establishment
  • I will fight for my country and my people

This is the basic pre-requisite. SM Networks decide victories based upon this profile. I don’t decide victories … SM decides the victories. They emphasize that you work with me … because I am the guy that is designing this entire system … its laws, structures, systems, actions and policies … we provide the guiding structures.

SM and the Presidency are complementary powers
SM is not a competition to the Presidency. In fact, SM complements the Presidency. Its an on the ground force … that prioritizes giving power to “people centric leaders”. If leaders can work on people centric systems then they are given power. If leaders don’t give a shit … then SM doesn’t give a shit. This is what happened with Warren … she didn’t give a shit and SM didn’t give a shit about her.

We kind of interconnect the SM Networks and the Presidency …

  • You work with us, they work with you
  • You protect us, they protect you
  • You support us, they support you
  • You fight for the people, they fight for you
  • You save America, they save you

SM Networks are needed in this crisis because with the Establishment, it is a shitty world out there. Its a difficult job for one President to win against a massive network. Here is where SM comes into action and becomes your millions of hands at work at the ground level. They multiply your power to a massive extent. These are the basics … now moving forward.

Moving forward - Designing the next steps
Its all about doing what is right for the country and the people … by shoving aside party politics and Establishment misleading.

Step One. Trump wins 2020
We will give the support and policies that Trump needs to win in 2020.

Step Two. Create a “Democrat Support Base” for Trump
Yes, we have to create a Democrat support base for Trump. This is something that Barack cannot do … it will be difficult for him to digest … because of the party politics issue. Here is where Michelle has to shove aside party politics and help Trump to design new policies and systems.

People Centric Presidents are the Pillars against Establishment malice
For example … if you look at Obama’s Coalition … why we pulled Obama back into politics and advised him to create a coalition … it was done to create a support group against Establishment malice … independent of party politics and Establishment control. The Obama Coalition is supposed to be totally independent of party politics and it should support everything that Trump does that is in favor of the country and the people.

The main issue that Obama faced was of “stagnation and opposition” from the Republicans. But this will not be the case for the next Democrat President in 2024 … because we will have a “Trump Coalition” after 2024. Trump will help the Democrat President using his Coalition. This will help us to surpass Establishment control in political parties. The Obama and Trump Coalition groups can be pillars against Establishment malice and control.

Today, you help Trump … tomorrow Trump helps you. Today, you give votes to Trump … tomorrow, Trump gives votes for you. Both of you collectively work in taking the country forward against Establishment malice and control.

Step 03. Train the next Democrat President
When you create this Democrat Support Base for Trump … you automatically get key candidates from the Democrat Party … that will learn and understand Establishment malice. They will learn how to dodge party politics and do things that are right for the country. We automatically start getting the right candidates for the Presidency from Democrats.

Smooth Transition
If we rise above party politics and follow these 3 simple steps … we get a smooth transition of power from Trump to the next Dem President. We get to take the country forward with the right policies, right now … without wasting time … and Trump supports the next Dem President because his policies are being followed … we continue to defeat the Establishment through all phases.

Change we can believe in
I have heard this punch line somewhere … change we can believe in … who was campaigning with this slogan? Ow yes, it was Barack Obama’s slogan from 2008. Yes, my dear friend … to change the country … we should be ready for a little bit of change in ourselves. If we can make small changes in our approach and tactics … we can make massive changes in the country and win.